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So what does a Collection Agency do?

Most people and organizations face the problem of lending money and taking trouble collecting it back. In cases like these, you would do well to approach a collection agency which can do the job on your behalf. Debt recovery is an important function in any organization. When your money gets stuck elsewhere, you might land into trouble yourself. Usually, a credit is extended by organizations only to ensure that they get repeat business from their clients. However, when the cycle is not maintained properly, it could lead to financial problems as well as problems in the relationship between the company and the client.

If you feel that you are really close to the person or organization to which you have lent money, you might have problems in approaching them directly. A collection agency however specializes in collecting money from people. Employees associated with a collection agency are given enough training on how to deal with debtors, the modus operandi to follow, the steps that one is required to follow at the time of collecting money from debtors, the decorum to be maintained and so on.

Initially, demand letters are sent out by the collection agency directly to the person concerned. The main function of a collection agency is to find out what the actual problem is and why the client has not been able to make the payment. There might be genuine cases of people missing out on dates. In addition to this, some people might be out of a job, might not have money because of spending huge amounts on medical bills, unforeseen expenses like school fees and the like. If the debtor does not send a response to the demand letters, the collection agencies might think of other methods to recover money which is due from the debtor.

The next logical step would be to make phone calls and follow up with the debtor. Even while doing this, there are certain regulations which the collection agency must strictly adhere to. For example, the agency is only permitted to talk directly with the person concerned. They do not have the authority to discuss about the debt, even to the spouse or relatives of the person concerned or for that matter, even the attorney general of the debtor. If the debtor is not traceable on the phone, one phone call to the neighbor or someone else who is close to the debtor is permitted. Even during such a time, the agency can only ask for the address and phone number which could be used to trace the identity of the debtor.

Most of the times, the collection agency acts as a negotiating agency between the company and the debtor. If they are able to convince the debtor, they might be construed as having done a fair job. A suitable repayment plan may also be worked out, depending on the ability of the client to either make or part or full-time settlement. If none of these processes yield the desired results, the company can go for legal action.

What Does Debt Collection Agency Do?

When we talk about debt collection, it seems that we need to hire a mafia agent or a gangster will collect money on our behalf. However, this is not the case. In fact, there are debt collection agencies in the different part of the world, especially places that have become a business hub. Coming to that point, Dubai is one of the commercial places. In the recent years, UAE has improved its economy and the legal system. No one can work in Dubai without permit license. The rules and laws are the same for everyone, regardless of caste and religion.

Moreover, places who have too many businesses require lawyers and debt collectors, for sure. Why a debt collector? It is because at times, there are some unpaid invoices and the debtor does not give the complete amount. After waiting for a period of time, the creditor wants his money back, courteously. Therefore, he needs to a debt collector. There are several debt collection services in UAE that are always willing to help their clients to get their money back as soon as possible. Usually, the debtors forget to pay the full amount because they are too busy in other matters. There are some other debtors who are unable to pay because they don’t have enough money and so they start ignoring the calls and emails from the creditors. On the creditor’s behalf, the debt recovery agency comes in action. They work in a professional manner. They have the license to whatever they do. Hence, you should not worry about their strategies if you think they are being a little too harsh on the debtor. The debt collection services in UAE have specialized in balancing your cash flow. To add on their services, they don’t ask for the fee unless they don’t get your money back. They don’t take strict actions unless they have sent too many reminders to the debtors. Hiring debt recovery services is normal in UAE. So if you come across any incident like that, you should not hesitate to consult them.

what collection agency does

What collection agency does

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What collection agency does

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Why Should You Use a Nationwide Collection Agency?

With modern online sales, your customers can be anywhere. The ease of travel, even given the increasing restrictions on certain forms of transportation, also adds to the limitless number of places that someone can go to escape debt. While you may not be that worried about chasing people down as they move across the globe, a nationwide collection agency has many benefits that a local debt collection company or internal debt collector just cannot provide.

It’s important to know that people will take your collection agency seriously, and while you may not be that impressed by a nice letterhead from a far off locale, it will definitely make a major difference to the person on the receiving end. When a nationwide debt collection company gets involved, people get the impression that you mean business, as well they should. Because these firms are often associated with professionals who have legal teams that back them up, people will pay what they owe you more readily, instead of simply ignoring your communications.

A nationwide debt collector is also more likely to help you deal with foreign language speakers accurately. Debt knows no cultural bounds, so if your collection agency can speak the language your debtors are familiar with, it will make resolving things a whole lot easier. Nationwide debt collection company staff members are generally trained in a number of languages so that they can service the needs of a wider range of clients with the same speed and efficiency.

