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Dr. Leonardi talks to WISTV on Intermediate TAVR

He spoke to WISTV on advancements in TAVR.

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score lexington

Get your FREE consultation now, we’ll answer any and every credit question you may have-Call 1-888-671-5330

By: Stuart Hunter

Each day, thousands and thousands of people all through this nation battle with the effects of getting a a bad credit score rating. Some are turned down for bank cards or vehicle loans, others study their purposes for a mortgage loan have been denied. If you’re experiencing the restrictions that may end result from having poor credit, you may already notice that your credit score rating is in want of repair. Lately, getting information about the way to fix your credit score rating doesn’t have to be frustrating or nerve-racking, thanks the abundance of monetary resources available to consumers.

The first step in taking control of your credit score situation is learngin what info is listed on your credit reports. You can do this by ordering your credit score reports free of charge from or by calling 1-877-322-8228. This service is provided by Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, the nation’s three largest shopper credit reporting businesses that preserve and distribute your credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles you to receive, by request, a free copy of your credit report from each of the credit score bureaus as soon as every 12 months.

Tricks to Increase Your Credit score

Primarily based on the information in your credit reviews, credit score scores are an essential device used by lenders to calculate the chance that a borrower will repay a loan. Fortuitously for these with lower credit scores, this rating will not be set in stone. there are stuff you may be able to do to improve your credit score score.

* Pay your payments on time – Cost historical past makes up 35 % of your credit score score. A interval of not making your payments on time can shortly drop your score but because the effect of a late fee diminishes over time, specializing in making all funds on time going forward will move your credit score rating in the right direction.

* Get present on missed payments – If payments are already delinquent, their impression in your credit score rating will turn into increasingly extra devastating the longer they continue to be unpaid. A few 30 day late funds are excusable, but only one 90 day late cost could cause your score to come back crashing down.

* Contact your creditors if you’re having a hard time making funds – If you happen to foresee that you’ll be unable to maintain present on your payments, you might be able to make arrangements together with your creditors equivalent to extending the loan period that can aid you get back on top of things. In the long run, you may end up paying extra, but if it retains you from getting additional behind, it will likely be worth it in your long term finances and to your credit score rating.

* Attempt to preserve low balances in your bank cards – Outstanding debt makes up 30 p.c of your credit score. The closer you are to reaching the limit on your credit cards, the less secure your finances will appear. Maintaining credit card balances beneath 30 percent of the accessible restrict will make your utilization ratio look better which is an efficient factor in the credit score scoring model.

* Avoid shifting your debt between bank cards – Transferring money owed to a low rate of interest card is a strong strategy when working to pay down debt, however a historical past of transferring balances between bank cards makes it appear like you are robbing Peter to pay Paul in lieu of of having the ability to make your monthly payments.

* Fastidiously research loan or credit applications before accepting them – Some loans, including retail store strains of credit, are loaded with strings attached that can end up inflicting large issues down the road. For instance, some no fee, no interest financing programs supplied by retailers embrace interest rates that may skyrocket if you’re late on a single cost and clauses the place you should still be answerable for making funds on interest calculated through the “no interest” period.

* Use your bank cards responsibly – Conserving balances low is a start, but you must also watch out to keep the number of cards you could have in test, make all payments on time, often use older playing cards, etc. For essentially the most half, greatest practices for all credit score accounts apply to credit cards as effectively but given the tendency individuals need to let their credit card spending get uncontrolled, responsibly utilizing bank cards warrants special attention.

Lastly, for people who want extra help addressing their unfavorable credit ratings, an excellent useful resource for customers are skilled credit repair services. Professionals can present their invaluable experience on important matters like disputing the questionable adverse listings in your credit score report and particular steps you might be able to take to make the most of your credit. For free consultation call 1-866-944-7671

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&#&608;►We can help you to raise your MTEL scores, minimize your MTEL prep time and maximize your results. Your instructor will work with you to:

  • Outline the content areas on which you need to focus
  • If you are retaking the test, use your score reports to determine the focus of your preparation efforts
  • Develop and work through your study outline
  • Thoroughly review of all sections of the test, familiarizing you with test directions, types of questions, and test-taking strategies
  • Provide you with resources and information to strengthen your focus areas
  • Focus the majority of session time and your between-session studying on the content areas about which you feel least confident
  • Understand how to approach, solve and avoid mistakes on each question type
  • Minimize your preparation time and maximize your results
  • Provide a detailed report after each session to help you stay on track between sessions

For more details or to schedule your first session, please call 781-652-9649 or click here to send us an email.

Where can I find free MTEL practice tests?

