Spirit credit card review

Spirit credit card review

Spirit Airlines World MasterCardВ® Credit Card

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Spirit credit card reviewSpirit credit card review

Spirit Airlines Credit Card Review 2. The Worst Card Ever?!

A: Founded in 1. 98. Spirit claims to be “the ultra low cost airline for the Americas.” They’re mostly known for their flights down to Florida and the Caribbean.

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Personally, I used to fly them all the time because they offered direct flights to and from Detroit/Los Angeles. I originally wrote a Spirit Airlines credit card review here several years ago. Back then it was issued/managed by Barclays and in short, the experience my family had with it was not good. I’ve dealt with many, many call centers and the Spirit credit card service department was by far the worst.

They seemed to just read from a script. It doesn’t matter what you say or what your question is, these people didn’t seem to understand your issue or how to provide a resolution. To add insult to injury, the promotional sign- up “bonus” wasn’t worth much. They claimed it was enough for free airfare (which technically is true) but afterward I saw fine print. They use language like “up to” and “off peak.” After we got the card, there wasn’t anywhere close to enough for the round trip ticket I wanted.

In fact, a year and a half later – plus after it being the main credit card used during that time – there still were not enough accumulated miles! Just to reiterate, those comments above were about the old Spirit Master.

Card and were written around the end of 2. Since then the credit card program has changed. Here’s a look at the newer version: Spirit Airlines credit card details. Issuer: The card is now issued by Bank of America. Name: Previously it was called the Free Spirit Onyx World Master.

Card. Now it’s just called the Spirit Airlines World Master. Card. Annual Fee: $5. There is a lower- tier version, Platinum Plus for $1. Rewards: The card gives 2 miles per dollar spent.

Admittedly this is much better than in the past, but I’m still not convinced it’s a competitive credit card offer and here’s why: Complaint #1. You will be charged award redemption fees. Being charged to spend your reward points? This is not common among other frequent flier programs. The Spirit website lists these “non- refundable, per customer award redemption” fees: $1. Award ticket requested 6 days or less prior to departure$7. Award ticket requested between 7 and 2.

Award ticket requested between 2. No Fee) – Award ticket requested at least 1. Keep in mind, those are in addition to any applicable government taxes and fees you also will have to pay. Complaint #2. Navigating the peak vs. Plus, there’s less confusion when it comes to how far your rewards will get you. For the same $5. 9 annual fee, you can also get 2 miles per dollar spent with the.

Capital One Venture and it charges no foreign transaction fees (which can be a huge savings if you travel outside of the US). Plus, you can use your rewards to pay for any travel purchase (including the purchase of Spirit airline tickets). Your rewards are worth 1 cent each, always. Older comments are referencing a different issuer.

spirit airlines credit card review 2016 the worst card ever

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Spirit credit card review

Spirit Airlines Credit Card Review 2016 The Worst Card Ever