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Nowadays that more businesses accept credit card payments, consumers are getting more encouraged to apply for their own credit cards. There are countless of banks and financial establishments that are offering different types of credit cards that provide various services. One of these types is the visa card. Many visa cards offer reward programs, lower interest rates, and cash backs. Getting visa cards is almost the same with any other financial institutions. The applicant will have to fill out a form and submit financial records or documents that the establishment requires. More often than not, a visa card application can be affected by the credit rating. Applicants must ensure that they have good credit records for a higher chance of having their applications approved.

In line with this, the Chase Southwest Visa Card is among the best options that consumers have. Chase Southwest Visa offers a variety of credit cards tailored to meet users’ needs and preferences. A user can choose between a Chase Southwest Visa Card that has a lower interest rate or a card connected with a rewards program.

Chase Southwest Visa Travel and Dining Card – this card is perfect for those who usually travel and love to eat in various restaurants. With the visa card, the holder is entitled to 40,000 bonus points when he/she manages to spend $3,000 in the first three months. The bonus points are equivalent to a value of $500.

Business Chase Southwest Visa Card – with this card, a business owner can receive $250 worth of cash back bonus. Moreover, a 5% cash back is also offered for office supply expenses, while a 2% cash back on gas and dining costs are also available. This would greatly help businessmen whenever they have to meet up with their clients and take them to lunches or dinners.

Ink Bold Charge Card – this card offers a complimentary airport lounge and higher points for every dollar spent for business purposes. With the card, the user wouldn’t have to pay any fee for foreign transactions.

These are the different credit cards under the Chase Southwest Visa Card service. Other benefits include unlimited cash back of 1% on all purchases, as well as a 0% APR Introductory rate. There is also no annual fee that comes with any visa cards offered by Chase Southwest. Moreover, users are allowed to transfer credit card balance to another card without having to pay balance transfer fees. Doing the transfer is actually a good idea if the user has to settle his/her balance as soon as possible.

Given the variety of visa cards out there, it is up to the user to choose the best one for him/her. It is advisable to determine one’s needs first before applying for a credit visa card to ensure getting the right one. In order to maximize the benefits of a visa card, one must own the right card that offers services and treats that the person truly needs. If a person gets a travel visa card but he/she doesn’t travel much, then the visa card wouldn’t be that much of a use. This is the reason why getting the right card is very important.

A lot of people are getting Chase Southwest Visa these days because of the benefits and promos they are offering. I know you’re also in need of one so I looked it up for you!

Southwest Airlines has been in the service for nearly 40 years and continues to offer reliable products with exemplary customer service by merging with JP Morgan Chase, a leader in global financial and banking services, to provide one-of-a-kind products and services and enable clients to make an already great credit card even more valuable.

The Chase Southwest Visa is brought to you by Southwest Airlines and Chase, a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase. It is the best choice for travellers with good credit standing and takes Southwest on a regular basis. You can earn free flights and other travel benefits when you sign-up for the card as well as when annual bonuses are taken into account.

To log on, you simply have to access the link below to direct you to the site. You would need to enter necessary information like your User ID and Password for you to start Online Banking with Chase Southwest Visa. Online Banking is best for people who would like to manage their account and do banking transactions anywhere they are so long as there is internet connection and anytime they would prefer due to personal circumstances.

There are a lot of promos ongoing that could even give you additional travel benefits and discounts just because you applied for the Chase Southwest Visa. Your points earned plus the free points you get annually can be redeemed for international travel, hotel accommodations, car rentals, gift cards and amazing getaways! Southwest Airlines will be the one responsible for redeeming the points toward benefits and services.

So stop waiting! I know you love flying with Southwest Airlines and would want to avail of the promos as much as I do. Log on now!

Click here to access Chase Southwest Visa Login page.

