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Information about 0117 Kemah Wal- Mart Branch of Woodforest National Bank in Kemah, TX. Get Map and Directions for branch with address.

Woodforest National Bank. 255 Fm 518, Kemah, TX. 0117 Kemah Wal- Mart Branch. Not Yet Rated. Woodforest National Bank Logo. About; More.

Woodforest National Bank lobby hours, directions, reviews, phone number and online banking information for the 0117 Kemah Wal- Mart Branch office of..

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Service Type Full Service, retail office. The following are this Woodforest National Bank branch's opening and closing hours:. Type Full Service, retail office.

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Disclaimer: Please confirm this information with your bank before initiating any transaction. The last number is called as a check digit number which is a confirmation number. Staff was friendly and explained every step of the process. Enter zip code to get bank in area. Was this review helpful to you? See all Financial Institutions in Kemah.. To complete a wire transfer, the sender must provide his bank name and account number of the recipient, the receiving account number, the city and state of the receiving bank and the bank's routing number.

Woodforest National Bank Consumer Reviews

PADUCAH, KENTUCKY -- After realizing a check had been stolen from my fiance's checkbook and someone had forged his signature and cashed a check payable to themselves, we contacted Woodforest National Bank to advise. We made not one, not two, but numerous calls to numerous different individuals (part of management) who informed us that since the check had already been put through the account - and overdrew the account, no less - that they could not do ANYTHING to help us!

Are you serious? As his financial institution, do you not take the responsibility for not being able to clearly see that was not his signature on the check? Not to mention, the check was years out of sequence!? The financial institution has the responsibility to have his signature on file and to be aware when something suspicious occurs on the account.

We have filed a police report, spoken to our lawyer, and will be pressing charges against the criminal, the institution who sent the check to the bank, but also Woodforest Bank for allowing the check to be cashed, and for knowing be advised the check was stolen and fraudulent and advising us there is nothing they can do! Because, as they say, the check hit the account a month ago and so since it has already went through.

They can not assist us with the stolen/blatantly fraudulent check. Instead of protecting their clients from fraud, they have used this stolen, fraudulent check to collect overdraft fees on account - which would have not been overdrawn had a criminal not cashed a forged check on the account! They are a disgrace to financial institutions and should be ashamed of themselves for not providing the security each person deserves when they entrust a financial institution with their hard earned money!

We'd like to gather a few details. Please send an email with your contact information to [email protected]

TYLER, TEXAS, TEXAS -- To get help on insurance premiums, I went to Woodforest National Bank in Tyler, Texas on Hwy 64. I asked for a 3 month statement and was charged $15.00. I do not have a printer so could not get online. If I could afford $15.00 for print-outs I would not need help on my insurance premiums. I am disabled and live on a small income so I chose Woodforest Bank because they offered free services. When did they start charging for statements needed for insurance, social security, and disability?

We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. We would like the opportunity to look further into your situation. Please send us an email to [email protected] with your contact information and we will get in touch with you to address the matter.

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- I am an ex-military wife, my ex-husband was in the Marine Corps 1st then U. S. Army retired after 24 yrs in. He was deployed to Iraq after 9/11. He stayed there for 5 years then came home for 2 weeks then retired in them 2 weeks and went back over as a contractor working with Special Forces. He has now been there 10 years. All the time he has been there he has sent me money for me to take care of the household bills and to take care of the 3 kids. We divorced in 2004 and he still sent me money till yesterday 06/15/2015 and he would send by way of wiring from his bank account with USAA & Capital One, into my Woodforest account for the last 3 yrs since I moved to Louisiana.

I had been with other banks before and NEVER had any problems. Today I tried to use my debit card and couldn't so I went to the bank to find out what was wrong. They told me my account was closed for suspicious activity on my account and "due to the extensive monitoring required for the activity on your account we regret to inform you your account will be closed."

I called and spoke with the corporate office and they said they are not obliged to tell me what was suspicious activity was on my account. We have the same last name and the wires come in his name to my name and they can also see I pay all my bills with my debit card, so they are thinking I am a drug dealer or money laundering so they closed my account.

My 3 kids have accounts with them that now we are closing and I advise you to NEVER bank with them. My ex-husband and best friend fights for this country and I can't even have him wire money to me from his bank account to pay bills and take care of the kids as long as I was with Woodforest National Bank. Because to them I am obviously a criminal and not a mother & ex-military wife of 24 years.

At Woodforest, we take every concern seriously and make every effort to resolve issues promptly. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experience. Please contact sedn your contact information to [email protected] We look forward to speaking with you soon.

