How To Buy Online Without a Credit Card or PayPal

Ever been online, doing some shopping, looking for that one item that has been so elusive for so long … and, suddenly, there it is! But having no credit card on hand and no PayPal to use, sitting there wondering … what to do!? Ah, yes, the “bill me later” site or other similar sites where a person can sign up and with approval buy items online through partnering merchants or other merchants using a pre-approved credit line. Or even the Coinstar option of converting coin into an gift card.

Online businesses that are in tune with their online shopping, buying market are developing very leading edge tools to “get that sale” by any financially reasonable method. PayPal has implemented the “bill me later” method and site, where it has partnered with a large number of online marketers to allow online buyers to pay their bill later, by check or funds transfer. The prospective buyer must preemptively signup on the “bill me later” site and be approved for this type of transaction. Then by shopping with a partnering online store the buyer can often get very nice deals and discounts for their purchasing and loyalty. A number of different sites with the same pattern of buyer pre-approval and partnering with online stores give the online buyer a large number of options outside of using a credit card. Coinstar, as mentioned above, has partnered with to transfer coin counted to an Amazon gift card without any fee, which is ten percent of the counted coin if turned into paper currency. So a coin changer gets a ten percent bonus just by going the gift card path. That is a nice incentive. If Amazon does not have want the shopper wants, but some other merchant does, the shopper can get what is called an “e-certificate” that is like a gift card but can be used at any online merchant. Some other “pay me later” sites allegedly will send a bill to the online shopper who can then pay by paper check. That is innovation tying in with existing methods.

Most of these sites will recognize a returning shopper – buyer with only the shopper’s social security number, address, and name. These sites will have to maintain hacker-proof security else what prevents a hacker from just going wild with such simple sale-acceptance criteria after authorization. The buyer will also have to maintain solid security on the device used to make the purchases to prevent a hacker from getting such simple information. This all just seems ripe for a hacking. Buyer Beware!!

Of course there are prepaid debit cards that one can purchase at almost any bank and even in some cases online. There are a number of other PayPal-like service sites where a person can tie a bank account into a site registration to be able to transfer funds electronically from site to account and from bank account to the site account. Even with these types of fund transfer outfits several online marketers have partnered to have an even broader service and purchase capability to the huge online market. There seems to be no horizon.

what is paypal credit line

What is paypal credit line

A) You get to purchase scales at wholesale prices for simply buying 1 scale. Many of the prices are below a dealer's cost if they buy directly from the manufacturer. What is paypal credit line

You also get the security of only releasing your credit card information to Paypal only. This lessens the chances of unscrupulous people ever getting all your credit card information an committing fraud. Think about it, if you buy 10 items per year online through different vendors there is also a chance any employee at any of these establishments can steal your information. Now, if you choose Paypal to buy from these 10 different vendors only Paypal has your credit card information you lessen exposure of your pertinent information. Vendors are only sent an e-mail from Paypal with your confirmed shipping address and the money you sent. Nothing about your credit card is sent, not even if you paid with a MasterCard or Visa. Using Paypal is a win-win for both the consumer and merchant since it lessens the chances of fraud.

A) Yes, by using PayPal. With PayPal you can make your payment on-line and instantly by using your credit card (VISA or MasterCard). This payment method is the quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive way to make your payment and process your order. It's absolutely FREE for you to send us money using Paypal - no additional fees or charges! What is paypal credit line

A) PayPal is a company separate from Precision Weighing Balances (PWB) that provides a secure online payment service. With PayPal, individuals and businesses can send and receive payments through the Internet. PayPal currently has 10 million members and is the most commonly used electronic payment service on the World Wide Web.What is paypal credit line

Q) Why do I get a discount using Paypal on certain scales?

A) When you pay using PayPal we can more efficiently process your order by eliminating our staff's resources in verifying card holder information. We use AVS (address verification system) and follow M/C, Visa, Discover & AMEX guidelines and ONLY ship to the address and name of the credit card holder. Everyday we hear people tell us they always order items over the phone and have them shipped wherever they want and there is no question. We know this occurs but not with PWB or any business that wants to survive on the internet. All these businesses are in violation of their merchant agreement with the credit card companies and will lose any chargeback dispute since they violated the merchant agreement for accepting credit cards. These companies may also be selling goods at MSRP and have huge margins to cover the expense of chargebacks, but we're selling on extremely slim margins and have no room for loses due to fraud.

