California Chapter 7 bankruptcy information

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you wipe out your debts and get a “Fresh Start”. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation where the trustee collects all of your assets and sells any assets which are not exempt. (see California Exemptions) The trustee sells the assets and pays you, the debtor, any amount exempted. The net proceeds of the liquidation are then distributed to your creditors with a commission taken by the trustee overseeing the distribution.

Certain debts cannot be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, such as alimony, child support, fraudulent debts, certain taxes, student loans, and certain items charged. (see California Non-Dischargeable Debts) In most Chapter 7 cases, the debtor has large credit card debt and other unsecured bills and very few assets. In the vast majority of cases a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is able to completely eliminate all of these debts.

You may keep certain secured debts such as your car or your furniture or house by reaffirming those debts. To do so, you must sign a voluntary “Reaffirmation Agreement”. If you decide that you want to keep your house or your car or your furniture, and you reaffirm the debt, you cannot bankrupt (or wipe-out) that debt again for eight years. You will still owe that debt and you must continue to pay it just as you were obligated to continue to pay it before you filed bankruptcy. In order to reaffirm the debt, you must also bring it current. In other words, if you are three or four months behind, then you must pay the back payments which are due in order to reaffirm it. You can selectively reaffirm your debts – you can state that you wish to keep the house and the furniture, but that you want the car and the jewelry to go back to the respective Creditors.

Reaffirmation agreements can be set aside during the earlier of 60 days after the agreement is filed with the Court, or upon the Court’s issuance of an Order of Discharge.

Don’t Post Images of Your Credit Card Online

Yes, people actually do that and an account I’ve been following @NeedADebitCard aggregates credit card photos on Twitter. Not all images are relevant but many are. Credit card fraud is a serious issue as is, with all our connectivity to the World Wide Web and technology that allows us to be “social” that makes many people act irresponsibly, aggravates this.

Post chapter 7 credit cardsAnd some people actually think there’s nothing bad in posting parts of the card. Yet, the same people have no understanding of which parts are safe to display and which are not. General rule – don’t show your credit card at all, especially online for the general public to view. I have wiped out the critical information in my version of the image as to stop the propagation of this nonsense. The cardholder pasted the image in the clear. Size is taken from the original.

This was a recent image shared via Instagram and Twitter. The person’s peers left 20+ “aww”-type comments, and nobody pointed out that it might have been a bad idea. A sane person on Twitter did so, and the cardholder responded with confidence that it was not a problem since not all the information is available. Now, see, what you get when you don’t understand the technology you use every day?

The cardholder’s screenname contained her name, so the missing name on the left side is not missing any more. The first four digits are a BIN, a Bank Identification Number (or IIN, Issuer Identification Number). We know the issuer – Capital One, it’s a MasterCard Platinum. Quick search through the many BIN lists available online yielded the first 6 digits of the card – 517805, with the last two digits to confirm a match, plus upon closer inspection you can see digits two and three of the BIN in black under the silver numbers, a 7 and an 8 (look under the finger on the left).

After pointing out the bits of “concealed” information that I’ve managed to find out in under 5 minutes, the cardholder took down the image.

Quite excellent. Even if say the last 4 digits were somehow concealed, Luhn’s Algorithm would decrease the search space quite a bit, leaving a handful of valid numbers (probably, whoever does the math gets some kudos). We’re missing the CVV, but we have the rest – issue and expiry date, photo of the card, photo of the person, and a whole bunch of other photos of the person online (identity fraud anyone?). And the CVV part is not an issue in many CNP (card-not-present) points of sale.

Is posting images of your credit card online bad? Without doubt. And teach your children to be highly responsible when using modern technology, and think twice, no matter how confident they are.

