Instant Approval Platinum Credit Cards

Almost all of the major credit card companies and banks offer instant approval platinum credit cards. Historically, platinum credit cards were considered the best credit cards. These cards often had low annual percentage rates, high limits and better benefits. Today, however, many of these credit cards are pretty much run-of-the mill despite their platinum status.

A platinum credit card is identified as more elite by its label; platinum is one of the rarest metals, and banks and credit card companies would prefer if you associated that specialness to their cards. The uniqueness of platinum credit cards derives from their strict approval rates. Acceptance of a platinum credit card application typically requires a better than average FICO credit score, for example 680 or higher, a large income and a clean credit report.

Many times, banks offer instant approval platinum credit cards. For these cards, approval is given or denied immediately after an application is submitted online or over the phone. Instant approval sometimes results in a response that the lender could not decide your application based on the basic information your provided. In this situation the lender will investigate your credit report and score more thoroughly before making their decision and notifying you of your application's denial or approval.

Instant Approval Platinum Credit Cards

Each of the major credit card companies offer at least one, and more typically two or three, instant approval platinum credit cards.

On its website, Visa lists only one platinum credit card which provides applicants with an instant response: the First National Bank Platinum Edition card. This card has no annual fee, provides cardholders with extended warranty protection for products purchased using the card and gives holders a discount for all car rental agencies.

Visa, however, is affiliated with companies that offer platinum credit cards with instant approval. These cards include BCB Bank, Simmons, BB&T and Wells Fargo. You cannot apply for these cards on the main Visa website, but must instead apply for them on the respective company's website.

The American Express Platinum Card promises a response to an application within 60 seconds of its submission. This card, however, is the traditional American Express card, with its entire balance being due each month. There is no pre-set spending limit, but the company charges a $450 annual fee to cardholders. Like Visa, American Express is affiliated with other cards that promise instant approval. These cards include the PenFed American Express card and Hilton HHonors. These cards have a spending limit, but no annual fee. You can apply for these cards directly on the Pentagon Federal or Hilton website.

MasterCard offers the most platinum cards with instant approval on its main website. Available cards include the Capital One Classic Platinum credit card, Capital One Platinum Prestige card and the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card. The Classic Platinum card is offered to individuals with basic credit, Platinum Prestige for individuals with good credit, and the Dividend Platinum Select card for individuals with excellent credit. Each of these cards promises a response to an application within 60 seconds, regardless of whether the application is submitted online or over the phone.

The most important decision when choosing a platinum credit card is not which is the most prestigious, but which saves you the most money. When selecting a platinum credit card, choose the one with the lowest interest rates, best benefits and little to no yearly fees. Also important are the card's security features, such as its protection against fraud. Instant approval is a benefit to you during the application process, but should not compensate for a high interest rate or other negative attributes.

Aljawhar Visa Platinum Credit Card

With an al jawhar Visa Platinum credit card, you will have a wide range of benefits at your fingertips. The card has been specifically designed to offer you the best in travel insurance, lounge access, worldwide acceptance and recognition.

Platinum credit

Bring Lifestyle into banking

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Accepted at millions of establishments worldwide

The bank will send your statement via email and post once a month for each billing period. The billing cycle ends on the 2nd of every month and your statement will be sent on the 3rd , electronically via email. You are entitled for an interest-free grace period of up to 52 days and including the day end of the 24th of each month for payment (Due Date).

Get up to 52 days free credit period on your purchase transactions without any charge being levied. Each month you will receive your credit card statement, which enables you to plan your payments on your due date. You may pay as little as 5% of your outstanding balance each month and roll over the remaining balance. Or enjoy the free credit period facility and pay 100% of your outstanding balance on the due date.