The internet seems to have a greater amount of fraud due to the fact that it is hard to prove who typed the information on a computer keyboard and services like Hotmail and Yahoo e-mail accounts that enable the user to be anonymous.

In the past when processing orders if the address information is not a perfect match we didn't ship the product. Many times the authorization center do not have the current address information on file, requiring us to call the actual issuing bank of the credit card holder. This is because the credit card is actually a debit card or the issuing bank of the credit card has not provided this information to the company that provides the AVS information. Before we can send a nasty e-mail and preventing us from looking like a fool we call the bank and verify the address is incorrect and then ask the credit card company to block the use of the card until the real cardholder calls in. For all this work we invest the yield is no chargeback for us, and no sale (remember all real businesses that sell goods operate on the margins when selling goods, unlike the thousands of other internet businesses that believed they could operate an online business with no margins, but instead advertising revenues). Processing orders that come back with mismatched AVS take 10 to 15 minutes and using Paypal eliminates all this wasted time. We are guaranteed the funds and there is little chance of us being faced with credit card fraud providing we follow Paypal guidelines which we make you follow or your Paypal payment is not accept. Read the guidelines in detail here for paying with Paypal.What is paypal credit line

Q) Why Won't PWB Accept My Credit Card Directly for orders under $100?

A) PRICES - PWB is committed to being the low cost leader on the Internet. Due to market pressures we have continued to slash our already rock bottom prices. This in turn, has cut our margins even further. Thinner margins mean we cannot afford to spend the thousands of hours each year required to verify and process credit cards for scales selling under $100.00. Smaller margins and increasing credit card fraud have prompted us to invoke this new policy in order to protect ourselves and our customers alike. This is the only way that will allow us to continue offering you the deep discount prices. We understand to some people these terms of doing business with PWB are unacceptable and understand we will lose some business. If 95% of our customer base accept the Paypal concept we don't mind loosing the 5% who request parcels ship to their girlfriend's house or college dorm since these same people are much more prone to committing credit card fraud.

FRAUD - For a merchant accepting credit cards on-line is risky business that have put many businesses out of business especially when you don't following the guidelines set in the merchant agreement. It doesn't take long for an honest cardholder in a financial crisis to figure out that he/she can give their niece their credit card and have them go on a shopping spree. When the credit card statement arrives, they simply call the bank and say, "I did not authorize these purchases, someone must have stolen my card." In the event of credit card fraud we not only loose 100% of the money in the original transaction, but we are also charged additional penalty fees by our credit card processor. To top it off, we also lose the product since it has already been shipped out to the fraudulent card user. Even with our stepped up attempts to weed out fraudulent orders, we are being victimized by more and more fraud on a daily basis and we must alter our policies in response and Paypal is the solution.What is paypal credit line

VERIFICATION PROCESS - To minimize the risk of fraud we only ship credit orders to the billing address of the cardholder. In order to accomplish this we conduct an address verification. This process requires a PWB staff member to contact the card-issuing bank and verify that the billing address provided matches the one on record. Many times the bank name on the credit card is service by a larger financial institution some we need to make 2 or 3 calls just to verify the name and address of the card holder. All of this takes valuable time that could be used serving you in better ways. Accepting PayPal payments only eliminates all these time consuming efforts.What is paypal credit line

DECLINED CREDIT CARDS - An increasing proportion of the credit cards we process are coming back declined. American consumers have become accustom to retailers running their cards until they finally approve. PWB can no longer afford the many hours required to charge such accounts repeatedly, as well as the amount of personal service such customers demand on the phone. Declined credit cards are no different than a stop payment on a check or one bounced for non-sufficient funds (NSF). In addition, each time we attempt to process your credit card our credit card processors charges us 35 cents for the approval / decline. Using Paypal limits this expenses for us and Paypal can deal with the declined approvals, not us. What is paypal credit line

A) Yes, send us a US Postal Money Order, TravelersExpress MoneyGram, Western Union, American Express or Walmart money order by mail and receive the same Paypal Price for all order shipped in the USA. We only accept money orders from the above people since computer geeks / cybercrooks have no problem printing up fake money orders. Again, our objective is to process orders quickly and we don't have the time to call some local bank to verify if the money order is real. When sending us your payment by money order, we advise you to use a registered and/or traceable mail service, and retain a copy of the purchase receipt.