Every debt collector has to do work for a number of clients, and there are no limits to how many debtors these clients can have. If you want to make sure that you’re able to accurately and easily manage your accounts from an online app or through a single agent, a nationwide collection agency is your best bet. Because these companies are more used to keeping multiple accounts in order they generally provide better options for their customers including debit and credit processing services. These include rapid reporting to credit agencies and debt attorneys so that you can rest assured in the knowledge that your cases are moving ahead. The debt collection company you choose needs to be able to serve your needs as you expand and do more business, so you shouldn’t limit yourself. Nationwide debt collectors do everything that local agencies can with increased speed, and as they generally have a wider customer base themselves, can often provide you debit and credit card processing and with lower prices, making it easier to maintain your bottom line as you engage in recovery efforts.

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what collection agency does

Not all validation responses are the same, but this one incorporates what you're most likely to encounter. This debt collector has included the amount you owe (like that's a big secret) and a blank credit card agreement. The debt collector calls the blank credit card agreement a "contract." This is a psychological ploy to make the uninformed consumer believe that the collector has just sent him a copy of his contract with the original creditor and therefore must have adequately validated the debt.

To Whom It May Concern:

Even if the collection agency doesn't send validation, you're accomplishing two things with this letter:

What collection agency does

I have a question when it comes to credit validation. I sent out a validation letter to a collection agencies. It has now been over thirty days and I did not receive any documentation from them. It still remains on my credit report. When I contacted the credit bureau regarding this issue I was told that even though the collection agencies did not respond to my letter and I have proof because I sent it certified mail. It does not require the credit bureau to remove it from my file. I would like to know is this true?

What collection agency does

To get the pending payments, the 'outside agency' working as debt collection service are approached.These debt collection services work through calls or letters mostly but we need to take care of how their success rate is.We should not get swayed by what they say.It is always good to hire a professional debt collector to get the amount back.

What collection agency does

Good stuff. I am disputing a debt right now. The first response I got back from the collection agency after my initial dispute letter was a computer generated verification of debt similar to the one in your post. I fired off a follow up letter similar to the one you have in your blog about two weeks ago. I am still waiting on their response.

What collection agency does

what happens if, on the original letter recieved from a debt collector, They DO NO put anything in writing about "(3) a statement that unless the consumer, within thirty days after receipt of the notice, disputes the validity of the debt, or any portion thereof, the debt will be assumed to be valid by the debt collector;"

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What collection agency does

As a consumer and collector I found this site informative but disheartening because if people paid their bills they wouldnt have to worry about collections and for it to go to an outside company they have really neglected their responsibilities. One collection agency shouldnt speak for them all just as once customer doesnt speak for all so instead of demonizing the collecion agency how about suggesting at some point that consumers take responsibility for their actions and work with the CA's to resolve the debt. My small company takes pride in working with customer with a customer service attitude instead of a collector's mentality and at the end of the process most of our customers thank us and ask us to buy more of their debt. My point we teach them how to handle the debt because we all have issues at some point in life and need help but to teach people how to avoid their responsibilites is why the USA is in such deplorable conditions morally.

Consumer and Collector

What collection agency does

Thank you for taking the time to weigh in on this and provide a viewpoint from the other side. It's easy to get sidetracked by big collection outfits that flagrantly violate the law. All the smaller, mom-and-pop operations that I've had dealings with for my clients have been extraordinarily nice. This was shocking in the beginning but now I've come to expect it.

What collection agency does

Firs of all, how can you state that EVERONE who has had to deal with a collection Agency, paid their bills, they would not have a problem? Some people including myself, do pay bills on time, and am dealing with a fraudulent account in my name. I am looking for information to address this issue and have it removed form my credit report. So it is WRONG of you to state that "if people paid their bills", does not apply to ALL PEOPLE.

What collection agencies can and can't do

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Collection agencies are companies whose job is to get people to pay their bills. They are usually very aggressive in trying to collect debt because they keep part of whatever money they collect.

Collection agencies have to follow the rules in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) when they contact you. They can call you and send letters demanding payment or threatening to sue you. But they cannot force you to pay. They can only repeat these methods in attempt to force you to make payment with hopes of never hearing from them again.

Under the FDCPA, collection agencies and creditors must give you a written notice of what you owe. The notice must show the amount owed and the name of the creditor. The collection agencies must give you notice within 5 days before contacting you about your debt. The notice must also tell you that you can challenge or dispute the debt, or request written proof that the debt exists.

The collection company cannot:

  • Call, write, or contact you in the future, if you tell the agency in writing that
    • You cannot pay the debt;
    • You will not pay the debt; and
    • That the debt collection agency should stop contacting you
  • Use obscene language
  • Threaten to harm your reputation or your property
  • Harass you or your family on the phone
  • Falsely claim to be a lawyer
  • Use of postcards or envelopes which indicate the company contacting you is a debt collection agency
  • Contact persons other than you about your debt

If a collection agency does any of these things, you may file a complaint against them with the following groups:

55 W. Monroe St., Suite 1825

Chicago, IL 60603

100 W. Randolph St., 13th floor

Chicago, IL 60601

You can also file a lawsuit in federal court.