10 Best Virtual Credit Card ( VCC ) Providers In 2017 For Secure Transaction

Are you looking for a list of Virtual Credit Card ( VCC ) Providers ? I’ve listed here 10 popular VCC providers that can help you to transact your money securely. You can find many VCC providers on the internet but all of those are not trusted, but these VCC providers are very popular and used by thousands of internet users everyday.

VCC ( Virtual Credit Card ) is also called as Prepaid credit card. Virtual credit card helps you to load fund from your bank account to your #VCC account for secure online transaction. It could be very helpful for those, who don’t have credit cards. Most of online transactions require credit card and if you don’t have a credit card, you cannot purchase something from international online #shopping sites or eCommerce websites .

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If you are an Indian, you will need a credit card to buy hosting space, pay advertising fees etc from any international website. VCC is one of the safest ways to pay money online. In this article I have written about some popular Virtual Credit Card Providers, you can try any of these for secure online transactions. Recently some Indian banks also allowed debit cards for international payments such as Axis & ICICI . You can now use debit cards of these banks to purchase any item through PayPal .

1. Payoneer – Payoneer is one of the most popular payment processors for Global Payment. Payoneer offers prepaid mastercards that can be used as Virtual credit card to pay money to thousands of websites. Payoneer charge small fee to users. Payoneer allows users to create free account to receive and send money to global sites.

2. Entropay– Entropay is one of the best VCC providers that can help you to create your Virtual Credit Card free of cost. You can create your card by verifying your address and card information. Entropay charges small fee in each transaction. You can load fund from your bank account to your Entropay VCC.

3. Netletter VCC – Netletter is one of the best alternative to PayPal and it also offers prepaid Mastercard that can be used as VCC for secure online transactions. Netletter takes small fees on transactions. You can create Netletter prepaid card free of cost by joining the site.

4. Netspend – Netspend is one of the best prepaid card providers for US residents. Netspend provides processing and marketing services for prepaid mastercard and Visa debit cards.

5. American Express – One of the most popular banking services that can also help you to create your prepaid and virtual credit cards easily. You can use American Express cards to pay money to hosting websites, online shopping companies and other international websites.

6. Oxigen Wallet – One of the fastest growing payment solution for Indian users that helps users to create prepaid virtual credit card. This payment solution helps you to recharge your mobile or dth service, transfer money to anyone and pay bill of your landline phone & electricity.

7. WallmartMoneyCard – Wallmart money card helps you to create your prepaid credit card easily but currently this payment solution is available only for US users. Wallmartmoneycard offers Prepaid credit cards and prepaid visa debit card. You can also use this card for different purposes such as online shopping, money transfer etc.

8. ICICI VCC– If you already have an account in ICICI bank, you can create your virtual credit card from your ICICI bank easily for online transactions. You can find more information about ICICI VCC on FAQ page of ICICI VCC

9. Kotak [email protected] – Kotak [email protected] is one of the best options for Indians to open prepaid credit cards for online transactions. You have to create an account in Kotak Mahindra Bank before you apply for [email protected]

10. HDFC VCC– HDFC bank also offers virtual credit cards to HDFC users. HDFC offers netsafe cards for all HDFC bank Visa and Mastercard Debit and Creditcard holders free of cost. One of the safest ways to transfer your money online.

Get Working VISA Credit Card Numbers + CVV or Security Code

VISA cards are widely known among credit card holders in fact it is one of the most used credit card brand all over the world. Among top credit card companies they have one of the top-notched security feature implanted on their credit cards. However, no matter how secured a technology is there is always! Yes, I mean “always” security glitches. IT glitches are everywhere and are only open to those tech-geeky individuals-hackers in short. You can now get real credit cards that work on any market with 2015-2018 expiration dates.

We offer you working Credit Cards complete with credit card numbers, names, address, country and 3 digit security codes loaded with $20 which you can use immediately after acquiring the card. You can now generate live credit card numbers with details in less than 5 minutes. These credit cards are working on online-purchases and trial services around the web. Generate your own card whenever you needed or whenever you want. Know more about the credit cards we offer below.

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  • Use on Black Market

  • Hover on the top menu “Get Cards” and under “Credit Card Numbers” choose among the available cards.
    • VISA
    • Master Card
    • AMEX – American Express

  • Enter name, number of cards, location and export method (you can use fake details).
  • You can “tick” open country if you wish to use these cards internationally.
  • You can add $20 on the card.
  • Click on “I Agree and Continue” and wait.

  • Remember that these cards come with expiration dates and 3 digit security code.
  • Now you can download your cards.

  • You might need to verify yourself that you are a human and not a robot that is spamming our system just to acquire free credit cards.

NOTE. The whole process is free but verifying to download cards requires you to either enter your email address and get verified (free method) or use a mobile pin (paid method) either you can get verified.

The credit cards we offer are for temporary use only up to 6 months only! After that the card details will be shredded like papers. The reason is that is confidential. Now, don’t ask any more questions and start generating your own credit card in just few clicks.

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