What Credit Score Do You Need for Car Loan Approval?

There is a very wide range of auto loans waiting to be approved for people with all kinds of credit. The biggest problem most people have when financing a vehicle is not applying at the right locations.

Just as there are different credit scores, auto loan rates, and types of vehicles, there are different types of lenders as well. Finding the right lender for you will greatly increase your chances of being approved for the best rates possible for your financial situation.

Pre-Approved Car Loan Credit Scores

One of the most important auto loan approval factors is your credit (or FICO) score. This is the average of your scores from the three major credit reporting agencies TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Most credit scores needed for an auto loan approval relies on your previous payment history. Generally most scores will range from the mid to low 300s through the mid 800s; but that by no means that having a 500-600 score is considered having "good credit".

A credit score measures many different aspects of your borrowing history such as:

  • Amount of available credit
  • How often you make payments
  • Ammount/Frequency of late fees
  • Even how much current unpaid credit you have
  • Plus many more factors

Your overall payment history will determine your rates and approved amount for any future loans you apply for. Let's take a look at a breakdown of various FICO scores that are accepted for automobile financing.

Excellent Credit Score: 720+ If your credit score is 815, 811, or even 742 all the way down to 720 when applying for auto loans, you are considered on average to have an excellent credit history. Meaning you get the best interest rates, repayment terms and an open selection of lenders to choose from; even for private party automobile purchases from some lenders. A Good Credit Score: 719 - 680 Having a good credit score such as 697, 700, or even 685 is still fantastic news when financing a new or used vehicle. Most banks and practically all car dealerships will approve you for financing; but you may not be offered the rates of those with an excellent history. Most banks will still be able to offer loans for purchasing a vehicle from a private party in this range. An Average Credit Score: 679 - 620 When applying for auto loans with credit scores of 640, 660, 650, or 644 for example, you will have higher rates on available loans. Most new and used car lots (including franchised car dealers) will still provide you with financing while most banks will take a deeper look into your finances prior to approval. Poor Credit Score: 619 - 580 Looking around for a 590, 580, 600 or 610 score auto loan? At this range of credit scores getting a private party car loan from a bank is usually out of the question. But getting a dealership to approve you is still a possibility, although your rates will be much higher. Try finding a local in house financing car dealer. Bad Credit Score: 579 - 500 When applying for auto financing with credit scores around 570, 563, 565 and 500 you are going to have limited options. Most franchised car dealers will not be able to approve car loans for people with bad credit scores. Your best options for financing would most likely be going to a dealership that provides it own financing or applying online for bad credit auto financing. Very Bad/Miserable Credit Score: 499 and Down Very bad credit scores such as 363, 300, or even 200 could make applying for an auto loan a bit tricky. As long as you have a steady source of income and a possible down payment, there are a few dealerships that will finance you directly at much higher interest rates and unusually rash penalties.

Get Approved for Any Credit Car Loans

Getting approved for auto financing with all types of credit is entirely possible, even for people with very bad credit. Getting approved for an auto loan on a new or used vehicle only takes a simple application that takes minutes to fill out.

Bad Credit Car Loans - Car Dealer Basic Approval Guidelines

Watch the video above to hear answers to the following questions and more.

"I'm having the hardest time tring to get a loan for a car. I have no credit and no one wants to take a chance on me. I'm considered a ghost. How can i get help?"

"What are the basic qualifications for obtaining a loan through your services"?

"If I apply on your website, can you give me a list of dealerships in my area that you work with?"

"I received a call from a dealership a week ago when I applied for a loan, and have not heard anything since. Is there anything I can do?"

"Hi, I am looking for a subprime auto loan. I was denied by 2 car dealerships in the past couple weeks. I have current deliquent credit cards and a bankruptcy in 2003. Can I be helped?"

"Does your company deal with loans for motorcycles and RVs?"

"I just got into a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I need a car bad, and I make $2000 a month. I do not have a down payment. Is it possible to get approved?"

"I am on fixed income per month, but meet the $1500 requirement. I cannot do a down payment. Can I still be approved for a vehicle?"

"How can you get someone approved for a vehicle loan with a credit score of 520?"

How to Get Guaranteed Pre Approved Auto Loans with Low Rates

Shopping your next car could be a complex process especially if your credit rating is bad. Although banks and credit unions are less likely to approve your pre approved car loans request, there are few lenders online that specialize in providing car loans for any credit situations. You only need to find them.

