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Auto Repair Shop Owners, . . . this profit-generating auto repair marketing

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Flood Your Shop With New Customers!

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Dear Auto Shop owner,

My name is Gordon Roberts, a highly sought after small business marketing consultant, and I want to offer you some very valuable F*R*E*E marketing strategies that will put your auto repair marketing plans on steroids.

  • How to use a proven, low cost auto repair advertising method to drive a floodof new customers to your auto repair shop.
  • How to virtually guarantee yourself a dramatic increase in your automotive repair volume and your business profits.
  • How to sunstantially reduce your auto shop's promotional budget for any marketing you do, while improving your sales results
  • How to easily gain a huge, almost unfair, business advantage over your auto repair industry competitors.

But First, . . Are You Aware Of This Startling Fact?

Your local Yellow Pages™ phone directory is quickly heading towards the same fate as the dinosaurs. As an auto repair marketing and advertising tool, its effectiveness has dramatically diminished, and the chances of you getting a new customer from your free listing or your paid advertising in that book is a fraction of what it was a few years ago. Take a look at this astonishing reality . . .

So, How Do You Take Advantage Of This Major Shift?

Well, in order to grab your share of this flood of potential new customers, you MUST obviously have a business website. But, even if you already have a business website, it HAS to be a "Direct Response" website, PLUS you HAVE to be listed on the top pages of the Google™ search results for your local area or NO POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS will know your business website even exists. That's right, you just won't exist. By simply requesting and using the high octane information in the F*R*E*E auto repair marketing E-Course I’m offering you, you'll be able to dramatically boost your advertising results by learning exactly how a top search engine ranking can easily be accomplished.

Take these cases in point to illustrate what you're missing . Here are recent examples of potential customers searching for auto repair related information in these cities.

  • For “auto repair Miami”, Google reports about 170 potential customers search for that term each month.
  • In Dallas, the number of potential customers searching each month for “Dallas auto repair” is 260, and
  • In Phoenix, the number of potential customers searching for “auto repair Phoenix” is 590 monthly.

And there are also other search terms used by potential customers. The simple fact of the matter is I could go on and on listing thousands of cites where people are searching every day for a shop to repair their vehicle, but I’m sure you get the picture. You’re missing out on a TON of potential customers if you don’t place your auto repair business in a position to capture your share of this customer bonanza.

You Can Profit Big Time With This FREE Information

The b ottom line is you need to make sure that your auto repair marketing strategy puts your business in front of that crowd of hungry buyers searching the Internet in your local area. If you do that correctly, you'll collect the bundles of money they’re looking to spend, and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

I’m going to give you free auto repair marketing information that will allow you to do just that, and you can request your valuable E-Course below. But that’s not all. I’m also going to tell you how to get your auto repair business to the top pages of the Google™ search results, where you will be seen by all those potential customers with cash to spend

Whatever sector of the auto repair industry you specialize in, and whatever auto repair services you provide, whether it's transmission repair, engine repair, brake repair, or if you're a general shop, this marketing information can dramatically increase the volume of your business.

You Can Expect To Receive In Your E-Course Via E-mail,

In One Easy To Grasp and Money Making Lesson At a Time:

  • How to get an unending flood of new, local auto repair customers with money in hand.

You’ll never again have to be concerned where your next new auto repair customer is coming from.

  • How to easily find out how many potential new customers from your city are searching for auto repair advice and services on the Internet each month, but aren’t finding your auto repair business.
  • Why most auto repair shop websites are doomed to failure , what a “Direct Response” website is, and why you MUST have one instead if you want to get any new auto repair customers from your site.
  • How to use a simple but massively effective strategy to create super loyal customers so they'll never use anyone else.
  • Learn why your site must be listed high on Google&;s9trade; search results if you want your share of the 1,000's of potential customers searching for local auto repair, and the insider secret marketing concepts you can use to easily accomplish that.
  • Understand what the 2 biggest marketing lies about using a web site to increase your auto shop marketing profits are, and what the real truth is.
  • Discover the awesome, yet simple, secret of slashing your current advertising budget to the bone, while still exploding your repair volume and your profits.
  • How to stay in touch with each and every one of your customers, build trust and a relationship, so they never consider going anywhere else, without spending a dime on printing or postage.
  • Uncover the most common and costly marketing mistake 99% of Auto Repair Shops make with their web site, that virtually GUARANTEES it won’t produce any new customers, and how to avoid it.
  • The one marketing problem most web site builders won’t tell you about that can sink the long-term success of you site and leave you with no more new online generated repair customers, and the solution.
  • The 3 MOST important questions all potential customers want answered the first time they visit your web site. Fail to provide those answers and your web site will be a total bust.
  • And MORE, MUCH more . . . . . . .
  • With this knowledge, you’ll be able to dismiss any talk of an economic recession, because your auto repair business will be thriving while your competitors will be green with envy, and still be on the road to hard times.