Your al jawhar Visa Platinum credit card allows cash advances from ATMs accepting Visa Worldwide, giving you instant access to cash

You can apply for supplementary cards for your direct family members. Those members must be over 18 years of age. The credit limit amount will be determined by you and can be up to a maximum of your own credit limit

Your credit card can be used for online shopping. Verified by Visa, is a free service provided exclusively by bank muscat that will let you use a personal password / secure code giving you added security when you shop online at participating merchants. To register Click here

You are not liable for charges incurred on your credit card after the loss/stolen incident has been reported to the bank. Telephone notification should always be followed by a written confirmation.

Access to 25 airport lounges all around the world through the Loungekey program:

  • No need to register
  • Cardholders receive 6 free visits per year
  • Visits over this entitlement and accompanying guest/s charged at US$27 per guest per visit directly onto their credit card
  • Dedicated smartphone application allows customers to view program details and lounges on the go
  • Lounges are viewable on the website on
  • Simply present your Credit card at a participating lounges and mention 'LoungeKey'

  • 1% cashback as a reward accrued on each purchase transaction locally and internationally
  • Supplementary card reward will be accrued and accumulated against its Primary card.

you enjoy a wide range of free travel insurance with your bank muscat al jawhar Visa Platinum credit card. This includes travel accident insurance as well as insurance for lost baggage and money, cancellation, travel delay, delayed baggage, personal liability, legal expenses and loss of passport and access to free medical and legal referral services worldwide.

Copy of ID Card (Nationals)

Copy of Resident Card, Passport and Valid Visa (Expatriates) Salary Assignment certificate or deposit in the bank

  • For any enquiries on interest rates, fees and charges please call 24795555.
  • All services and fees in this guide are in Omani Rials and subject to change
  • Charges for services not indicated in this guide are available on request.
  • Emergency services such as limit enhancement and card replacement are subject to eligibility and will be additionally charged.
  • bank muscat reserves the right to change its card pricing at any time.

To view the aljawhar Visa Platinum Credit Card Terms & Conditions, please click here

The al jawhar visa platinum card is available to all al jawhar account holder that meet the credit requirement

You can use your al jawhar visa platinum Credit Card at millions of establishments worldwide and pay for goods or services. Your card will be accepted at any establishment that displays the MasterCard logo.

There is no charge for using your al jawhar visa platinum Credit Card at any establishments and you cannot be asked to pay more than the bill amount for using your Platinum MasterCard Credit Card.

Yes you can use your al jawhar visa platinum Credit Card to make online payments or to shop on the internet.

You can withdraw cash up to 50% of your credit limit from any ATM that displays the MasterCard logo.

Every time you draw cash, a cash advance fee of 3% of the amount withdrawn or OMR 3 per transaction (whichever is higher) will be charged to your account. However, you receive the full amount you withdrawn from the ATM and the cash withdrawal fee is automatically debited to your account and is reflected in your Credit Card statement.

Your cash advance is limited to 50% of your credit limit and if you have already used this limit, you cannot withdraw more cash until you have repaid the amount.

You cannot use your al jawhar visa platinum Credit Card if you have used up your full credit limit until you repay. The amount repaid will then be available for your use, provided the account is not overdue.

bank muscat issues Credit Cards against your salary assignment, your deposit with us, against your salary certificate or Bank statement. If your credit limit is linked directly to your salary we can increase your credit limit, if it is less than the amount you are eligible for. Or you can also increase your deposit amount if you want to increase your credit limit.

No there is no Joining Fee but you have to pay an Annual Fee of OMR 30. However there is no Supplementary Annual Fee.

In the first week of every month, we mail your monthly Credit Card statement either to your home or office as indicated by you in your bank muscat Credit Card application. Your statement indicates your previous balance and gives a list of your current charges, any finance charges or fees, your payments and credits as well as your current balance. It also mentions the "Minimum Payment Due" and the "Payment Due Date".

Your total outstanding balance is shown as "Current Balance" on your Credit Card statement. The "Current Balance" is determined by adding any purchases and cash advances you made and subtracting payments or credits from the "Previous Balance". Then appropriate finance charges and fees are added.

bank muscat issues Credit Cards against your salary assignment, your deposit with us, against your salary certificate or Bank statement. If your credit limit is linked directly to your salary we can increase your credit limit, if it is less than the amount you are eligible for. Or you can also increase your deposit amount if you want to increase your credit limit.