Free practice tests for many of the MTELS are available here, at the MTEL website.

Where can I find free MTEL information and preparation materials?

Our students have also found the Massachusetts Department of Education's MTEL test preparation video to be helpful.

The Massachusetts Department of Education's MTEL FAQs are posted here.

Your score report can be printed at no charge from the MTEL website here within 45 days after the score report is released.

How many sessions are needed for Lexington Tutoring, LLC's MTEL preparation and what is covered in the sessions?

Our MTEL preparation program is usually an eight to ten week course of 2-hour sessions designed to thoroughly review all sections of the test, instill confidence in the content areas and familiarize students with test directions, types of questions, and test-taking strategies. Diligent between-session studying and work on the practice tests can usually reduce the number of sessions needed.

After each session, we provide a detailed report on what has been covered which includes suggestions as to what material to study and which diagnostic tests to take before your next session.

If remediation is needed in math, reading, vocabulary or verbal skills, 10 sessions are recommended. For non-native English speakers, more time for English language skills may be required.

Where do you provide services?

Each instructor works from a particular public or college library in Metro West or Boston. We also provide sessions by Skype Video for a variety of special circumstances.

What do you charge for MTEL prep?

Our charge for each for each two-hour MTEL session is $220.00. After each session, you will receive a detailed report on what has been covered which includes suggestions as to what material to study and which diagnostic tests to take before your next session.

I recently took an MTEL test and I think I may have failed it. Should I sign up for the next test date before I find out my results?

You must wait 60 days after taking a computer-based test/subtest before retaking the same test/subtest on computer. If you are concerned that you failed a paper-based test, do not sign up for the next test date prior to receiving your test scores. If you did not pass, the late fees are automatically waived when registration deadlines and score reporting dates overlap. If, however, you sign up for the next administration before receiving your scores and it turns out that you passed the test, your registration fees will not be reimbursed.

What are the Massachusetts requirements for initial licensure?

The MTEL consists of two exams: the Communication and Literacy Skills exam and the Subject-Matter exam. All licensure candidates must take the Communication and Literacy Skills exam. The Subject-Matter exams vary depending on the grade levels and subject area(s) you plan to teach. Depending on the license you seek, you may have to take more than two exams.

How much does it cost to take an MTEL test?

The Communications and Literacy Skills test costs $112 if you take both the Reading subtest and the writing subtest in the same sitting. The cost to take the Reading subtest only is $76. The cost to take the Writing subtest only is $85.

Each subject matter test costs $139.

In addition, there is a $30 registration for each test date. (For example, if you take a subject matter test and the Communications and Literacy Skills test on the same day, you pay a $30 registration fee. If you take these tests on separate days, you pay $30 for each day you take a test.)

How much time will I have for each test?

The Communication and Literacy Skills test and the Subject Tests are scheduled for a maximum of 4 hours each. On each test date, the Communication and Literacy skills test is administered in the 4-hour morning session. The Subject Tests are always administered in the 4-hour afternoon session.

The four-hour test session is designed to allow sufficient time to complete any of the tests in the MTEL program. Examinees may find the four hours of testing time to be more than enough to complete their test, even if they have needed extra time on other tests they have taken in the past. If, however, on the Communication and Literacy Skills test (Reading and Writing subtests), you feel you need extra time, you may register for only one subtest (Reading or Writing) per test date. Registering for one subtest per test date allows you to use the full 4-hour morning session for that subtest.

If you have a documented disability and feel you need extra time, you may wish to register for only one test per test date. Registering for one test per test date allows the afternoon session to be used for additional testing time. All requests for additional time require appropriate documentation and are subject to approval by the Department of Education. The Registration Bulletin provides detailed information for any candidate who feels he or she may need additional time per test.

What are the components of the MTEL Subject Tests?

Each MTEL subject test is comprised of a combination of multiple-choice questions and open-response questions (e.g., solving problems, providing proofs, writing essays in long hand of approximately 300 to 600 words). Most Subject Tests contain about 80 multiple-choice questions and two open-response items. However, newly revised tests include 100 multiple-choice items. A candidate's performance on subareas with multiple-choice questions is based on the number of test questions answered correctly. Candidates do not “lose9rdquo; any points for wrong answers. All multiple-choice questions are weighted equally in computing the total score. The open-response section counts for either 20% or 25% of the candidate's total test score, depending on the test (consult individual Test Information Booklets).

For tests requiring calculators, (Math (09), Chemistry (12), and Physics (11)), scientific calculators are provided. Personal calculators are not permitted. Calculators are not provided or permitted for the Middle School Math (47) test.