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- Good morning, I received an email on July 3rd from you bank concerning my bank account being compromised. This is the email I received:

"Woodforest has recently learned that your Woodforest Debit MasterCard® ending in ** was used at a merchant whose records may have been compromised. To best protect your account Woodforest has lowered your ATM daily withdrawal limit to $100 per day; meaning, your card will continue to work on transactions that require your Signature to perform POS (Point of Sale) transactions as well as any ATM withdrawal that is $100 or less. We have also ordered a replacement Debit MasterCard® for your account in which you should receive in approximately one week. Your new card will have the same PIN as your current Woodforest Debit MasterCard®.

You may continue to use your existing Woodforest Debit MasterCard® until either (i) 08/05/2015, or (ii) until you activate your replacement card, whichever occurs first. If you have automatic payments set up on your existing card, you will need to inform the merchant of your new card number. You will receive an automated call and a postcard notification in the mail with additional details. Please contact our Customer Care department at 1-877-968-7962 immediately if you suspect unusual or fraudulent activity on your account."

The problem I have is that I visited my local branch and they were to stop the fraudulent activity. As of today, whoever compromised my account is still taking money out, so I call the 1-877-968-7962 number to your customer service. I spoke to Shemekia who was very friendly and sympathetic to my situation, but when she transferred me to a manager the whole tone of the conversation changed. The lady spoke to me as if I was running a scam and as if I was the person stealing money out of my own account.

She kept asking me the same questions over and over like I was stupid or lying. She was very rude and has no customer service skills and should not be working at a bank. I will probably cancel all 4 of my accounts with Woodforest, that would include my business account. This person has wiped out my Checking and Saving account. I am currently -$511.31 in my checking and $0.00 in my saving account. Not only do I not have money I have to listen to a rude manager in customer service. I am TOTALLY DONE WITH THIS BANK.

We apologize for such a difficult experience. We would like to look further into your situation. If you'll send an email with your contact information to [email protected], we will get in touch with you.

BAYTOWN, TEXAS -- This is the worst bank company EVER. They charge you $15 for a debit card. RIDICULOUS. The debit card is a flimsy POS. My account was overdrawn a few bucks because of their fee policy even though I had direct deposit last month so it shouldn't have charged the fee. So I transferred some money from my PayPal to cover some of the negative balance. That was last week. Friday, I transferred $117, and then $17 on Saturday from my Amazon account. Sunday night, Woodforest decided to close my bank account, without emailing me or calling. NOTHING. NO RESPECT.

Customer service is outsourced in India or something. The first representative told me to deposit money into the account which I did. Today a representative informed me there's nothing they can do to reverse the closed account. If I want a checking account I need to go into a branch. And pay another $25 opening fee and $15 debit card fee? No thank you.

My husband called the branch manager and she didn't offer to help. Just said the transfers should bounce back to Amazon. Hello? She doesn't want my business or the $6.95 back that the bank paid to close the account? WTF, any major bank would offer to help. I banked with a major bank for years and never had an issue. They always bent over backwards to help me. Not this lady. She couldn't care less to even offer to help as a branch manager. And my money is still floating around in limbo. Thanks Woodforest Bank. You suck.

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY -- I have been banking with Woodforest for over 2 years now. I am upset because I had overdraft protection and paid a bill, went over the 500 dollar limit and deposited the money back into the bank the same day so that I could avoid being penalized. The banker stated that my deposit should hit my account before getting penalized for going 23 dollars over. I mean come on, I put the money back into the account the same day!

No one sent a notification advising that I lost my overdraft protection and so I paid my insurance, again overdrafting the account and thought I was good to go. Checked my statement only to find a rejected payment and in the negative in top of overdraft fees and a cancelled insurance policy.

I will be sure not to recommend this bank to anyone. They are money-hungry. Also had a situation where a company was running my card number without permission so I called to dispute and the dispute got rejected after having documents and a letter from the company stating that they ran it without authorization. How am I penalized when I had all of the documents to back up my claim? RUN AWAY FROM WOODFOREST BANK. I am going to close out the account after I get my last check and pay off the overdraft because I have always been good for it.

At Woodforest, we take every concern seriously and make every effort to resolve issues promptly. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experience. Please contact send your contact information to [email protected] We look forward to speaking with you soon.

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I must say that I have dealt with a lot of banks before we were a moving family due to my family's job. I have had many times that I would be frustrated at other banks and they acted as though they did not care. I have to say that WFNB has always put forth extra effort to help me and my family. To be really open we even went through a time where we could not afford to fix the mess we had in the account.

2 years after we left them and walked away due to finances (which we had never done before). We went in and they helped not only take care of the charge off they allowed us to open another account. I must say they have won my business. I am certain that everyone has good and bad experiences, but thank you to those that helped me and mine.

EBENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Long story. Their mistake but were reluctant to do anything. And lied to me. My unemployment goes into an account that I have a debit card for. My only access to the money is by using the debit card or paying extra to do an online transfer to a bank. I wanted to pay off a 0% cc loan that was about to expire. I had a few grand in my checking account and I had about $4500 in my unemployment account. On April 23rd I went to the bank to get a $3000 cash advance to deposit into my checking account so I could pay the cc off.

When the teller swiped the card the machine malfunctioned (she didn't tell me that). She processed the transaction again and it was declined. I thought maybe there is a limit, try $2000. It was declined again. I said try $1000. The $1000 transaction was approved. When I got home I checked to see if there was a limit and found that there was in fact no withdrawal limit. But I also saw a pending pre-authorization on my account for $3000.

I called the company and asked why the pending transaction if it was declined. They said it was not declined, that the amount was approved when the request was made. I knew that in order to get the pending removed I would need the bank to send a letter telling them they were not going to finalize the transaction. I asked the guy if there was another alternative other than waiting 5 to 10 days, he said no. Next day, April 24th, I went to the bank and explained to the teller that there was a pending transaction for the $3000 and they needed to send a letter to the bank. I provided a copy of my statement showing the pending transaction.

I thought it would be a simple request because I knew the procedure. (It happened to me once at the post office. They said I had to swipe my card again and there were actually 2 transactions for the same amount. I did let that one go for 5 days.) They had no idea what to do so they were going to send it to someone else and let me know what they found out. I never received a call so I just waited. 5 days and it was still there. 10 days and it was still there.

I called the company and found out what really happened. They told me she had swiped the card twice and the first time got approved, the second was declined because the first was approved and there was not enough money for the second request. The 3rd attempt was declined because the first was approved. The 4th attempt was approved because there was still enough money in the account. She also said anything over $250 would remain for 30 days unless the bank sent a letter. And she said the matter could be resolved in a few hours if they would just fax a letter. I went to the bank and asked them what was being done.

They said nothing was being done because when they forwarded the matter no one had ever heard of anything like that and that they could not send a letter because they did not have any record of the transaction. I said if you have no record then what will it hurt to send a letter to that effect and tell them it won't be processed. I got them to call someone and in the phone conversation that is when she said she swiped the card and the machine malfunctioned. But in all the people she talked to, she never told them what needed to be done. She just asked if they should do anything to get the funds released.

But they still said they had never had to send any correspondence like that. Their risk dept. didn't have any idea. I made a small scene in the bank at Walmart and they said someone would call me that afternoon. I went straight home and called the account company back and spoke with them again and they assured me there was nothing I could do, the bank had to do it. I called the banks main CS in Houston and talked to about 3 people and a CS supervisor told me that someone in risk was taking care of it and it would be done within the hour.

The branch manager called and I explained to him that I had called CS and he said he would call and make sure I was told correctly. Well, the next morning the transaction was still there. I was hot. I called the account company and they said they had received no letter. I called the banks CS and went through about 3 people and no one knew what the hell was going on. I finally got a CS supervisor that told me that she had spoken to someone in risk and that the letter had been faxed in that morning (18 hours later than they said they were going to) and that they had received a confirmation of the fax.

I told them I wanted a copy of the letter faxed to the bank so I could pick it up. I never got to speak to anyone in risk at any point. I am the customer, shouldn't they deal with me if they are offering customer service? They can't even give you a direct call back number, you have to start everything from the automated process. I called the company back and got to the head person on duty on the phone and she told me the fax number I was given was for the Texas office and that she was in Harrisburg, Pa. So she could not verify receipt of the fax.

I told her I was going to get a copy of the letter and would she accept it if I faxed it in. She said yes. She was very accommodating and said that if she saw the money post to my account before the end of the day she would call me. I told her I would get the letter but would wait until morning before I got back to her. I went to the bank about 4 hours later to pick up the letter and no one knew a thing. After about 15 minutes they finally came up with the letter from an email. I brought the letter home and waited. The next morning the money was back in my account showing a transaction reversal.

So after 12 days and only two extra blood pressure pills I got my money back. The people at the bank did not seem at all concerned that I would have to wait 30 days to get my money even though it was their machine that malfunctioned and caused the whole ordeal. Hell, I guess all their account holders have an extra 3 grand to throw away for a month.

The lady at the account company said it is a very common thing to happen and that she has had a few banks refuse to send a letter, and those banks did complete the transaction 90% of the time. But she has never known of a bank that has never had it happen and did not know what the procedure was to rectify the situation. I think the bank was just stalling with the whole thing. They said they made a one-time exception just for me.

