prosper better business bureau

Prosper better business bureau

American Bag Company has been awarded an A+, the highest possible rating, by the Better Business Bureau. Although we are a national supplier we have been grouped under Arizona because our corporate headquarter is located in Phoenix. In addition to being listed on BBB's website you can also find our company profile on Ethical Arizona:

The better business bureau uses 16 factors to determine a business' rating and has concluded that American Bag excels in all categories evaluated. The Standards for Trust are a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices focused on how businesses should treat the public - fairly and honestly in all circumstances. Accreditation is an honor since not every company is eligible.

"At American Bag we consider our customers the most important stakeholders in our business. Only by satisfying our customers today do we have the opportunity to grow and prosper tomorrow. I am honored that our dedication to excellent customer service is reflected by our rating with the BBB." - Edith Reiner, President.

Successfully Buy a Business With American Fortune Business Acquisition Services – 502-244-0480

Buy a Business With American Fortune

A mountain climber wouldn’t think of climbing a mountain without having the right gear, you also wouldn’t want to buy a business without the help of the right Advisor. Finding the right Business Acquisition Services Advisor to help cut through the complex issues of structuring a deal can make a big difference between a successful acquisition and knowing when to walk away from a bad deal. Buyers count on American Fortune Business Acquisition Services firm for all of necessary support and expertise to successfully buy a business. American Fortune will help a buyer to buy a business by assisting them with the whole project or specific buy side services to suit their needs. American Fortune serves all areas of the continental USA.

The following is a sample list of American Fortune acquisition services:

  • Perform Business Due Diligence
  • Minimize Taxes on Acquisitions
  • Perform a Business Valuation
  • Perform Buy Analysis
  • Structure a Deal
  • Perform Contract and Deal Negotiations

American Fortune is a service provider in mergers and acquisitions for acquisitions of small to medium size businesses. American Fortune is dedicated to serving the needs of business buyer clients with sound judgment and unparalleled expertise. The firm’s acquisition services provide a realistic and practical approach to evaluating and negotiating an acquisition of a business. They help assure that the business acquisition is successful and that the business continues to prosper well into the future.

Tips for “How to Successfully Buy a Business”

First they make sure the business opportunity of choice complies with all business with all the Federal, State and Local governmental regulations and that it is properly registered and is in good standing. Next, they find out if the business opportunity of interest provides an offering prospectus to buyers. If it’s a business opportunity that falls under the FTC rule, then it’s required to disclose specific information to the buyer.

To successfully buy a business, a buyer needs to keep in mind that buying a successful business with a several locations that has a successful ten year track record, the price for such established business will be higher than a business with a shorter track record. In the acquisition consideration of a more recently established business, the buyer should check out its history very carefully to make sure the sellers are not just dumping a bad business “painted for the market”. In seeking guidance from a Merger & Acquisition Advisor or Investment Banker to evaluate the “right” business opportunity, the buyer would receive the following recommendations and guidelines:

1. The buyer needs to make a honest evaluation of themselves and their abilities. If the buyer has been sitting behind a desk for many years, will they be happy calling on business people and selling them products or intangible service? Do they posses marketing and sales experience?

2. The buyer must be prepared to run their business enthusiastically. Will they be happy introducing a new product or an unusual service that the public knows nothing about? Can they generate honest excitement for a product or service?

3. The buyer must have complete knowledge of the product or service with which they will be involved. If the seller of the business gives the buyer little or no training in technical or management know-how, the buyer should be wary of the business opportunity. If the seller has organized all the operating knowledge into a standard operating manual, the buyer can look with favor upon such a business opportunity.

4. The buyer should make a market evaluation of the product or service to be offered. Is the market likely to remain strong for the product or services for many years to come? Have competitors entered the market and will they become a threat to the business?

5. Find out how many other companies have been in this industry successfully for a respectable period of time. A legitimate seller will provide a buyer with information to make them confident that they are making the right decision.

6. Check the training and experience required to run the business properly. Is there a suitable curriculum of training? What is the scope of training and third party support? Does the buyer’s background fit the requirements of operating this business successfully?

7. What is the company’s profit ratio to sales; to time and service requirements; and to the financial leverage requirements? Can the buyer make more in another type of business?

