Does Credit Limit Increase Needs a Hard Pull (2015.6 Updated)

Who does synchrony bank pull

Credit Limit Increase (CLI) can make normal spending more smoothly, and by indirectly decreasing the utilization, you might improve your credit score because of this. Some banks, however, pull the credit report from one of the credit bureaus when you request a CLI, it’s called Hard Pull (HP), which is somewhat harmful to your credit history. So it’s necessary to figure out which banks can increase your credit limit without a HP.

AmEx can increase your credit limit without a HP, and it also has the benefit that as soon as you can get the credit card, you can triple your credit limit, and 6 months after requesting a credit limit increase each time, you can still triple your credit limit, and the maximum limit might be $25,000. What a generous bank in terms of the credit limit! Note that this 6 months restriction is for all the AmEx account, that is to say, if you request a CLI for credit card A, you have to wait for 6 months after that to request a CLI for credit card B.

Barclaycard will do a HP on the credit report if you request a credit limit increase. But you can wait until the bank increases the credit limit automatically, and usually they’re quite generous about this.

BoA will do a HP on the credit report if you request a credit limit increase. But you can wait until the bank increases the credit limit automatically.

Capital One won’t do a HP on the credit report and you can request a credit limit increase every 6 months.

Chase will do a HP on the credit report if you request a credit limit increase. But you can wait until the bank increases the credit limit automatically.

Citi may or may not do a HP if you request a credit limit increase. After clicking the button to request a credit limit increase, you may see: “It’s easy to find out if you qualify for a credit limit increase. By clicking “Continue” you understand that we will obtain a credit bureau report to evaluate your request. Our credit department will review your request within 24 hours.” And it indicates that Citi will do a HP on the credit report. You may also see: “It’s easy to find out if you qualify for a credit limit increase. A credit bureau report will not be requested and you will receive an instant decision.” And it indicates that Citi will not do a HP on the credit report. You’re free to click the button. If no HP is done, you can request a credit limit increase every 6 months, and several requests within this 6 months are invalid.

If you request a credit limit increase and get approved immediately, Discover will not do a HP; if you don’t get an instant approval, and need a further review, then they will ask you if you agree to let them do a hard pull, you should stop this CLI if you don’t want a hard pull. If function unavailable is shown on the website, you can call them to request a credit limit increase and tell them in advance that there is no need to pull the credit report. Based on experience, they increase your credit limit a bit even after your request has been rejected.

You can click this link to request a credit limit increase. The prerequisite is that you have kept your account for at least 6 months. Statistics from the Internet show that US Bank will do a HP if more than $1500 is increased, and otherwise no.

Synchrony Financial (formerly GE CareCredit)

Who does synchrony bank pull

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Who does synchrony bank pull

Today I received a letter from Synchrony Bank notifying me they have closed my Care Credit account (paid off since Sept; prior payments made on time) due to my overall poor credit! So. I pay them as agreed, on time, pay off my account in full (until I need to use it for the next dental or vet visit) and they reward me by closing my paid as agreed account?! REALLY Synchrony Financial?! To make my credit worse, you close my account which will lower my credit score, as I'm working to rebuild my credit history, after my husband passed away last year?! You people are truly **!! Shame on you!!

Who does synchrony bank pull

Be cautious.I signed up for a "promotion" in which no interest was to be charged if paid in full within the promotional period. When I signed up I check the box that stated (and it was explained to me in this way) I was signing up for 12 equal payments to pay off the balance within the promotional period and to be automatically withdrawn each month from my bank account. I will take responsibility for not reconciling the amounts and making sure it all added up. I just saw that payments were being withdrawn from my account each month. Since I thought that it was automatically being withdrawn to pay off the balance within the period, I didn't think I had to worry about it.

My fault! But I want others to be careful. They were not withdrawing equal amounts to pay off the balance. And since I didn't pay it off within the promotional period because of this, I was charged interest. A lot of interest. The wording they used on the forms when I signed up is inconsistent with what they do. And it is your responsibility to make sure they are withdrawing the correct amounts. This is how they make their money. And they are not easy to deal with and/or talk to. I had to call multiple times and explain to multiple people my situation. Would NEVER use this company again. I really think they are trying to mislead people on purpose and count on the fact that a lot of people won't reconcile the amounts and/or forget about it like I did.