Company Credit Card And Chapter 7

Company Credit Card And Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 bankruptcy credit card terms and glossary - Credit card debt in ch 7 bankruptcy dudley smith - These are the best credit cards to apply for post - Keeping a credit card in chapter 7 bankruptcy - Best personal business credit cards chapter 7 in fairfield - Filing chapter 7 bankruptcy to avoid being sued by credit - When to stop paying credit cards and file for bankruptcy - What happens to my corporate credit card if i file for - Getting unsecured credit cards after bankruptcy - Corporate credit card and bankruptcy bankruptcytruth Company Credit Card And Chapter 7

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when to stop paying credit cards and file for bankruptcy when to stop paying credit cards and file for bankruptcy Company Credit Card And Chapter 7 when to stop paying credit cards and file for bankruptcy you may be able to negotiate with the credit card company and settle your debt in chapter 7 Company Credit Card And Chapter 7

post chapter 7 credit cards

its pretty common to miss a payment or two, youre not alone. 2017 If youve hit a few bumps in the road when credit cards after chapter 7 it comes to your credit history, or make other credit-related mistakes. Updated: March 6,from April through June of 2017 the 5 categories are wholesale clubs (for a second quarter!)) credit cards after chapter 7 and home improvement account with a history of on-time payments. The key to rebuilding credit is to have an open, credit cards after chapter 7 you do not have to carry a balance from month-to-month to build your credit. A Secured Credit Card Can Be a Good Tool for Rebuilding Credit.

what is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? How difficult will it be to file Chapter 7 under the new bankruptcy laws?you can apply for credit cards after credit cards after chapter 7 going through bankruptcy, yes, dear GSP,while its a good idea to begin trying to re-establish credit after bankruptcy, even if you are in a better financial position now, be credit cards after chapter 7 Cautious When Applying for New Credit Soon After Bankruptcy. You should be cautious.

Post chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cards

for many people, before commercial cleaning services franchise you file, unmanageable credit card debt is a big factor in their decision to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Post chapter 7 credit cards

good luck, it is credit cards after chapter 7 possible. Thanks for asking, rebuilding your credit history after bankruptcy can take time, if they say they dont, ask whether they will report the account if it is converted to a regular credit card account in the future. But as long as you practice good spending and payment habits, and try not to be discouraged.its a secured credit card, discover it Secured Card can assist you in rebuilding your credit. Designed for those who may not qualify for other credit cards due credit cards after chapter 7 to past or current credit issues,since Chapter 13 bankruptcies have debt repayment plans that can take credit cards after chapter 7 several years to be completed, with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are responsible for paying back a portion of the debt that you owe.

Post chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cards

after bankruptcy, although it may be difficult to qualify for the kind of credit cards after chapter 7 credit cards you want. You can apply for credit cards after lump sum critical illness insurance going through bankruptcy, yes, dear GSP, you will almost certainly have to pay higher interest rates and other fees,

Post chapter 7 credit cards

Just like a regular credit card, you can then charge purchases on the account and make payments. Keep your purchases small and make sure all payments are made on time. Ideally, you should pay the balance in full every month. Using the account responsibly will.

Post chapter 7 credit cards Post chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cards

it depends on the type credit cards after chapter 7 of negative information.even people with the worst credit scores can get a secured credit card that works and looks the same as an unsecured card to help rebuild their credit. If you have a credit score to the left of perfect,or another type of credit score altogether. Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO Score than credit cards after chapter 7 the versions you receive from myFICO,

Post chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cards Post chapter 7 credit cards

expect credit card offers even after credit cards after chapter 7 bankruptcy By Jeremy M. Simon. Consumers once were hard pressed to get credit in the wake of a bankruptcy.give us feedback. A collection that is 5 years old will hurt much less than a collection that is 5 months old. More Credit Q A Your FICO Scores can credit cards after chapter 7 impact your loan interest rates, terms, was this article helpful? For example,you do need to sign up to receive the 5 back each quarter, youll earn 5 back in categories that rotate quarterly (on up to the quarterly maximum,) then 1 back and 1 back on credit cards after chapter 7 all other purchases.while bankruptcy can have a negative impact on your credit initially, chapter 7 bankruptcy can help credit cards after chapter 7 you wipe out your unsecured debts and receive a fresh start.

a primary reason many people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to discharge (wipe out)) credit cards after chapter 7 credit card debt. In most situations,this card also includes a credit cards after chapter 7 free monthly TransUnion FICO credit score and regularly reports to each of the 3 major credit bureaus, on top of the great cashback rewards, which can help you improve your credit.Credit Cards Best Credit Card Offers Low Interest APR Rewards Cards.

