Why You Can't Buy a Car Direct From the Factory

Most car buyers would prefer it this way, but it's actually illegal to do so.

With so much shopping being done online, many people wonder why you can't just buy a car directly from the factory - it would make the car shopping process so much easier.

It all goes back to the days of Henry Ford when mass vehicle production first began. Back then, it made sense to sell cars through a network of independent dealers.

By doing so, Ford created a buffer to cushion fluctuations in sales. Ford's customers were actually the dealers, who would need to purchase and store up to 60 days worth of vehicle inventory. Since there were no options on vehicles back then, there was no need for special orders and the franchise system made sense.

Over the years, the dealers became more powerful and formed strong lobbying groups to ensure States made it illegal for consumers to purchase vehicles without dealer involvement. So although you may see services such as CarsDirect that claim you can buy vehicles online, dealers always remain involved.

And it doesn't look like this will change anytime soon. If anything, the franchise laws have gotten even stricter, thanks to the political clout that dealers have in most States.

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What is cars direct

Gregg Fidan + is the founder of RealCarTips. After being ripped off on his first car purchase, he devoted several years to figuring out the best ways to avoid scams and negotiate the best car deals. He has written hundreds of articles on the subject of car buying and taught thousands of car shoppers how to get the best deals.

what is cars direct

What is cars direct

What is cars direct

What Are The Advantages Of Car Direct Insurance

The main advantages of a car direct insurance for many people is that they can take their own time to read all the small print without feeling pressurized into just signing. Using a broker is all fine and well, they will come up with what they claim to be the best insurance quote for your needs. Some people are too embarrassed to say they do not understand all the jargon, or to ask for further details. They just accept what they are being told.

Using the internet to find out about car direct insurance can help the buyer to gain a better understanding of the car insurance industry, how it works and how to find the best deals. Some useful websites that are good sources of information and tips on car direct insurance is Trading Standards and the Financial Services Authority. Both provide information online or on request can mail information to interested parties.

Using the internet to search for car direct insurance means the buyer can browse at their leisure. Unlike with a broker or a single comparison website, the field of providers is restricted to their partners. There is a much wider pool of providers if they choose to search for car direct insurance themselves on the internet.

Using one or more comparison websites is a good way to find a car direct insurance that meets the buyers requirements, at a reasonable price. These sites tend to present their search results in a list format that allows the buyer to see at a glance what each provider includes in their quotes. More details can be found by using the link on the comparison site that will link direct to the providers website.

Duplicating a quote request on more than one comparison website, can throw up some additional providers of a car direct insurance. Each comparison website may not represent the same providers, so there is a good chance that a second or third site will produce more options. If the same provider comes up on two or more comparison sites with different costs, check the policy to see what the differences are. The cost should only vary if the terms of the policy differ.

Using an internet search for car direct insurance lets the buyer take their time when completing the application form. If they are working from home on the application, they can take time to find the relevant documents or information if they do not have it to hand.

Whereas, if they are in a brokers office and do not have the information to hand, they have to come back with it, or sometimes people make a guess and can end up providing incorrect information. That can lead to serious consequences if it means the policy is invalid.

No doubt car direct insurance is a complex subject. However, by devoting a little time and using the internet, most individuals are perfectly capable of finding a car direct insurance for themselves, or at least being more clued up on what they are buying.

What does it mean when my car turns off while I am driving?

CarsDirect identifies three of the most common problems that cause a car to switch off while a person is driving: broken or worn vacuum hoses, faults in the fuel intake system or an electrical wiring problem. Any one of these issues may cause a car to shut off randomly, but by following some basic troubleshooting steps, drivers might be able to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Why does my car stop running while I am driving?

Why does my car idle rough at a stop?

What is cars direct

Vacuum hoses maintain the temperature and pressure around an engine. Over time, they become cracked and worn, which can cause the engine to stall. A vehicle's fuel intake system pumps fuel into the engine. If it gets clogged or starts to leak, an insufficient amount of fuel can cause the engine to shut off without warning. Finally, the vehicle's electrical system provides the spark necessary to ignite the fuel and power the car's engine. Faulty wiring can also cause vehicles to turn themselves off.

Sometimes, drivers can determine the source of the problem without a mechanic. They can check all the wiring and rubber hoses attached to the engine for leaks, cracks or other signs of extreme wear. They can also perform this check with the engine switched on to listen for the sounds of escaping air.

what is cars direct

What is cars direct

Even though our team do all the negotiating, nothing can happen until you're clear about the vehicle that suits your needs and budget. Even if you already have a favourite make or model, be sure to see what else is available in the same price range or category. Don't be afraid to collate information from manufacturer and dealer websites. Compile a list of questions and seek answers. You may well do better in terms of value, safety and comfort. Make several comparisons before you narrow down your choice.