Who does synchrony bank pull

My husband took out a 500 credit line for us to pay off our dogs' vet bills. They never sent us our first statement, so we were unable to login online because we had no idea what the account number was. When my husband finally called, they told him he owed a late fee of $31.00. My husband disputed it. They said they'd send it in the mail, along with a card. We still haven't received that and it was over a few months ago. I'd never work with them again.

Who does synchrony bank pull

I never received a single statement in the mail. Still made everyone of my payments online. One month it was late (since I didn't know when it was due). They charged me $35 for that month and every month after totaling about $500 because it kept rolling over. No help at all. So frustrated!

Who does synchrony bank pull

I first signed up for the CareCredit card because, way back about 10 years ago, I had no insurance and I had and still have lots of orthopedic issues. Needless to say, I did qualify but for only $500. I was going to see a NP at this ortho office and she basically was trying to get samples of everything for me (she was truly my angel at that time) and she also got samples of the cartilage type shots that I had to get 3 each of that were $100 a piece! So, long story short, i used this card for whatever I needed at the doctors' offices I went to as long as I made sure I could pay. Well, I did, on many occasion (because I was only working 20 hours / minimum wage) a week. I could hardly afford much and had to pay the minimum amount each month.

So, fast forward to mid-summer 2015. I had not used the card for quite a while BUT always paying the minimum to pay the card off. I did so about 6 months ago. So, say August of this year, I receive this letter from Synchrony bank stating they closed my account for, as they put it "Derogatory Public Record or Collection Filed." So, even though I had paid THEM their money EVERY stinking month, never missing, never late, they take it upon themselves to cancel my card (which I did plan on using to get a cataract done this month!) because, according to them, I had a collection somewhere else, with someone else (which was by error with my bank and a separate company that I did fix right away!) and now I have no card.

I have had that card for 10+ years, ALWAYS paying, but they do this? They list some address I can write to if I disagreed. Helloooooo, YES I disagreed! Of course, I have written 2 times, never again hearing or seeing anything from them. This company is a complete rip-off for those who really are looking for help, even if it is temporary. They need exposed and stopped in my opinion!

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Who does synchrony bank pull

My beloved dog had an accident and required emergency care. I was SO grateful that I was able to use CreditCare for the medical expenses. However, dealing with the customer service department has been a nightmare! I tried to go online to to set up payment. The system would not recognize my account number (which I now know by heart from typing it in so many times). I called customer service and got a man in India. He advised me to refresh my computer. blah blah blah. then said to me "They have been having a problem with their system lately. Try again later". REALLY? Three days later, I just paid the bill online through my own banks bill pay system. As you know, those payment take three days to process. I made the payment today, but the due date is tomorrow. meaning my payment will appear as late. So, I called, explained my dilemma and was basically told they could do nothing.

I had to wait until a late fee had already been posted and then I could call to protest. There was nothing they could do to avoid it. In this day and age, that is total **. THEIR system was down 3 days ago when I tried to make my payment, but now I am going to be charged a $35 late fee. NO BUENO!! I am grateful to have had this service to help my best dog friend, but I now believe they take advantage of those who are desperate. I will keep you informed of how this late fee charge pans out, but I am not hopeful.

BTW, my dog, Peanut, has fully recovered from his surgery and is doing well. Without CreditCare, I don't know what would have become of my best friend. That does not excuse the crappy customer service.

Who does synchrony bank pull

I signed up for the Amazon card. But never received a physical card, never had a statement, online or by mail. I believe this is a business model that preys on people's inertia. Those that don't closely check their balances, statements and charges, therefore making fantastic amounts of money in charges, never disputed. I have had my charges refunded and have closed my account. I urge you to do the same.

Who does synchrony bank pull

I got a CareCredit card in May 2015 to use at the vets when a pet needed urgent care. I knew the rates were high. I also was given a promotional deal that when you charge over $200 there is no interest if paid in full within six months. My very first charge was $203. I had two more charges, each under $100, during the months after the first charge. During the sixth month, before the promo deal ended I checked my account online to make sure all was going well. Even though I had paid $205 on the promo charge of $203 the website said I was still past due $21 dollars. I called and was told some of my payments went to pay on subsequent charges.

I quickly fixed that problem. I told her I was not told some of my payments would be used to pay later charges nor did I agree to this. By doing this CareCredit was making it impossible to honor the terms of the promo deal and would end up getting interest because I didn't pay it off on time. She fixed it by putting all the money I've paid thus far toward the promotional deal and I was able to avoid paying interest. Had I not called in time it would have cost me, but I'm glad customer service responded well.