For tests requiring formulas (e.g., Math, Middle School Math, Chemistry, Physics), the formulas will be provided during the test and do not need to be memorized.

How are the MTELS scored?

Each MTEL test has its own qualifying score. These qualifying or passing scores are set by the Massachusetts Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education. Each multiple-choice question that you answer correctly will contribute equally toward the points that you have earned for that particular test. The points thus earned range from 100 to 300 for each MTEL test. These points are converted to scaled scores for standardisation of performances across different test administrations. Your performance in the open-response questions will also be converted to scaled scores. You need to score a scaled score of 240 or higher to pass any MTEL test. There is no validity period associated with any of the MTEL scores. If you have passed an MTEL once, you need not take it ever again as your MTEL scores will not expire.

Your MTEL scores will be received by you and the institutions and employers chosen by you at the time of registration. Your MTEL scores will also be sent to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Your MTEL score report will display the results for the MTEL tests which had been taken by you on the test date displayed in the score report. Your score report will consist of the following:

  • Whether you have passed the MTEL tests or not
  • Your total MTEL scores, if you have not passed the MTEL tests
  • Your performance in the individual subareas of the MTEL tests

What are your students saying about your MTEL coaches?

A belated note of thanks for the very well run program that you offer individuals who are working towards the MTEL exams. Everything was so organized and thorough, especially the follow-up information from the tutors who worked with both of our teachers.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we would certainly call upon you (or continue with, if need be!) for tutoring help for our teachers working towards these exams.

Professional Development & Mentor Coordinator

Tenacre Country Day School

78 Benvenue Street

Wellesley, MA 02482

Thank you so much for matching my daughter with Bryan for MTEL prep. There wasn't a doubt in my mind from the first session that Bryan was going to be able to help her. He was extremely positive and so helpful finding strategies that helped her gain confidence to pass the test. I will not hesitate to recommend your company and Bryan to others. I will definitely use him for the other MTEL tests.

Thank you again for all your help,

Parent of a Merrimack College student

Josh was an excellent tutor for the MTEL General Curriculum Math test. He was very knowledgeable not only about the content area but about the intricacies of the MTEL itself. His knowledge on the test and materials were greatly beneficial to me as I retook the test. I am so happy to say that I passed the math MTEL, and will be teaching this fall. Could not have done it without his help. Thanks so much!

Please let Josh know that I passed and have officially received my license from the state of Massachusetts!

A University of New Hampshire graduate with her BA and Masters in Elementary and Special Education

Thank you for what you and Brad have done for me. I'll never forget it. For the first time i actually feel good about taking the MTEL Biology exam. Brad was absolutely amazing and definitely worth the money, he knows everything. I will definitely come back for help when i plan to take the chemistry MTEL and i have already recommended Lexington Tutoring to my teacher-to-be friends.

Prospective biology teacher in Shrewsbury, MA

I would recommend Lexington Tutoring to anyone and feel so lucky to have found them in my time of need. My tutoring sessions with Josh flew by each week and left me feeling so much more prepared for the MTEL English exam. I am confident that I will pass this time. While my main focus of tutoring work was on the writing portion of the exam, Josh also prepped me with helpful strategies for the multiple choice portion. He has a wonderful way about him, has tremendous knowledge of history and literary periods, and makes you feel so at ease, even when the subject matter at hand is quite intense and difficult!

Thank you, Josh, and Lexington Tutoring,

Prospective English teacher in Framingham, MA

It was a true pleasure working with Lauren. She was extremely helpful, organized, and so kind. She was able to break down the information in a way that was understandable for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. She truly was amazing and by far one of the best tutors I have ever had. She really cares for my understanding of the content and I loved how we wouldn’t move onto something new until I was totally comfortable with what we had just learned. Her ability to pull out and explain the information in a way that was easiest for me to learn was amazing. I loved working with her!!

Thank you for all your help as well!

Prospective teacher in Canton, MA

I just want to thank you again for helping my daughter. Our daughter says that Elissa is a wonderful teacher. She can't say enough about how smart she is and how wonderfully she relates to her. That is so important for our daughter. She had lost her confidence after failing so many times. Hopefully this will be the last time for this test. Please tell Elissa I am ever so grateful to her for giving my daughter her confidence back.

A Weymouth parent

Thank you so much for all of your help and support with my MTEL's. With your tutoring I was able to pass both Foundations of Reading and the Math General Curriculum test. I would not have been able to do it without the help of Josh. Josh was able to break down the material into concepts that met my learning needs. I am so grateful that I found your tutoring center and was able to connect with Josh. Josh was so patient and kind and really believed in me. He helped me to understand not only the concepts that would be on the test but he gave me strategies to help me be successful in taking the tests.

