How to Login to Your Zales Credit Card Account

Zales began in 1924 with the goal of providing quality merchandise—especially pieces of jewelry—at low prices. Through the years, they have grown from having only a single store selling jewelry to having several stores which not only sell jewelry but other items such as cameras and appliances.

Today they have about 750 stores and they continue to offer traditional and contemporary jewelry pieces. They also offer credit cards that allow users to have free jewelry cleaning, free ship-to-store delivery, a lifetime diamond commitment, and their 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

The card can also be accessed online which makes it very convenient for users to manage their accounts and pay for purchases.

How to Login to Your Zales Account

If you have already registered your Zales Credit Card, login to it and manage your account by following these steps:

  • Click on this link to be taken to their login page:
  • Below the “Secure Sign On” section, enter your username and password in their respective boxes.
  • Click “Remember my ID” if you are using your own computer, but if not, leave this box unchecked for security reasons.
  • Select where you would like to go by clicking the dropdown box which reads “Take me to:” You will have these options: Account Home, Account Activity, Make a Payment, and Credit Limit Increase.
  • After selecting where you would like to be taken, click on the “Sign On” button at the bottom right part of the page.

How to Register Your Zales Credit Card

You won’t be able to access your account online if you aren’t registered, so follow these steps to have an online account:

Register and Manage Zales Card Account Online

If you are a diamond person be it for yourself or as gifts to your loved ones and you love the offerings of Zales, then most probably you have already availed the Zales Card. By availing the Zales card, you will have benefits exclusive to cardholders and among these benefits are managing your account online, applying for credit insurance, accessing promos and coupons for holders and $0 liability on unauthorized purchases. If you availed the card, it is recommended that you register and activate it online to enjoy the convenience of accessing your account anytime of the day. Once registered, you will be able to pay your bills online, check your transaction history and balance, access paperless bills and so on.

Zales was founded in 1924 with its headquarters in Texas, USA. It is known as the Diamond Store because of its extensive collection of jewelries with diamonds. But aside from diamonds, it also offers gold jewelries, pearls and even carries branded jewelry including watches. To add to their physical stores, Zales also has an online store or shop to service and reach more customers.

How to Register and Manage Zales Card Account Online