Who does synchrony bank pull

Today the company's website is under maintenance and they go to the extent to say that you can make a payment with the customer service line @ 1-866-419-4096 but when I called the number I was on hold for more than 47 minutes and I decided to hang up because I have used that time I wasted to get something else done. It's very frustrating when the company says something but fails to keep up with their word. The message on the website does not say how long the site will be under maintenance which is just not right. I guess they expect you to check their website 5-10 times a day to see when it's up and running.

Who does synchrony bank pull

Misleading. Customer service is awful. Obviously sourced out of the U.S. service. Reps continuously disconnect you, causing frustration and if you are I'll, unable to deal with runaround. Late fees are so high and they did not want to work with you to have it adjusted (no fault if you are hospitalized due to accident). Terrible.

Who does synchrony bank pull

I have several accounts that were formerly managed by GE Captial that has now been taken over by Synchrony Bank. Synchrony Bank is lowering your previous credit limit to at or below your current balance and in some cases lower than your previous limit to charge fees. By lowering your credit limit they take your card to maxed out which then lowers your credit limit and begins a vicious cycle of lowering your limits further. They need to be investigated.

Who does synchrony bank pull

This is absolutely the worst company and the lowest level of customer service received. I called to get my account number so that I could pay off my loan and the agent would not give me the account number. Her solution was to send me a new credit card so that I could get a new account number. I offered repeatedly to answer all of the necessary "security" questions to confirm my identity, but to no avail. This company needs to improve exponentially in order to even get a chance to provide me with consumer credit services in the future. I do not recommend this to Synchrony Financial or their CareCredit dental/medical loan services to anyone. Beware.

Who does synchrony bank pull

I purchased furniture from Rooms To Go in which Synchrony financed. The 1st bill was $25; therefore, I figured the monthly bill would be $25 unless I added something else to the account. I set up recurring payments for $25. The following month, the $25 posted to the account then a few days later I received an email stating $6 was past due. I retrieved the bill online. Apparently the bill increased to $31. Not sure why because no additional purchases. I immediately called Synchrony and explained the mixup and requested the late fee to be removed because at that point the balance due was $64 which included $25 late fee, $6 past due and the current amount due $33.

Notice the balance due went from $25 to $33, no additional purchases. Nevertheless, the agent agreed to remove the late and I paid the $6. Wonderful, now all is due is $33 right? Wrong. The $25 late fee was removed from the entire balance, but not the balance due, resulting in $58 due. I was told I would have to pay the $58. This is ridiculous. Why? The late fee was added in the monthly amount; therefore, should be deducted from that amount. I am paying off this card immediately as this company is a ripoff! Also, the agent states the minimum amount due will increase monthly even with no additional charges.

Who does synchrony bank pull

Horrible customer service, most unfriendly employees. Why would anyone deal with this bank? Unfortunately I had to for business, and trust me I will never do again. And I advise anyone to stay away from this company.

Who does synchrony bank pull

I have 9 store credit cards that I've had for over 20 years with some of the stores, and all were closed without any notification in writing or letter. I had to file chapter 13 due to a very messy divorce (I was ordered to purchase and make payments to my ex for a house that was all in his name). So to protect myself from this I filed but my credit score is still in the fair range. I kept my store cards because I had frequently used them for rewards but I always had paid on time and 0 to low balances. This is not fair since I've been with some of these store cards for years! I can see if I was a risk but since they were not on the chapter 13 and I was in great standing why should they be cancelled?

Who does synchrony bank pull

I have had several accounts with Synchrony Financial (Formerly GE Capital). I have a 730 Fico, no lates, and they lower my credit limit every time I make a payment to just about the balance. Currently the only accounts I have left with them is a PayPal and Amazon Store, and they BOTH will be closed as soon as I close on my house. I am currently livid, and my mortgage is in underwriting, and if this causes a problem, I will be taking a lot further recourse. If it does not, as soon as the loan closes, I am shutting down ANY accounts I have with Synchrony Financial and will stay far away. DO NOT GET ANY ACCOUNT WITH THEM. It is not worth the hassle. This particular card started at a 2,000 limit, and is not at 250! I have others that range from 3200 to 5000 that have little or no balance. Why does Synchrony Financial do this? Poor, poor business practice.