I cannot say enough good things!!

A Norwood, MA teacher

Just wanted to take a few moments to send along my thanks to Josh for his help in studying for my recent MTEL General Curriculum- Math Subtest. After 4 years and many many attempts at the test while at studying on my own, I received my test scores today and am so happy to say I finally passed! The areas that Josh and I focused our study sessions on are the areas that I did best (and the areas that I historically did worst) and I scored a "thorough" on my open response.

I appreciate all of your time and help. Thank you again!!

University of Connecticut graduate with a double major in communication disorders and psychology and a masters in special ed from Simmons

Thanks for all your help this summer! I passed all three MTELS first time with no problem. Even the written part was very good, except for the sentence correction. Thanks so much! I would not have been able to do it without you.

New England Conservatory of Music

When I first called Lexington Tutoring I was very apprehensive whether they were going to help me achieve a passing score on the Biology MTEL I committed to the tutoring sessions with Nevin, and found that he explained the content clearly, and related the material in a way I could retain it. I not only passed the MTEL, I overachieved in every category from my previous results. The best five words I read were “you met the qualifying score.” I highly recommend using Lexington Tutoring.

Lauren is a pleasure to work with! You are very lucky to have her on your staff. Her knowledge of the subject is outstanding, she made it so much easier for me to finally grasp the overall concept of Foundations of Reading. At this point, I truly believe I have the necessary tools to past the test. Thank you both so much for your help.

Thank you for all your help as well!

Lynn Massachusetts teacher

Without Bryan's tutoring and self confidence boosts, I don't think I would have passed the Elementary Math MTEL. I'd taken it 7 times and was thinking I would never pass it. Thanks for all the time spent working with me!

Thanks again for your services,

A Jamaica Plain recent college graduate

Working with Elissa was such a great experience. She was with me 100% of the way during the sessions. She listened to all my questions and opinions. Elissa was able to use the short amount of time we had each week to create useful & resourceful lessons. She is without a doubt the reason I feel so confident going into my next MTEL.

Thank you Elissa!

Thank you so much for helping Lauren prepare for her MTELs. The time she spent with Josh was well worth the time and the money. Lauren went into her exam well prepared and very confident. Josh was an extremely helpful tutor not just in terms of helping her learn the required material, but also giving her very helpful test-taking strategies. I would definitly recommend your services to any student preparing for the MTELs.

Thank you again,

I wanted to let you know I passed the MTEL Elementary Math (53). Thank you for the help, and thank you to Bryan for the tips, explanations and advice.

I appreciate the work of both you and Bryan,

Happy Holidays!! I just wanted to let you know that Chris passed his Earth Science MTEL!! This nightmare is over. Thank you so much. Well worth the money.

I am writing this e-mail to let you know that I PASSED my Foundations of Reading MTEL test! YAY. I can't thank you enough for making the time to meet with me at the Northborough and Marlborough public libraries, helping me to improve my test taking skills, and increasing my knowledge on the Foundations of Reading subject matter. With your help I went into the test on May 8th with a lot of confidence and was able to improve my score. I was so happy when I found out today, and wanted to thank you right away for all of your help. It is because of you that I am now able to get my teaching license, and go out into the real world and start my professional job as a special education teacher. Again, I can't thank you enough for all you have done; you have really made a difference in my life. Hope all is well with you!

I would be happy to allow you to put up my e-mail on your website. I want everyone to see how great Lexington Tutoring, LLC is, and everything it has done for me. Thanks again for everything!

I just wanted to thank you so much for the tutoring help that you provided to me. I passed my MTEL Biology test and am now licensed!! This achievement will broaden many career opportunities for me as a science educator! Thanks again! Have a wonderful summer!

Thank you so much for your help wмth the Early Childhood MTEL. I had taken the test six time before consulting Lexington Tutoring, LLC. Their approach is in depth and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Elissa was awsome! She is knowledgeable about the Early Childhood MTEL and stresses what the state will definitely ask on the test. Without my positive tutoring experience I might have given up.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my writing MTEL. I honestly can't thank you enough for everything you did. I know it was a tag team effort but I truly wouldn't have accomplished this without your help. You are an incredible teacher and your students are very lucky to have you. I'm in soccer season now but will be looking into MTELs after the season is over. I will contact you once I decide what I'm going to do. If I decide to go for Foundations of Reading, I'm interested in working with you again. I will be in touch but honestly thank you so much again. You really made a difference with me and I hope you take satisfaction in knowing that (if not you really should).