We renew all Credit Cards with regular payments up to 60 days in advance. These are available at your bank muscat branch a month before your Credit Card expires. The branch manager will either call to arrange to deliver your Card or you can collect it from the branch at your own convenience.

  • How to apply for a bank muscat al jawhar visa platinum Credit Card:

You can apply in any bank muscat branch, or call us on 2479 5555, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to lodge your details in order for our representative to get in touch with you.

al jawhar visa platinum Credit Card Application Form., to view please click here

Visa ® Platinum Credit CardPlatinum credit

A City National Visa Platinum Credit Card 1 gives you the additional purchasing power you want with exclusive City National Rewards ® . Enjoy merchandise, airline tickets and other exclusive awards.

There's no cap on Points you earn through the Rewards program. Your Points do not expire as long as your account remains open and the Rewards program has not ended. 4

Use your Points for awards such as airline tickets, merchandise, travel and gift cards.

Additional Visa Platinum Credit Card Benefits 7

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
  • Hotel/Motel Burglary Reimbursement
  • Lost Luggage Reimbursement
  • Personal Identity Theft
  • Price Protection
  • Purchase Security
  • Roadside Dispatch
  • Travel & Emergency Assistance Services
  • Warranty Manager Service
  • View all transactions online with Credit Card Online or City National Online Banking.
  • Use your City National Visa Platinum Credit Card at millions of merchants worldwide wherever Visa credit cards are accepted.
  • Use it at over 2 million ATMs that display the Plus logo. 8
Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Notify us as soon as possible if your card is lost or stolen. Please call (877) 529-0473 .

Contact your local City National banker, or call us at (800) 773-7100 .

Capital One® Platinum Credit Card Review – Build Your Credit

Platinum credit

Capital One® Platinum Credit CardLearn More

  • Sign-Up Bonus: None
  • Rewards: None
  • Benefits: Access to Capital One’s CreditWise tools, price protection, extended warranties, complimentary car rental insurance
  • Intro APR: None
  • Fees: $0 foreign transaction fee; cash advances $10 or 3% (whichever is greater)
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Credit Needed: Average, Fair, Limited

Learn more about this card and find out how you can apply here.

The Capital One® Platinum Credit Card is a no-frills, no-annual-fee credit card designed for consumers who wish to build their credit. Although it’s not a secured credit card and thus doesn’t require an upfront deposit, it has a fairly high regular APR and comes with a low initial credit limit. However, when used responsibly, the Capital One Platinum is a useful bridge to higher spending limits and more generous rewards credit cards.

Capital One Platinum is comparable to other unsecured credit cards for consumers with average credit, including Capital One’s own QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards. It also competes with a host of secured credit cards designed to build and improve credit, including Capital One Secured MasterCard, DCU Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card, Navy Federal Credit Union nRewards Secured Credit Card, and BankAmericard Secured Credit Card.

It’s important to note that this card is stripped-down and devoid of many of the perks that more generous credit cards offer as a matter of course, such as cash back or travel rewards and sign-up bonuses. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a potentially game-changing card for people who need to improve their credit standing.

