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Senior Business Analyst

Masters Degree "Bestuurlijke Informatiekunde"

I'm a senior business analyst with over 16 years of experience in the financial sector. Participated both in small to very large projects as well as in the support departments, during which I not only gained functional knowledge on various payment products, processing and reporting but many projects also provided a strong technical background. Strong point is the rare combination of an overall 'helicopter-view' and a very accurate knowledge of the relevant details. This leads to 'no-surprise' solutions of high quality and the ability to manage both the business and IT partners. I'm used to working on the edge of IT and Business areas and I combine a thorough business knowledge and understanding of customer's needs with in-depth knowledge of the complex functional and technical details of the application. I definitely need a challenging work environment with an emphasis on personal responsibility and a pro-active approach. Allthough I'm a teamplayer, I'm not a silent participant but like to take the lead. Other keywords are flexible, high commitment, communicative.

Specialties: Payments and cash management specialist, massive experience on every aspect of managing business and IT (user interface, verdor management, performance, interface and administration aspects) issues related to interactive channels, specification and translation of business requirements into IT requirements and functionality, managing initiation and implementation