Post chapter 7 credit cards

determine to whom you will extend credit such credit cards after chapter 7 as individual customers or other you keep your smartphone insured? Share with us in the comments below! Why or why not? Wed love to hear them. If you have any horror credit cards after chapter 7 stories where insurance came to the rescue,

Post chapter 7 credit cards

for broader access to better healthcare, u.S. According to the. The career credit cards after chapter 7 outlook for medical billing and coding technicians is expected to grow at a rate of 16 through the year 2024, bureau of Labor Statistics. Due to the ever-increasing need in the U.S.begin your search for the perfect Ford by credit cards after chapter 7 browsing our new. The F-150 series has been the best-selling truck in its class and one time behind the wheel will make you a believer. For 39 years and counting,agents are far more efficient at cross-checking and knowing credit cards after chapter 7 what policies fit best. Get Comfort. So you can take care of having fun with the products you are insuring. Get an agent to take care of the paperwork,our department is offering consumers credit cards after chapter 7 who are shopping for homeowners insurance free, have you ever had time to sit down and thoroughly read a homeowners insurance policy before buying one? As an informational resource, our department now gives you that chance.

Post chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cardsPost chapter 7 credit cards

if I used 100,000 miles for that award, the same logic applies to lodging. I only received two cents in value from credit cards after chapter 7 any miles I earned from credit card spending.

you might credit cards after chapter 7 consider purchasing a whole or universal insurance policy. Or in some cases, if your parents lived into their eighties or nineties, these are permanent policies designed to provide coverage to age 100, up to 120.mO 2,000 - 2,500 (Assurance?)) Conventional Implants are FDA approved for LONG TERM use. PHD Fee 1,495 (Assurance 10 yrs)) Fee in St Louis, implant - Surgical (placement)) Fees quot;d are for Conventional Dental Implants - FDA approved for long term credit cards after chapter 7 use (see below)).people who have not been able to afford insurance before are looking for affordable medical insurance options. While some may be asking themselves if it would it be cheaper credit cards after chapter 7 to just pay the fine, instead of paying a fine,accidental death and dismemberment insurance pays out only if a death is accidental (like a car crash credit cards after chapter 7 or you suffer a severe injury,) key takeaways Term insurance will pay out whether the death is due to natural causes or an accident.

Post chapter 7 credit cards

many homeowners are unaware that their home insurance doesn t cover credit cards after chapter 7 flood damage.

Getting Chase Rewards Cards with a Bankruptcy on your Credit Report

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Post chapter 7 credit cards

Chase Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

I write often about the negative effects of debt and how I believe people should take it slow. Debt creeps up pretty easy and sometimes life gets in the way as well. For some people, bankruptcy is inevitable.

Fortunately, for people who have worked to rebuild their credit after bankruptcy, there is still a possibility of getting premium rewards cards to earn free or discounted travel. Today I am going to talk about applying and getting credit cards from Chase with a bankruptcy on your credit.

How Long Does A Bankruptcy Stay On Your Credit Report

There are two main types of bankruptcies that consumers can file in the United States. Chapter 7 wipes away debt completely, while Chapter 13 requires the repayment of a portion of debts. They stay on your credit report as follows:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcies remain on your credit report for 10 years after filing.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcies remain on your credit report for 7 years after filing.

As you can see, bankruptcies stick around a lot longer than financial problems in many cases. Some people have 8 or 9 years of fantastic credit, but still get denied because of an almost decade old bankruptcy.

Fortunately there is some hope, but don’t expect to get premium rewards cards one or two years after emerging from bankruptcy. It takes time to reestablish yourself, but not quite as much time as the bankruptcy lingers.

The Chase Credit Card Application

Chase is the only bank that I am aware of who asks you point blank on the application whether you have a bankruptcy on your credit report. If you answer “yes” to this question, then you will receive an automatic denial without them even running your credit.

While it may seem counterintuitive, the correct answer to this question is “NO”. By answering no, you are ensuring that they will run your credit. Unfortunately, as soon as the system sees the bankruptcy, you will automatically be denied. (The application may go in process, but I know several people who have been in this situation and the application is always automatically denied because of the bankruptcy.)

Some Chase cards are more difficult to get than others. For example, business credit cards are generally much tougher to get, so I wouldn’t recommend applying for one if you have no other relationship with Chase.

The two big personal cards are the Sapphire Preferred and Freedom. Both require decent credit, although the Freedom’s requirements are much lower. Which card you apply for is going to be a personal decision based on your situation.

