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State Farm Insurance is an insurance company headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois. Established in 1922, the company was the result of George J. Mecherle’s vision. Initially offering automobile insurance, the company has seen expansions throughout its history ever since the initial days. This has lead to the company providing several other types of insurance products as well. As of now, State Farm Insurance’s options include renter’s insurance, motorcycle insurance, homeowner’s insurance, condo insurance, banking and financial services, as well as life insurance.

Fun Fact: George J. Mecherle, the founder of State Farm Insurance, was actually a retired farmer himself. Mr. Mercherle established the company as he wanted to provide farmers with the option of automobile insurance.

In modern times, financial stability for any company, be it an Insurance provider, is of utmost importance. This is mainly due to the fact that economical crisis can be around the corner at all times, and a company needs to have a strong financial background in order to survive through such hardships. Fortunately, State Farm Insurance is highly ranked when it comes to financial strength. According to two of the most well-renowned financial services companies, A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s, State Farm Insurance has a very impressive financial background. The company has received the best possible, A++ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, whereas Standard & Poor’s has given it the equally impressive AA rating.

• A.M. Best – AA+ (Superior) Rating

• Standard & Poor’s – AA Rating

The company’s ability to meet financial obligations, pay claims, and perform essential operational performances is regarded as its financial strength. The relation between a company’s financial strength and customer satisfaction is pretty much directly proportional. According to J.D. Power and Associates, State Farm Insurance is rated above average in terms of overall customer satisfaction. This is clearly due to the fact that the company enjoys a stable financial background, due to which it is able to live up to its customer’s expectations.

State Farm Insurance provides a variety of life insurance products, all having different universal, life, and term coverages which are flexible enough to be tailored according to each individual’s requirements. The company boasts impressive insurance policy options such as cash surrender, survivorship, and term conversation, which clearly signifies State Farm as a company which sets its policies according to the requirements of its policyholders.

The company also caters to the younger audience by providing them flexible options. One of these is the 20 or 30 year return policy of premium which has coverage minimums which are quite flexible. This gives younger buyers the ability to easily obtain an insurance policy as they have additional choices at their disposal.

• 24/7 claims assistance is available by both online and telephonic means

• Exceptional financial strength ranks the company among the most impressive insurance providers

• High ratings from customers prove that the company values its clientele

• Not all of the states are included in their discount policies

• Complaints of unduly denied claims have been noted on more than one occasion

State Farm Life Insurance Customer Service Info:

File a claim with State Farm Life Insurance, Customer Service / Support Phone Number : 800-STATE-FARM (Available: 24/7)

Get a free State Farm Life Insurance quote online:

State Farm Insurance Review Complaints Ratings

State farm reviews and ratings

Image Result For State Farm Insurance Review Complaints Ratings

Researching auto insurance companies? Read reviews and complaints about State Farm Auto Insurance. Topics include discounts, coverages and more..How do I know I can trust these reviews about State Farm? State Farm handled our homeowner s insurance claim in bad faith, refusing to address the line .Read our expert s review about State Farm Life Insurance. Ratings include services available, policies, customer support, online tools and additional features..See complaints levels, customer satisfaction ratings and coverage options for auto, home and life insurance in this State Farm insurance .Poorest customer service. They just need your money. They will lie, lure you into the policy and once you are in, they do not care about you. No ranking for .

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State Farm Insurance Review Complaints Ratings

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A fine transfer of Orwell to the screen

State farm reviews and ratings

I don't understand why critics in recent years have never warmed to "Animal Farm". They believe it's "disappointingly flat" (Leslie Halliwell) or "an illustrated study aid" (Time Out). I remember when I first saw this film a quarter of a century ago. I found the betrayal of Boxer, the horse, horrifying. The description, "an intellectual film, not an emotional one" (Time Out), cannot be reconciled with my own recollections. Are British critics simply holding a British film of a British novel up to standards they would not apply to a non-British production? The film already contains evidence of a Disney influence, from adorable ducklings to a musical score with echoes of Prokofieff's "Peter and the Wolf", and an expiating ending that's not in the book. Any more of that sort of thing and critics would have accused the film of losing all of the book's bite.

Still Relevant Animated Film -- Not For Kids

State farm reviews and ratings

Animal Farm, based on a novel by George Orwell, is ostensibly about a group of animals who rebel against the drunken farmer who owns them, and abuses them. They begin running the farm themselves. Their revolution is corrupted into tyranny which eventually becomes worse than the human farmer's regime.

A good story of course and thus worth seeing but the narration-heavy delivery makes it more like an audio book than a film

Fed up with the treatment from farmer Jones, the animals of Manor Farm gather in a meeting to listen to Old Major tell them of his hopes for a socialist revolution to improve their lives. Sadly, mid-song, Old Major dies of a heart attack but by then his message had been passed on. The next morning Jones is met with resistance and driven off his own land and, when he returns with friends to take it back, a great battle ensues that the animals win. Thus begins the new, fairer farm where all animals are equal and everyone shares the work as well as having a share of the profits. However this equality soon starts to have exceptions as leaders rise up from within the ranks.

"Animal Farm" doesn't seem like a candidate for animation, but after seeing the lackluster live-action feature last year, this animated British film looks better and better each time I view it.

Orwell's political fable as 50s animation

State farm reviews and ratings

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Directed by Joy Batchelor and John Halas, and co-written by Batchelor from the renowned novel by George Orwell, this animated film benefits from a faithful rendering of the story and two talented voices - Gordon Heath narrates, while Maurice Denham does everything else (all the animals!).

Not to degrade Animal Farm by calling it a cartoon, I am amazed that it was even made into an animated film back in 1954. Even though the story is a popular book in most junior high schools, it is a tough story to take, especially the ending. In this version, the ending is given a re-make. Having more of a positive ending with hope, Animal Farm doesn't end as powerful as it does in its original written version. Still, it is one of very few cartoons that address important issues and leaves its audience with a number of powerful images.

State farm reviews and ratings

Why it is that people call this rubbish and dumb, the world has yet to know. I thought it was one of the greatest (if not the darkest) animated film I've seen in my days. The movie stays true to the book written by George Orwell, except for the song and the ending, which I will not spoil for you.

A faithful adaption to Orwell's novel.. Except when it isn't.

State farm reviews and ratings

"Animal Farm" is a story about how the animals in Manor Farm revolt against Mr. Jones- their owner. The animals have had enough of him and decided that they didn't want to serve humans anymore. The pigs of the farm leads the others barnyards animals a revolt against Mr. Jones. Together, all the animals fight against humans, in hopes for a better future. However, an unexpected tyranny occurs, led by one of their own kind.

State farm reviews and ratings

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

ANIMAL FARM is the famous allegory about the Soviet Union written by George Orwell . It's a timeless fable that has outlived Orwell , Stalin and communism itself which speaks of humanity's fondness of the tale of the state versus the individual. Strangely though this might be down of humanity's fondness of animals rather than its reverence of Orwell . One problem with the narrative is that if you know anything about the history of the USSR then its roots are a bit too obvious with Jones being the Czar , Snowball being Trotsky , Napoleon being Stalin etc

State farm reviews and ratings

George Orwell's novel 'Animal Farm' was a fable that worked as a bang-on critique of the Russian revolution and Stalinism. In it a group of mistreated farmyard animals rise up against their owner and overthrow him. They then briefly form a Utopian society that quickly deteriorates into something very similar to the old system that was in place before.