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Should youn’t then you’ll save yourself money monthly. Though credit is simpler to get, you must always ensure that the rate of interest is a rate that is acceptable to you and your present financial situation. If you prefer to rent with less than perfect credit, you will have to seek out a no credit check apartment. Someone who might have bad credit score, someone who might have no credit score or even simply someone who might not wish to have to submit to a credit score check regardless even though they could have good credit score, may locate these on-line shopping credit score accounts or who most people today call buy now pay later” or deferred billing merchants provide great products at competitive pricing. Actually it’s almost the exact same as Consumer credit since there is no yearly fee too, it’s a 1 card convenience, your photo is going to be protected, the fraud liability is down to zero and it’s you can also utilize it at any shop and Walmart nationwide. To receive the best possible interest rate available in addition to the sort of loan which you can qualify for. Then, there’s the merchant bank.

In this respect, every individual needs to be mindful whilst handling any on-line transactions. When utilizing a money order, somebody has to get use to the fantastic conventional snail mail. Thus, you will need to examine whether the individual would care about that. Inside this context, a man doing online shopping ought to take time to pick clothes that fit her or his taste.

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Like every card game, you will at some point start to find cards you’ve seen before. Naturally, you might wind up with a card that you can’t utilize, but don’t worry, it’s possible to always exchange with different participants for gift cards that you are able to utilize. When you know your cards balance it’s time to determine where and how you would like to offer your gift card. An individual can receive a card based on her or his membership type. Ultimately, examine the thriving payment and data page and get more information about the card you bought. Finally, you get a totally free Walmart gift card and even some great free trials of merchandise.

If it’s your wish to find the Judge and dispute the charges which are entirely your decision. Don’t sign anything till you read it. You then remember to pay off your item in time. It’s more beneficial and time saving for somebody to understand their body size. It is probably more advisable to stay at home because you are going to have fewer distractions and the entire procedure can take as much as an hour. Should you be online at home, just locate the Walmart site.

The benefit to put away your card on the web is that whether you lose it or if its stolen, the whole amount stays online. A standard pick for new customers is to have a look at the access to pay-as-you-go plans since they supply a selection of benefits. An alternative is through Facebook. Hence, many people won’t have an option except to purchase the products at a raised fee, which might have additional rates of interest.

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If you scour around you’ll soon locate a website that has the appropriate offers which interest you so after that you can receive your Free Gift Card. The second means is to come across websites out there that is going to pay you for your card balances. Unquestionably the best method to offer your card is online. You might find these offered online but they’re not affiliated with the organization at all. Getting your very own free card is truly quite easy, all you have to do is locate an offer online and signup. As long as you pay for your purchases in time and keep up a great relationship with the business you pick, your pre-approved limit increases gradually and you’ll also receive a new catalogues from various businesses in the mail. It is quite a fast and effective way of funding the buy, refinance or development of a building that’s NNN leased to a top quality tenant.

Walmart Com Creditlogin: No Longer a Mystery

Should youn’t enjoy the stores you’re visiting, give your company some notice and discover another route. It’s a store that one may get a Christmas gift for family members and friends. If you use these shop at dwelling catalogs and websites to obtain items for your house, electronics or private things like clothing, you must make certain you use the credit wisely. Not every little shop will accept debit or charge cards. Nevertheless, internet shopping is gradually turning into a challenge to several people from different walks of living. In the recent past, individuals could do online shopping utilizing credit cards. Inside this context, it’s imperative to highlight and understand different methods for doing online shopping besides using cash money or charge cards.

Contact Walmart Credit Card Customer Service

Walmart credit card is financed by GE Money. There are three personal/business cards offered – Discover/Store, Community and Business. Discover/Store is personal, Community for community services like nonprofits and Business is for businesses. Some applications for the Walmart credit card are available online and others require the applicant fill out the application and mail it in to Walmart customer service. Walmart attempted to start an internal company bank for quite some time with no luck. Instead, they’ve replaced the idea of a bank with a financial services division complete with an alternative to traditional banking, credit cards, bill pay and more.

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The customer service department is open from 9 AM to 8 PM EST Monday to Friday, as stated on one part of the Walmart credit card customer service site. On another page of the site customers are told to contact the customer service number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if they have questions about interest fees or late charges.

