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Reviewing merchant account providers? What should be a simple and straightforward process can actual be quite daunting for a merchant – whether you are new to credit card processing or have been processing for years. The various cards, fees, and rates that come with accepting credit cards at your business, create a complicated maze of options that can easy overwhelm anyone trying to choose the best merchant account for their business. As a result of this confusion, merchants are constantly being taken advantage of by both overly complicated contracts, and unfortunately in many cases through outright deception by their merchant service provider.

Merchant Account Providers will often try and distract you by using words like “free”, “rates as low as…”, and other flashy sales pitches to confuse you from what matters. Ignore the noise and focus on these key areas to save money and find a merchant account that is suited to your business.

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Bank of America Merchant Services Review

September 20th, 2012, by Carter Rink

Bank of America Merchant Services started in 2004 and is based out of Louisville,

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