What is cars direct

Once you're confident with your model choice, simply contact us to register your interest in our car buying service. Alternatively call one of our friendly consultants on ( TBA) for immediate assistance.

Relax and Start planning your next road trip while we tender your choice to our preferred dealer network

What is cars direct

The test drive is a pivotal step in the process in buying a new car and should definitely be longer than just a quick cruise around the block. Navigate steeps hills, check for seating comfort, noise levels, acceleration, braking, cornering, turning circle and ease of parking, including a reverse park.

If you're unsure how to organise a test drive, our team will arrange the drive without any hassle.

What is cars direct

Once the tender with the lowest offer has responded, we will co-ordinate all aspects of the purchase as part of our car buying service. This includes:

  • Ordering the vehicle and holding the dealer to this tender bid.
  • Ensuring all negotiated extras are included as specified.
  • Ensuring preparation and pre-delivery are completed to the highest standards.
  • Delivery of the vehicle to your home or office with a full tank of fuel

New Cars Direct make buying a new car easy, Call us on (TBA) or complete our quick enquiry form today to find out more.

Need more information. Simply contact our free advice line. At New Cars Direct, we pride ourselves on providing the most helpful, cooperative, and reliable car buying and delivery service in Australia.

What Is a Car Recall and How Do You Deal with It?

In February we reported twice on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) recent safety recalls and thought, “Hmm, a lot of people may have questions about the auto recall process.” Questions like, “What is a recall?” and “What do I do if my car’s recalled?” Well friends, we’re here to answer those questions because, well, that’s what we do.

An auto recall occurs when a manufacturer (or the NHTSA) determines that a car model (or several models) has a safety-related defect or does not comply with a federal safety standard. When this happens, the automaker will alert owners to the problem and usually offer a free repair. Keep in mind that a recall doesn’t mean that the entire vehicle will be replaced.

If my car’s recalled, how will I be notified?

Car companies are required to send letters to customers affected by a recall. You can also stay up-to-date on recalls by visiting the NHTSA’s website.

What does a recall letter include?

A recall letter should contain the following information:

  • A description of the defect
  • The risk or hazard posed by the problem (including the kinds of injuries it can cause)
  • Potential warning signs
  • How the manufacturer plans to fix the problem (including when the repair will be available and how long it’ll take)
  • Instructions regarding what you should do next

What should I do if I receive a recall letter?

The recall letter should have instructions as to your next steps. Generally, you’ll be instructed to call your local dealer to set up a repair appointment.

Important (not so) fun fact: if you have a tire recall, you must have the repair work completed within 60 days of receiving notification.

What if I don’t receive a recall letter?

When a recall is issued, manufacturers will do their best to contact all affected owners. If you don’t receive a car recall notice, however, you can search through current safety recalls on the NHTSA’s site. And whether you received a letter or not, the manufacturer is still obligated to repair the defect (for free).

The NHTSA recalls site is usually updated before the letters go out, so it’s a great resource to have on your radar and provides pertinent info about recalls on cars.

Does a safety recall mean I’m in immediate danger?

No. If your car is on a recall list, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re in danger. However, if you learn that your car has been recalled, it’s best not to take the risk. Have your car repaired as soon as possible, especially if the defect could pose a major hazard.

Do I have to pay to have my car fixed?

No! If your car is on the NHTSA’s car recall list, all recall-related fixes should be done free of charge. You’ll need to take your car to an authorized dealer since they contract directly with the manufacturer. And to avoid complications, it’s best to bring your recall letter with you (if you have one).

If your dealer tries to charge you for the recall fixes, ask to speak to a manager and explain the situation. If you still run into issues, your next step is to contact the manufacturer directly (their number should be provided in the recall letter). If all else fails, call the NHTSA (1-888-327-4236) and report the issue immediately. They’re a government agency, so they’ve got pull.

Good question. The NHTSA monitors each safety recall to ensure the manufacturers provide owners with safe, free, and effective remedies. If you’re concerned that the error wasn’t resolved or believe a further problem exists, contact the NHTSA.

Where can I get more info on safety recalls?

The NHTSA has an online brochure with everything you’d want to know (and probably a few things you don’t) about car recalls. Check it out