Terms & Conditions on China Train Ticket Booking

Please go through the following China train ticket booking terms and conditions carefully before you book any China train ticket through us. Making a train ticket reservation means you and your partners have read and accepted the terms and conditions listed below.

Mostly, we can book tickets at least 2 hours (train tickets booking system is closed between 23:00 and 07:00) before the train departure and you can collect them at a train station with a pick-up code and your passport.

Some train ticket enquiries requested delivery service will only be accepted at least 4 days prior to the departure date of the train. You have to go to the train station ticket window to buy a ticket by yourself if the departure date is in less than 4 days.

An alternate booking to the train number, seat class or even train via a third destination may be necessary (example, all the train tickets from Beijing to Shanghai are sold out, you can take a train from Beijing to Zhengzhou and Zhengzhou to Shanghai). We then have more chances to book you the tickets for the time you wish to make your journey even when the preferred train tickets are sold out.

China-Train-Ticket can usually book a train ticket for you as short as 2 hours or as long as 30 days before your train departure date but this is not 100% guaranteed especially if the booking time falls in some big holidays.

China-Train-Ticket charges a reasonable necessary service fee from USD8 to 10% (excluding ticket booking service fee CNY5 per ticket) to any ticket purchaser including personal consultation and 24 hours phone support service in English. If you choose to pay via PayPal, an extra transfer fee of 4% is charged by PayPal. If you choose to have the tickets to be delivered to your hotel in China, we charge CNY30/USD5 per delivery.

You will have to pay CNY5 per ticket on the spot by cash to a ticket window agent (not at a train station ticket window at the train station) when you collect your ticket if you choose to collect the ticket by yourself.

Our exchange rate between US Dollar and CN Yuan is USD1.00 = CNY 6.00 and is only valid for 3 working days when you made your ticket order.

The price of a sleeper train ticket is quoted based on a lower berth. Some travelers may receive a middle or upper berth ticket because tickets are issued stochastically by the Chinese ticket office system. As there is little price difference, China-Train-Ticket will not refund the difference no matter which berth will be finally issued.

Your sleepers will not be 100% guaranteed in the same berth or lower berth because tickets are issued stochastically by the Chinese ticket office system (Usually your family will be booked in the same compartment when tickets are enough). You can talk to the other travelers and change to the same berth when you are there on the train.

1. China-Train-Ticket accepts modification or cancellation of a China train ticket booking order free of charge before your payment is made.

2. It is free of charge to do any modification before the tickets are issued but after payment made the purchaser will pay for any difference.

3.USD8 per ticket for modification(Wrong passport number, name spelling, date, departure time, etc.) after the tickets are issued but before the train tickets are sent out and the purchaser will pay for any difference in ticket prices. Modification means we have to do a new booking. Service fee from USD8 to 10% of personal consultation, reservation and 24 hours phone support service in English is nonrefundable.

4. USD10 per booking for your cancellation before the train tickets are issued but after payment made. Service fee from USD8 to 10% of personal consultation, reserveation and 24 hours phone support service in English is nonrefundable.

5. USD10 per booking for your cancellation before the train tickets are issued but after payment made. Service fee from USD8 to 10% of personal consultation, reserveation and 24 hours phone support service in English is nonrefundable.

6. USD10 per booking will be charged for your cancellation after the train tickets have been issued but after sent out. We are not able to get any refund for you unless that you can go to a train station to refund your tickets. Service fee from USD8 to 10% of personal consultation, reserveation and 24 hours phone support service in English is nonrefundable.

7. Modification or Cancellation is not acceptable once tickets are issued and sent out.

Note: we can do nothing for the refund without the original tickets and passports. The only option is to go to a ticket office at a train station with the tickets and the valid passports and get some refund back 2 hours before the train departs, more refund before 24 hours.

8. Cancelation of the full booking of train tickets for any reason before the ticket issued, payment(except the booking fee, the cancelation fee above-mentioned and cancelation fee charged by the railway station, etc.) will be refunded to your Paypal account in the period of 30 days after the date you paid, but 4% of the payment will be charged over 30 days.

9. Modification or Cancellation is required to be sent to China-Train-Ticket by email or phone before the train departure.

Full payment for all tickets, service fee, delivery fee, PayPal transfer fee is required to be paid before China-Train-Ticket issues the tickets for you. You can pay it while you are making the order, or login to the Order Status Check to find your order and pay, or check the email sent to you with the PayPal link.

China-Train-Ticket accepts Payment by Paypal, Western Union or Wire Transfer. If you are in China, you can go to a Bank of China and deposit the cash to our bank account.

If you pay directly when booking a train ticket, 4% transfer fee will be charged by PayPal and added onto the total price.

If you pay via Western Union or Wire Transfer, transfer fee is paid by you. Transfer fee is not included in total price.

The full payment will be refunded to you if train tickets are sold out, any transfer fee for the refund should be paid by the purchaser. Paypal will not charge any transfer fee for a refund within 30 days after the date the payment was made.

Therefore we strongly recommend Paypal online payment which is faster, safer and used widely. Though you can pay without registration, we recommend that you can register a Paypal account so that you can manager your account easily.

