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Target Red Card

The – REDcard is the best debit/credit card you can own if you do a lot of your shopping at Target. The Red Card offers a 5% discount on almost all of your purchases at Target stores and on There is no cash back rewards credit card that even comes close to matching that.

Unlike some rewards card, the Red Card is simple to use and doesn’t require you to remember to go to your credit cards website to ask for your money back. All you have to do is swipe your Red Card when you make purchases at Target and 5% of the total cost is automatically taken off of your bill.

The card comes in two varieties, the debit card and the credit card. The debit card is not issued by your bank, it is issued by Target even though it takes the money directly out of your bank checking account through an ACH debit. This is known in the banking industry as a decoupled debit card.

While your bank’s debit card may come out of your account immediately, the Red Card’s transactions work through a different payment system that takes a day or two to clear your account. This means that after you use your Red Card debit card you should know how much money is in your account and to make sure you don’t subsequently withdraw too much or your account may become overdrawn. The only advantage the Red Card debit card has over the credit card option is it is easier for people with lower credit scores to be accepted to qualify for the debit card.

The Red Card credit card option works exactly like any other credit card except that it can only be used at Target. After you make a purchase and get your 5% discount you will get your monthly statement several weeks later and must pay your bill at that time.

Besides the 5% discount there are other advantages to having the Target Red Card. If you buy online from you get free shipping in addition to the 5% discount.

Although you don’t get the 5% discount on purchases made at the pharmacy department, Target has another program called Pharmacy Rewards. If you sign up for this program after filling 10 prescriptions Target will mail you a coupon for a 5% discount that is stackable (can be used in addition to) with the 5% discount you get with your Red Card which is stackable with whatever other coupons or other deals you may be able to find.

That means that after purchasing 10 prescriptions you will be able to get 10% any purchase at Target no matter how large. I recommend that if you know you are going to be making a large purchase at Target, such as Christmas shopping, purchasing furniture, etc. that you wait until you get a 5% off coupon so that you can get the full 10% discount. When you make your purchase at 10% off, this is also a good time to stock up on any nonperishable groceries you will use such as canned goods or other food with a long expiration date.

Because of the huge variety of items that can be purchased at reasonable prices at Target Stores, the large discount of 5%-10%, and the fact that you don’t have to jump through hoops to redeem your rewards the – REDcard is the best rewards credit card you can have if you do a significant amount of shopping at Target stores.

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target red card cancel

Review of the Target Redcard, which offers 5% discount on almost all Target purchases, as well as

TARGET Credit Card Number 666 OH HELL NO.


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Apply Online for Target REDcard: Save 5% off Everything & FREE Shipping at

I have raved about the Target REDcard on numerous occasions, because it saves you so much money! You can apply online for a Target REDcard and choose from either the Target debit card or the Target credit card. There is no annual fee for either of these cards.

My favorite benefits of the Target REDcard are FREE shipping all the time at, with no minimum purchase required and an extra 5% off your bill when you shop either in-store or online. These are HUGE perks!

REDcard debit card – Apply now: The Target Debit Card can be used at Target stores and at It draws right from your existing checking account, just like writing a check.

REDcard credit card – Apply now: The Target Credit Card can only be used at and Target stores.

The major benefits of having a Target Red Card:

  • 5% off your entire purchase at Target &
  • FREE Shipping on any size order at (this is great for when you see clearance items or only need one item)
  • 30 extra days for returns
  • No need to save your receipts, you can have them look up your transaction by scanning your Target REDcard

Gina Pizzolato says

I just applied for my Debit Red Card, when will I receive my card? And, can I get my 5% discount today by using my application ID number?

What kind of income do I need to apply for a Target credit card I am a senior citizen and I’m going to go and how do I qualify

I have no idea what the qualification are, but I am assuming you could get the Target Debit Card without any problems.

Another alternative is the Target Prepaid REDcard. The prepaid version offers all the aforementioned REDcard benefits, but it is issued by American Express. As such, it can be used at stores or online anywhere Amex cards are accepted and it provides up to $50K/year purchase protection. Additionally, it doubles as a free checking account (free bill pay & deposit, no min deposit or monthly fees) and it offers budgeting tools with its sub-accounts feature. The Prepaid REDcard requires no credit or ChexSystems approval.

6 Things to Know About Target Red Credit Card

Target Corporation has started the scheme of providing its loyal customers with the facilities if a credit card. Anyone can sign up for the Target Red Credit Card but before initiating the process, there are certain things to know about beforehand.

Target Red Credit Card is a great opportunity that everyone should opt for because the incorporation of the card would allow the individuals to enjoy a few perks. Furthermore, Target Red Credit Card has the APR of 23.15%, and the late fees penalty is up to $37.

1.1 How Target Red Credit Card Works?

The working of the Target Red Credit Card isn’t any different than the other store’s credit cards. Its incorporation would allow the individuals to get the amount of the purchased goods charged onto the card instead of paying up front.

1.2 The Benefits and the Limitations of Target Red Credit Card

There are tons of benefits that the individuals can enjoy while opting to pay for their bought goods through the Target Red Credit Card. Also, there are certain restrictions that limit the abilities of the cardholders.

Following are the benefits of the Target Red Credit Card that can be enjoyed by all the cardholders;

  • Get 5% off on all your Target purchases.
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders from the online store.
  • A period of 30 days to return the purchased goods.
  • The 5% discount offer cannot be availed at all the available merchandise and goods such as Target Optical eye exams, prescriptions, gift wrapping, Target gift cards, and much more.
  • Extended returns or 30 days return doesn’t apply to the non-returnable items, mobile purchases, or goods with fixed return dates.

