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Thelimited credit

Thelimited credit

What is credit to you? Is it the gas you put in your car, or the payment you send in on your house? It can be as large as house, or as small as the ring on your finger. Chances are we all have partaken of credit at some point in our life, or will soon need it in the future. We must face the reality, it’s here to stay.

America has become a credit based country, meaning that the majority of the things purchased here are financed with some type of loan from a bank. Credit is not a bad thing, without it a lot of us would not have the cars we drive, the homes we live in or the vacations we take our families on. It has become a way of our lives. The ones, who learn to manage their credit the best, have the most. The ones, who let credit manage them, seem to have the least. Credit has to have a boss, and that boss is you.

We all start at the same point; we have no credit score, nothing on our credit report and no inquires. A clean slate you may call it. From this point we seem to head in many directions, often with little or no guidance at all. Once we get it, then we try to figure out what to do with it. If you’re not careful, it’s got you. Let’s all ask ourselves a question? Do I have the money on hand to purchase a home in full? Am I able to go down to the car lot and drive home the car I want without having to make payments? Will I have the money to get a washer and dryer when the ones I have go bad? If you answered no to any of these questions, then you are going to need to get credit at some point.

Obtaining that first piece of credit is a great step; you are now on your journey. That’s right, you are on the journey, the journey is not over, it has just gotten started. Just like life has many up and downs, your credit profile is the same way. It only takes a moment to turn all the hard work you have done upside down. Remember bad things happen to good people, just because you have a bump in the road does not mean you cannot recover from it. Good credit can turn to bad credit, and bad credit can turn to good credit. Education is the key, and the following articles will assist you in all you credit needs.