We don't accept personal or business checks since STOP PAYMENT and NSF(non sufficient funds) cost us $20 if the check was returned by our bank. Even if you want to sent a personal or business check and don't mind if we deposit it and not ship the parcel until the check clears - we don't want it since on many items our margins aren't even $20 to cover the bank fees for a bounced check. Simply send us one of the above money orders payable to "PRECISION WEIGHING BALANCES". Your local US Post Offices offers Postal Money orders for amounts up to $700.00 cost only 90 cents. The post office accepts ATM cards and cash for these postal money orders. Send your postal money order, along with the item you wish to purchase along with the address you want the parcel delivered to. Send your prepayment to: PRECISION WEIGHING BALANCES 30 S CROSS RD, BRADFORD , MA 01835-8232 What is paypal credit line

Q) Can I Purchase Other Items On The Site Using Paypal?

A) Yes, simply send the money to our paypal account - "[email protected];.

Q) What Are The Terms and Conditions For Using Paypal?

Q) I Have More Questions, where do I get the answers?

Q) What is the phone number to Paypal to answer more questions?

A) You can call Paypal at 402-935-7733 for any more questions you have about Paypal.

See the entire line-up of specially priced scales when you use Paypal

Have Questions? Call 978-521-7095 or e-mail us your questions and we will assist you in your selection.

Paypal Credit gives you more time to pay

PayPal Credit is a PayPal service that gives you access to No Payments and No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more.

  • secure
  • instant
  • reusable credit line you can use at checkout when you pay with your PayPal account and choose PayPal Credit, as long as the product you have chosen to buy from our store is a qualifying PayPal payment product.

  • Proceed to your cart and checkout as normal.
  • If you haven't already, you can apply during checkout to see if you can use Paypal Credit to pay for your purchase by simply entering your birth date and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, then accept the terms.
  • You'll get an approval decision in seconds. PayPal Credit is subject to credit approval and offered by Comenity Capital Bank.

How Can I Apply for a PayPal Credit Card?

Frequent PayPal and eBay users might ask, "How can I apply for a PayPal credit card?" Fortunately, PayPal makes the answer to that question quite simple. PayPal enables users to access information about and apply for the PayPal Extras MasterCard directly from their main account page. The application consists of three steps, and PayPal promises a response within 30 seconds.

How Can I Apply for a PayPal Credit Card?

PayPal makes applying for its PayPal Extras MasterCard possible through a member's account. A link to the credit card exists on the main page of each PayPal account. Accessing the link takes users to the credit card's main page, which contains basic card information and a link to the application. Users can access this link to begin the online application. There is no need, therefore, to continue wondering "How can I apply for a PayPal credit card?"

The online application draws an applicant's email address, home phone number and street address from their existing PayPal account. Applicants must provide their date of birth, annual income, and agree to the card's terms and conditions located on the same page.

Application approval depends on the applicant's credit score and history. PayPal promises a response to an application within thirty seconds. Potential responses include an offer of a line of credit, a denial of an application or a noncommittal response with an explanation that PayPal must inquire further into the application. PayPal provides the credit card limit and interest rate after approval.

If accepted, MasterCard immediately provides the applicant's PayPal account with a line of credit. MasterCard mails the actual card to the applicant, and it typically arrives within 7-10 business days. After the card's activation, MasterCard transfers charges made to the line of credit to the credit card balance.

Non-PayPal Account User Applications

The answer to "How can I apply for a PayPal credit card?" includes the requirement that an individual have a PayPal account. Setting up a PayPal account is a three-step process completed on the company's website. In the first step, users select their country, language and primary intended use for the account: personal or business. A personal account makes the account holder eligible to apply for a PayPal Extras MasterCard. During the second step, PayPal requires users to provide their name, email address, telephone number, street address and bank information, including bank name, mailing address and checking account number. The next page takes users to their new account. Users can add a credit card, more bank information or additional personal contact information after creating their account.

PayPal Extras MasterCard Information

The PayPal Extras MasterCard functions the same as other credit cards. It is usable at any location that accepts MasterCard as a form of payment. Cardholders are billed on a monthly basis and charged an annual percentage rate of interest.

