pay my collection bill

E-Childs Pay is managed by the State and the Xerox Service’s Local Solutions Group. Childcare payers can use to pay their child support requirement money online with their Mastercard, Discover and Visa card for payments to the local child support payment point. You will be charged a service fee to make your child support […]

How To Make Payment Of Choice Recovery Collection

Choice Recovery, a Columbus based collections agency. They currently provide debt recovery services to over 5,000 healthcare, higher education, and commercial clients. In the past six years alone, they have recovered over $100,000,000 in revenue for their clients and have more than 1,500,000 “paid in full” consumers in their database – highlighting its excellent ability […]

What happens if I don't pay my electricity bill?

The thing is that, I started this year thinking I would stay at my university for the full year but, at the last minute I got into the INT. program to travel over seas and earn credits so, instead of leaving my room mate without a place to stay- I allowed her to stay as we had originally agreed to and I also was willing still pay half and half. She pretty much has nothing to lose but, I told her that the elec. bills would be her responsibility to pay for (fair enough in my opinion) even though it's under my name.

1.what happens to me if I don't pay for them?

2.My Lease is about to end in a month. Will the elec. company track me down somehow? I'm not even from around here.

Keep any deposit.

It will go in your credit report as a unpaid account

They will send it to a collection agency

They may or may not sue you for the outstanding bill.

pay my collection bill

​ Trashy Business - County Waste Collections, llc

P.O. Box 800 Powderly, TX 75473-0800 Phone: 903-732-4801

Use any four digit check number but do not lead with any zeros or repeat numbers month after month. If you use a duplicated check number we will be changing it to a date. Example: 82517

County Waste Collections - Trashy Business

Paying online is easy!

If account is behind your payment must be made by 4:00 pm one business day before your scheduled pick up. We run routes on all holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day unless a sticker is left on your cart explaining a day change. For guaranteed pick-up please place trash containers no more than 5 feet from the road the night before your scheduled pickup day.

pay my collection bill

Timely payment of your monthly bill is greatly appreciated. We take payment in the form of cash, personal check or debit/credit card.

Set up automatic monthly payments by using your debit/credit card. Contact our Business Office to get started today!

Credit and Collection Policy

Bills are rendered on the 1st day of each month and are payable by the 23rd day after the 1st. Bills not received by the due date are subject to a 1.5% late charge added to your bill.

Please mail payments to Hancock Telephone Company, P.O. Box 608, Hancock, NY 13783. Return the billing stub with your payment, and if your stub has been mislaid, please write your customer account number on your check.

Bills may be paid in person at the Business Office, located at 34 Read Street in Hancock. For prompt service, please present your bill and payment stub.

Third Party Notification

All residential customers may choose a third party to receive copies of all credit notices. A third party may then be able to help prevent your service from being turned off by mistake.

You may choose a relative, friend, member of the clergy or a community agency to be a third party for you. The selected party must agree to be a third party and will receive copies of any credit notices we send you because of overdue bills. The third party can contact us on your behalf and help you work out any payment terms with us. Please remember that the third party is NOT responsible for paying your bills.

For more information on this, please contact our Business Office at 637-9911.