Store Credit Cards – Registration & Login Guides

Store credit cards are becoming more and more popular as stores offering increasing amount of benefits to those who apply for them. For those who spend money with a certain company a lot they can offer many advantages but at the end of the day you should be looking for the cards that offer the best rates. You need to look at the full picture and keep in mind that there is no value in getting extra points and discounts in one store but having a having to deal with higher interest rates overall.

That being said, if you have managed to get yourself a good store card you should register to manage your account online. This can be easily done in a matter of minutes you have received your credit card. We have listed the links you will need and the steps required for many of the major store credit cards below.

Kohl’s Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Info

How to Register and Login to Kohl’s Online

To register for a new account, go to and enter your credit card number on the box that says Register Now. Once that’s done, click Submit and provide your chosen username and password. Be ready with your email address and security questions. To log-in, simply choose the box for Log-in instead of Register Now.

The department store chain called Kohl’s started operations back in 1946 as a supermarket. Today they already offer a variety of products at great prices. Men and women can buy accessories, clothes, and shoes. Home appliances are also available.

Helpful Links & Info

Kohl’s Contact Number – (855) 564-5748

Kohl’s Payment Centre – PO Box 2983, Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

Banana Republic Credit Card Login

Zales credit card contact numberHow to Log-in to Banana Republic

Go to the banana republic credit card website here , enter your username and password, and sign in. To register for a Banana Republic credit card, visit the website and click on Register. Provide your bank account number, click Continue, validate your account details, select security details, and finally, an image. You should get your credit card log-in details after that.

About Banana Republic

Banana Republic is a useful tool for managing online purchases and bill payments. It has e-services to keep track of bank accounts and regulate credit card usage. Online payments are also made easy by Banana Republic.

Exxon Personal Credit Card – Register & Sign in

How to Register Your Exxon Credit Card Online

To register, click and register your credit card number into the appropriate slot. Then you will need to create a user ID and password to log in. You will also provide answers to security questions and provide additional cards to complete the process.

Helpful Links & Info

ExxonMobil MasterCard Technical Assistance – 1-866-641-5154

ExxonMobil about Your Credit Card Account – 1-800-554-6914 24/7

Contact Number Outfit US, Canada, and Puerto Rico – 605-335-2222

Zales credit card contact numberHow to Create an Online Account

Go to to the LL Bean Credit card webpage and then click ‘access your Visa account’. You will then need to click ‘Set up online access’ on the bottom right before completing the registration form. This is only for people who already have a Visa account and want to manage it online.

If you want to apply for an LL Bean credit card webpage go to this application page.

L.L. Bean is known for their top-notch apparel for men, women, and kids. They also sell outdoor equipment and credit card services.

Helpful Links & Info

L.L. Bean Contact Number – 800-441-5713

Zales credit card contact numberLord and Taylor Credit Card

How to Register Your LT Credit Card Online

Go to the Lord & Taylor credit card site here look for the section for new users. Click Register and enter your account information. Provide a valid email address. You can now log in using the username and password you provided.

Lord and Taylor is a retail department store that’s been around for 188 years. They offer clothing, footwear, fragrances, jewellery, beauty products, and electronic appliances.

Helpful Links & Info

Lord and Taylor Contact Number – 1-800-223-7440

Lord and Taylor Credit Customer Service – 1-866-465-8292 Store Card Registration & Application

Zales credit card contact numberRegisterYour Amazon Card: In order to register an existing amazon store card go to this amazon card card registration page and fill in your details.

How to Apply for Store Card: Proceed to, click on the button that says Apply Now, and type in your email address along with the other required details.

Established in 1994, Amazon is now the most famous e-commerce company offering almost anything. The headquarters is located in Seattle.

Register Your BestBuy Credit Card Online

How to Register for Best Buy Reward Zone Credit Card

Go to the Best Buy credit card registration page here and enter in your card number, name on the card, last 3 digits on the back of the card and the last 4 digits of your social security number. You will then be required to set up your online login details.

How to Apply for Best Buy Reward Zone Credit Card

Check out and select your country before clicking on “Go.” Afterwards, click on the Credit Cards link. There should be a link saying “Apply Now.” Click on that then click “Get Started”. The form should be filled up. Then click “Submit Application”.

Best Buy is the leading technology store that offers cameras, laptops, camcorders, tablets, computers, television sets, and many other gadgets. There is also an online shopping store for everyone’s convenience. Best Buy has been providing consumer electronics since 1996 when it was founded by Gary Smoliak and Richard M. Schulze. It is a multi-channel company that sells electronics and phones from most carriers.

