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It is tax time and you should have submitted or filed your taxes by now. If you did not file your taxes – both Federal taxes and your state taxes and you did not file for an extension, then you are late and will most probably be fined. I usually try to file my taxes on time but this year I had to file an extension. I usually file early too. So if you are one of those people who filed your taxes early, then you should be eagerly waiting for your refund. If you live in the state of California and have not received anything yet, you may be wondering “Where Is My California Tax Refund? If that is your question, then you should be able to get the answer at the State of California Franchise Tax Board website at www.ftb.ca.gov/online/refund.

You will be able to check your California Tax Refund status at the website. To check your CA tax status refund, you will need a number of items. These include your social security number, your physical or mailing address, the amount that you should be refunded on. You will be able to find your refund amount on your tax return.

Normally once you have filed your California tax returns, you should expect a check or refund within 7-10 days if you filed your taxes on online. This means that you efiled your taxes. If you mailed in your taxes instead, then you will have to wait a little bit longer. You will basically have to wait 8-12 weeks. This period starts from the date that you mailed your return.

If you just filed your taxes either online or you submitted it via regular mail, then you should not even attempt to check your refund status at the website at www.ftb.ca.gov/online/refund. This is because your taxes may not be processed yet. So give it a few days before you check online . As I mentioned, I usually file early. So by now I would have received my refund. That is always a wonderful gift for me. I usually end up getting something and it always feels like Christmas or that I am getting a bonus. I usually go on a vacation with the money. So tax time is fun for me.

However for many of friends, it is a time of stress and worry. Many of them file at the last minute because they know that they owe taxes and do not have the money to pay. Usually you will be able to pay in increments if you are not able to pay the amount all at once. A lot of my friends also use the services of an accountant. They itemize and try to get as much refund as possible.

I have done my taxes many different ways and have not figured out the best way yet. I even used the online services provided by certain companies. I never got much that way and it sometimes got frustrating as I would get stuck in the middle of filing and would have nobody to ask as it would most probably late at night. So I have gone through everything.

In order not to get frustrated during tax time, I started filing early. I enjoyed it thoroughly as I was less stressed. However, this year I have been so busy at work that I did not get a chance to file early. So I became as stressed as my friends. I totally get their stress as it can be very frustrating to file at the last possible moment.

I am lucky again though as i will get another refund this year. It will be a while yet before I get mine but at least I do not have to pay anything. I feel sorry for my friends who do. I even have some friends who are completely broke after they have paid their taxes. I have had to bail them out a time or two. So hopefully if you are asking where your CA Tax refund is, you can check your refund status at the website . It is really easy to do and it will give you peace of mind. You will know exactly what is going on and you do not have to worry if your check is lost in the mail. That is my biggest fear. I am so afraid that I will not get my check. So set your mind at ease and check your refund status online.

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