How I solved my bluestacks graphic card error (2 Ways)

So you are installing bluestacks, but suddenly you get this Graphics Card Error, even tough your system have met all the system requirement. So now what?

Reason for Bluestacks Graphic Card Error

There are two types of Graphic card —

  1. Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D, which is used to run windows programs
  2. OpenGL, which is responsible for running Android Apps on PC

Now if you don’t update your Windows regularly, Then openGL didn’t get updated as often as direct3D so you need to do that manually.

Until now, I never faced any problem while installing bluestacks. But today when I was installing bluestacks on my windows 8, I faced the bluestacks error 25000 graphics card for the first time.

Now, I have installed bluestacks, on the same system before, so I knew it was only a temporary problem and could be worked out.

To be precise, bluestacks needs at least 2-3 Gb ram and a dedicated graphic card. And my computer has 4 GB RAM and 512 graphic card, which is sufficient.

And after trying out few things, I was finally able to overcome the graphic card error.

So let’s see how.

Solution 1: Install older version of bluestacks

The older version of bluestacks don’t need a high-end system, so you will be able to install bluestacks without any graphic card error.

I was able to install WhatsApp and few other lighter apps, on the older version. But when I tried apps like fruit ninja or angry birds. I couldn’t find them on Play Store.

So if you only want to run WhatsApp, then this might be your thing. But for others who want use bluestacks for every Apps, check out the next the solution.

Where can I download the older version of bluestacks?

Well, it’s not available on bluestacks official websites, But you can find the copy of that from here download from here (132 mb). The file is still hosted on bluestacks CDN, so don’t worry about a malware.

Solution 2: Change your Graphic card drivers

Another popular error is;

Your graphics drivers seem to be out-of-date. Bluestacks requires updated drivers to run. Update now.

And when I checked my graphic card details, I found that it was not compatible with bluestacks. But how do I know? Well, I have noticed my graphic card driver was different from what I have used in the past.

Following screenshot shows two different graphics card.

The re-installation of the Windows has changed my graphic card. And if somehow I can get the old card back (i.e. the compatible one), then I can still install bluestacks.

Now, where do I find the correct graphic card?

Well, this is a tricky part. Usually, you have to Google this with your model number. But most of the time you can find it the following websites. To auto update your graphic card, you will need java enable browser.

If you still get this error, then do a clean uninstall of bluestacks with Revo uninstaller and try again. And it should work. The left-over files may cause problems sometimes.

Here is a video tutorial on graphic card error

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Where can i load my bluebird card?

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Bluebird by American Express Reviews

Where can i load my bluebird card?

From Account Holders in the last year


3.5 out of 5 stars

2.5 out of 5 stars

I have had this card for about 6 years now. Great alternative to banking. I have never had any problems with the card or customer service. It is AMEX so not all merchants or online bill pay will accept it, however, the overall value is worth it. I have 2 traditional credit Mastercards to cover anytime a merchant won't accept my AMEX. No fees at all unless I have to use an ATM that is not MoneyPass. I like the fact I can write checks as well. Makes paying my mortgage on my house easy. All in all, one of the best values in preloaded cards out there in my opinion. A lot of the "negative9quot; reviews are just ridiculous-take into account that a good majority are "anonymous9quot; that should tell you something. A good card from a great company. A+ AMEX customer service that is 24/7/365.

Was this review helpful?

I have been a very loyal customer for about 5 years. Direct deposit, Walmart reload, etc always great. Even had a few times that I went over, (still trying to figure out how that happened), and they covered it and I turned around and had it covered and put me well back into the positive. Last year I was arrested and spent 10 months in lock up and I have SOLID proof. My ex, who was not on the account ANYWHERE, illegally used my card and spent about $325. I got out in April and found this out and started the dispute process immediately, faxing everything that they asked of me. The declined my disputes so now I am out $325 and they refuse to do anything else about it. They are covered by FDIC and that insures me and them against illegal activities. Instead of doing what is right, they went ahead and closed my account without my permission, sent me a letter stating that PER MY REQUEST it was closed and then sent me a check for $0.88. REALLY. That is an insult. And to think that I just got through talking my daughter and her boyfriend into getting the card so that I could send money to her free and easy. NO MORE.

Was this review helpful?

These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

STEER CLEAR OF THIS CARD! I had a Bluebird credit card for nearly 3 years (which housed a Master account, a sub-account and my Walmart Bucks). The card policies were awful. I could transfer funds from my master acct to my sub-acct, but NOT from my sub-acct back into my Master acct. Additionally, every time I attempted an outside funding contribution into my Bluebird acct, "suspicious activity" was flagged on my acct. Also, I attempted to set-up a auto-credit into my Bluebird acct. Their system attempted every month, for 13 months, without success (maybe a software issue on their end). Finally, on the 14th month, the auto-funding was successful, without any explanation. Worked for 2 months and failed again! Tried funding from my bank acct. For whatever reason, Bluebird would not accept funds from my Wells Fargo account (yes, I had plenty of funds in the account and yes, the account was established (10+ years). Yesterday, I called Amer Ex Bluebird to close my account. I spoke with 3 different reps over 45 minutes. None of which could helpl me or close out my acct. I was told that they needed another funding source verified before they could close the acct. Not sure why they need my checking account info when I'm trying to close out my account which has over $450 on it and never any penalties, fees or fines, but okay. Was told I'd receive an email with a link to login to my acct to provide the info they required. Rcvd the email it was just a hyperlink to log into my acct and view my special "current account promotions". Called customer service back. Told them I just want my $450 back and my account closed. After 20 minutes on the phone, the rep told me she didn't have clearance to close an account with a balance on it. My request was forwarded to "upper management" and I should be receiving an email in 5 business days regarding my request to close. Do not get this card. Transfers are restricted, funding is hit or miss depending on their system, customer service is poor and account transactions, including closures, is a nightmare.

Was this review helpful?

I have had this card since 2014. I can buy airplane tickets, gas, pay all my bills that accept payments from Amex. Just feel like I'm someone with that Amex card any way never had a problem with customer service support whenever I call " just keep saying agent/customer service/live person. Once the auto voice comes on you will need your credit card number so best to try and remember it or write it down somewhere..

the only major problem I had with them was earlier in 2017, when I went to Hawaii after spending two weeks in New York (I am from Cali and live in sf) and when I landed in Hawaii my card worked because I got a shuttle to my hostel, but the 20 min ride from the airport to the shuttle amex service or something went out because when I got to the hostel they kept sliding the card and he kept declining, luckily there was a atm right out front but even the atm kept saying declining me so called Amex and they told me all service to the card was out and wouldn't be back till the following morning luckily I had already paid for one night at the hotel it just sucked because I couldn't actually enjoy my first night in Hawaii because I don't even carry cash any more I just have both my jobs paycheck go direct deposit to the card so easy

I can take money free of charge from any us bank anyway or log on to my account and send some to Walmart to be picked up by me if I loose my card. List it once had to wait a whole week for another one..

they changed their check policy glad I stacked up on the old ones (I believe now you have to pay for checks) but the checks are so easy to use and the best thing about these checks is no one can just steal one and write themselves one because the need a authorization code written on the front of the check to be cashed and only you have access to that code

to hAve a set aside account (which I call mine the rainy day fund) is perfect that way I can keep some money just available and others separate that way if I book some hotel and I miss the first night the can change my card but once I move the money to the set aside account I won't be charged it will just get declined so the perfect

i like the the card I tell my friends to get one the only and I do mean only down side to this card is that you can NOT get cash back anywhere no where at you have to take from any money pass atm (and there's a website for that to find one in ur area) or any us bank