  • Walmart Credit Card Customer Service: 1-877-294-7880
  • Walmart Discover Customer Service: 1-866-611-1148
  • Walmart Community Card Application: 1-866-511-4015
  • Card Security Department: 1-800-815-4051
  • Walmart Corporate: 1-800-925-6278

We were unable to find a dedicated mailing address for Walmart credit card customer service, but there is a main Walmart corporate address and the address for the Card Security department.

Walmart Home Office702 SW 8 th StBentonville, AR 72716

Walmart Card Security PO Box 39Roswell, GA 30077-0039

You can access the Walmart credit card customer service page at;langId=en9amp;subActionId=1000. This page is a subset of the Walmart consumer website. If you wish to visit the site from a mobile device, Walmart offers a mobile site with complete account access at You must have an Apple, Android or Blackberry device to access the page, according to mobile account instructions.

We found it extremely difficult to find a Walmart credit card customer service email, but we finally found an email form on the side of the website. Choose Walmart Credit Card from the drop-down menu and fill out the required customer information. Do not include your Walmart credit card number in your email for security purposes.

Our call to Walmart credit card customer service was interesting. The automated system can be bypassed by pressing 0 at which time you’re phone number will be matched against the Walmart credit card system. If there is a match you will be asked to verify the last four of the social security number. If not, you will be asked for your account number or other information to find your account. After accessing your account, the automated system will read off current account information before offering customer service options.

I had a Walmart Discover card, but when I went to use it I was told that was not good anymore since I had not used it for over 2 years. It had a month & year that showed that is was still useable though. I reapplied for a new card at the cashier when I put the most recent purchase on it, but was wondering when I would get my new replacement card.

I applied for a credit card online, Just to finish up some xmas shopping! I was approved and told I could use my credit card today (what I wanted to do 1st place) they said my account number would be ready and applied during check out! click continue to shop> I clicked did my shopping, but at the end when I went to finish and pay using this card, there was NO account Number available in my account to pay! Now they wont even give me my account Number over the phone or anything! whats the use of using it to shop, when Now I have to wait till after xmas to get the card? wont need it then!

Walmart credit card cancelled my card saying I didn’t make a payment on time I tried setting auto pay and didn’t go through several times I called and made them aware of situation and one payment was over due and they cancelled my card. I also paid them two days later making them aware of what was going on and also got charged extra fees.

I had the same problem. I pay on my card at least 4 Times in on month and the customer service lady to me I didn’t pay on the due date which made my payments late. What in the world. I thought paying before the due date was paying on time so I canceled it. They would not take the fees off. They said it was my fault. Walmart credit card is bull crap. They will hurt your credit.

I am unable to get satisfaction with a Walmart Discover card. Your system is useless to handle situations. I demand to speak with someone about my card which is now in a dangerous sitaution in which I have not received it and cannot get a plastic since I don’t know the numbers on the back. I demand someone call me at 804 758-3054 or I will contact my State Business office.

02/07/2013 I purchased a 50 ” TV at the Walmart store in Forrest City Ar..I applied for the walmart discovery card because of the promotion I was told about- if it was paid off in 12 months there would be no interest. But I just recieved my statement and there was interest charge of $9.25 for the month. I would not have bought the TV knowing I would be charged this much interest. I talked on the telephone in the store to someone who approved everything, and they confirmed the promotion was still good.

I feel like I was lied to. How do I get this straightened out.

i received a call today from wallmart. I don’t know whats it about. im trying to call costumer service so I can talk to a representative.

I wanted a walmart card,went online but could not fill it out.They wanted my tennessee id expire date it is 00-00-000 in tennessee and some states when you get old and retire dont have to come back ever year.Well they asked me if i lived with relitves or myself and how much rent or other i payed i said i payed could not accepte this could not fill out form online.called walmart could not fill out anything over the phone.some service.

I just dropped my Wal-Mart ”Discover” card due to their hard-assets policies. I lost my copy of the card (it’s probably still in a pocket of one of my jeans somewhere) so called to let them know. A person whose accent I could barely understand answered the phone and ”explained” the policy about a lost card: they have to replace both my husband’s and my card. So I told him ”Leave it for now; we need gasoline and would like to get the 15¢ discount.” He seemed to agree, but when we got to the pump, the credit card was no longer valid.

