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I can help you with a Mortgage Refinance or Purchase with LOW credit scores or BAD credit. My name is Michael Rocco and I’m a Mortgage Consultant. I have many Years of Mortgage Experience and I consultant for a Direct Mortgage Lender who is FHA, FNMA, GNMA, VA, and Reverse Approved.




LITTLE DOWN PAYMENT – Only 3.5% Down – NO Closing Costs Out of Pocket with a 6% Seller’s Concession



PHONE: (631) 767-5211 – Licensed in 47 States

I Really Look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with your Mortgage.

My Company is GNMA Approved which allows us to Approve Homeowners with Very Low Credit Scores.

Currently ALL other Lenders Require a 620 Minimum credit Score.

Since We are GNMA Approved –

You Can REFINANCE With UNDER 620 Credit Scores

MORTGAGE REFINANCE or PURCHASE with 500 Credit Scores – (We require a 550 minimum credit score)

We do Look at the Mortgage History

Many Homeowners Need Mortgage Help

1) Adjustable Rate Mortgages are Rising

2) Low Credit Scores

4) Little Equity

5) Falling Home Values


Can you refinance with LOW Credit Scores ? YES, Refinance with 500 Credit Scores

Can you receive CASH OUT when you refinance ? YES, you can do CASH OUT Refinance for any reason

Can you refinance with LITTLE Equity ? YES, you can refinance with LITTLE Equity (up to 97.75% of what your Home is worth)

What is the Lowest Mortgage Interest Rate ? Currently Mortgage Interest Rates are the Lowest they have Ever Been

Is there a Pre-Payment Penalty with this mortgage ? NO, Unlike Other Lenders, when you refinance with us we NEVER charge a Pre-payment Penalty


1) Lower your Interest Rate

2) Payoff High Interest Debt like Credit Cards

4) Convert Your Adjustable Rate into a FIXED Interest Rate

5) Lower your Mortgage Payment and save money monthly

6) Pay Off your Mortgage in Less Years

What does Streamline Mortgage mean ? Our Mortgage Program allows you to Lower your interest rate in the future with NO closing costs (only Title Fees) So when interest rates fall you can “Streamline” and take advantage of lowering your interest rate and payment even further.

What does Assumable Mortgage mean ? Our Mortgage allows you to sell your Home and have the New Buyer take over your low and fixed interest rate. They can “assume” the mortgage. (This will make it easier for you the Seller to sell the house)

Here is a List of Reasons for Why You Should use my Company for ALL Your Mortgage Needs

1) Zero Complaints with The Better Business Bureau and The Banking Department

2) Licensed in 47 States

3) We are a Direct Mortgage Lender NOT a Broker

4) We have been a Direct Mortgage Lender for OVER 25 Years

5) We able to provide every type of Mortgage Program – We are FHA, FNMA, VA, Reverse and GNMA Approved

6) We do NOT sell your mortgage to another Lender – We Service the Mortgage for Life

7) We are the Lender with Lowest Fixed Interest Rates

Direct National Lender

Equal Housing Lender – Equal Opportunity Lender

Approved – FHA, FNMA, VA, GNMA and Reverse – Licensed in 47 States

refinance with low credit score

Refinance Options With A Low Credit Score.

Mortgage with Bad Credit – Refinance 2nd.

Marketplace for mortgages, auto financing, credit cards and business financing.

Refinancing can help provide cash for home repairs, but low credit will make it expensive.

refinance low credit score refinance low credit score How to Refinance With a Poor Credit Score.

Refinance Credit Score Range Grids.

  • E-LOAN | Find Your Loan, Savings Account,.

National online mortgage broker specializes in low cost loans and refinancing for people with every type of credit.

It doesn't sound too bad if your low credit score means your mortgage rate went from 6.584 to 7.734. But that can equate to more than $55,000.

Refinance Tool Box. Learn about credit tiers and the effect of credit scores on refinance mortgage rates and home loan qualification.

Typically, if you are behind on mortgage payments, your credit score will drop and you may need to refinance your mortgage in order to avoid foreclosure. Refinancing

The true cost of a low credit score (Page.

650 Credit Score: Refinance Comparison.

Bad Credit Home Loans,Bad Credit Mortgage.

Refinance Tool Box. Refinance mortgage rates comparison for 650 FICO credit score

How to Secure Better Car Loan Rates with Low Credit Score

Looking for affordable auto loans with low credit score? Well, you are at the right place. We can help you in finding lenders that specialize in providing car loans for your low credit score circumstances. Take advantage of our cost-free specialist services online to simply your task and save lot of time as well as money during your effort. Get started with your task now!

How can you finance a car with a low credit score? Check if you qualify for best auto financing with low credit score. We are here to help you:

  • Obtain an approval even if you have low credit score
  • Multiple payment plans to build credits faster
  • Get quick responses within few minutes
  • Buy a car that fits your budget
Refinance with low credit score

Refinance with low credit score

Here Are Your Alternatives For Buying A Car With Low Credit Score

If you are finding it difficult to obtain an approval for low credit score auto financing loan then you may take a look at one of the below mentioned options.

  • Start saving money every month for buying a car in cash instead of getting a loan and damaging your credit rating further.
  • To build credit faster and qualify for better rates later on, it is advisable to get a car loan with shorter loan duration.
  • The key to finding the lowest interest rate on your bad credit auto loan is extensive shopping. To that effect, get free non-binding proposals from several lenders and compare them.
  • For improving chances of obtaining an early car loan bad credit guaranteed approval, you can consider getting a creditworthy co-signer to co-sign the loan being provided.
  • If all of these options fail then you can visit a “Buy Here Pay Here” lot and get the car you want. But be prepared to pay higher interest rate or else wait and take steps to improve your credit first.

Explore Options For Finding An Auto Loan With Low Credit score

  • Apply with direct various car loan dealerships which may accept your auto loan request but might not approve it as not all loan dealers have expertise to offer subprime car loans.
  • “Buy Here Pay Here” lots for buying used cars but interest rates charged could be high and vehicles may have high mileage and lower values.
  • Benefit with specialized lending network of low credit score car loan lenders managed by companies like CarLoansSoFast that have experience to work with borrowers of all types of credit.
Refinance with low credit score

Qualifying for the Best Car Loans with Low Credit Score – Some Useful Tips

Banks and credit unions usually, do not approve applications for bad credit auto loans. If you have a poor credit then you may consider some other alternatives as mentioned below:

  • Look for companies which specialise in providing auto financing for low credit scores online at easy to afford interest rates and flexible loan repayment terms.
  • With a bad credit, it could be better if you thought of paying a sizable amount of down payment. Such a move might not only enable you to get quicker approval but also require you to borrow less money for financing your car.
  • Last but not the least, you can think of getting someone, who has good credit reputation to so-sign the loan, if you intend to secure lower interest rate and faster loan approval.

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