CarLoanBadCreditUSA can teach you how to get pre approved for an auto loan despite having a poor credit rating through a simple, easy and hassle free process. The online process of applying is simple and you can get a response within few minutes!

Why Get Pre Approved For Auto Loan When You Have Bad Credit?

There could be some very good reasons for which you need to learn how to get approved for a car loan with poor credit. Some of these causes may be as under:

  • Helps you to stick to your budget

By getting pre approved for a car loan, you know how much amount of loan you are eligible to receive based on your current monthly income and debt levels.

To make sure that you get the lowest interest rate, you can check with various dealerships in your local area whether they can offer you a better rate of interest.

If you get pre approved for auto loan, you can search cars which fit your budget by negotiating incentives or rebates as you are aware how much you can spend.

Car dealerships also arrange for loans but the programs that they provide have significantly higher interest rates and inflexible terms. With pre approval auto loan you can stay away from them.

Online processes could be extremely fast and as a result, you could end up saving lot of time as well as money while getting approved for a car loan.

Specialist Help In Getting Preapproved For A Car Loan – How We Work?

If you are one of those who are thinking, “How do I get preapproved for a car loan?” then you need to know that we have systematic approach to help you in getting approved for a car loan within few minutes as mentioned below:

  • Complete an easy, simple and quick online application form.
  • Only give us some basic information, details of vehicle not needed.
  • Secure confirmation letter regarding pre-approved auto loan amount.

How To Get Preapproved For an Auto Loan? Just Follow Few Crucial Steps

At CarLoanBadCreditUSA, we can assist you to get quickly pre-qualified for the best deal on a pre approved car financing through a fully streamlined process online. With an auto financing preapproval through us, you can visit nearby car dealerships just like a cash buyer, secure better bargaining power and also enjoy benefit of reduced financing fees. To help you in pre-qualifying for an auto loan that fits your budget, we have a systematic 7 step online application procedure as follows:

  • Determine accuracy of your credit profile

Before you apply for a preapproved auto finance loan, it could be better if you get the accuracy of your personal credit profile checked to make sure that it is free of errors or mistakes.

  • Check eligibility to pre-qualify for car loan

    All banks, credit unions as well as specialized online lenders have some basic requirements for pre-approving auto loan requests. You need to find out whether you meet these conditions so as to get preapproved quickly.

  • Obtain preapproval and receive blank check

    Finalize a deal with the lender that works best for your circumstances and receive a blank check. Visit nearby car dealerships to select a new or used vehicle which is within the loan amount preapproved.

  • See if dealership can offer a better interest rate

    Majority of the car dealers make arrangements for bad credit car financing loans. Find out if you can get a interest rate which is lower than the pre-approved auto loan interest rate that you have secured.

  • Ensure that you have full coverage for car chosen

    Top rated loan dealers across the nation like to work with people who buy comprehensive covers for cars that they purchase. This secures them from repayment of loan balances in the event of at-fault accidents.

  • Choose a vehicle and drive it home within few hours

    Once you have selected a new or used car, pay its price, complete paperwork and drive it to your house. But remember, your lender will have lien on car’s title until the loan is repaid.

  • How Do I Get Pre Approved For A Car Loan? Apply Online To Know More

    If you are still wondering, “How do I getting approved for car loan?” jut fill and submit a quick and easy online application form. We can help you to get a conditional pre approved auto loan which will enable you to know:

    • How much loan amount you are eligible to receive.
    • What your monthly car payments will be like.

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    Drive Home in Your Dream Car by Using Our Fast and Free Approval Process. Get Pre Approved For A Car Loan With Bad Credit Today!

    CarLoanBadCreditUSA can assist you to obtain a car loan with bad credit at affordable interest rates within minutes of your applying online. We work as partners with all direct car loan lenders and even have a nationwide network of lenders that specialize in providing car financing loans of bad credit. Read More.