Keene State College

I am extremely pleased with Lexington Tutoring, LLC’s services. As I am not much of a test taker, this tutoring service helped me gain the confidence as well as test taking skills to pass both Communication and Literacy MTELS.

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Please visit our testimonials page to read more of what our students are saying about us. We receive messages like these every week.

About our MTEL Coaches

Morgan King, MAT

  • Science teacher at Spark Academy
  • MAT, Clark
  • BA, Clark, Biology, cum laude
  • Massachusetts Department of Education certification
    • Biology, 8-12
    • Sheltered English Instruction Endorsement
  • Morgan provides prep for the following MTELS:
    • Biology (13)
    • Mathematics/Science (Middle School) (51)
    • Foundations of Reading (90)
    • Communication & Literacy Skills (01): Reading Subtest; Writing Subtest
    • General Curriculum (03): Multi-Subject Subtest Multiple-Choice Question Analyses; Mathematics Subtest

Nevin Katz, MEd

  • Technical Project Director at EDC in Waltham
  • BA, Swarthmore College--Biology, with additional work in Chemistry
  • MEd, Harvard University
  • 8 years of experience teaching at the secondary level
  • Massachusetts Educator’s certification: Biology, Grades 5-12
  • Nevin provides prep for the following MTELS:
    • Biology(13)
    • Earth Science(14)
    • General Science(01)
    • Physics(11)
    • Chemistry(12)
    • Mathematics (Middle School) (47)
    • Mathematics, grades 8-12, (09)
    • General Curriculum (03): Multi-Subject Subtest Multiple-Choice Question Analyses; Mathematics Subtest

Jon Langford, BS

  • Previously a research scientist in the drug discovery department of Hydra Biosciences, Jon is on an eventual path to his doctoral degree in medicinal chemistry & drug discovery
  • Dual Bachelor of Science degrees, Neuroscience and Biology-- University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • At UMass, Amherst, Dean’s list & a member of the National Honor Society of Neuroscience
  • 3 years with Lexington Tutoring, LLC tutoring college courses leading to a degree in neuroscience & biology and high school, physics, biology, psychology, statistics, earth science, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus & calculus
  • Jon provides prep for the Biology MTEL

Josh Sanford, MEd

  • Learning disabilities faculty at Mansfield High School
  • BA, Bates College--Classical and Medieval Studies with a secondary concentration in Educational Studies
  • MEd, Lesley University
  • 15 years of classroom teaching & tutoring experience
  • Massachusetts Educator’s certifications
    • English 5-12,
    • ESL 5-12
    • Special Education – Moderate 5-12
  • Josh provides prep for the following MTELS:
    • Communication & Literacy Skills (01): Reading Subtest; Writing Subtest
    • General Curriculum (03): Multi-Subject Subtest Multiple-Choice Question Analyses; Mathematics Subtest
    • Foundations of Reading (90)
    • Mathematics (Elementary School) (53)
    • Middle School Humanities (English/History)
    • English (07)
    • History (06)

Bryan Rotundo, MEd

  • Learning disabilities faculty at a Metro West middle school
  • MEd, Lesley University
  • BA, Siena College—Marketing
  • Experienced at designing individualized instruction & at identifying the learning styles & strengths of his students, including those with executive function disorders, ADD, ADHD, selective mutism, mood disorders & emotional disabilities
  • Specializes in providing both academic & emotional support to students with social, emotional & behavioral issues
  • Massachusetts Educator’s certification Special Education – Moderate 5-12
  • Bryan provides prep for the following MTELS:
    • Communication & Literacy Skills (01): Reading Subtest; Writing Subtest
    • General Curriculum (03): Multi-Subject Subtest Multiple-Choice Question Analyses; Mathematics Subtest
    • Foundations of Reading (90)
    • Mathematics (Elementary School) (53)
    • Early Childhood (02)

Elissa Sanford, MEd

  • Educational consultant with The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham
  • Developmental Specialist for infants & toddlers with a variety of language & developmental needs at Criterion Middlesex Early Intervention, in Framingham
  • BA, University of Colorado, Boulder--Communication Disorders
  • MEd, California State University, Northridge
  • Post-Masters Certificate in Early Education & Care: Research, Policy & Practice, University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • 12 years of classroom teaching experience
  • Massachusetts Educator’s certification Teacher of the Deaf-All Levels (Pre/K-12)-Professional
  • Elissa provides prep for the Early Childhood (02) MTEL

&#&608;►We can help you to raise your MTEL scores. For more details or to schedule your first session, please call 781-652-9649 or click here to send us an email.

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