Toys R Us Credit Card Online Login

Toys T Us is an American retailer for toy and juvenile products. Founded in 1948 and based in Washington, DC, the retailer provides credit cards to its customers and offers internet services that allow customers manage the credit cards

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Toys R Us Credit Card now offers online services which allow their customers to conveniently manage the activities of their credit cards from anywhere as long as they have internet connection. Registering an online account with the c- +redit card company takes only a few minutes and if you have a Smartphone, you can download an app on playstore or itunes and login. Here is a guide to help you login, reset your password and enroll.

In this stage, you will need your user ID and password to access your online account. Just like facebook and other online accounts, it’s very easy to login into your online account. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

Www.toyrus credit card

Step 3-Enter your user ID and click “signin”

Www.toyrus credit card

Step 4-Enter your password

The password resetting process is pretty simple and straight forward. This is also one of the simplest stages of having an online account with the credit card company. You will need to follow these steps to reset your password:

Step 1-Enter your user ID on the homepage to access the password page

Step 2-Click “look up my user ID and reset my password”

Www.toyrus credit card

Step 3-Enter your account number and click “next”

Www.toyrus credit card

One of the advantages of Toys RUs Credit Card is that you can register in only a few simple steps. In addition to that, the process can take less than five minutes. You can also use the web browser on your phone. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1-On the homepage, click “apply now”

Www.toyrus credit card

Step 2-If you are already a rewards R Us member, click “yes,” is not, click “No, please enroll me in rewards”

Www.toyrus credit card

Step 4-Enter your rewards member number

Www.toyrus credit card

You will need to complete a few more steps

Manage your Toys R Us Credit Card account online

Here are the advantages of having an online account with the credit card company:

  • Check your account activity
  • Make payments
  • Update your account information
  • Set up transaction alerts
  • View statements

Apply For Toy “R” Us Credit Card Application

The ToysRus is offering the “R” Us Credit Card to their clients that offer them more fun, more play, and more rewards. The offers of this credit card are subject to the credit approval, and the card must also be used as the pay type. There are a lot of benefits that an R Us Credit Cardholder can avail. But to avail these benefits, one must complete the credit card application online to request for the one. Here, it is always a good idea to know the key benefits of this card before you apply for it to know whether or not it’s a perfect fit for you.

Available Types Of “R” Us Credit Card

There are currently the two types of cards that they offer to their clients such as:

Now, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that this card holder can get.

How To Apply For “R” Us Credit Card?

To apply for an “R” Us Credit Card, you must follow the directions below:

  • Visit the link: www.ruscreditcard.comusing your internet browser.
  • There is a “get a card” title on the page and below that you will find an “apply now” button. Click that.
  • Now, you’ll be on a new page and here you will again see the same blue “apply now” button. Just hit that.
  • Now they will ask you if you are already a Reward “R” Us member or not. Choose the appropriate option like “No, Please Enroll Me in Rewards”.
  • Now fill the required “About You” information, select the statement delivery option, verify your DOB, SSN, Driver’s license number, state, mother’s maiden name, go through the “Optional Card Security” form, read the important information, and finally hit the blue “Accept and Submit” button.
  • This is all; they will now provide you your application key code that you need to keep safe.

They will be reviewing your application and notify you in writing at your provided email address about your application status within the next 30 days. This card is issued by the Synchrony Bank, so if you have any queries, then you can call their toll-free helpline, anytime. Hope this guide has provided you the vital information that you were looking for.

Here are some of the R Us Credit Card benefits that you can enjoy:

  • 15% discount or special financing with R Us Credit Card (minimum purchase required).
  • When you spend $1 at the Toy “R” Us or Babies “R” Us, then there will be 2 points that you can earn.
  • Wherever the MasterCard is accepted, you can get 1 point for every $4 spent.
  • You can pay your bills.
  • You can view your statements online.
  • 2x rewards points at the “R” Us using your “R” Us credit card.
  • You can view your rewards points online.
  • And more…

How do you get a Toys "R" Us credit card?

You can apply for an "R"Us credit card online at or at Toys"R"Us stores, according to the company. New "R"Us credit card accounts and "R"Us MasterCard accounts have no annual fee and a nonvariable annual percentage rate of 26.99 percent, as of 2015.

How do you get a pre-approved credit card?

How do you get a personal or business credit card with bad credit?

How do you find the address for your credit card issuer?

Www.toyrus credit card

"R"Us cardholders can choose a one-time discount of 15 percent at Toys"R"Us or Babies"R"Us or special financing for a purchase of $299 or more, indicates Toys"R"Us. Shoppers who have applied for the "R"Us credit card online may use the 15 percent discount within 90 days of opening their accounts. Shoppers who apply for an "R"Us credit card at a Toys"R"Us store may use the 15 percent discount on the day when they open their accounts.

Get More Fun From Toys”R”Us With Credit Card

A fresh baby is on the way? More fucktoys needed and the baby is worth more fun, more have fun and more rewards. Toy”R”Us is certainly a flawless place for you and you babies. With limited budget, Toys”R”Us offers you many ways to save on toys, clearance, prizes program and you may think about Toy”R”Us Credit Card if you are a loyal customer.

Get More Fun From Toys”R”Us With Credit Card Overview

If you already have a card, you can log in to manage your account, such as pay your bill, update your information as well as get personalized statements.

Haven’t got a card yet? Consider getting one because you could love 15% off today’s qualified purchase or special financing, earn prizes when you shop. Plus there is no annual fee and you can love all the benefits of Rewards”R”Us

Apply Credit Card Procedure

If you are already a Rewards”R”Us Member, you can inject your prizes member number.

If you are not a prize member, you will be automatically enrolled into Reward”R”Us by applying your credit card. You need to come in your name, home phone, email address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number etc

Then confirm your information and see your results.