The card, however, awards various amounts of points depending on the type of purchase. Users receive 3 points for every dollar spent at gas stations and restaurants, 2 points for every dollar spent on PayPal or eBay and one point for every other dollar spent. Cardholders can use earned points to redeem rewards directly from MasterCard. Rewards include gift cards, small appliances and travel vouchers.

For no additional cost, the Extras MasterCard also provides extended buyer protection for all PayPal purchases. This program reimburses cardholders for items bought online that were not in the promised condition upon arrival or never delivered but for which the cardholder did not receive a refund from the seller. Reimbursements are credited directly to the card.

MasterCard also gives cardholder the extra benefit of having no liability for unauthorized charges. This means that if a card number is stolen and used the cardholder will not need to pay for any of the charges.

Applying for Your PayPal Credit Card

Applying for an Extras MasterCard is relatively easy for PayPal users. The fast response time permits applicants to know immediately their application's status. PayPal users interested in the credit card should thoroughly read the card's terms and conditions prior to applying.

The Cheapest Way To Process Credit Cards Online – Paypal Advanced Vs

If you are looking to accept credit cards for your online store, you are probably considering using Paypal as your main payment processor.

What is paypal credit lineRecently, Paypal released a brand new product called Paypal Advanced which allows you to accept credit cards for your online store for only $4.99 a month.

To put things in perspective, a typical credit merchant account and gateway will usually cost you between $20-30 in monthly fees. The fact that Paypal Advanced only costs 5 dollars per month makes it extremely attractive to new shop owners.

But as with all things, there are pros and cons to using Paypal Advanced for your store. It also doesn’t help that Paypal does such a poor job of explaining all of their different products.

So today, I’m going to explain in plain language what sets Paypal Advanced apart from the other credit card processors and hopefully help you determine whether Paypal Advanced is a good fit for your online business.

With the introduction of Paypal Advanced, Paypal now offers 3 different choices to accept credit cards on your site.

  • Paypal Standard
  • Paypal Advanced
  • Paypal Website Payments Pro

Unfortunately, it’s not very intuitive which one you should choose and what the advantages are for each. Therefore, I will start by summarizing Paypal’s 3 offerings below.

Paypal standard is completely free of charge and allows you to accept both credit cards and Paypal with your online store. However, there are 2 main disadvantages with Paypal Standard.

For one thing, Paypal Standard does not allow a customer to complete checkout on your website. Instead a customer is whisked away to Paypal’s website where they will be heavily influenced to use Paypal to pay for their goods.

Because a customer must leave your website to pay for their goods, a high rate of customers will abandon their purchase altogether.

And to make things worse, Paypal doesn’t exactly make it obvious how to pay by credit card once you make it onto their site.

What is paypal credit line

The picture above shows what a customer sees when they try to checkout using Paypal Standard. As you can see, it’s not obvious how to pay by credit card. You have to click on the “Don’t have a PayPal account” button in order to be directed to a form where you can enter your credit card info.

I guarantee that you’ll shed many potential customers this way. As a result, Paypal Standard is not a good solution for an ecommerce store.

On the completely other end of the spectrum, Paypal also offers a high end payment product called Website Payments Pro. With the pro version of Paypal, you can process credit cards directly on your site.

In addition, you have access to a virtual terminal in which you can process phone orders as well. Paypal Pro costs $30 per month and offers a complete solution to all of your credit card processing needs.

However the one big drawback is that since you are accepting credit cards on your own server, you must deal with PCI compliance. What the heck is PCI compliance? PCI compliance is a set of standards enacted by the credit card community to ensure that all credit card transactions are secure.

In order for your online store to be PCI compliant, you must follow a set of guidelines in order to process credit cards on your website or face fines or penalties set forth by your credit card processor.

Honestly, becoming PCI compliant is not that big of deal but the language that is used in the PCI compliance documentation is a nightmare to read and go through. In fact, it’s like reading a law document. As a result, many would be entrepreneurs are often confused and deterred by the whole process.

But nonetheless, if you use Paypal Pro on your online store, the payment transaction is seamless.

What is paypal credit line

As you can see above, credit card processing is well blended with my website. To a customer, it appears as if everything is being processed natively.

Paypal Advanced is kind of a hybrid solution between Paypal Website Payments Pro and Paypal Standard. Like Paypal Website Payments Pro, a customer can process their credit card payment online without leaving your website.

But unlike Paypal Website Payments Pro, the credit card information is not processed on your server but on Paypal’s instead. As a result, with Paypal Advanced, you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance.