  • Credit Line Increase: If you make your first 5 monthly payments on time, you’re automatically considered for a credit line increase. Further credit line increases are possible with continued timely payments.
  • Important Fees. This card has no annual fee, balance transfer fee, or foreign transaction fee. The cash advance fee is the greater of $10 or 3%, and the late payment fee is $35.
  • FICO Score and Credit-Building Tools. Every month, you’re entitled to a free FICO credit score with your paper or online statement. You can also access your FICO score at any time in your online account dashboard. Additionally, your online account boasts a host of credit-building tools and educational content, including Capital One’s Credit Tracker tool.
  • Credit Required. The Platinum card is for consumers with fair credit and is actively marketed as a tool for building credit. Even if your credit history is checkered or spotty, you’re welcome to apply.
  1. No Deposit Required. The Capital One Platinum Card doesn’t require an upfront deposit to secure your account. That’s a big advantage relative to secured competitors, some of which require $200 (or greater) minimum deposits before you can use your card. Most also cap your spending at the deposited amount, forestalling the possibility of a credit line increase until you scrounge up more funds.
  2. No Annual Fee. This card has no annual fee. Many of its closest competitors, including BankAmericard Secured Credit Card ($39) and Citi Secured MasterCard ($25), do carry annual fees.
  3. No Balance Transfer Fee or Foreign Transaction Fee. Capital One Platinum doesn’t charge balance transfer fees or foreign transaction fees – rare perks in the credit-building category. That’s great news for cardholders who wish to transfer balances from other cards or use their Platinum cards outside the U.S.
  4. No Penalty APR. This card doesn’t carry a penalty APR, which is an excellent benefit if you occasionally miss a payment. The OpenSky Secured Visa and Citi Secured MasterCard both carry penalty APRs (the latter ranging up to 29.99%).
  5. Opportunity for Credit Line Increase in Five Months. If you make timely payments on this card, you’re eligible for a credit line increase in as little as 5 months. Many competing cards make you wait as long as 12 months to request an increase. If you’re planning to make a large, time-sensitive purchase, or simply want more month-to-month spending flexibility, a year is a long time to wait.
  6. Useful Credit-Monitoring and Credit-Building Tools. The free FICO score and Capital One Credit Tracker access are super-useful for cardholders committed to building – and understanding – their credit. Some competing cards, including the BankAmericard Secured Credit Card, don’t come with free credit scores.
  1. No Rewards. Capital One Platinum doesn’t have a cash back or travel rewards program. If you want a card designed for building credit and earning rewards, consider Capital One’s QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Card ($39 annual fee) or Navy Federal Credit Union nRewards Secured Credit Card (no annual fee).
  2. High APR. Even by credit-building card standards, this card comes with a high regular APR. If you intend to carry a balance from month to month, consider lower-cost options such as Navy Federal Credit Union nRewards or DCU Visa Platinum Secured, both of which have lower regular APRs.
  3. Pre-approval Credit Check Required. The Capital One Platinum application requires a credit check. While substantial credit blemishes aren’t likely to disqualify you, you probably won’t be approved for this card with a recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, or pattern of delinquency on your record. Some competing cards, such as Merrick Bank’s Secured Visa ($36 annual fee) and OpenSky Secured Visa ($35 annual fee), don’t run your credit during the application process.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: This credit card has a highly misleading name. Platinum is a precious metal that’s worth hundreds of dollars per ounce. Travel loyalty programs’ platinum tiers are often at or near the top of their frequent traveler hierarchies, conferring luxurious benefits worthy of true VIPs. The best-known “platinum9rdquo; credit card is the legendary American Express Platinum, one of the credit card world’s original status symbols.

Needless to say, the Capital One® Platinum Credit Card is a not an exclusive card. However, when used responsibly, it’s absolutely worth its weight in gold – or platinum. If this Platinum card is what ultimately teaches you the value of making timely payments and spending within your means, you might just find a “real9rdquo; Platinum Card in your wallet one day.

Learn more about this card and find out how you can apply here.

Platinum credit

The Capital One® Platinum Credit Card is an ideal credit card for people who wish to build or improve their credit. Due to relatively loose underwriting requirements, it’s also a solid first card for people with spotty credit. However, it’s not suitable for people who have recently declared bankruptcy, nor for people who can qualify for more generous, lower-cost cards.

This card’s relatively low fees, lack of any deposit requirement, short time to a credit line increase, and its credit-building and -monitoring help are all nice benefits. However, its high APR, pre-approval credit check, and lack of rewards are certainly drawbacks. Overall, it’s a very good card for building credit.

Editorial Note: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any bank, credit card issuer, airline, or hotel chain, and has not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, not those of the bank, credit card issuer, airline, or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

platinum credit


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