China-Train-Ticket accepts Payment by Paypal, Western Union or Wire Transfer.

Pay by Paypal is widely used and accepted, your payment can reach us in minutes which means that we can start your booking right away.

  • 1. Our payment account: [email protected]
  • 2. Paypal accepts debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, etc.
  • 3. Accept credit cards and bank transfers quickly and easily
  • 4. No transfer fee while getting refund within 30 days after the payment made

You can use a new registered account after several days, so we recommend that you pay firstly and then register later.

Please send the bank receipt to us when it is done by email or fax. Our email is [email protected] and fax is +86-773-5835176.

If you pay via Western Union or Wire Transfer, transfer fee is paid on your own party. Transfer fee is not included in total price.

Train Tickets Collection & Delivery

When you are booking a train ticket, you have to choose how to collect your ticket: collect by yourself, delivery to your hotel in China or deliver to a person in China.

Collect by yourself: you can collect your paper ticket at a railway station or a ticket agency office in any city. CNY5 per ticket is required on the spot by cash when you collect the ticket. Usually, you have to be in a line for about 1 hour to get your ticket.

Deliver to a hotel: we will post your ticket to the hotel address in China provided by you. Or deliver your ticket to the hotel by a representative when you are in our office city Guilin. Some hotels cannot be reached by post. In that case we will contact you and find a way to solve it.

Deliver to a personal address: we will post the ticket to the personal address provided by you. A phone number of the person is very important because we will check the information with the person you mentioned via a phone call.

The ticket delivery to a hotel or a personal address often takes 3-4 days in the easy reachable cities.

In the case of the hotel or personal addressee refusing to accept delivery of the tickets, China-Train-Ticket is not responsible. Any failed delivery caused by the rejection of the hotel, wrong address/name/check-in/check-out date, unconfirmed hotel booking, or rejection from the person, or any relevant loss is your own responsibility.

A paper train ticket is required to check-in and check-out on a train in the railway station. You have to keep the train ticket for the duration or your train trip.

China-Train-Ticket suggests that you arrive at a train station 1 hour prior to the train departure due to language barrier and unpredictable matters.

If you choose to collect your train ticket by yourself, we suggest that you arrive at the train station 2 hours prior to the train departure. Three hours is needed in the public holidays such as Spring Festival, May Day, Middle Autumn Day and National Holiday and weekends, and especially in big cities. China-Train-Ticket suggests you collect your paper ticket at a ticket agency window nearby your hotel or collet them in the railway station one day before your departure.

Go to the right train station because cities have several train stations. Find the find the right waiting room, find the right platform direction, board the right train, the right carriage and find the right seats or sleepers.

China-Train-Ticket suggests that you can ask for help to find the right train station, ask a train staff where the waiting room is, ask a passenger or a train staff for the right platform.

You can call your ticket advisor at China-Train-Ticket to confirm something at the train station, but China-Train-Ticket is not responsible for your failed train boarding.

If you booked a sleeper ticket, a staff on the train will collect your ticket and give you a plastic card. You have to keep the card because the staff will find you and exchange the train ticket with the plastic card before train reaches the destination.

Keep the train ticket with you as you are required to show the ticket while exiting the railway station. Without your ticket you will have to again to buy the same train ticket.

Take care of your valuable items during your trip, especially in the crowds, walking on the street or in a train station. Keep your valuable items and passports in a small bag and keep it on you. We do not suggest that you put them in your big bag.

1. The train information listed on www.china-train-ticket.com is for your reference only. All the train information will be referred to the railway authorities as the final confirmation.

2. All the information and train tickets are under the total control of China National Railway Authority, China-Train-Ticket has no right to do anything to the train ticket.

3. China-Train-Ticket is not responsible for any changes made by China National Railway Authority.

4. China-Train-Ticket is a train ticket agency and not responsible for any loss, damage or death, etc. of the passenger caused by any reasons.

5. China-Train-Ticket will not share your information with any third party or not sell your information to make profit.

6. China-Train-Ticket is only responsible for the train ticket booking, modification and cancelation in the terms mentioned- above.

7. China-Train-Ticket is not responsible for other questions such as visa requirement, vaccinations, etc. you should check with some trustful resources by yourself.

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Ticket collection agency

Ticket collection agency

All train tickets purchased through the Tele-ticketing or e-Ticketing services must be collected at the following l ocations .

Through Train tickets can be purchased through the following channels:

Tele-ticketing and Enquiry Hotline User's Guide:

Copyright © 2017 MTR Corporation Limited. All Rights Reserved Best viewed by 1024 x 786 with IE11 or above

* All information and transactions herein refer to the Hong Kong time and currency.

* Please note that only Guangdong line tickets are available for sale by tele-ticketing / e-Ticketing Services.

* All train tickets purchased through the e-Ticketing Services must be collected in Hong Kong. Currently, we accept Visa card, Master

card, Diners Club card, American Express card and Union Pay payment online.

ticket collection agency

collector is vouched for, bonded by, or affiliated with

the United States or any State, including the use of any

badge, uniform, or facsimile thereof."