    Obtain A Car Loan Preapproval Online To Build Your Credit

    If you are thinking of getting behind the driving wheel faster, pre-approved auto financing could be one of your best options. This is because qualifying for lower interest rates on car loans can be really very challenging especially if you have a bad or no credit rating. Besides, by getting a pre-approval for car loan, you will know how much you can afford to spend on your car every month well in advance. Get Free Quote Now »

    Here’s Why You Should Get An Auto Loan Pre-Approval

    Apart from the fact that you could muster immense bargaining skills with a car loan preapproval, such a proposition may also help you to:

    • Determine overall affordability of monthly installments
    • Secure power very much like that of a cash buyerВ В
    • Get a complete understanding of the costs to be incurred

    5 Main Advantages Of Getting A Preapproved Auto Loan

    By obtaining a pre-approval for auto loan you may secure the below mentioned benefits.

    • Know the amount of loan likely to be sanctionedВ В
    • You can choose a car that fits your budget
    • Secure discounts while negotiating car price
    • Obtain monthly payments which are sustainable
    • Interest rate will be fixed all along the life of the loan
    Pre approval car loans

    The 5 Main Reasons for Which You Must Get Pre-Approved For a Car Loan

    • It encourages you to stick to a budget – By getting pre-approved for car loan; you have the chance to know the amount of money you can spend on your car each month. Remember, there are taxes and fees that need to be taken into account while getting pre-approved.
    • It allows you to compare interest rates – You have the opportunity to compare the interest rates offered by several different lenders that offer pre-approved auto loans for all credit situations online, although there is no guarantee that you will be able to secure the best interest rate.
    • It simplifies entire process of negotiation – After you get bad credit pre approved for a car loan, you are aware of your budget. This gives you immense bargaining power at the time of negotiating the used car price.
    • It reduces the risk of spot delivery complications – If you get pre approved for an auto loan online, you can stay away from getting into the hassles of costly dealership financing loans wherein the interest rates and down payments are extremely high and loan repayment terms totally inflexible.
    • It saves time and hassle in the finance and insurance office – By securing the best pre approved auto loans online, you can save lot of time and energy. Besides, there could be many hassles while dealing with Finance and Insurance department of a lender that might not be the case here.

    Know How Our Preapproved Car Financing Process Works

    Car-Loans-Quick has a fast and simple online process for helping borrowers in finding the best preapproved auto loans. To get more valuable information pertaining to your options, just fill and submit a quick online application form by providing minimum personal details. Expect to receive a call from one of our competent local auto loan advisor who will guide you through the process with ease

    Get A Conditional Preapproval For An Auto Loan Online Today

    We may assist you to get a conditional preapproval for car loan instantly even before you select your car. Once you are aware that your auto finance has been already arranged, it will simplify your task of shopping a vehicle that is well within your means.

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    Pre approval car loans

    Pre approval car loans

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    Getting a new car should be an exciting time, researching websites, test drives, checking out all the vehicle options. If you have bad credit or are on Centrelink, it can also be a difficult time finding a lender who is willing to approve your loan request.

    Money3 likes to give everyone a fair go, so even if your credit history is not perfect or whether you are taking home government benefits, we may still be able to help 1 . We look at your current financial situation and affordability when evaluating your loan application. Your loan request could be pre-approved up to $35,000 depending on affordability. Once pre-approved, you can join in with the excitement of finding your new car!

    Perhaps you have already been doing some research, visited some showrooms or have test driven the car of your dreams and know exactly what new car you want to buy - alternatively you may want to find out how much you are able to borrow first, before you shop around. Either way, the next step is getting your loan pre-approved.

    Money3 will consider all types of new vehicles from cars to motorbikes or even campervans!

    Unlike other lenders and high street banks, we will look at your individual circumstances when reviewing your application, your current financial situation and your ability to repay.

    If your current financial situation is not perfect, Money3 may still be able to help 1 . So if you are on Centrelink or have had bad credit in the past, we'll take a fresh look at your application when considering your loan request.

    https://www.money3.com.au/pre-approval/New%20Car Loans up to $35,000

    As a responsible lender, how much you will be able to borrow will be based on how much you can affordably repay within the loan term.

    • Be Over 18 Years Old
    • Income or Benefits over $400 a Week 1
    • Be an Australian Resident
    • Get Your Income Paid into Your Account
    • Be Employed or Recieving Centrelink 1

    1. Subject to verification, suitability and affordability

    Once you have your loan pre-approval, you can find your new vehicle with confidence, agree on a sale price and then let us know the details of the vehicle you'd like to purchase.

    We'll guide you through the process from here, so you can start driving away with brand new car as soon as possible.