Helpful Links & Info

Best Buy Contact Number – 1-888-237-8289

Chevron & Texaco Visa Credit Card Login

Zales credit card contact numberHow to Get a Chevron & Tesco Visa Credit Card

Go to and click on the “Login to My Account” option. New users should see the Register link there. Fill in the details including your bank account number.

About Chevron and Texaco

The energy company Chevron is involved in oil and gas exploration and sales. Chevron is found in over 180 countries.

Helpful Links & Info

Chevron and Texaco Credit Card Contact Number – 1-800-243-8766

Chevron and Texaco Visa Contact Number – 1-866-448-4367

Chevron Mailing Address – GE Capital Retail Bank, Attn: Chevron and Texaco Card Services,

P.O. Box 965013, Orlando, FL 32896-5013

Eservice.Gap.Com Login & Pay Bills Online

Gap Card lets the members of GAP pay bills online, view monthly balances, track GAP rewards, and even view account history—all from the same online account.

How to Be a Member of Gap Card

Register at;accountType=plcc by looking for the area for new users under the login box. Click the link to register on the next page and enter your details.

Helpful Links & Info

Old Navy Credit Card Eservices Login

Old Navy has been offering casual wear since 1994 when it was first created as a sub-brand of Gap. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

How to become a Member of Old Navy Eservices

Helpful Links & Info

Old Navy Card Sign in and Registration Page

Register at input your Old Navy or GE Capital Retail Bank credit card number.

Apply for a Home Shopping Network Credit Card at

About Home Shopping Network

The Home Shopping Network offers its own credit card services. There are special offers and discounts available only to members.

How to Apply for Credit Card

Visit HSN at and find the “Get an HSN Card” link at the bottom of the page. Select the card that suits you and click “Apply Now.” Fill in the fields and submit.

Helpful Links & Info

HSN Contact Number – 1-800-284-5757

Apply for a Nordstrom Card Online

Nordstrom is where the latest in fashion can be found. It is home to fashion designers and their designs, as well as the latest trends and brands.

How to Apply for a Nordstrom Card Online

Visit and find the link to apply for a card at the bottom of the page. Select the card you prefer and submit your details to finish the application.

Helpful Links & Info

Nordstrom US Contact Number – 1-888-282-6060

Nordstrom Canada Contact Number – 1-877-794-5304

Nordstrom International Contact Number – 1-319-846-4140

About Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club, or Sam’s West, Inc., is a membership-only retail warehouse. It is owned by Wal-Mart and is currently the 8 th largest US retailer.

How to Register Your Sam’s Club Credit Card

Proceed to and enter your account number. Answer the validation questions and finish the registration process by clicking on the “Continue” button.

Helpful Links & Info

Sam’s Club Contact Number – 888-746-7726

Sears is a mid-range department store with headquarters at Greater Chicago. It is the fourth largest department store that competes with Macy’s.

How to Manage Your Sears Credit Card

Go to and click on the “Register” link under the Sign in button. Fill up the registration form and make sure to input your credit card number correctly.

Helpful Links & Info

Sears Citi Card Application & Login Page

Sears, Rosebuck and Company, more commonly known as Sears, is a multinational department store that is one of the biggest department stores in America.

How to Apply for Sears City Card Online

Go to and find the link to apply for a Sears City card. Click the link and fill up the sections requiring your information. To register your card online, enter the card details.

Helpful Links & Info

Sears Card General Inquiries – PO Box 6275 Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Sears General Contact Number – 1-800-917-7700

Registering for the Sears Choice Rewards Program

Sears was founded in 1893 as a mail order catalogue. Today, however, it is one of the largest retailers in America.

How to Register for Sears Choice Rewards Program

Head to and look for the “Register Now” button near the “Member Login” link. Provide your credit card number and continue to the next page where you will need to provide your other information.

Helpful Links & Info

Sears Card General Inquiries – PO Box 6275 Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Sears General Contact Number – 1-800-917-7700

Walmart Gift Card – Login & Balance Check

Walmart is one of the top department stores in America. The Walmart Via Gift Card can be bought at any Walmart branch.

How to Login and Check your Walmart Gift Card Balance

Visit and look for the column to check your balance. Fill in your card number and security code and click on “Check Balance”.

Helpful Links & Info

Walmart Gift Card Contact Number – 1-866-633-9096

Walmart Address – Walmart Visa Gift Card, PO Box 1187, Monrovia, CA 91017

Activate a Walmart MoneyCard Online

The biggest retail corporation in America, Walmart has over 8,500 department stores all over the world. The family-owned company was built in 1962.