8. Does the buyer have to work more hours to make the same amount of money as that of their current job? Can the buyer invest the same amount in the business opportunity yet operate a larger operation and get a better return on investment?

9. Research company’s history. Is it a newer company with a limited track record? Is it an older firm whose regular products have satisfied customers for years? Is in an older company whose products or services that have outlived their usefulness?

10. Evaluate the company with the associations and business groups in which the company or seller is involved. Business owners in specific industries flock together via seminars and conferences and therefore get to know each other. Tapping into the grapevine within the industry can be very helpful in learning some inside information.

11. The Better Business Bureau and similar groups collect complaints about a business. These groups will provide a report showing any previous complaints against the company.

12. Having an Merger and Acquisition Advisor plus some assistance from an attorney, accountant or a business consultant is of the utmost importance. A Merger and Acquisition Advisor is very versed and experienced in all of the issues relating to the sale or acquisition of a business. They can conduct an in-depth study/review and guide and protect the business buyer through process to successfully buy a business.

American Fortune has provided expert help to business buyers on how to successfully buy a business via our credible and experienced Business Acquisition Services in the following areas: Louisville Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky, Bowling Green Kentucky, Nashville Tennessee, Memphis Tennessee, Cincinnati Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Toledo Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Baltimore Maryland, Indianapolis Indiana, Chicago Illinois, Detroit Michigan, Flint Michigan, Atlanta Georgia, St. Louis Missouri, Kansas City Kansas, Des Moines Iowa, Minneapolis Minnesota, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Dallas Texas, Fort Worth Texas, Denver Colorado, San Francisco California, Salt Lake City Utah, Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California, San Diego California.

American Fortune Corporate Offices Are Located at 505 Third Street, Suite 301, Louisville, Kentucky 40202. Phone: 502-244-0480; E-mail: [email protected] Call our office to speak with one of our Advisors and learn how to successfully buy a business.

American Fortune Business Acquisition Services is a division of American Fortune Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC

3 Reasons to Pursue BBB Accreditation

We have all heard the horror stories, and even the news documentaries, about businesses that scam the public or fail to follow through on promises made to customers. The Better Business Bureau is a a great resource for those of us who want to find out if other consumers have had issues with an organization and how those issues were resolved. Anyone who deals with customers understands that issues will arise from time-to-time but successful businesses put systems and processes in place to deal with customer concerns. This not only makes for a happy customer but potentially saves the organization from fighting a battle that is mediated through the Better Business Bureau.

The unfortunate part of this is there are probably a number of businesses with poor BBB ratings that are not even aware of it because they don’t take the time to find out what customers are saying about them – or maybe they don’t even care. I was recently speaking with a business owner who had a disgruntled customer and when I asked how they planned to resolve the issue, they said, “we’re not worried about them, there are more customers out there…” Not the way I would recommend establishing a loyal customer base.

Whether your business is a storefront, online merchant or both, you should consider acquiring accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The advantage of pursuing the BBB seal for your website and other marketing materials is that it gives potential customers a sense of trust that comes from knowing the organization they are using operates with honest and trustworthy business practices.

Businesses that achieve BBB accreditation meet the standards for trust and have made a commitment to work with customers if any issues arise and strives to gain consumer trust and confidence through customer friendly business practices.

3 Reasons to Pursue BBB Accreditation

Organizations that pursue BBB accreditation pay a fee for the BBB to review and monitor their business practices. This investment in membership provides objective oversight that helps keep organizations accountable for honest, trustworthy and transparent business practices.

Business credibility comes with meeting the BBB accreditation standards which includes elements of creating and maintaining trust in business practices through self regulation. When consumers recognize that the BBB has graded a business positively they have a level of trust and comfort in doing business with that organization.

Achieving the BBB seal of approval is a great accomplishment and should be used as a marketing tool. It should be displayed on the business website, business cards and any other marketing material that is made available to the general public. This is a great way to quickly gain the confidence of potential customers.

The fragile economy has many people concerned with making wise purchasing decisions and with more and more people finding businesses on-line it is difficult to assess the organization by merely exploring the company website – a great looking site does not necessarily translate into a credible business. This is where the BBB accreditation and seal of approval can be a huge benefit!

Has your business pursued BBB accreditation?