Now, these people give a SO-generous reward! It had taken literally _months_ to earn $7.30 which of course was taken away when I closed the account. (I have cards whose rewards points build up a LOT faster!) Their interest rate is much higher than any of my other cards. So these so-called ”rewards” points are a net loss if I carry a balance over to the next month — which I was forced to do in face of the suddenly much higher gas prices. The person with whom I spoke to close the account ”informed” me that I would not be able to reopen this account within a year. HA! How about reopening NEVER!

I must say, this was a Wal-Mart DISCOVER card. I’m sure that GE Money treats their customers a bit better.

If you have had problems go to the Better Business Bureau and the chamber Office

It seems all credit card companies are gouging more interest upon interest these days. Walmart is no exception. Even with a 0 balancethey keep charging you interest just like banks.

They are a financial institution after all. This is how they capitalize on the common people. All I want is email for their financial department since I cannot phone them during the day. Even though I paid more then the minimum payments I still get notices.

I got a coupon in the mail saying that I could get $25 off a $75 purchase if I used my Walmart Discover card, which I hadn’t used in a while. Go to Walmart and find that card is cancelled. Call card customer service and they told me it was cancelled because not used for 2 years. Also, told me I had to reapply.

What a bunch of idiots. Why send me the coupon if I can’t use the card.

I had a Walmart Discover card, which I used and it was declined for use at the Leeway Service Center It had a 7/15 expiration date that showed that it should have still could be used. I was billed an additional $60 by Leeway resulting from the denial for which the CS agent said she was sorry.

I told her not to bother sending me a replacement card as I would never do business with Walmart Discover again.

I’m writing to Corporate headquarters with my complaint.

I have been trying to get a hold of the Walmart customer service for 3 days now. I have called all 4 numbers and they both say the same thing ,”no one is available to take my call , please try again” For THREE DAYS! I am getting extremely frustrated. There is a matter that needs to be taken care of ASAP but I can’t get a hood of nobody. Never shop at Walmart again.

Are you a credit card holder? I have called several times including for a stolen card and gotten through each time with no problems. Are you using the number located on your bill? I do and by pressing 0 a couple of times get an operator who has taken care of the problem quickly. Try another number.

Walmart lied when it said it would give 25 for opening a credit card.

I, Mark Beniach got in the mail, Tuesday July 1, 2014 a letter saying that they are changing my Walmart Discover Card, and replacing it with Walmart MasterCard, I do not have a Walmart card .

I paid my wal mart card online and it got deducted from my account now they want to charge me again omg what is the matter with them now my payment is missing

This service was excellent. Unfortunately it took me 30 minutes to find a site where I could receive good information.

I had a Walmart credit for 3 years and it would never be accepted at a Murphy USA gas station so I cancelled the card as I do not need a card that does not work at Murphy USA, now I received notice that Walmart was changing banks and I would be getting a new card so knowing that I had cancelled I reapplied on line for a new new card and when it never arrived and no notification of any kind we called cust. Service and were informed that because I cancelled a non-useable card that I was being PUNISHED by not being accepted for a new card for one year. Now I DO NOT need Walmart as we have Target , Kohl’s, SHOPCOand many grocery stores and I can qualify and receive a multitude of credit cards but for a company to have the audacity to have a punishment policy when the only way you have income is for a person to spend in your stores hinges on total merchanding ignorance

Someone stole my identity and got a Walmart Discover card.I went through all the channels to clear it up and now Walmart sends me a letter that they are canceling the Discover card, I didn’t want and changing it to a Master card. I don’t want any of Walmart cards….

I have a question! It is now the 23rd of nov. My bill is due on the 27th, and I have not received it yet. What’s the deal with the billing. I resolved the situation by pay through the bill pay. I don’t like that way, I want a paper statement. Just tell me why no bill! Thank you.

I have tried MANY customer service numbers to clarify billing issues…for 4 DAYS NOW!! I’m led through many voice prompts and wasting HOURS of my time just for an automated voice to say “we are not taking calls at this time”. Even though their operating hours are 8a.m.-8p.m. What the heck! I have NEVER NEVER NEVER had this much frustration and hassle with any company I’ve delt with. Are these employees REALLY getting paid to “AVOID” the customer calls?

I can’t find my statement this past month to pay and the old bills don’t give an address to mail it to. I’d like to get a check in the mail.

