how can i get my w2 from walmart if i don t work there anymore?

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I Have Not Gotten All My W2 Forms: What Can I Do?

You need a W2 from each employer to file your taxes.

For many people, the only thing keeping them from filing their taxes is waiting for all the documents to arrive. If you worked for someone else during the year, the primary form you need is a W2 from your employer. The W2 shows the wages you earned during the year and the taxes that were withheld from your paychecks. The law requires employers to send you your W2 by Jan. 31. If your employer doesn't comply with this law, you have several options.

If Jan. 31 comes and goes and you don't have the W2 you need, contact the employer. At a large company, call the human resources department. Your W2 could have been sent to the wrong address or gotten lost in the mail. If this happens, the employer can issue a duplicate copy. If you can't reach a former employer who has moved or gone out of business, or the promised W2 still doesn't show up, it's time to get the government involved.

If your W2 hasn't arrived by Feb. 14, call 800-829-1040 and ask for help. You'll need to provide your personal information, including your Social Security number, as well as all the information you have about the employer, and the dates you worked for them. The IRS will contact the employer and ask them to send you the correct W2. The IRS will also send you Form 4852 to use in the event you never receive your W2.

Form 4852 serves as a substitute for a W2. You fill in the same information you'd find on the W2 -- the wages you earned and the state, federal and Medicare and Social Security taxes you paid during the period you worked for the employer. Refer to pay stubs from the employer to fill in the missing information. In many cases, the final pay stub of the year will have cumulative year-to-date information on wages and withholding, which should tell you everything you need to know. The form also asks for information about your employer, as well as information about your efforts to obtain the W2.

If you don't have a final pay stub to tell you how much you made and how much taxes were withheld, you'll have to make your best estimate of these figures. Use bank deposit records and any pay stubs you do have to determine wages and taxes withheld. On Form 4852, explain the method you used to arrive at your figures. A professional tax preparer can help you make your estimate and will provide a resource if the IRS questions your return.

If your W2 happens to turn up after you've already filed your tax return using From 4852, and you discover the information you provided to the IRS was incorrect, you should file an amended tax return. Use form 1040X to do this and submit it as soon as possible, along with your correct W2. If you end up owing more tax you must send payment with the form. If you're owed a refund, the IRS will issue you one.

What if I know my conception date?

In the survey, 35 participants claim to know their exact conception date. This is rare; most due dates are measured from last menstrual period because it's easier to track. But the general question that always comes up is "Would my due date be more accurate if based off the conception date?"

On the main probability chart I found that due dates have about an 8-10 day standard deviation, meaning that the bulk of the babies are dispersed within plus or minus 10 days of their due date.

For this graph, I subtracted each babies birth date from his or her conception date, then added 14 days across the board because that's usually what we do when calculating a due date based on conception.

The standard deviation didn't improve much when compared to all the women in the survey. So bad news. even if you know the second your baby was conceived, your due date won't be any more accurate.

There is a related chart that compares LMP due dates with ultrasound-determined due dates. It also found no noticable difference in standard deviation.

The statistics right now are as follows:

  • Mean: 279 (39W,6D)
  • Median: 278 (39W,5D)
  • Standard Deviation: 9.51 days
  • Most popular days to give birth:
    • 278 (39W,5D) (5 births, 14%)
    • 287 (41W,0D) (3 births, 9%)
    • 283 (40W,3D) (3 births, 9%)
    • 276 (39W,3D) (2 births, 6%)
    • 272 (38W,6D) (2 births, 6%)

What to Do If You Don’t Have Your W-2 Form

The tax deadline for filing taxes is nearing for U.S. taxpayers and they are feverishly getting all their documents together so they can file their taxes on time. But the important W-2 is missing or maybe you haven’t received it yet, what should you do? No need to panic, you can easily get your missing W-2 form or you can even file your taxes without it.

Table of Contents

What to Do If You Lost Your W-2 FormWhat if i don't get my w2

The W-2 form is a vital piece of info for most tax filers as it confirms the income you earned for that tax year. Sometimes known as the Wage and Tax Statement, this is sent out by employers at the beginning of every calendar year.

These businesses, by law, have to mail the W-2 forms by January 31 so that filers have sufficient time to submit their taxes by the April 15 deadline for filing taxes. Your employer also has to send a copy of your W-2 straight to the IRS.

What if you don’t have your W-2 form, what should you do next? As per the IRS, you have a few options to think about:

If you can’t find your W-2 for whatever reason, you can still contact your employer through their HR department and request a new one to be mailed to you. It could have been returned to your employer because of a wrong or incomplete address.

You also have the option of getting in contact with the IRS directly. If you don’t get it by February 14, the IRS suggests contacting them TOLL FREE at 1-800-829-1040. When you call be sure to have handy your name, address including city, state, zip code, your Social Security number, phone number as well as the following:

  • Full name, address and phone number of your Employer
  • Period of employment
  • Estimated income earned, federal income tax withheld along with dates you worked for the employer. You can get all of this info from your pay stub but looking at the year to date info.

Once you contact the IRS directly for your missing W-2, they might be able to get the form that was send to them by your employer. Hopefully you will get it in time to file your taxes on time.

Just File Your Return Without The W-2

It doesn’t matter if you have your W-2 or not, according to the IRS you still have to file your tax return or request a tax extension by April 15. In a case where you already contacted the IRs regarding your missing W-2, they will get you to complete a Form 4852 which will function as a Form W-2.

The Form 4825 will have to be attached to your form 1040 , where you will have to estimate income as well as withholding taxes as precisely as possible. The IRS states that going this route might delay your refund because they will have to take extra time to verify the info you sent them.

If you get your W-2 after you have already submitted your return using Form 4852 and you notice that your earnings or taxes being withheld are incorrect, you are able to amend the tax return. You can make the amendment by filling out a From 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return or you can contact the IRS directly with the correct info.

You might still be able to get your W-2 data electronically if for whatever reason it didn’t work out with your employer or the IRS. The authorized IRS e-file providers H&R Block and TurboTax provide free access online for W-2 forms.

Depending on the availability of these documents from your financial institution and employer, this feature will allow you to find and import your W-2 online.