Wait a sec…how the heck does that work? How can a customer still be on your website but not use your server to process and transmit their payment? The answer is that Paypal Advanced uses iframes to process the payment.

If you are not technical, an iframe is basically a piece of your website that is hosted somewhere else. So when a customer is checking out from your online store, everything about the webpage that they are on will be from your own website except for the credit card form fields.

Below is a screen shot of what the credit card form looks like as hosted on PayPal’s servers.

What is paypal credit line

Everything you see in the box above can not be changed. However with some amount of work, you can usually blend the box in with the rest of your website.

What Are The Disadvantages Vs Paypal Website Payments Pro?

Does Paypal Advanced sound too good to be true? At only 5 bucks, it’s a bargain and you can process credit cards on your online store! Here are some of the disadvantages compared to Paypal Website Payments Pro.

  • You can not customize the way the credit card form looks on your site. Because the credit card fields are hosted on Paypal’s servers, you pretty much have to tailor your checkout page around their credit card form to make it look good
  • You do not have access to a virtual terminal – A virtual terminal allows you to process a credit card payment by hand which is useful when you take orders over the phone or when you have to conduct a special transaction

The biggest advantage of Paypal Advanced is the cost, the fact that you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance and the ability to process credit cards directly on your store without the customer having to leave your website.

Should I Use Paypal Advanced Or Get A Regular Merchant Account?

A typical merchant account and gateway will run you between 20-30 dollars a month. But the big advantage is that a normal merchant account will offer a much lower transaction fee.

For example, eMerchant, a credit card processor that I recommend, will allow you to process credit cards at a flat rate above the interchange rate. As a result, I pay under 2.2% in transaction fees. In comparison, PayPal charges 2.9% which can make a difference if you process a volume of payments everyday.

Right now eMerchant charges a $30 monthly fee. Let’s say the difference in monthly fees between eMerchant and Paypal Advanced is $25. If you process more than $3333 worth of transactions, then eMerchant would be cheaper.

In addition, using Paypal has many other drawbacks as well which I outline in my article below.

But if you want to use Paypal as your payment processor, Paypal Advanced offers an extremely attractive solution to your credit card needs.

At only 5 bucks a month, it is the cheapest way to process credit cards online from a monthly fee perspective. And in addition, you won’t have to worry about PCI compliance either.

What is paypal credit line

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40 thoughts on “The Cheapest Way To Process Credit Cards Online – Paypal Advanced Vs”

For everyone who is reading this comment, please read this carefully.

If you decide to go with MerchantPlus over Paypal make sure you ask them to set you up on Interchange Pricing vs Tiered Pricing (They are only quoting tiered pricing on their site and only showing ONE rate).

After doing a lot of research on the industry, and speaking with someone who has over 12 years experience in the business, this is how most credit card processors take advantage of you without you even knowing it.

Most of the time the rates they quote you up front (When on tiered pricing) are for a swiped pin debit transaction …and then when you get your statement you come to find out that you are being charged a higher rate than you were quoted because the majority of the credit card transactions that you process fall in your mid and non-qualified rate that they don’t mention to you when signing the contract.

Here is the bigger joke…

Depending on what processor you go with…they determine what credit cards you take fall into what rate…They can do this because there are over 300 types of credit cards and because most entrepreneurs are not savvy enough to really know what they are buying when it comes to credit card processing, it allows the processing companies to take advantage of you right under your nose.

The fairest pricing model is Interchange Plus…It is the fairest because you pay only the interchange rate on the card you are taking. (This part of the fee gets paid by you to the issuing bank who gave the customer the card). After paying the interchange rate, you also pay a basis point fee on top of the interchange fee that is determined on your average yearly processing volume.

There are other fees associated with this pricing as well such as transaction fee, batch fee, dues and assessments etc… but these fees also come with tiered pricing as well.

I hope this helped you out and will save you a lot of hassle and headache when setting up your merchant account.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m not sure what you are referring to exactly, but I’ve used Merchant Plus and the rate is as advertised. Note however that this rate only applies to Visa/MC. Accepting American Express is a completely different story. If there were any anomalies with the rate, especially if it changed from credit card to credit card, we definitely would have noticed.

That is good to know.

The reason why I thought it was different (As I described above) is because on their pricing page it says Simplified 3-Tier Rate Plan with a quoted rate.

