How To Pay Your Sam’s Club Credit Card

Sams club discover card online paymentIf you are the holder of a Sam’s Club MasterCard or store-only credit card issued by Synchrony Bank, you have the following options to make your payment. Note that there is different information depending on which of the 4 consumer or business Sam’s Club cards you have:

If you have either the Sam’s Cub MasterCard or store-only credit card for consumers, you can pay:

  • Online: Log in to your account here and make your payment.
  • By Mail: If you have the Sam’s Club MasterCard, send your payment to the following address: Sam’s Club MasterCard, P.O. Box 960013, Orlando, FL 32896-0013. If you have the Sam’s Club store card good only at Sam’s Club and Walmart, the payment address is Sam’s Club Credit Payment Processing, P.O. Box 530942, Atlanta, GA, 30353-0942
  • By Phone: The Sam’s Club MasterCard customer service phone number for payments is 866-220-0254. If you have the store-only card, call 800-964-1917.
  • In Person: You can pay your credit card bill at any Sam’s Club or Walmart store.

Or, if you have a Sam’s Club business credit card, you can pay in these ways:

Sams Club now offers rewards using a Member Discover Card

You may have already received a new credit card in your mailbox from a partnership of Wally World’s small business wholesaler and Discover Card. This new card acts as a credit card and a membership card (with your picture on the back) in which you can use most anywhere. If you are a Sams Club cardholder who also has a credit limit added to their Sams account you automatically qualify for this Sams Club Discover.

Are you an Advantage member or Plus member? This could value your earnings with the new Sams Club relationship with Discover Card. This card is a new card offered to Sams Club members that allows you to build up rewards over a year and get a check sent to you ranging from .25% up to 2% cashback. Sams Advantage members get up to 1% back and Sams Plus members get up to 2% back.

Benefits of having a Sams Club Discover?

You do not have to shop at Sams Club or Wal-Mart to get the new rebate. You may use this card anywhere to make purchases anywhere that Discover Cards are accepted. Another benefit is the In-Club Cash Access where you can choose from $20, $40, or $60 added to your Sams Club purchase with no Additional fees. That would work well if you want a cash advance of up to $60 and do not want to goto the ATM machine and pay a fee. If you are in need of a balance transfer they offer a 4.99% (updated 5/12/05) APR for life. Furthermore, you only have to carrry one card around instead of your Discover Card and an additional Sams Club Membership Card.

Update (8/22/06): Sam’s Club now asks you when you checkout if you want a $20, $40, or $60 cash amount added on the checkout screen that you sign. This is so much more convenient than going to an ATM machine. I have been going to Sam’s Club every week at least to get an additional $60 in cash. I have also verified in the billing statement there are no cash advance fees or interest for taking out this virtually free cash advance. I would only recommend this if you are not carrying a balance because then there will be fees.

Another benefit that we may have not mentioned on the non-Sam’s Warehouse Club version of the Discover card is when used at Sam’s Club is that you get a Full 5% back at the pump only during the months of July until September this year. You have to be using their current card offer and not the Sam’s version of the Discover.

DisAdvantages of having a Sams Club Discover?

If you want the extra bonus of the 2% offer than you will have to pay a $100 upgrade membership fee for the benefits of a Plus member which I can not see as being all that great. There are too many good credit cards out there like the Chase Perfect Card that would make this offer look bad at first but if you use the card a lot then we recommend this duo offer.

For more information on the Sams Club Membership and their APR for life balance transfer offer call 1-866-407-2315.

Sam’s Club Members Enjoy Great Benefits