"The use of any false representation or deceptive means

to collect or attempt to collect any debt or to obtain

information concerning a consumer"

  • Threatening immediate legal action with no intent to follow through on the threat
  • Informing consumers that their debts do not have a "dispute period."
  • Monitoring and recording telephone calls without notifying the consumer
  • Harassing a debtor's neighbors with repeated telephone calls containing "messages" for the debtors
  • Threatening to garnish a greater amount than federal law permits
  • Lying about obtaining a wage garnishment order

California Department of Justice

Attn: Public Inquiry Unit

Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

    I found your information to be very enlightening and educated. Thank you! 😉 I have forwarded your blog article and a link to your blog to my FB page, just because it's so damned good. Best! Claudia

    I have dealt with GC services on different occasions they have harass me horribly over a 10 year ticket ,I paid a ticket off over the phone a went for a copy they said come back to the window in 3 days because it was not posted I went back they said I neede to pay the full amount over because the payment was short 14 dollars I asked for court date thay said too late I could not receive a court date .I looked on line they have a ticket from 2008 that was paid in full ,they have a ticket they said was mine over 12 years .I always felt these people were fraud I want to know who owns stock in GC services it has to be a officer of the court to have gotten this contract.

    Ticket collection agency

    GC Services does accept partial payments. They threaten you about something, sorry can't remember what. their resistant to it. I stopped dealing with the people over the phone because they were rude and disrespectful, trying to tell me I had to give them my bank account information and the payment plan had to be one of two ways, 2 payments or 3 payments. Uh, no. And was told the suspension on my license wouldn't be released until the balance was paid in full (confirmed with traffic court). Found their website and paid online, printing each confirmation and having a confirmation sent to my email address. My case was sent to them because I had various tickets ranging from registration to driving without a valid license dating back to 2005. So, I just paid them. Now of course they're taking their sweet time sending notification to the court that the account is paid in full to release my license. Doesn't surprise me.

    Ticket collection agency

    Ticket collection agency

    I dealt with the same problems with them. My license was suspended too.The harassment calling me day and night for years even after I told them repeatedly that I couldn't pay and asked them to stop calling me they still wouldn't.They even threatened me saying they wasn't going to give me a court date and wouldn't make payment arrangements so that I could pay.I finally moved out of the state and called a LA Attorney and paid him $500 to get me a court date and appear for me. He did and then about a week later the court sent me a letter in the mail asking me to pay $223. They had dropped my fine back down to it's original amount. I still didn't have the money to pay so I wrote a letter to the court explaining my situation and a month later I got another letter from the courts telling me my fine had been revoked and I didn't have to pay. I got my license released the next day. The key is to get your case back in court cause as long as it's with GC Services you won't get any help!

    Ticket collection agency

    Hi there - are you able to tell me who you used? I need to find someone that can represent me in court since I've since moved out of state. Thanks!

    I got a fix-it ticket in 2011 for missing headlight, non-proof of insurance, and an expired registration. Regretfully, I forgot about it. Mind you, this would have been a 10 dollar ticket along with proof that said items were taken care of. After I missed the court date, I got a letter from GC Services saying I owed them 1950 dollars. You could imagine my shock. They wouldn't bend at all during my first conversation with them, and said that it was out of the court's hands and had to be dealt with through them. Anyway, while on a trip to NYC, I was driving a friend's car and got arrested due to driving with a suspended license. I didn't know it was suspended, because I never received a notification. So after a day in jail, I flew back to LA to deal with this debt during which time they finally agreed to let me pay it over 3 months. I finally got it all paid off a few days ago, and the woman at the GC Services counter in the Bevery Hills Courthouse unofficially informed me that I could've taken care of it in court for something like 300 dollars. I was furious. This 10 dollar ticket has cost me a day in the Manhattan city jail, 3 months of taking the bus/and or train from Hollywood to Culver City for work every day, and strain on my relationship being that I couldn't drive anywhere. Is there any precedent of legal action to possibly regain some of that 2000 dollars?

    Ticket collection agency

    If the collection agency violated any of the terms under the FDCPA (validation notification, harassment, etc.) and you can prove that this occurred, the FDCPA gives you the right to sue. The same is true if the CA violated any terms under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (such as ignoring validation requests, reporting incorrect information to the credit bureaus, etc.)the consumer has the right to sue for a violation of his/her rights. I doubt, however, that a case would get very far against a collection agency for the fact that you chose to pay the CA $1950 and not pay the court $300. I know you weren't aware of your options but, unfortunately, neither the CA or the court are required to inform you of all of your options in order to allow you to make an educated decision. There's a good chance, however, that the person who told you you could have handled it through the court is incorrect. After the courts send a debt to GC Services, many refuse to deal with the debtor afterward.

    ticket collection agency

    Ticket collection agency

    Our parking ticket collection agency’s main priority is customer service. Our company founders have over 30 years combined experience in the rental car industry and are experts at rental car customer service. Excellent customer service is so important to our parking ticket collection process because it greatly increases the likelihood that our client’s customers will rent with them again in the future.

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