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Chase Southwest Pay Bill

  • Allows a Southwest Airlines Rapid Card member to pay down a bill online (customers who are not a Chase Southwest credit card member can learn more about the card)
  • Online bill pay requires the customer to be enrolled in a Chaseonline account
  • The service is free to use for all Chase credit card members (like all online bill payments)

The Chase Southwest pay bill service works with the following cards: Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card, Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card, and the Southwest Airlines rapid rewards business credit card. All of the above cards come with excellent reward benefits and bonuses and are designed for those who have a good to excellent credit score.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card vs the Plus Card vs the Business Card?

The Premier Card allows the customer to claim 2 Points per $1 Spent on Southwest Flights and hotel and car rentals (please note that the hotel and car rentals must be partnered with the Chase Southwest credit card program in order to qualify of the 2 points). The card also comes with:

  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • 6,000 Anniversary Points (these points will be provided one year from the date of approval and the card members account must be in good standing in order to collect)
  • 1 point for every $1 spent

The popular Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card comes with the same benefits as the Premier card minus the foreign transaction fees (card holders will pay a transaction fee when making a purchase abroad) and the Plus Card provides 3000 bonus points on the members anniversary date.

www.Chase.com/Southwest – Southwest Rapid Rewards by Chase

Southwest Rapid Rewards by Chase:

  • On this site you can explore the benefits of becoming a Southwest Rapid Rewards members by signing up for a rewards credit card through Chase
  • If you are already a Southwest Rapid rewards cardholder you can log in to your account and manage your account online
  • Southwest and Chase offer three different credit cards which provide different benefits – The Southwest Premier Card, The Plus Card, and The Business Card
  • If you are not yet a cardholder you can also explore available offers and special promotions for new member sign ups

Southwest Rapid Rewards Card is a credit card which provides travel benefits for cardholders and is issued through Chase Bank. Many types of reward programs exist for credit cards such as reward points and cash back; this particular card is for a consumer who is interested in using their reward benefits for travel and flights. With the Southwest Rapid Rewards card, points do not expire and you can accumulate as many points as you wish – no limits will apply to the amount of reward points you can earn.

An additional benefit of the Southwest Rapid Rewards Card is that if a consumer does not wish to redeem their points for travel rewards such as flights through Southwest Airlines, the points can be used to acquire gift cards or merchandise through their rewards program. Consumers who use their reward points for Southwest Flights will receive all of the accommodations Southwest Passengers have grown to expect such as quality service and free bag check in.

Additional Information about Southwest Rapid Rewards:

  • Currently consumers can sign up to earn 25,000 reward points once $1,000 is spent on their card in the first 3 months of use
  • Consumers earn 1 point for each dollar spent and 2 points for each dollar spent on Southwest flights or on travel items sponsored through the Southwest Rapid Rewards program
  • A $99 annual fee applies to the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Card – No annual fee applies to the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card
  • In addition to the travel rewards, your card is issued by Chase Bank which comes with the protection and customer service consumers expect from a top credit card issuer

Chase Business Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa Credit Card Sucks

This is a rant about my Chase Business card, the credit card I use to buy most of my gadgets, so while it is not strictly a gadget, it is most certainly a "gadget enabling device". The short of it is my Chase Business credit card, specifically the Southwest Rapid Rewards card sucks, it sucks hard and with gusto!  At this point some of you may ask "Gee, just how much does Chase Bank suck?  Can we get a visual metaphor?"  Let's just say that it could probably suck a golf ball through a length of garden hose running from Boston to San Francisco.  Read on for the full details.

Due to a mild masochistic streak, I have used this horrible Chase credit card since 2005, and experienced random declines of totally routine charges.  Mind you, it was never a balance or limit issue, more of the hey lets screw with this guys life for $hit$ and giggles. The "best" part was always the complete and utter lack of communication "“ nothing like a call or an email notifying me of potential fraud concerns.

Most recent example, a totally routine repeat purchase from a company that I purchase from twice a month for an unremarkable dollar range got declined.  Upon calling Chase at their 800-346-5538 I got greeted by a smug customer service representative who dished out pearls like "our fraud system determined that this charge was suspicious" and the ambiguously clever "the fraud system found the dollar amount of the transaction to be suspicious" "“ not high not low but "suspicious" (for the record it was not a prime number).  When I asked what they meant more specifically, they could not give me an answer referring back to the unquantifiably magical "fraud system".  I reminded them that this is a business card, and  that I was trying to use it for standard business transactions (from a company that I have a purchasing history with) and like a four year old child they told me they were sorry.  I asked them if there was something I could do differently so my future charges would not keep getting declined and they suggested that I call them every time before using the credit card, at this point I wasn't sure if they were done "helping me" and were simply screwing with me.  The helper, hypothetically let's call her Christine Harwood (since that's the name she used), finally told me that they "fixed" the problem and to try charging the card again.  Much to my chagrin the card got declined again.  I called back Chase and got the same representative who said, "didn't I talk to you earlier" and I said "yes" and after that warm bonding experience she proceeded to grill me with additional security questions. She asked for my date of birth, and to completely blow my mind she followed that up by asking my age just in case a potential criminal could not do the math.

