How to Determine My Modified Adjusted Gross Income

Where to find adjusted gross income on w2

Your modified adjusted gross income is an important figure on your Form 1040.

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Calculating your modified adjusted gross income is an important step in determining your total tax obligation. Numerous deductions and credits are related to the amount of your MAGI, and a higher MAGI may render you ineligible for certain tax benefits. For example, you may not be able to take a deduction for student loan interest if your MAGI is too high. You also lose the ability to deduct your contribution to an individual retirement account if your MAGI is above a certain level. MAGI calculations are straightforward, consisting primarily of your total income minus certain allowable deductions.

of your income on IRS Form 1040. Lines 7 through 21 of this form are where you report all of your income to the Internal Revenue Service, including tax-exempt income, salaries, wages, dividends, interest, alimony, capital gains, IRA distributions, rental and farm income, unemployment compensation, and Social Security benefits. Total your income on line 22.

Remove certain deductions from your AGI to calculate your MAGI. The IRS considers your MAGI to be your AGI minus eight deductions and exclusions. To compute your MAGI, subtract the deductions for student loan interest, IRA contributions, tuition and fees, domestic production activities, and foreign earned income. You'll also have to subtract the foreign housing exclusion, the exclusion of qualified savings bond interest and the exclusion of employer-provided adoption benefits. The result is your MAGI.

How do i find adjusted gross income on w2

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Not all taxes withheld on w-2 are refundable. Only taxes withheld for federal, state, and city may be refunded. Taxes withheld for social security and medicare.

How to Calculate Adjusted Gross Income Using W2

The W-2 form you receive at the end of the year from your employer contains essential information that must be reported on your federal income tax return. Some of the data contained on your W-2 form is used to calculate your federal adjusted gross income (AGI), which is used to determine your federal and state income taxes, as well as your eligibility for most tax credits.

Look at box 1 of the W-2 form you received from your employer. The amount shown in box 1 is your taxable income from employment. If you have more than one employer or receive more than one W-2, total the amount from each form and put this in box 1.

Report your totals from box 1 of your W-2 on line 7 of IRS Form 1040, Form 1040A or Form 1040EZ.

Add any additional income from sources other than W-2 employment. Examples of income from other sources include interest income, unemployment compensation, retirement plan distributions and income from self employment.

Subtract deductions you’re eligible to claim, such as student loan interest, moving expenses and the health savings account deduction. The availability of certain deductions varies depending on the version of 1040 form you use. The result after you subtract deductions is your AGI.

Where to find adjusted gross income on w2

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How much tax does a married couple owe on $40,000 adjusted gross income in 2013?

A married couple with an adjusted gross income in 2013 of $40,000 pays $5,107.50 in income taxes, factoring in a 10 percent rate on the first $17,850 and 15 percent on the last $22,150. In 2013, the Bush-era tax cuts were extended for all taxpayers excluding the highest tax bracket.

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Singles making $40,000 a year are taxed at a 25 percent tax rate while those married filing jointly and head-of-households filers making the same amount are taxed at a rate of 15 percent. The effective income tax rate is 12.8 percent for the married couple, dividing $5,107.50 by $40,000.00. This does not take into consideration any tax credits or other factors besides income.