I have been trying to call for 3 days now. After going through 9, yes, 9 people, I was finally given the correct number only to hear that they are not accepting calls at this time. despite the fact that I am calling only within business hours. Never in my life have I dealt with such terrible customer service! It’s a shame.

I have been trying to get a credit card for the last fue mounts

I am trting to improve which I have becost I have got three new credit card but every time I apley for Walmart credit card iget turn down its not right I think that ever one derve a chance I hop that you will plese reconsicder-+

– please let me show you please give me a credit card thank you

Too many prompts, no people, and only robots to talk to. I am disgusted.

I had great service with the walmart discover card.

The walmart master card has been a major embarrassment.

I pay every month the total billand have for many years.

Got my groceries as usual today and card was denied. Wht the hell is wrong?.

My Walmart card was demagnetized during an MRI. I tried calling every number provided by Walmart web site and paper work, and all I got was a summary of my account. I needed to talk to someone. Very disappointed.

When i got my walmart card i was happy to get the credit..I noticed they decreased my credit line three thousand dollars and thats cause i have not used the card in over a year..They can shove there card where the sun dont shine…Walmart is a spitefull company and i wont step foot in there store anymore..Ill got to Target for a couple more bucks…

I own a Commercial Ceaning business in Barrie, Ontario, Canada & have recently started purchasing my cleaning supplies from your competitor namely Canadian Tire due to the very frequent out of stock items at your Store Code 3166. I have been purchasing the noted items from your store for a number of years but in recent months the out of stock of many cleaning supplies has forced me to make my purchases else where. While I purchase items from other departments in this store, I generally find this trend is the same. One week you have it & the next week it doesn’t exist for a couple of weeks which is frustrating & poor customer service. I look forward to your comments.

What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” really mean. How long is a customer supposed to wait? R. Gilbert

walmart cards taken im request block due to id theft

wal mart and the bank that issue the walmart card are seperate entities

I need a new card!

306 hillside dr

Forney tx 75126

I tried to call customer service to give an address change and could not get in without a pin number. I never use a pin number and don’t know if I have one. There should be another way to get customer service.

u have been breaking usa law which allows u once daily to call customers who owe u on their credit cards; u call every hour on it and have been reported; better business bureau already knows of your illegal collection harassing tactics and will deal with u in a court of law when u least expect them too; enjoy the karma u created. ; as I puke, shit heave acid vomit bile after 3 tummy surgeries gone bad where stomach is wrapped around esophagus and my vagus got sliced and got gut bacteria recurrent and tooth loss, dizzy, brain fog, headache issues and am 5 million in debt as I die the most horrific way, your hourly calls r harassing and illegal and make me die sooner then my case gets closed; as soon as my bankruptcy goes thru, u by law will be notified; unlike u I don’t break the law; god will nail u when u least expect; so as u eat drink walk talk pee poop and function and work and live daily, remember those u go after who long since lost any ability to do any of above as we beg god daily from my screaming toilets and beds to cross our souls soon. stop breaking the law!!

Your credit card application approval persons seem to be not too bright or very confused.. I applied for a credit card in my name twice and they keep sending replies addressed to my wife, Germa M Chapman. Do they have trouble reading English? My TransUnion Credit rating is 829 and Equifax credit rating is 831. Why won’t you give me a credit card?

Recieved a credit card bill today for June 6, 2014. Very accurate bookeeping considering its October, 2015. When talking to the customer service rep who was absolutely clueless then “accidently” disconnected the call when I told him I would be taking the survey. Highly dissatisfied. We are suppose to have confidence that our money is being applied to our account correctly and on time. Yeah, right.

For months now I’ve had the absolute worst service with Walmart customer service . I use to love my wal mart card but after two return payments to to fraud on my account they closed it. I’ve never missed a payment in 2 years . I spent two months trying to get it back being told my numerous people it will be open again to be told by 1 that it never will be. I absolutely HATE Walmart and Walmart customer service. If I could find ever person I talked to and have them fired I would.

I am hoping to receive a Wal Mart credit Card Representative when writing in this comment. I am enjoying my first credit card ever. Thank You Wal Mart Credit Card! However, when applying for the card, I wanted one for mother to be the additional one to use my credit card. She never received one. All else is great and Thank You again.