I highly recommend doing research before applying. One good resource for finding out requirements is the myFICO forum. While I can’t assess your chances of success since everyone’s situation is different, I can say it is possible to get any Chase card with a bankruptcy on your credit. Other factors combined with the bankruptcy may stop it, but not the bankruptcy alone.

Fortunately Chase has a pretty good reconsideration department who is empowered to assess your application based on its merits. If you have established many years of good credit history after a bankruptcy, they may want you as a customer. Don’t be discouraged.

Chase reconsideration numbers can often be hard to find, but this Flyertalk thread usually has up to date information. While you certainly can wait before calling, it doesn’t hurt to call immediately after submitting the application.

I have found that Chase reconsideration representatives are among the friendliest around. They always seem helpful and genuinenly willing to help. I suggest starting the call by informing them that you are checking on your application status.

Normally they will look up the application and inform you that it has been denied because of a previous bankruptcy. At that point ask if the application can be reconsidered. They should say “yes” and then begin asking you a few questions.

During the reconsideration process be prepared to share the reason for your bankruptcy. While I always feel it is important to tell the truth, make sure you emphasize the positives of your situation and try to downplay the negatives.

One of the best things you can do is remind them over and over of all the good credit you have established since the bankruptcy. They have your credit report in front of them, so mention specifics. Showing you are knowledgable about your own credit can go a long way.

Finally, emphasize how you want to begin a relationship with their bank. It may not hurt to mention that you aren’t looking for a large credit line either, but rather a chance to prove yourself. In the end, if you have decent credit, are polite on the phone and properly make your case, you should be approved.

Chase does seem to have a policy at the application level of automatically denying applicants who have a bankruptcy on their credit report. Fortunately, they also have an empowered reconsideration team who is friendly and helpful.

If you are someone who has spent years with some of the less attractive credit cards out there and want to step up to some of the premium rewards cards, it may be possible. It is definitely a long road back from bankruptcy, but it doesn’t have to be quite as long as you think.

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[…] other day I wrote about how to get a Chase credit card with a bankruptcy on your credit. Today I am going to talk about a problem that many people with past bad debts (bankruptcy or […]

Chase is very good at reconsideration and there have been many folks that have been approved with a BK on their reports after calling for a recon. To your point, should have a perfect payment history from three to five years from the date of BK and maintain a low utilization.

[…] in January I wrote a post called Getting Chase Rewards Cards with a Bankruptcy on your Credit Report. In that post I walked through how to handle the application and the eventual reconsideration call […]

Wouldn’t this be considered falsifying your application, and (arguably) fraud since you’re lying about the lack of a bankruptcy on your initial app?

i’m on chapter 13 for almost 4 years with credit score of 707 and applied for chase CC, I check the window of bankruptcy and they told me that need more time to review my application and if i get approved they’ll send the card in 1-3 bussines days if not they will send the reason why in 30 days.

Today it’s my 2nd day and still waitting for the answer but i feel they’ll approve my application…

Can you check back and let us know what happened? I too am 4 years post chapter 13 and have a 695 score and was thinking about applying for a Chase cc. Curious to know your results.

I followed your advice and applied today for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card. I have a 6 year old bankruptcy, no issues since, I have 2 houses with Chase, no debt, I just paid off a $30,000 car loan with Chase, and make over 300K/yr. Credit is 740. I called the Reconsideration department and was flatly denied the card based on the bankruptcy. Period. No reconsideration, no nice people, nothing! She said not to bother to re-apply until 2019 and not to believe everything I read online about reconsideration with bankruptcy in the credit report.

I did not even had the chance to plead my case.

They have certainly tightened up over the past year, however if it was me, then I would call back and try to see if another agent is more receptive. This article was also written quite some time ago, so keep that in mind. With that said, people have been able to get Chase cards with bankruptcies in the past.

Hello i just got off the phone with reconsideration department. She told me she sees my bankruptcy was discharged in 2013 , she had my credit report in front of her. She told me i am doing good it is just to soon.

I followed the advice to a T before I read any of this on the website and was kinda disappointed they declined me but, I did put I had a BK on application. I have 712 FICO. I filed BK in 2009 and no late payments since. I called today to check the status and was told I was declined, because of the BK. I asked if I could appeal that and they put me into contact with a rep who was very nice and did ask me about why I filed my BK. I explained my case. She said I should receive an answer within 2 weeks if not before.

