t mobile collection agency number

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T-Mobile: Where Customer Service Incompetency becomes a Customer's Responsibility

GET MORE: Defined as screwing customers over so execs can line their pockets. How nice of them ^_^

T-Mobile Customer Service is an EPIC FAIL!

.•*ღ The White Flag has not been raised

.•*ღ Entire Board of T-Mobile Execs Reviews Customer Account in less than 24 Hours?

T mobile collection agency number

President and Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

John Birrer (The only person who actually responded)

Senior Vice President Customer Service

12920 SE 38th Street

Bellevue, WA 98006

Senior Vice President, Engineering Operations

Executive Response Team

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)[email protected]

Board member for T-Mobile, Product Development, Technology and IT

Board member for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance

Board member for T-Systems

Board member for South Eastern Europe

T mobile collection agency number

T mobile collection agency number

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T mobile collection agency number

> I am writing to you with regard to text messaging overage charges that were

> erroneously billed to my account.  Approximately two months prior to

> receiving these charges, I contacted T-Mobile customer service, requesting

> to have my text messaging service changed back to unlimited following some

> overage charges I incurred in the previous cycle.  The customer service

> representative confirmed these changes and stated that it would be reflected

> in the next billing cycle.  Imagine my surprise, when I found out my credit

> card was billed hundreds in excess through EasyPay.

> I have attempted several times to resolve this matter with T-Mobile

> representatives.  However, to my surprise, your representatives were both

> rude and condescending, refusing to listen to me.  They denied

> accountability before I could even get a full sentence out.   Each time, I

> was offered a partial settlement, which I declined, as I refuse to pay for a

> mistake made by a representative of T-Mobile.

> I was promised a service by a customer representative of T-Mobile, which I

> did not receive and as a result incurred substantial charges.  In addition,

> I was extremely disappointed by the poor treatment I was given by the

> representatives of T-Mobile.  As a loyal customer, utilizing your services

> from 2002-2009, I would think at the very least, I could’ve been shown some

> respect.  Instead, I was yelled at and repeatedly disrespected.

> In response to T-Mobile’s refusal to address my complaints concerning the

> unfair overage charges and their poor customer service, I have decided to

> share these experiences with other consumers on my blog.  I have also posted

> my experiences on several other sites, which can be found on the right side

> In addition, I was also told by one of your T-Mobile customer

> representatives that he would “see me in court” and by another to go ahead

> and file a complaint with the Attorney General as I will likely be ignored.

> So as such, it is my intent to do so.

> Perhaps to you, it may appear to be another deadbeat customer trying to

> escape paying my bills, but this isn’t the case.  As I stated previously to

> your customer representatives, if you look into my account; I am a customer

> who does not complain, and pays her bills on time, even when overages were

> incurred.  Simply requesting a company to show their customer some good

> faith after years of taking their money isn’t a lot to ask for.

> Therefore, I would like to request one thing of all of you.  Would the

> consumer in you, pay for something, that you knew, was not your fault or

> your responsibility? No right?  So why would you expect your customers to do

> I hope you enjoy the light reading, and have a lovely day.

Corporate America tries to Survive Struggling Economy by Ripping Off Struggling Consumers

With the current state of the economy, people have never been more aware of their own finances than now.   The recession has brought on a wave of anguish and anxiety that has affected the entire country, but none more than the average working class American-   people with mortgages, loans and a family to care for.

Amid all the fears concerning job stability and making ends meet, why now, does the average American have yet another reason to worry?   While consumers continue to toil in this unstable economy, Corporate America has continued to exhibit deceptive business practices at an alarming rate.   More and more, corporations are demonstrating deceptive billing practices and other dishonest behavior in an effort to maintain profit margins in this failing economy.   This appalling behavior became much more apparent to me after being overcharged hundreds of dollars by my long-time wireless carrier, T-Mobile.

From 2002-2009, I was a loyal customer who paid her bills on time and was pretty much content with the service I received.   This all changed this past March, when I discovered I was billed for

$500+ in overages for text-messages.   This charge came as a surprise to me since I had contacted customer support to have this service reverted to unlimited, which was confirmed by the representative I spoke with at the time.

When I contacted T-Mobile customer service, I was stunned to find that I was met with adversity, where the representatives refused to listen to me, or rationally address any of my concerns.   To make matters worse, the higher up the corporate ladder I went, the more I was ignored.   The T-Mobile representatives were rude and condescending, constantly speaking over me and not allowing me to speak.   Instead of the courteous and understanding treatment, you would come to expect of customer service, I was yelled at, and spoken to like a child.   To my astonishment, when I stated that I really hope to resolve the issue without having to resort to litigation, the representative scoffed at me and told me he would see me in court, amongst other things.

After my mind-numbing encounter with this belligerent representative, I decided to do a little online investigation to see if any other consumers have experienced similar situations.   Like me, a number of people have been victims of deceptive billing, lying customer representatives, and have even encountered similar rude representatives.   Most of these instances have resulted in T-Mobile unfairly tossing the accounts of many loyal customers of several years into collections.

