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As a Gap credit card holder, there are many things that you can do online. You can activate your Gap credit card online. You can check your GapCard balance and track your GapCard rewards online. You can proceed to make a Gap credit card payment online. You can also access the Gap credit card statement and even add an authorized user to your Gap credit card online. However, for you to be able to do any of these things, you need to log in first.

Accessing the Gap Credit Card login page

There are several ways in which you can access the Gap credit card login page. You can start by going to the Gap credit cards info page (on the main Gap website), and then clicking on the ‘Log In’ button which is within the ‘Manage Your Account’ section of the said page. Upon doing so, you will be taken to a new tab, within which you will be able to access Gap Cardmember Account Services – and proceed to log in there. Another method you can use is that of simply entering the address/URL for the Gap credit card login page into your browser, in order to be taken straight to that page. The said address/URL is given in the links section of this article. You can also undertake a search on the term ‘Gap credit card login’ and click on the top link(s), to be taken to the said sign in page. And if you have previously visited the Gap credit card login page, you can of course follow the bookmark you made, in order to access the page.

The Gap credit card login procedure

Upon getting to the Gap credit card login page, you will notice somewhere – towards the top left hand corner – where existing members are invited to log in. In that section, there is a space provided for you to enter your user ID. Enter the user ID, and then click on the ‘Login’ button. You will then be prompted to enter your password, and if the user ID and password match, you will be able to access your Gap credit card account online.

Registering for Gap credit card online access

As we have just stated, for you to be able to log in to your Gap credit card account online, you need to enter a user ID and a password. A question then comes up, as to how you are supposed to acquire the said credentials – that is, the said user ID and password. And the answer is that you need to first register for Gap credit card online access. It is in the course of the registration that you get to acquire/set up a user ID and a password, those being the credentials with which you would subsequently be signing into your Gap credit card account online. To initiate the registration, you need to first go to the Gap credit card login page. There, you will notice a section where new users are invited to register. Within that section is a button labeled ‘Register & Activate’. Click on that button. Then fill in the pieces of information required in the subsequent screens, for you to complete the registration.

Gap Credit Card Login on www.gap.com

The retail giant Gap issued launched its retail credit card in 2007. The card offers numerous perks and rewards for frequent Gap customers. The most basic card option you can get is a store-only card that can be used at Gap stores as well as Banana Republic, Athleta, Old Navy and Intermix. You can also use the Gap Credit card for online purchases. However, you can also apply for a Visa-affiliated Gap card. This card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and accrues bonus points for the Gap rewards program. For new customers, Gap offers a 20% saving reward and free shipping for their first Gap purchase. But having a Gap Card also implies you have an account on www.gap.com. Let’s see today the entire Gap Credit Card login on www.gap.com procedure!

Gap Credit Card Login Step-by-step Instructions

Gap warns you that your Gap Credit Card login on www.gap.com is different from your usual gap sign in process on the website. The Gap Credit Card login on both the desktop version and mobile version are secure.

  1. Open your favorite browser and go to this page: www.gap.com/products/gap-credit-card.jsp
  2. Look to your right and notice the blue header with a white button saying “Sign In Your Account”
  3. Click on the button and choose the first link saying SIGN IN.
  4. Click on the button
  5. On the left side, you will find a screen saying Sign In, featuring two fields: Email address and Password
  6. Enter your email (attached to your Gap account) in the Email field.
  7. Enter your password in the Password field.
  8. Click on the orange button saying SIGN IN
  9. Access your Gap Credit Card account

Gap Credit Card Mobile Login Step-by-step Instructions

Open your favorite mobile browser and go to the Gap credit card website. The mobile version looks a bit different: scroll the page down until you find a blue button saying “Manage your account”.

  1. Click on the button and from the list that toggles down tap the LOG IN button you see.
  2. Enter your User ID in the User ID field you will be redirected to
  3. Enter your Password in the Password field you have below the user field
  4. Click on the Secure Login blue button to access your account.

Gap Credit Card Login Customer Support

For the desktop users the website offers an I forgot my password link right under the Email and Password screen. Click on it and follow the instructions. The mobile version features two links: Find User ID and Reset Password. Click on them depending on what troubles you have and follow the instructions. For specific Gap Card issues, call this customer support number: 866-450-4467. For Gap Silver credit card call: 866-450-4468. In case you want to send them your written questions and feedback, use this mail address: Gap Inc./Synchrony Bank, PO Box 965004, Orlando, FL 32896-5004.

  • You can also contact them through their social media channels. Their Facebook page features the “Typically replies instantly” badge.

Gap Credit Card Phone number: 866-450-4467

Gap Credit Card Address (Customer Service): Gap Customer Service, 6007 Green Pointe Drive, Groveport, OH 43125

Gap Credit Card Social Media Channels: Facebook and Twitter