Chase Southwest Card

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Chase Business Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa Credit Card Sucks

This is a rant about my Chase Business card, the credit card I use to buy most of my gadgets, so while it is not strictly a gadget, it is most certainly a "gadget enabling device". The short of it is my Chase Business credit card, specifically the Southwest Rapid Rewards card sucks, it sucks hard and with gusto!  At this point some of you may ask "Gee, just how much does Chase Bank suck?  Can we get a visual metaphor?"  Let's just say that it could probably suck a golf ball through a length of garden hose running from Boston to San Francisco.  Read on for the full details.

Due to a mild masochistic streak, I have used this horrible Chase credit card since 2005, and experienced random declines of totally routine charges.  Mind you, it was never a balance or limit issue, more of the hey lets screw with this guys life for $hit$ and giggles. The "best" part was always the complete and utter lack of communication "“ nothing like a call or an email notifying me of potential fraud concerns.

Most recent example, a totally routine repeat purchase from a company that I purchase from twice a month for an unremarkable dollar range got declined.  Upon calling Chase at their 800-346-5538 I got greeted by a smug customer service representative who dished out pearls like "our fraud system determined that this charge was suspicious" and the ambiguously clever "the fraud system found the dollar amount of the transaction to be suspicious" "“ not high not low but "suspicious" (for the record it was not a prime number).  When I asked what they meant more specifically, they could not give me an answer referring back to the unquantifiably magical "fraud system".  I reminded them that this is a business card, and  that I was trying to use it for standard business transactions (from a company that I have a purchasing history with) and like a four year old child they told me they were sorry.  I asked them if there was something I could do differently so my future charges would not keep getting declined and they suggested that I call them every time before using the credit card, at this point I wasn't sure if they were done "helping me" and were simply screwing with me.  The helper, hypothetically let's call her Christine Harwood (since that's the name she used), finally told me that they "fixed" the problem and to try charging the card again.  Much to my chagrin the card got declined again.  I called back Chase and got the same representative who said, "didn't I talk to you earlier" and I said "yes" and after that warm bonding experience she proceeded to grill me with additional security questions. She asked for my date of birth, and to completely blow my mind she followed that up by asking my age just in case a potential criminal could not do the math.

To make a short story long, I got them to finally resolve the issue, and I am now in the process of moving my business away from Chase Business Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa Credit Card because their fraud practices suck (see the complete suck references in the initial paragraph)!  To compensate for the wasted time I am considering going into a side business of selling T-Shirts with the following slogans:

· Chase business credit card sucks

· Chase credit cards are the worst

· Chase bank sucks

· Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card sucks

Rewards Cards I Carry: Chase Southwest Credit Card

One of my all time favorite chase credit cards is the Chase Southwest Rewards Visa Premiere Card! I am currently holding this card for the sixth time in the last 13 years. I recently wrote an article about when to cancel a card. The Chase Southwest Card is a great example of one that is good to cancel because of how good the sign-up bonus is. Let’s take a closer look:

This card tends to rotate between two sign-up bonuses, one for 25,000 points and one for 50,000 points. It seems that for about twice a year (at approximately 3 months intervals) the bonus is set at 50,000 and the other half of the year it’s set at 25,000. I have only ever signed up for this card when the bonus was at 50,000 points and I recommend the same for all my readers. At 50,000 sign-up points, it’s the best chase credit card out there. Here’s what the current offer looks like:

Sw visa chase

Part of why I love this card is because Southwest offers lots of great flights out of OKC, including many direct flights that no other airline offers. If you live in a city that is serviced by more of the major airlines, this card may not be as attractive to you. I value 50,000 points at about $800, so you are getting some great bang for your buck on the initial $99 annual fee when you sign up for this card.

Sw visa chaseI flew Mrs. RevDan and our three kids to Disneyworld for free using Southwest airline points from our Chase Southwest visa premiere cards!

For anyone that occasionally uses Southwest Airlines, this is one of the very best Chase Credit Cards out there! I highly recommend only signing up if the current offer is 50,000 bonus points. Stay tuned to learn about how you can get two of these cards and achieve the Southwest companion pass and have a friend fly for free anytime you do!