When I saw that, I immediately assumed that the rate quoted on the page was the rate you typically pay for qualified transactions…Where the mid-qualified and non-qualified rates are not shown (normally this is done on purpose, because they vary from processor to processor).

Normally most advertised rates are not what you will really be charged for the majority of your transactions.

I was looking at a merchant statement from my friend the other day…and even though they got a 2%ish rate on qualified transactions, they were paying a whopping 4.4% on non-qualified transactions (Because most of the transactions fell into this bucket they were really being taken).

When you have 3 tiered pricing, once a credit card is swiped it falls into one of the three rates. Qualified / Mid-Qualified / Non-Qualified.

Even though Visa Card #1 may fall into the qualified bucket, Visa Card #2 may fall into the Mid-Qualified bucket. It all depends on the card type, and the details associated with the card.

Say today I pay for products in your online store with a Visa card that gives me free airline miles, and then tomorrow I pay for some more stuff with a Visa card that is just issued with my bank that doesn’t give me any perks for using it.

The “bucket” the first credit card would fall into, would be different than the second credit card would fall into … even though they are both Visa. More than likely the first card would fall either into the mid or non qualified bucket, where the first one would fall into the qualified bucket and obviously be charged a different rate

Does that make sense?

Normally when looking at your merchant statement, most companies make it so confusing for entrepreneurs to distinguish what they are really being paid, and more times than not when you calculate the true effective rate they are paying…it is far higher than they should be paying.

Regardless, I’m going to contact them to get further clarification. Thanks for the heads up.

So I wrote a follow up article that covers all of the nuances of merchant account fees. Check it out below.

I just re-read my last comment in the thread, and there is a mistake I want to clarify.

In this paragraph there is an error…

The “bucket” the first credit card would fall into, would be different than the second credit card would fall into … even though they are both Visa. More than likely the first card would fall either into the mid or non qualified bucket, where the first one would fall into the qualified bucket and obviously be charged a different rate

The edit is marked in CAPS…

The “bucket” the first credit card would fall into, would be different than the second credit card would fall into … even though they are both Visa. More than likely the first card would fall either into the mid or non qualified bucket, where the SECOND CARD would fall into the qualified bucket and obviously be charged a different rate.

Sorry for the possible confusion.

I agreed with what Scott described. If you take a very close look at your monthly statement, each transaction is being charged with different rates if you were in a multi-tiered rate structure. I found out a long time ago that most of my transactions were being charged more than 4% which is higher than the non-qualified rate of 3.7%. By the way, I’m not using Merchant Plus, so my experience does not apply to them. I’m using a different merchant but wondering if there are any better ones out there that would not throw in some hidden charges to us sellers?

Thanks for the article and Scott’s comment.

Sounds like an excellent option from Paypal – thanks for the thoughtful advice.

Such an important piece of information you provided my friend. I don’t have a store yet but I use 2checkout for accepting paypal and other CC’s for my web design clients.

I am on my way to offer a couple of digital goods on my website and I am using a simple paypal plugin for the payment method.

We are interested in switching, but I’ll wait for the clarification.

Thanks Scott and Steve. I’ll be signing up for a merchant account and payment gateway within the next week, and already planned to go with an reseller. Steve, if you can work out a better qualified rate I’ll gladly sign up under you. The monthly fee and transaction fee are otherwise competitive.

I’m negotiating right now to get 50 basis points knocked off the rate. I’ll let you know

Ok. Its done. Everyone who signs up with coupon code: MYWIFEQUIT gets 20% off the monthly fees in addition to 50 basis points off the mid qualified and non qualified rate. All previous signups will be converted to this new rate as well. In addition, if your sales volume is large enough, then you are also eligible for interchange plus as well.

Since there’re no dates mentioned anywhere, I’m not sure when was article written, but I’d love to know how to be PCI compliant if you say its really not that complicated or expensive.

So basically, I’m looking for a merchant account + gateway API that I’ll use with app to charge customers. Ideally I’d like to store cards, but I’m fine with storing card data with the provider.

Thanks so much Steve and Scott. This discussion has proven very helpful, as I am now able to know enough to negotiate with merchant account providers. And they do just quote the lowest rate, and you have to push them to give you the whole story. It’s kind of scary; had I not read this, I would have been totally taken advantage of (and possibly I still am, but less so :).