Who does synchrony bank pull

I returned to the U.S several years ago after being out of the country working for several years and finally checked my credit report and found I had a Charge-Off from Synchrony/JCPenney from a credit card that had been opened while I was out of the country working. I tried calling Synchrony many, many times trying to get information and report it as a fraudulent account and was told by their customer service employees that they had no information to give me and that the account was originally serviced by GE Money and they never received anything from them when they took over the account. They told me that I had to contact the Collection agency Midland Funding and that if there was any paperwork to Validate the Debt, they would have it.

I started sending Debt Validation letters to both Synchrony and Midland Funding in April of this year (2015) and neither company responded as required by U.S Federal law. Finally, when I hired an attorney to sue Midland for failure to validate the debt and for illegally reporting false information to the credit reporting agencies, they immediately contacted me and notified me that they indeed did not have the information to Validate the Debt and that I was no longer responsible for the debt and they would contact all 3 credit reporting agencies and remove the false information.

Synchrony on the other hand is the worst company I have ever had to deal with in my entire life. They are continuing to report the debt even though they cannot even validate it and they have yet to respond to even one of my debt validation letters and they do not care that they have no records to back up their claims and yet they continue to illegally report false and negative information. They will not even give me any information how to contact their legal department to serve them for lawsuit. It's pretty bad that this country lets crooked companies like Synchrony operate and it is really sad that you have to resort to hiring an attorney. I recommend you stay far, far away from this company and any of the store Credit Cards they service like JCPenney and Walmart. Sadly, they do not operate within the law, no care if they hurt innocent people with their illegal and fraudulent reporting.

Who does synchrony bank pull

Was charged a late charge because I paid my bill early. Can't pay the bill before the billing cycle ends they said. Makes no sense. I had already made another payment before the billing cycle ended and ask if I would get another late charge. Yes, I would, but they could refund the payment I had just made and I could make it again after the billing cycle ended. Agreed to that.

They just forgot to tell me that the refund would be like a new charge on the credit card and my monthly payment would go up by $12.00. I made one payment at the increased rate and noticed that they had added a $2.00 charge. I didn't call to ask what it was for because I didn't care at this point. I just paid the balance off. Can't wait to see if they try to charge me for paying it off. Bad bank with questionable tactic. I will never use any credit card that goes thru this bank. Just realized that my JCPenney account uses this bank so won't be using that card anymore.

Who does synchrony bank pull

Synchrony took over GE Financial and it's been amazing how they treat their customers.

1) Without warning, they cancel my Walmart account and stated that I had a payment returned. I was out of the country and there was a bank mixup. I actually made the payment difference 3 days later once I returned but I got a letter 2 weeks later stating my account was closed.

2) I noticed that my credit for Amazon had reduced by more than half. I called to inquire and was told that Synchrony made the decision (without notice) due to my credit score. The ridiculous part of that is my credit score is actually pretty good. As a matter of fact, my score is more than a 100 pts higher than when I first got credit with Amazon with no negatives in a couple years.

I will never apply for credit with any business associated with Synchrony and I will actively avoid doing business with them as well.

Who does synchrony bank pull

I have tried at least a dozen times for different credit cards with Synchrony Bank over the past three years. Each time with a denial. My credit is rebuilding (avg score 600). I have been approved for three cards with Comenity Bank & two personal loans & an auto loan but this bank does not seem to like me very much. I have never had an account with them that has went negative. In fact years ago I had a Walmart credit card that I was a joint applicant on and it was always in good standing and eventually closed by our decision. I guess Synchrony Bank has way too many customers and can afford to be extremely picky. I will make this promise to them though. Even if I get my credit up to 800 I will never apply for another credit card with them. After seeing all the complaints on different websites about the bank that even makes my decision easier to stand by.

Who does synchrony bank pull

We bought a 4600.00 bed and signed up for a Syncrony 12 month no interest account. After 9 months, there was a 99.00 balance at the end of July. We never received another bill as of today 10/05/15. Their collection dept. called this morning and I was connected to Customer Service. They told me that the Postal Service returned both the Aug. and Sept. bills, even though we received the previous 9 monthly bills with no problem. Even after admitting it was their fault, they couldn't assure me that I wouldn't be charged for going past the promo deadline after they sent the bill in 7-10 days, and I responded with the final payment to them before 10/18/15. It forced me to pay by debit card today. Smells like scam to me to mysteriously not get the final bill. I wonder how many people got burned by this unscrupulous practice. I know I almost was, I thought I must have paid it off. I never got another bill from them for two months.

