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Brent Wilson, Quicken Loans rips off disabled Veteran

To all my friends, You all know me as axhandlebill, I'm a 100% disabled Veteran and I don't get any overtime pay or investment pay or any extra money, I'm on a fixed income, Right? Ok, this Quicken loans riped me off for $400.00, I know its not much but the fact is I called them 2 days after I agreed to go with them on a loan .

Quickenloans Rippedme for $400.00 and they said they had the best rates, they didn't the next day after I sent them my money I got a call from my mortgage company and they had a point lower than quicken. I called the next day and cancelled the loan, then this sales person said he would see that i got my money back. The .

If you have money to give away use them! San Antonio Michigan

My experience with Quicken Loans has been a waste of time and so far money. I thought they were a reputable company - I wish I had researched them a little better before proceeding with a loan approval attempt. Here is what I wrote to the company and so far there has been no return answer. I was dealing with a Jeff Morgan with .