How to Activate a Walmart MoneyCard Online

Go to and click on “Activate card received.” Fill up the form and continue to the next page to complete activation.

Helpful Links & Info

Walmart Moneycard Customer Service – 1-877-937-4098

Walmart Moneycard Mailing Address – Walmart MoneyCard PO Box 1187, Monrovia CA 91017

How to Apply for a Walmart Money Card

Walmart offers almost everything thrift shoppers want to purchase. It is an international retail corporation offering discounted products.

How to Apply for Walmart Money Card

Click on, Choose Set up in the middle of the page and click on “Setup your Walmart Money Card”. Provide your temporary card number and security code and provide your personal information.

Walmart Moneycard Customer Service – 1-877-937-4098

Walmart Moneycard Mailing Address – Walmart MoneyCard PO Box 1187, Monrovia CA 91017

Zales started in 1924 as a jewellery retailer, but through the years it provided not only jewellery but also consumer electronics such as cameras and appliances. They have over 750 stores today.

How to Register your Zales Credit Card Online

Click on and look for “Register Now” at the bottom of the page. Wait for the page to load and enter your personal information. Complete the verification and the registration should be done.

Helpful Links & Info

Zales Contact Number – 1-800-311-JEWEL

My Bill Com – Bill Payment Information

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    Zales Credit Card Login and Bill Pay

    Zales credit card contact numberZales is a popular chain of jewelry stores that features rings, bracelets, earrings and watches, most of which are adorned with precious gems like rubies, sapphires, emeralds and, of course, diamonds. Their primary focus regarding gemstones is on diamonds, which is notably evident through the brand’s self-given nickname, “The Diamond Store.” With stores spreading across the united states and primarily situated in shopping malls, Zales is one of the top jewelry brands in the country with their direct competition being the likes of Helzberg Diamonds.

    Including a huge online selection of unset gems and premade jewelry, having a Zales credit card offers customers practically any kind of jewelry he or she desires for any situation. If you are a cardholder and have been looking for steps on how you can actually make a payment toward your bill, simply follow the directions listed below.

    You must register to make online payments. If you still need to register, do so by clicking here and filling out the fields highlighted as shown below:

    Zales credit card contact number

    1. With your favorite internet browser, head over to the Zales credit card website
    2. With the login information you created on the registration pages, enter your user ID and password into the boxes on the Secure Sign On page

    Zales credit card contact number

    1. Click the dropdown box below the user ID and password inputs and select the Make a Payment Option. Click the green Sign On button when ready
    2. Enter how much you would like to pay toward your account and input your payment information as required. Submit the payment only after you have verified that what you have typed in is correct
    3. Once you receive a verification of successful payment, you are all set. You may then leave the site to browse the rest of the web or merely close down your browser altogether

    To make a payment on your Zales credit card account by mail, include your account number on a check or money order and send them to the following address:

    When sending payments by mail, ensure that there is at least five business days before your actual bill due date so that you are certain the payment will be made on time.

    You can contact Zales’ billing and customer service line at (800) 586-6923. Before calling make sure to have your account number and payment information ready to streamline the process.

    Zales credit card login searching

    zales credit card login to my account

    zales credit card payment online login

    • 1.Zales Credit Card - Manage your account

    Description: Apply now to earn Zales exclusives: $0 down, special financing plans available* $50 off+ on your birthday; Free standard shipping++; 10% off any repair service when .

    Description: Shop Zales Outlet; Find a Store; Sign In; Sign In; Sign In. . Comenity Capital Bank issues your Zales Credit Card account. 1-844-271-2715 .

    Description: †Valid email address must be provided in-store or online at ‡ Accounts opened in your birthday month or in the 2 months prior to your birthday will .

    Description: For a seamless experience, please take a minute to create your personal account. . Zales Credit Card Learn More Apply Now Pay Account Manage Account .

    Description: To sign in, you must register for online access to Account Center. Forgot your sign-in credentials or got locked out? Recover your user name or reset your password.

    Description: The internet has indeed made it easy for many people to do things that weren’t possible before. With online services being offered by Zales Credit Card, customers .

    Description: Zales Credit Card Login, Customer Service and Support, and Contact Info. Latest Zales Credit Card phone numbers, emails, and links.

    Description: Remittance: Comenity Capital Bank, PO Box 659819, San Antonio, TX 78265-9119 * Promotional financing available with Zales credit card accounts offered by Comenity .

    Description: Zales credit card login, get started with Zales credit card help Guide. You can make payments on Same day as the transaction is initiated, can schedule up to 12

    Description: Read other details about Zales Credit Card and apply online.