    Stop Ignoring This Great Customer Generating Tool For your Business!

    How many more potential new customers do you want to lose, . . . and how much more money do you want to throw away, before you realize that you’re passing up a literal goldmine? The smart business owners who make Internet marketing strategies part of their overall marketing objectives and grab a spot at the top of the search engine rankings, with the right type of web site, will reap tremendous financial rewards..

    You Have An Easy Business Decision To Make

    You CANNOT afford to pass up the huge opportunity this Free E-Course offers, unless your auto repair business is already attracting more customers than you know what to do with. And there is NO cost and NO obligation whatsoever. Just extremely valuable free marketing information that can put extra dollars in your pocket.

    This Is a Limited Time Offer . . . Act Now So You Don’t Miss The Boat

    If you want to get loads of new customers who are actively looking for a local Auto Repair Shop to give their money to, request your free E-Course right now, because I cannot guarantee how long I’ll continue to offer this type of valuable, business building information without charge. If it gets too time consuming for me, I could stop offering it for free tomorrow. So, to make sure you aren’t disappointed by missing out on this profit enhancing opportunity, take action today .

    To get your very valuable auto repair marketing E- Course started, and to take your first step towards more customers & greater profits, simply fill out the information in the form below , and click the “submit9rdquo; button . It will be the most intelligent and profitable decision you’ve ever made.

    (We require the name of your shop and city because we can provide our auto repair marketing expertise to only one auto repair shop in the same city. After all, if we’re going to help you to dominate your local marketplace, we can’t take on that same task for another auto repair shop in the same city, can we?) Requests without the correct information will not be honored.

    PLEASE NOTE: Your information is 100% safe with us. We will NEVER ever sell, rent, lend, or otherwise provide your information to any other third party, period! Please see our Privacy Policy if you wish further clarification.

    www auto owners com flood customer

    Www auto owners com flood customer

    Keeping you hot in the winter, and cool in the summer, Flood Oil’s NEW ‘Eden Heating and Cooling’ division can get the job done at a competitive price.

    Www auto owners com flood customer

    Even with the pay-at-the-pump option, we will still continue to pump any customer’s gas that requests or relies on that familiar face to show up at their car window.

    Www auto owners com flood customer

    From your furnace to your car, we’ve got your back. Even in the middle of the night. For emergency service after normal business hours please call 920.477.5533.

    Www auto owners com flood customer

    Providing yester-years friendly “old fashioned” service with today’s new technology and skilled mechanics to keep you safely on the road.

    Www auto owners com flood customer

    In 2013 we set out to update our ‘old fashioned’ pumps and installed 24-hour pay-at-the-pump diesel and gas with overhead canopy and bright LED lights.

    Flood Oil Company Service Station opened in 1930 on Main Street by George W Flood, brother of future owner Frank Flood. Herbert Hoover was President of the United States, in case you need a time period reference.

    Flood Oil is still family-owned by Frank’s sons Bob and Peter. Third generation grandson Steve Flood has been working at the company for over 10 years and is following in his father, Bob’s, footsteps.

    Whether you need a “fill ‘er up?”, a quick check under the hood, or service with a smile; Flood Oil still delivers it’s famous full service at the pumps during regular business hours, and is a 24 hour pay at the pump station.

    Eden's Full Service Filling Station

    In the little village of Eden, there’s still a place where time seems to have stood still; there is a filling station that is still a full-service station. Flood Oil Company Service Station opened in 1930 on Main Street by George W Flood.


    Give us a call and setup that car appointment you’ve been putting off.

    Whether you’d like a set of new tires, want to replace those screeching brakes, or just need someone to wash your windshield, stop in and we got you covered!

    If ever you find yourself in need of this, we can help you out. In fact, we’ll do more than that, we’ll do this.

    If ever you find yourself in need of this, we can help you out. In fact, we’ll do more than that, we’ll do this.

    If ever you find yourself in need of this, we can help you out. In fact, we’ll do more than that, we’ll do this.

    If ever you find yourself in need of this, we can help you out. In fact, we’ll do more than that, we’ll do this.

    If ever you find yourself in need of this, we can help you out. In fact, we’ll do more than that, we’ll do this.