We haven’t used it yet but Stripe seems to be a pretty good option for accepting online transactions with a flat fee and no PCI compliance issues. Implementation seems fairly easy for a competent developer. We are planning on using it for some of our subscription billings and possibly more down the line.

As part of another business I am in, I do use a standard merchant account, and the transaction fees are all over the place. I long ago gave up trying to shop that around as everyone gets you either coming or going!

Thank you for this synopsis but… why is there no date? How can I tell if I am looking at information that is likely to be accurate, or 5 years out of date?

Without a date on this article, it is unfortunately fairly useless…

I get a lot of traffic to this post, so I always keep it up to date. Is there any specific question you have?

So which site is giving the discount with your coupon code? And will that discount come out better for a low volume sales site than PayPal? Thanks for taking the time to sort all this out.

using prestashop with with a ssl certificates make you PCI compliant

thanks to God that things is more easy finally

Yep, Stripe definitely works and is easy but it will end up being more expensive than PayPal in the long run.

why!? both have the same fees 2.9% + $0.30, and paypal we need to pay the 30$ of monthly fee to be able to integrate it with our site (there is the new product called PayPal Payments Advanced with only 5$ per month but I couldn’t find any decent cart that support it yet,there is only magento witch is a heaven to use and need a VPS at less,prestashop opencart virtuemart woocomerce doesn’t support it yet)

so the prices I think are like this now

stripe: 0/month 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

paypal: 30/month 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

paypal will be good only if our sales volume is

$3,001+ to $10,000 2.5% + $0.30*

$10,001 to $100,000 2.2% + $0.30*

and there is hidden things in paypal (international fees is not 2.9% + $0.30 )

1/ “International Sales: 1.0% Applies to payments from another country. cross-border fee and/or 2.5% currency conversion fee”

2/American Express© card usage fees: 3.5% per transaction

while stripe doesn’t charge anything for this,i copy past what stripe says in there site

“No setup fees, no monthly fees, no minimum charges, no fees for validations or failed transactions, no fees for different card types (e.g. American Express, corporate cards, rewards cards), no fees for international cards, no card storage fees.

here is a beautiful comparison between both for long term

I think right now there is only one way to have benefit with paypal: first using magento because of compatibility, then sell to USA customers only, then make more than 3000$/month in sales, if we have this three points then yes “strip will end up being more expensive than PayPal in the long run. ”

please correct me if I m wrong, this is my first research in this things I hope not to make some stupid noob errors for my first US client

thanks for you answer

I believe you just answered your own question. If you only ever plan on making under $3000 a month then it doesn’t matter:) Once you get more volume, it pays to get a merchant account with interchange rates.

Your statements about PP Advanced are not accurate either. All of the major carts support PP Advanced with an addon.

thank you Steve

I didn’t know that PP advanced exist in paid add-ons because I was searching only free lol, thanks again What is paypal credit line

please can I integrate merchantplus with prestashop (using the plugin that comes with prestashop) as you did with opencart here , because merchantplus chat didn’t gave me any clear answer neither prestashop.

I don’t want to use opencart because the owner (Daniel Kerr) is very bad person with very bad attitudes and the most dangerous is that the owner (Daniel) do not care of our security, look this bad history and how he treat and insult developers wanting to help him (read Daniel comments here)

opencart is one person developer now because the owner doesn’t accept developer help or advices…

if the merchantplus integration is impossible do you know any other merchant account like merchantplus because I cant find any better merchant that can bet this 0.3% + $0.25 (30 $/month)

Daniel deals with a lot of riff raff on a day to day basis. While he did not react that well in the comments of that post, the author of that article was totally off base citing completely inaccurate claims for the most part which clearly pissed him off. I would not take that as a representation of his character.

The other article on security is from 2010. OpenCart has been one of the more secure carts out there. It is also coded in a very simple easy to understand manner which makes it easy to edit. Outside of one vulnerability that I can remember from version 1.4x, it’s been awesome.

Thanks for this clarification, I couldn’t decide by myself but just follow because they seemed to know what they are talking about, but now it s more clear for me (because it doesn’t make sense to have this bad reputation and vulnerabilities and still being the third or second used shopping cart in the world without any type of advertising,or maybe the first in the world if we exclude the huge Magento advertising budget).

the good in opencart is that it comes with a lot of free payments methods and OP addons prices are very low compared with prestashop or magento.