In addition to my ongoing dispute with T-Mobile, I have also experienced many other examples of deceptive business practices, which is becoming more frequent.   In the past month alone, I can name two instances of business deception that would disgust any consumer.   In one instance, I received a check in the mail from a company where I used to buy and sell my textbooks.   I found it strange that I was receiving a random $5.00 check and upon further inspection, I discovered a block of fine print, written in light gray, situated beneath the endorsement line.   The fine print stated that upon endorsement of the check, that the endorsee authorizes the company to withdraw $150 from their checking account, every month, for the next two years. The most appalling part about this is the fact that the company is known for selling and buying textbooks; that in itself implied that they were aiming at college students.

The need for Corporate America to rip off the average consumer doesn’t end with hitting people at home, but also at their offices.   While at work, our office received a call from a company we had done business with, stating that they received our package but that there was no check enclosed.   This was strange since we make it habit to staple the stubs to all correspondence to verify the checks were mailed.   We confirmed this to the caller who denied finding any check but hung up any way.   After this call, we received a letter from the company, reiterating what the caller had said before.   Our office made the decision to write another check and charge the company for the stop payment fee. 

While in the process of writing the new check, we also call the bank to stop payment.   Upon speaking with a bank representative, we discover that the company had already cashed the check, and that it was cashed, before the date of letter, and even before the date of the initial call.   When we call to inform the company that we would not issue a second check since it was cashed, they claimed having no knowledge of it, but we also never received another call from them either.

The lengths these corporations are taking in order to maintain their profit margins is not only disgusting, but also illegal.   I think it would be beneficial to people everywhere, if these corporations are investigated for these underhanded dealings.

Since my T-Mobile dispute is ongoing, I have started a blog to chronicle my experience with them in hopes that it will help warn other consumers of the company’s dishonest practices.

I truly do believe that this story will catch the attention of consumers and corporate executives everywhere.   As consumers, we have given these companies a great deal of our hard-earned money.   At the very least, they could have shown us a little bit of respect.   It is disheartening to know that these companies care so little about the customers who helped built their companies.   This is why I implore you to further to look into this story and help the voices who are often ignored, get heard.

Collection agency in reference to T Mobile account

T mobile collection agency number

My son has received notices from a collection agency. It is in reference to a T-mobile bill. He has never been a t-mobile member. What can he do to rectify this situation. He is concerned about his credit report.

Have your son send them a request for debt validation. Click on the . Do it yourself. link above and some were in there you. d find examples of letters. Be sure to have him send it certified mail requesting a signed receipt.

He needs to make them prove that the Debt is owed.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 12/18/2007 - 03:03

T mobile collection agency numbermommontoya

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Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 12/18/2007 - 23:23

T mobile collection agency numberLCW

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A month later it showed up on my credit report.

T-mobile companies are reporting to beauraus and ruining your credits! watch out! looks like they're going through their old closed accounts and selling them to collection agencies. Don't know what I'm going to do, it is such BS. Tough economic times, they're doing unethical things.

Sub: #3 posted on Wed, 04/08/2009 - 08:40

T mobile collection agency numberUnregistered

A month later it showed up on my credit report.

T-mobile companies are reporting to beauraus and ruining your credits! watch out! looks like they're going through their old closed accounts and selling them to collection agencies. Don't know what I'm going to do, it is such BS. Tough economic times, they're doing unethical things.

Sub: #4 posted on Wed, 04/08/2009 - 08:41

T mobile collection agency numberUnregistered

Sub: #5 posted on Thu, 04/30/2009 - 20:53

T mobile collection agency numberUnregistered

Sub: #6 posted on Fri, 05/01/2009 - 08:42

T mobile collection agency numberUnregistered

account?? I was a paying customer with T-Mobile for more than 4 years. I

moved out of the Minneapolis area and into Illinois, which at the time,

didn't have decent coverage in all parts of the state for T-Mobile (most

people have AT&T that I know personally). I ended the contract and had to

pay a fee for breaking it. I gave them my new address before I moved, and

did the usual deal with a change of address through the USPS. I received a forwarded (and 2 months old) notice from T-Mobile that they were sending my debt (remaining balance and termination fee) to a debt collection agency- but at that time, the notice was still from T-Mobile, not a collection agent. I called them immediately, changing my address AGAIN over the phone, only to have them tell me they had never canceled my account at my request, but due to overdue payment. I offered to pay the whole of the balance and they told me I would have to go to their collection agent as they no longer held the information, the agency did. I called the number the person at T-Mobile gave me and the agency said they were no longer in charge of my account and T-Mobile had moved it to another agency since they were unable to get ahold of me to collect. The person at the agency told me I'd have to call T-mobile to find out where. I called T-mobile again, and was told I would surely receive notices from the debt collector. It has now been FOUR YEARS and I still don't know who has the debt that I shouldn't have had in the first place or how much it is now! I have called T-Mobile multiple times and sent it in writing, always getting the response that I can no longer pay them directly and that I should receive notice from the agency in charge of the debt collection. The absurdity of how bad this I'm sure, has destroyed my poor little student credit rating gives me nightmares. Is there anyway to figure out how much I owe and to whom I'm supposed to pay it? Even a list of creditors dealing with T-Mobile accounts that I can call one and by one??