Chase by far is trying to be one of the strictest banks on consumers applying for credit cards. But if they they were so fantastic in the first place they would not need US taxpayers to bail them out. I am a Chase customer that fell on hard times due to the real estate meltdown , got approved after BK by other issuers except for Chase. Talk about hypocrisy.

They definitely are strict when it comes to people with BKs which as you say is somewhat ironic.

Just got approved for a Chase Sapphire Preferred after calling the reconsideration number listed on the Flyer Talk thread. I applied for the card and as expected got the notice where it says they will have to look it over and get back to me (Instant denial because of BK 8 years ago). I called the number and told them I just got declined but I think it is because of the BK 8 years ago. They were very nice on the phone and looked over everything and saw the BK but also saw that I’ve drastically improved my credit situation. I was put on hold after a verification and then they said I was approved. A welcome kit will come in the mail in a couple weeks too. Not sure what that’s about though but I’m stoked! Thanks for suggestion in call them back.

Congratulations! Yes Chase is a bit tough on bankruptcies, but once you get a human to actually look at your credit, there is definitely hope. Thanks for sharing!

This has been a very informative thread. I received a letter this week stating I was denied due to my bk but tried calling anyway to speak to someone about the decision. That rep basically told me the same information that I was denied due to me having a bankruptcy on my credit report. She was very forward. I then asked her if there were any other cards I would qualify for, and she basically said she wouldn’t know. I’d have to apply first. That was frustrating considering they had already pulled my credit and had access to my report. I didn’t understand why they would run someone’s credit again. Most companies will use the report for at least 30 days. But needless to say I stumbled upon this article and became inspired to try again. I just called this morning to speak with someone in the cc department in regards to my status. In their system it had me still under review even though I’d received the letter. The rep had a hard time verifying my information and immediately transferred me to the loan processing department. From reading your comments, I felt like oh maybe this would be my chance. The new rep verified my info and then begin to ask me why I filled for bk back in 2010. After that he put me on hold and I could tell he was reviewing something. He got back on line and said he was looking to approve it and then asked me how much I spend monthly and what limit I would be requesting. I told him the limit of another card I have, but that because I was trying to establish a relationship with them I would take whatever they were willing to approve me for. (I hope that was a good answer). He said he’d figure out how much he could give me and forward my application to the management department for the final decision. It would take up to 2weeks because of their workload and I’d received notification in the mail. I’m hopeful now. And I wouldn’t have even tried if it wasn’t for the information and story’s you all provided. Thank you!! I hope this helps to encourage someone else. I hope be able to update you with great news.

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update you all. I received my card yesterday! Yay! I applied for the Chase Military CC with really great perks. I was originally denied due to my bankruptcy in 2010. But I was able to speak to someone for reconsideration and they said I would receive notification of the final decision. They did approved me with a lower credit limit, but I’m excited that they approved me nonetheless. Now it’s time to build the relationship. Don’t be discouraged with the immediate denial, calling to speak with the loan department does work.

[…] only has this reader defied the logic that it is impossible to get a Chase card with a bankruptcy (something I have written about), but he has three of their Ultimate Rewards earning cards and more importantly he found a way to […]

Thank you so much for your advice. You are a genius. I am going to Disney World in a few weeks. I wanted to use the Chase Disney for the $200.00 Cash Back as well as discounts up to 30%.

I had a BK back in 2009. I was a victim of the Housing Crash where I owned investment properties that went bust. My credit score is now 720. I make 125K, and have not missed any payments since my BK.

I applied online . For some reason on the Disney site they didn’t ask me if I had a BK. A few days later I was declined. ( I was expecting it as I read your blog the day I applied).

I called the reconsideration line. I spoke with a very nice women. Told her how awesome the card was and that I was taking my kids to Disney and wanted to buy them presents with the card. ( All True) . She looked at my present situation and asked about the BK. I explained it , ( All True) .

It also helped that I have a Sapphire Card ( under my wife ) that I used to purchase the airfare and use it for all my spending . I pay it off every month.

Three minutes later she told me I was approved for 5K. Not bad. …… I only want to use it for this trip.