Who does synchrony bank pull

It has been a nightmare with my Banana Republic card ever since spring of 2014 when they switched my regular card to a Visa; I take it this was when BR switched to Synchrony- I have had so many issues since. The first was that the card was not linked to my online account and they had 2 separate accounts set up and neither reflected an accurate balance. The bank will call 2-4 times a day to reach me- I believe this is considered harassment. A few times I have gone to pay for things, zero balance on my card only to be told that my card was being declined and I would need to contact customer service. One month I was attempting to pay my bill online and could not log in. They said I needed to call them asap. I did and they said they had turned off my online account because I had not picked up my phone to "verify my address"; yet I was paying my bills on time and had verified my address 3 months before.

A month or so ago they sent me another new card and I have yet to set it up- now they are calling me multiple times every day while I am typically at one of my 2 jobs. I was getting statements for $0. Now suddenly I got an email saying I owe $400+ yet when I log on, each account shows $0 balance, as it should be because I have refused to shop there anymore. They have lowered my balance and when I opened a GAP card they charged me a late fee without ever sending me my first bill (that the CSR did reverse). Now a second Banana account shows up in my online account that I have not activated- the new card. I know this is messing up my credit and no one will get back to me via email. Enough is enough, too many people are going through this. They seem to target those who pay off their cards quickly and don't spend a lot; they don't really want our accounts because they are not making money. For shame.

Who does synchrony bank pull

Back in May 2010 I was in a horrible car accident and I needed medical attention. After seeking a doctor she stated that she has a program that would work for me to get me in and see her along with my first spinal injections. This was on a personal injury lawsuit. Now five and a half years later I'm getting sheriff summons by GE Capital and CareCredit dental by my old anesthesiologist who was my pain Dr who said everything that she ever done was paid off by my personal injury lawsuit. Now I'm being told that she never settled with the credit card, it was my responsibility. However I did not and was not informed this was a separate company and wasn't with the doctor herself.

Now here I'm sitting with summons and I'm pending disability with no income and they're going after the only thing I have 11 year old car. I've already lost everything, what do they expect me to do. Furthermost it being $3,000 and most of that is interests and fees that accrued over the last 5 years - the credit line was only for 1500 dollars. This is nothing but a money scam. I would definitely run if any doctor or anything relating to medical persuade you into some kind of financial crutch in order for you to get help with your health. I suggest you run. It's better to go through the government crappy hospitals than to have these companies keep buying out each other and doctors running away with your money on a settlement. I don't see them going after the doctors at all. The doctors are illegally doing this! I'd like to know what I should do. I don't feel like I should be drunk out of my home to court over something so fraudulent.

Who does synchrony bank pull

I am in the habit of paying my balance each billing period. Balance is several thousand as I use the card for travel. The card was re-issued a few times after security breaches (Target/Home Depot). Every other credit card I have will post a payment made online within 24-48 hours, yet this credit card shows a large credit balance online but at the same time the card is denied for a FULL WEEK after payment is made. A few times of being denied at hotel check-in was enough to determine this card isn't working. Further, my hundred dollar rewards balance was forfeited.

Who does synchrony bank pull

CareCredit has a total of 175,000 providers registered with them. Some were registered originally while the card issuing bank was GE Financial formerly, which is now Synchrony Bank. Initially, CareCredit's website use to list the name of the company along with the physician's name of the company. GE Financial, aka Synchrony Bank, both state they are a retail bank. But, they are a retail bank who is financing services which are considered healthcare related. With this being said, I financed services which were classified as other cosmetics. These services were aesthetic services, which CareCredit listed the provider with the names of two physicians. These services are typically rendered at a healthcare clinic or a medical spa.

Some states have strict regulations for licensing structure of a medical spa, requirements for the supervisory and oversight, as well as the licensing the scope for the providers who perform services using a laser. I went to a provider on GE CareCredits website back in 2014. GE CareCredit listed 2 physicians. Due to the number of providers registered, you would trust the information the GE CareCredit reported is accurate. The provider which CareCredit listed, when I visited them, I was greeted by the business owner who posed as a physician. I told him the goal was reduce my BMI first, and then have liposuction by a cosmetic surgeon. Therefore, I didn't want to finance the entire amount with them. I only wanted to pay for a portion of the services.