To make a short story long, I got them to finally resolve the issue, and I am now in the process of moving my business away from Chase Business Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa Credit Card because their fraud practices suck (see the complete suck references in the initial paragraph)!  To compensate for the wasted time I am considering going into a side business of selling T-Shirts with the following slogans:

· Chase business credit card sucks

· Chase credit cards are the worst

· Chase bank sucks

· Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card sucks

southwest rapid rewards chase

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Explore more ways you can earn.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Did you know you can earn more points depending on the type of fare you choose? You’ll earn six points per dollar on Wanna Get Away® fares, ten points per dollar for Anytime fares, and 12 points per dollar on Business Select® fares.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

  • 2X points on Southwest® purchases
  • 3,000 points on your Cardmember anniversary
  • 1X points on everyday purchases

*After you spend $2,000 on purchases in the first three months. $69 annual fee. Limited-time offer.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

A little short on points? You can still reach a reward flight easily. Rapid Rewards® Members can purchase points for themselves, to give as a gift, or transfer them to another Rapid Rewards Member.*

Point Center transactions are nonrefundable and nonreversible. Purchased, gifted, and transferred points do not count toward tier or Companion Pass status. A credit card must be used to complete point purchase, gift, and transfer transactions. Points can be bought for personal use or as a gift in blocks of 500 with an initial minimum purchase of 2,000 points and a daily combined maximum of 60,000 points.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Rapid Rewards® Now You See It Game

Have your eye on earning rewards? Rapid Rewards partners make earning points easy. Learn where to earn by finding differences in each photo to reach the next level and compete for the high score. Choose carefully. You have 60 seconds.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Wherever you roam, Rapid Rewards® gives you the opportunity to earn more points with our Car Rental and hotel partners at thousands of U.S. and international destinations. See our complete list of partners.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Whether you’re buying a handbag, a new set of clubs, or are out to dinner, you can earn extra points with online purchases at Rapid Rewards Shopping® or at your favorite restaurants with Rapid Rewards Dining®. Learn more >

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Southwest rapid rewards chase

With no limit to the number of reward flights you can earn and no blackout dates, Rapid Rewards® has the best reward availability* of ANY U.S. airline rewards program.

Points don’t expire as long as you have flight or partner earning activity every 24 months. Benefits apply to points transactions. All Rapid Rewards rules and regulations apply.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

The best part about earning points is redeeming them. Redeem your points for a reward flight by visiting Southwest.com.® There, you can log into your account, search for flights by points instead of dollars, and book your next trip.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Rapid Rewards® Credit Cardmembers can redeem points for intimate and exclusive Cardmember-only experiences.

  • Enjoy a winter ski retreat at luxurious resorts.
  • Experience the wine country as a VIP.
  • Tee off on world famous courses.
  • Get behind-the-scenes access at private concerts.
Learn more >

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Log on to our Destination Finder and see the 100+ cities you can fly to with points. Saving up for a future flight? You can set goals and track the progress towards the destination of your choice with our Reward Flight Tracker.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

As a Rapid Rewards® Credit Cardmember, choose from rewards like these and create more moments to remember:

  • Southwest Airlines® flight with no blackout dates or seat restrictions*
  • Expanded international flight options to over 800 destinations on 50+ global carriers

  • Hotel stays and rental cars nationwide—your travel rewards don’t have to end when you step off the plane
  • Gift cards for Southwest Airlines and dozens of other merchants
  • Electronics, merchandise, sporting events and concert tickets, golf gear, and more

The Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Credit Card is brought to you by Southwest Airlines® and Chase. Southwest Airlines is responsible for the redemption of Rapid Rewards® points toward benefits and services. The number of points needed for any particular Southwest flight is set by Southwest and will vary depending on destination, time, day of travel, demand, point redemption rate, and other factors and is subject to change. Rapid Rewards points can only be transferred to the primary Cardmember’s Rapid Rewards account. All Rapid Rewards rules and regulations apply, please visit www.Southwest.com/rrterms. Southwest reserves the right to amend, suspend, or change the program and/or program rules at any time without notice. Rapid Rewards Members do not acquire property rights in accrued points and awards.

Southwest rapid rewards chase

Rapid Rewards® Destination Match-Up Game

Southwest Airlines® flies to many of your favorite destinations. Test your memory and see if you can uncover them all. The further you go, the more challenging it gets. Ready, set, explore.

About Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Card

With a credit card, you can carry a balance and accrue interest if necessary. Note this is not advised by me. The points game does not work well, if you are carrying a balance and accruing interest. See #4 in Let’s Get Started To Earning Free Travel.

$69 annual fee applied to your first billing statement

1. Earn 2 points on Southwest and AirTran Airways airline tickets

3. Earn 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.

Apply for the Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card Here

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