I have a Walmart credit card. I used it for a some time ,then you dropped it from $1,000. to $100.00

dollars. Did not use it ,because I could not buy very much on a credit balance . If you charge $55.00on card then tried to buy some clothes or a game or even a T.V. can’t go over limit . So I stopped using it . I think you should Reinstate me at a higher limit. You never let me know anything about dropping my limit . Not very Good on your part . I never did anything wrong. This is not a good way to keep Your customers.

The “supervisor” Kenya, just explained to me their walmarts policies on cancelling a payment that is currently in processing. He denied cancelling a payment that I am unable to make, and that was mistakenly made due to my phone browser refreshing and doubling a payment. He basically told me I missed my window and i could’ve done it if I wouldn’t of waited so long… (it’s only been a couple of days). I understand processing, but WalMart, synchrony bank, or whomever I know for a fact is able to undo, re do, and or process whatever type of payment they like. I have had in the past a supervisor that seems to do their job very well, in fact, cancel a payment for me, knowing I do not have enough in my account, and knowing that I would get charged a NSF type of fee from my bank. ( even though I was far out of the window that Kenya had set for me). Not satisfied whatsoever, terrible service from that man. Not only indirectly lying to me, he also completely dodged and ignored my questioned because I seemed to have “annoyed” him. Sorry, but not sorry. Work on your customer skills sir, or find another service you can hack up

I applied for a crdit card online yesterday, but it would not work when it came to check out today. Might as well cancel it out . It said the last 4 digits were 2207 , with a expiration date of 12 15 for the temporary. Like I say it did not work for me at the register with that being the only info I had. I never gave any driver’s liecense info, maybe that’s why. Get in touch with me please.

I never got my Wal-Mart credit card. at all. I have weighted for two weeks. were is my credit card? I have call you all about my card and you keep telling me to go to your wed sight.

Just applied to open a Walmart Credit Card to save 25 U.S. Dollars on a purchase of 75 U.S. Dollars or more. Was given a phone number to call concerning application. Called and talked to Clayton who transferred me to Jasmine who transferred me to Mathew when I was cut-off. Have no Walmart credit Card number to use on checkout to get the 25 U.S. Dollars applied to purchase. Called 866 Customer Service number and talked to ??–could hardly hear him, got frustrated and hung up. Immediately reapplied for credit card and got an application reference number and that it would take 7-10 days to get back with me.

I am a retired, educated professional with a credit score well above 800–not a guy who just walked in “off the street”. On a scale of 1 to 10, customer service is off the chart–on the low end. Angry–yes, disappointed–yes. Need the 25 U.S. Dollars–NO! Got a 100 U.S. Dollars worth of crap–YES. I’m sure Walmart has SOME good customer service reps, but my experience today can not confirm that.


Over a week ago I asked that my payment due date be moved from the 2nd to the 15th of each month, as I get my Social Security direct deposit on the 3rd of each month. I asked for an email response guaranteeing this date change was approved. I have heard nothing, but if I get charged a late fee AFTER asking for the due date to be moved to the 15th – GOOD LUCK COLLECTING ANY PAYMENTS FROM ME. Every other credit card I have (4 or 5 different companies) changed my payment due date with no problems whatsoever. If Walmart can’t do what their own customers ask, then I will NOT be a customer of yours in the future.

I have tried several times to access my Walmart mastercard account but it want go through.

Walmart is known for value but customer service agent like Ryan Hardley should be fired. He/she talked with me this morning and this is the most rude person i have ever come across. Please make sure to train your employees before putting them in field. Very very rude hear your recorded conversation or ask me for detail.

I am deaf and can’t use the telephone and have tried, tried and tried, to get this through to Walmart, though dozens of emails, but apparently no one at Walmart can read or understand. I applied for an online statement, I got one and can’t get anymore. I have asked numerous times for help, but all I get is a reply telling me

to telephone Customer Service. They have three more days and the can STICK


Stick it where the “SUN DON’T SHINE”.

I’m deaf and can’t use the telephone. I requested correspondence by Email,

Does nobody at Walmart read or understand. I only got one online Statement

and can’t get another or somekind of answer from Walmart. Can Walmart

Email me. PLEASE .

I am flabbergasted regarding a payment date that I changed and have now discovered that I am being charged a late fee of $25.00. The payment was due on 03/02/16 and I made the payment online this morning! Also, I have scheduled another payment for 03/10/16. Wow! I feel betrayed. I was so proud to have received this card because I am a Walmart Employee here in San Antonio, TX,

I did not know you would be charged a “late fee” for having made your payment one day after the due date!