This company registered as applied for the financing with CareCredit on my behalf. I was approved for the $5200.00. The straw that broke the camel's back didn't just involve the registered provider explained the promotion incorrectly, I conducted some additional research on the physicians listed on CareCredit's website under the company (CareCredit had listed 2 providers, neither one of these providers were in the office when I went). So when I checked the names of the providers listed on CareCredit's website against the state of Florida licensing information, I found issues. The providers listed on CareCredit's website as physicians for the company are required in the state of Florida to list the addresses of the location which they are affiliated with. This is part of the supervisory laws.

One physician was an internal medicine physician, and the other was a pathologist listed on the site. Both did not have a primary or secondary location which shows they were affiliated with the company CareCredit was promoting. One of the providers listed, which was a pathologist, even had a revoked license. There was no dermatologist, or plastic surgeon affiliated with the office. The company performing the laser services, also didn't recommend that you have cosmetic services - they suggested that you have the non-invasive procedures.

The company CareCredit promoted actually ended up being a business owner and his wife. They owned a clinic before in Florida performing the same services, and hired LMTs to perform the services. The LMTs were fined. Public records showed the company had financial problems. They went out of business under that name, then created a business claiming to be under a new structure, and got affiliated with CareCredit. The business owner, who was not a physician, is recommended the number of treatments you should have and the cost. His wife was in a medical field - the state of Florida records of licensing revealed she was under the medical direction of pediatrician. This company was receiving medical direction from a pediatrician, about offering weight loss supplements, and calling to solicit patients from their prior company and now their new company. Their clients were adults. This was not the proper medical scope.

The business owner recommended treatments, and billed the amount in full to CareCredit for the entire $5200.00, when I asked them not. I informed GE about all of this and requested that GE credit the account bank for the $5200.00. I even sent them screen shots of the licensing records. I even called their customer service department. They stated, the credit card provisions state you must contact the provider and they must credit the account. When I wrote the letter, I mentioned they were allowing to people to do things, where without properly checking out a provider before issuing them a payment.

Aesthetic services is a lucrative cash business, but making sure the company registered is compliant with the state regulations is important. Especially if these companies are checking the credit of the consumers, they should be checking the providers. They are allowing the providers to be paid in 48 hours, and then requiring you go back to the provider. Well, that is a card provision that should not exist. Because the business can dissolve the business, just like this company did, and reopen under a new name. The company was registered as an LLC. And since they had some many financial problems, there was just no way a company was going to refund the card because they needed the money.

Needless to say, Synchrony bank, formally GE, updated their website to remove the names of the physicians. However, the Synchrony Bank stated they were a retail bank and this was an issue of the company. My complaint has now been sent to the state of attorney general, and to the Florida Medical association, and the consumer financial protection bureau. I disagree with Synchrony bank's response. They promote the providers, and they get to keep a percentage of the transactions, and they are financing health care services.

Since they updated their website, I checked a few of the companies listed. I went to the provider's office website to get the name of the physician and cross referenced the name of the physician on the state of Florida licensing website. I found there are other providers who were registered properly, and the address matches, even the provider's scope matches. Basically, this one company they had listed, while GE was the card issuer, was able to tell them anything. And now, this company or the company's new name is not listed on their website under other cosmetics. I feel Synchrony bank made the change for a reason - the company closed then dissolve the business for a reason. And since Synchrony bank is suppose to be financing healthcare services, the providers they promote should be compliant. Synchrony bank earns interest off the financing which is not compliant to the state's usury laws.

In the state of Florida it states: 687.02 Usurious contracts defined. (1) All contracts for the payment of interest upon any loan, advance of money, line of credit, or forbearance to enforce the collection of any debt, or upon any obligation whatever, at a higher rate of interest than the equivalent of 18 percent per annum simple interest are hereby declared usurious. However, if such loan, advance of money, line of credit, forbearance to enforce the collection of a debt, or obligation exceeds $500,000 in amount or value, then no contract to pay interest thereon is usurious unless the rate of interest exceeds the rate prescribed in s. 687.071.

Therefore, the contract originated in Florida for $5200.00 - based on false information given by a provider they registered. Allowing providers to register without properly checking them could not only impact the consumers, but also, it takes business from other providers who are compliant and registered properly. All I requested them to do is credit the account so that I could use the account with another provider which compliant. But, CareCredit and their subsidiary Synchrony Bank are refusing to credit account. Hopefully, a regulator will see this, and see all they are doing is showing provider's how easy it is for anyone to evade the state laws around healthcare and privacy information.