How Can I Get A Copy of My Form W-2?

An employer is REQUIRED to give you a completed Form W-2 for the calendar year by January 31st* of the following year. (Example: A 2016 Form W-2 must be postmarked to you by January 31, 2017). The employer may choose to deliver the completed W-2 in a manner other than postal mail. For example, employers may send W-2 forms to you electronically with your consent. If you consented to an electronic version of your Form W-2, it must also be available to you by January 31st.

*If January 31st falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the employer will have until the next business day to issue the Form W-2.

If you do NOT receive your Form W-2 by February 15, contact the employer and ask for it. If you still are not successful in receiving the W-2, call the IRS at (800) 829-1040 to report the issue.

When should i get my w2 in the mail

Employers are REQUIRED to provide you with a Form W-2 if you were an employee and had ANY amount of earnings. For example, if you worked only one day or one hour as an employee, a Form W-2 MUST be issued!

When should I send in my UC applications?

I've asked a few ppl, and most recommended me to send it in 3-5 days before the deadline.

1. Do the UCs send a confirmation email saying they've received my application right after I send it, or is it 4-5 weeks later, like I've heard?

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However, the servers do get busy, so I'd suggest you post earlier than that.

10. Where do I apply for scholarships (by campus)? The closest I got to finding it was here: University of California - Admissions

I would think the former, since the UCs don't have nearly as much to process as many privates do, but then again, the UCs have many more applications to go through. So it just might be a few weeks.

Nothing but your application and your scores. If they want anything else, they'll ask you.

Yes. Scores are available right around Christmas for the December testing, though.

Yup. That's when they check it against what you reported on the application, and if there are discrepancies, your admission will be rescinded.

Correct. Now isn't that so much more efficient than having to process 40,000+ transcripts (instead just the ones who decide to matriculate)?

There's a specific part of the application where you put down your IB scores and planned exams. I don't think you usually "predict" your scores, but you can if you want. I would recommend not putting what you "think" you'll get since it's so early in the year (it'd be more appropriate if it were, say, March or April).

Correct. They will throw them out. Some do request recs for borderline applicants, but this would happen later on.

Seems like you've just about got it all.

For the majority of scholarships, you are automatically considered when you apply. There's also a place on the application that has you choose from a bunch of categories what applies to you, for different scholarships. I think there are other scholarships (ones started by alumni, etc.) for the different campuses. You should check out their individual sites. I know Fastweb lists many university-specific scholarships, including UCs.

when should i get my w2 in the mail

If I have multiple income statements (I had three this year), I attach them based on size, largest to smallest. All are facing up, with the W-2s/1099s on top of the tax form

Geez - you folks ever hear of e-file? No stamps required, no W-2s to "attach and you get your refund in 10 business days or less. Plus, the cost is deductible!

The only version of the 1099 that you should attach is the 1099-R, which reports pension payments from plans other than Social Security (they don't want the 1099 the Social Security folks send you, either!), and even then, they only want the 1099-R if some taxes were withheld from those payments.

Nanny Question: What do I do – I didn’t get a W-2?

  • Form W-2 is due January 31. The IRS specifically asks that you allow the employer until February 15 before you report it missing. The January 31 date is the ‘mail by’ date.
  • It is February 15 and you still do not have a W-2. First step is to phone the employer. Often the nanny has moved and the employer does not have a valid mailing address. Allow two additional weeks if you needed to update your address for the employer to obtain/generate a replacement.
  • The employer does not intend to give you a W-2 or intends to provide a 1099. The next step is to remind the employer that as a nanny you are entitled to a Form W-2. The employer is responsible to remit the Social Security and Medicare taxes, as well as pay unemployment insurance. The employer is NOT responsible for the nanny’s income taxes unless it was agreed to in the written work agreement (rather rare). The IRS Publication 926 is a point of reference to reinforce this.
  • Phone Support from the IRS. The IRS encourages employees in this situation to phone 1-800-829-1040 for guidance. In our experience, you will be told the same information as what is contained here, and wait on hold a VERY long time to get this information!
  • The employer still refuses to provide the W-2 Form. Please see the two scenarios below.

The nanny is still responsible for reporting her nanny wages and filing an income tax return even if she did not receive a form W-2. This is accomplished by completing Form 4852 Substitute Form W-2.

Tip! Be very sure that 7(A)(a) is the sum of the gross wages plus the values for Social Security and Medicare Taxes due from the employer. For example: Nanny is paid $2000 per month for 8 months. 7(a) is $17224.00 ($16000 + $1224) The Social Security and Medicare is 7.65% of the gross wages. 7(b) and 7(c) are $16000.

Nannies who use the Form 4852 will need to provide the family’s name (both John and Mary Smith), their address and phone number (phone is not required but very helpful). If the nanny has received a Form W-2 from this family in the past, the nanny should report the EIN from the prior form. If not, enter Unavailable or Unknown.

The answer to line 9 of Form 4852 is that 7(a) is the sum of cash wages and employee Social Security and Medicare paid by employer. 77(b) and 7(c) are cash wages alone.

The answer to line 10 is a brief statement – something to the effect “I worked as a nanny from x date to y date. I was paid at RATE. I phoned the family and requested the Form W-2 and they refused to provide.” or a similar BRIEF narrative. It is important that you state you were a nanny or household employee.

The IRS requests that you wait until April 15 to file your return, in the hopes that the family will come around and provide you the correct documentation. The nanny cannot eFile when using a substitute Form W-2. The conventional paper tax return is mailed to the appropriate address. When the nanny is forced to use the substitute Form W-2 it is MUCH harder on the employer to get the mess straightened out. The nanny is pretty much done at that point. It is in the employer’s best interest to resolve the problem before it gets that far.

Nanny incorrectly given Form 1099 MISC:

We are presuming at this point you have already gone through the steps outlined above and your employer will not change their mind. You will want to use Form 8919 Uncollected Social Security and Medicare Taxes on Wages. Line 1 of this form requires information about your employer that you can pull directly from the Form 1099MISC they gave you. Your Reason Code is G, and you will need to submit a Form SS-8 Determination of Worker Status (see sample) on or before the date you file your income tax return.

IMPORTANT! Line 1 (f) instructions: Must be the sum of cash wages and employee Social Security and Medicare paid by employer. (IF Cash Wages = $10,000, calculate as Cash Wage plus [Cash Wage * 7.65%], with Gross Wages of $10,765.00). Repeat this on lines 6. STOP THERE! Mark boldly through lines 9 – 13 “SEE ATTACHED STATEMENT”.

Write an ATTACHMENT TO FORM 8919 that explains that you were employed full time from date to date by Employer’s Name as a nanny for their # children, Child Name, Child Name and Child Name. You worked in their private home. You were paid Cash Wages of $$$ NET of Social Security taxes (the CASH wage from your calculation above). At the end of the year the employer failed to provide you a Form W-2 as required by the Internal Revenue Code (please see Publication 926). Per IRS instructions, your employers are responsible for the payment of your Social Security and Medicare taxes, and you are responsible for the payment of your income taxes, which you do with Form 1040.

If you do not provide this written explanation, you may be deemed liable (initially) by the IRS for half of the Social Security and Medicare taxes. You will become an IRS pen pal as you battle to get this corrected! It is important that you always state you were a nanny or household employee working in the family’s private home.

You must use the line 1(f) amount when you report your income. This is because you owe a small amount of income taxes on the Social Security and Medicare taxes that were the employee’s (your) share paid on your behalf by the employer (family).