Unable to create a widget.

Unable to access my credit card profile in order to update.

Unable to access your site on a consistent basis. Constant difficulty regarding latter.

Presently unable to access my walmart site.

Website is confusing mostly, redundant, overlapping, intermittently reliable, frustrating in summary

I bought a car yesterday and the damn card only had two(2) numbers on the back and the store said they can not get me my money so that I can send moey to England this morning, WITH OUT THREE(3) NUMBERS I CAN (NOT) GET THE CARD ACTIVATED. NOW WHAT IS THE HELL DO i DO. (((((I HAVE CALLED 35 NUMBERS AND I HAVE IN HAND IS MY HEART FIXING TO BUST. HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP




The card number is 4373-0310-1539-4808 on back is two(2) nubers for security number. The amount of the card is $500.00. I have to send money to a stock broker in London, England. It has to be there in a number of hours. Jerry

My current credit limit is a measly $300.00, so I requested an increase, but was denied, even though Capital One keeps increasing my limit due to my ever increasing credit score (currently 715). I wouldn’t feel like an injustice was done if I hadn’t spent so long rebuilding my credit to it’s current level.

I therefore have paid off my Walmart CC and will not be using it again!

received an email my account is $1500. dollars in arrears. Tried to call Service Desk, ALL you get is automated answer. I have YET, to receive this past month and fear its been hijacked! Been very prompt with my billing except this past year to date. Need help for this account is already out of hand, all rep would say was would cancel service fees. I WANT TO SEE MY BILL TO VERIFY WHATS GOING ON!

After speaking with Customer Service today, I am fuming and will pay off the account in full today and cancel the credit card. On my Nov 23 statement I had a balance of $4,666.88 due on Dec 14. I paid $4,590.76 on Nov 24, leaving an outstanding balance due of $76.12. On the Dec 23 statement, I was charged $60.06 Interest because of the $76.12 previous month outstanding balance. Customer Service claims that the charge is correct because I did not make full payment of the Nov 23 statement and it will not be adjusted. WalMart credit card holders … BEWARE

Been trying to ask questions about the business credit card that we are trying to apply for. The system takes 5 to 10 minutes to get a live person, and when I do they can’t answer the questions and tell me to call another phone number. I have been trying to get an answer for 30 minutes. Our home office does not guarantee applications.

Want to know if the corporation can guarantee the application instead of the owners?

I have been paying my master card on line for the past two years and now am unable to get into it. Have they changed how you access the master card ? I also order online and of course it is a different password and user id. but cannot pay my bill online there.

What is going on. I am a part time employee but am off sick at the moment.

At approximently 11:50am on August 15th, 2017 I called customer service about my mothers credit card account to ensure it was closed and what to do next because she passed away. The representive I got in touch with was rude, pushy and didn’t even offer condolenses for the loss of my mother. Instead because the system was currently down tried to push a gift card on me for a charge of 4.95, I said that I didn’t want to do that and that my mother had just passed away and I was trying to take care of her account and he got loud, was cutting me off and even told me, “what’s the problem its only 4.&5” I told him the problem was that I just wanted to take care of this and not that and asked if he could just put me on hold and he proceeded to tell me that, “if I didn’t like it them I could hang up.” I asked him what his name was and he told me “Sam Parker”. I am completely appealed that this even happened I am in tears to even think that I would receive such rude customer service, especially at this time in my life. I am very tempted to take this further and make this public. I hope that we can come to some type of resolution.

At approximately 11:50am on August 15th, 2017 I called customer service about my mothers credit card account to ensure it was closed and what to do next because she passed away. The representive I got in touch with was rude, pushy and didn’t even offer condolences for the loss of my mother. Instead because the system was currently down tried to push a gift card on me for a charge of 4.95, I said that I didn’t want to do that and that my mother had just passed away and I was trying to take care of her account and he got loud, was cutting me off and even told me, “what’s the problem its only 4.&5” I told him the problem was that I just wanted to take care of this and not that and asked if he could just put me on hold and he proceeded to tell me that, “if I didn’t like it them I could hang up.” I asked him what his name was and he told me “Sam Parker”. I am completely appealed that this even happened I am in tears to even think that I would receive such rude customer service, especially at this time in my life. I am very tempted to take this further and make this public. I hope that we can come to some type of resolution.