More Details please follow the link below:

Free shipping on all orders made at

30 extra days allowed for all returns on Target goods.

2. How to Apply for Target Red Credit Card?

If anyone wants to own a Target Red Credit Card, then you can initiate the application process. But before commencing the process, all the willing individuals have to make sure that they are of the legal age and have, in their possession, all the valid required documents.

There are three ways of applying for the Target Red Credit Card. It can be applied through the mail, by visiting the store’s premises, or by filling the online application form. In all of the forms, you would be required to provide the following information;

first You need to visit the homepage

  • Full name
  • Annual net income
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Social Security Number
  • Permanent Residence

After the submission, the application form would be sent to the concerned authorities for the approval.

When the application has been approved, and the Target Red Credit Card issued, the activation process would only take a few minutes. To activate your Target Red Credit Card, you have to enter the following information;

  • Card number
  • Full name
  • Last four digits of Social Security Number
  • Zip code
  • Three digit security code

Filling the spaces with valid and genuine information would activate your Target Red Credit Card.

More Details please follow the link below:

3. How to Login with your Target Red Credit Card?

click here to visit the homepage

For the effectual login, you would need to create an online account but keep in mind that your request to open an online account will be decided by judging your credit worthiness and some other factors.

To create your account, you will be required to enroll yourself by providing your card number. After successful enrollment, you will be provided with a user ID and a password which will be used to sign into your account.

3.2 What to do if I forget my User ID or lost my Target Red Credit Card?

In the case of forgetting your password, you will be asked to provide the systems with your user ID. If you have forgotten your user ID along with the password, you will be required to enter your account number. Next, you will be asked to validate a few security questions. By the end of this entire process, you will have gained access to your online account.

To prevent the unauthorized use of your lost or stolen Target Red Credit Card, immediately contact the customer representatives at 1-888-755-5856 and inform them about your current situation.

More Details please follow the link below:

The FAQs section of the Target Red Credit Card can be visited if the individuals want to gain sound information regarding the working, activation or the registration of the Target Red Credit Card. The FAQs platform has gathered answers to all such questions that have been directed at them on more than one occasion.

The Target Red Credit Card can be visited and consulted by the individuals who have any questions concerning the account PIN, credit limit, interest charges, late dues, pending fees, billing statement and much more.

More Details please follow the link below:

5. How to Cancel Target Red Credit Card?

Cancelling a Target Red Credit Card is an extremely easy process. If you no longer have any use for your card and wish to cancel your Target Red Credit Card, then it is advisable to follow this step by step procedure.

  • Pay off your entire bill so that your bill stands at zero.
  • Call the customer representatives and inquire about your card balance. If it stands at zero than request cancellation of your Target Red Credit Card.
  • Answer all the security related questions asked by the customer representative to further the cancellation process.

Keep in mind that the cancellation process would take weeks to complete so keep checking your bank statement to keep a close eye on the whole process.

More Details please follow the link below:

Many of the reviews left by the people concerning the services and the working of the Target Red Credit Card have praised the card. Even though there were a few people who complained about the authorities’ refusal to increase their credit limit but tons of other people had no issues with the working of the card. The number of the people praising the Target Red Credit Card was surprisingly higher.

More Details please follow the link below:

Overall, Target Red Credit Card can be a great card if used properly. The benefits of the credit card are fewer, and the further restriction upon the working of the benefits makes it a difficult card to keep in your wallet, but if utilized within the stated guidelines, then it could have some value to it.

Target Red Card Login on

The Target Red Card is a credit card that can only be used to purchase items from the Target stores. Target Red Card holders can take advantage of numerous benefits. These include free shipping, Target coupons and Target discounts and promotions only available to cardholders. Target Red Card users can also enjoy a very user-friendly experience on the Red Card website. To make the most of your Target Red Card, you can access your Red Card account online, at This guide will explain the Target Red Card login steps necessary to enter your account.

Target Red Card Login Step-by-step Instructions

The Target Red Card management website can be reached through Target’s main website, but the login area can be a little tricky to find. These steps will teach you how to directly reach the login website and quickly sign in.

  1. Open your preferred web browser and enter, the Target Red Card login page. You can also reach the login page from the main Target website, by visiting the Red Card section of the website.
  2. In the first blank field of the Target Red Card login menu, type in the username associated with your Target Red Card account.
  3. Type the password you chose for your Red Card account into the field that says “Password”. The passwords for Red Card users will be case sensitive, so make sure you use the proper capitalization.
  4. Click on the red button that says “Sign In” to enter your Target Red Card login information. You will then be able to manage your credit card details, view balance, and make payments.

Target red card cancel

Target Red Card Mobile Login Step-by-step Instructions

Target has not yet developed any Android or iPhone apps for people who have a Red Card account. However, you can still manage your Red Card account even without a Target Red Card mobile app. All you have to do is access the Target Red Card login page for mobile devices. Below are the instructions for the login procedure.

  1. Open your phone’s mobile web browser, such as Safari or Chrome, and type The mobile version of the website will load automatically. You can reach the login page from The website is also optimized for mobile use.
  2. Tap the empty field below “Username” to pull up your onscreen keyboard, and then enter your Target Red Card password.
  3. Click on the empty box below “Password” and then type your account password into the field.
  4. Tap on the red button that says “Sign In” to finish logging in to the Red Card management website.

Target Red Card Login Customer Support

The basic issue of forgetting a password or username can easily be solved by clicking the relevant link on the Target Red Card login page. You will then be given three options to choose from: “Forgot Username”, “Forgot Password” and “Forgot Username and Password”. Choose the option that describes your situation. You will then be redirected to appropriate login credential recovery page.