I know this was just one incident with the bank; but the way it was (or should I say wasn't) handled and the several times they lied to me about what was being done and the total lack of communication is just not the way customer service should be provided. Especially for a financial institution. I told the teller, I normally keep a few thou in there but since they messed up, all that money was now gone from the account and I will make damn sure that there was never any money in that account again. I don't think they really care.

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For over 34 years, Woodforest National Bank has successfully stood among the strongest community banks in the nation, proudly offering unsurpassed quality customer service since 1980. Woodforest National Bank offers both consumer and business products and services at more than 750 branches in 17 states across the United States. . see more

Woodforest National Bank is privately owned and our Employee Stock Ownership Plan is the largest shareholder. In the spirit of “true ownership” Woodforest National Bank employees strive to offer quality banking service and to understand the financial needs of every customer they serve. Our employees live, work and “give back” throughout our many banking communities by supporting organizations and civic events with countless hours of volunteer time and financial support.

Woodforest National Bank is committed to earning customer loyalty by offering the highest level of customer service and competitive products and services by employees who are fair, responsive and professional. We believe in "relationship banking" and stand behind our motto of "Banking your way. EVERY DAY AND NIGHT!"

We encourage you to experience the Woodforest difference. Speak with one of our retail bankers today, and learn more about our wide range of products and services. We’ll help you find just the right fit for your banking needs!

Other Names Used: Bank of Woodforest, Highlands Bank, National Bank of Conroe, Northshore Bank, Woodforest Bank

Houston , TX 77015

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Now I see that all you wanted was money in my account so that you could TAKE a NSF fee of $29. Not only was that inconvenient that I drove that far but left my job site to do it. And you STILL did not pay the $70.56 check.

I remember 12 years ago when my mother had $32,000 in her account and I had my investment account with you. You did the same thing to this account (432) or the (9905) account, can't remember over a NSF fee. It made me so angry that I moved my investment account to another institution. Then, since you did nothing to make it right I took my mothers $32,000 out of your bank.

I expect more than a money grabbing, don't care attitude from a bank that I give absolutely no problems. You may be in your rights to do this, but I will certainly place this note on the internet for reviews.

You talk with Mike at my branch in Humble and put the $29 back. Not because you have to but because you want to.

If I had not driven 47 miles to give you all the cash I had in my pocket, I would have just transferred money from my business account at Paypal for the next day. You made it seem, in your phone call, that it was an inconvenience to you that there was a deficit in my account, so I rushed 47 miles to you and gave you what cash I had in my pocket. THEN YOU TAKE IT LIKE A CROOK.

I thought you were better than that. If you would have told me on the phone that you will pay the check and there would be a fee, I would have stayed on the job site and on my phone transferred money to you overnight.

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Woodforest National Bank offers online sign-in services to all its customers. The Woodforest National Bank is a privately held bank which was founded in 1980 and has it’s headquarter located at 13301 East Freeway Drive Houston, Texas 77015 United States. The bank currently operates 752 branches in 17 states. Based on its fees, size, and account interest rates the Woodforest National Bank receives a Smart Rating of 95 out of 100 , which is better than the average of 94 for a national bank. Woodforest National bank is Walmart’s largest retail partner. Woodforest has a few branches that are open 24 hours a day and 364 days of the year.

The Total Assets of Woodforest National Bank are $4.5 Billion and have Total Liabilities of $4.1 Billion. Their Total Equity is $393 Million. According to the relationship between the cash balances and deposits, we could say that the bank is growing at a fast pace and is handling their money very efficiently. With a Financial Stability Rating of 4, the Woodforest National Bank is performing very well compared to other national institutions, which have an average Financial Stability Rating of 3.56.

Woodforest National Bank Login Instructions:

Step 1- To login for an online account, the users will have to visit the bank’s Homepage ( and click the ‘Login‘ button, located on the top right of the page.

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Step 2- The user will be taken to a new page where they’ve to enter their ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. Click ‘Login’.

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Step 1- If any user forgets their password then they can reset their password. To do so, the user will have to click the ‘Login‘ button, located on the top right of the page.

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Woodforest national bank logo

Step 3- The user will be taken to a secure page where they’ve to enter their ‘Username’ and click ‘Continue’.

Step 1- To register for online banking, the user will have to go to the bank’s Homepage and click on the link ‘Enroll’.

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Step 2- The user will be directed to a new page where it is described that which information will be needed to create an account. Read the requirements and hit the link that says Click Here to Sign Up!

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Step 3- On the next page, the user will have to select an Identification Type and Number, then the user will have to choose what they want to Verify themselves With. Once all choices have been made, click Continue.

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