How to Pay Old Navy Credit Card Payment Online

Old navy credit cards are considered as the best option to go with when it comes to enjoying financial power in hand. Synchrony Bank issues the Old Navy credit cards. It also manages your card payments. Do you want to pay Old Navy card payment online? If yes, then there are three fundamental options to go with such as the internet, by phone and by mail. Let’s go through the step-by-step process of paying your Old Navy credit card bill.

Pay my old navy credit card

How to Pay Old Navy Credit Card Online?

The Internet can be the right option for you to go with if you want to save your time. Since online option can be performed from the comfort of your office or home, you can be able to pay your Old Navy credit card bill with no hurdles. Let’s keep reading on how to pay Old Navy credit card online.

  • First, you should visit the official website of the company and look for credit card page.
  • You may also click on the following link to reach directly at the page i.e
  • Here you need to accept the fact that if you don’t have an account on the official site, you should first go through a “Sign up” process.
  • For this, you should find out the Login page.
  • Here at the bottom of the page, you will discover “New User Register” option.
  • Click on given registration option and you will be taken to a new webpage.
  • Here, you are required to feed blank spaces with certain information such as your full name, email address, billing address, card number, etc.
  • Now, you should get your credit card activated by following certain instructions.
  • You need to choose a Username and Password.
  • Go through the verification process.
  • Now, you are able to log into your Old Navy credit card account online.
  • Please enter your User Name and Password to log in.
  • On the payment page, you can choose the right option to pay your Old Navy credit card bill online.

Process to Pay Old Navy Credit Card by Mail:

However, most of the individuals prefer paying their Old Navy credit card bill online, but still a few individuals may need to choose mail option. In case of choosing this offline option, you should follow stated below procedure on how to pay Old Navy credit card by mail.

  • You can be able to send your certain payment to Old Navy Credit Cards, PO Box 530942, Atlanta, GA, 30353.
  • But before sending your payment at aforementioned address, you should first complete writing your bank cheque.
  • You should select a right postal envelope with adequate stamps.
  • Since paying Old Navy credit card bill by mail takes several days to complete, you should choose a future date.

Process to Pay Old Navy Credit Card Using a Phone:

There is no doubt that mobile phones are used to perform different types of tasks. You can be able to pay your Old Navy credit card bill through your mobile phone. Are you confused? If so, then you should go through given below guidelines on how to pay Old Navy credit card using a phone.

  • In order to pay your Old Navy credit card bill, you should first call at the official number i.e. at 1-877-222-6868.
  • When you call at this number, you will need to deal with an automated call.
  • You are required to follow IVR instructions.
  • By following IVR instructions, you can easily pay your Old Navy credit card bill through a phone.
  • You should be ready with your information before calling at the official Old Navy credit card payment number.
  • If you face any sort of difficulty understanding the automated call, you should get in touch with customer service agents at Old Navy credit card call center.

What You Must Avoid When Paying Old Navy Credit Card

If you want to go through a secured Old Navy payment process, you should avoid doing certain things. Since you can pay your Old Navy credit card bill using aforementioned three methods, you need to avoid certain things during all of the three processes. So, let’s have a detailed look at what you must ignore while paying your Old Navy credit card bill.

  • You should avoid visiting the official web portal of the financial organization by following suspicious third-party links. In the case of doing so, you may have to cope with phishing or spam activities.
  • You shouldn’t forget to log off your Old Navy credit card account when payment is done.
  • If you are a first-time user, you are highly advised to first get your Old Navy credit card activated online.
  • You must not forget to confirm the verification process so that you can enjoy hurdle-free login.
  • Don’t share your User Name and Password with anyone around you.

While sending Old navy Credit Card payment By Mail

  • Bank cheque should not be rewritten. Write everything clearly so that you can avoid potential rejection of cheque.
  • Don’t use existing date to pay your Old Navy credit card bill by mail.
  • Do not forget writing the exact official address of financial firm.
  • Your account number should be written in clear words and numbers.
  • In case of choosing phone service to pay your Old Navy credit card bill, you should first choose a well-functioning phone.
  • When your call gets connected to IVR, you are highly suggested to keep listening to the instructions.
  • Keep all the information in hand so that you won’t face any difficulty while paying your Old Navy credit card bill on the phone.
  • Don’t try to call at the official number if you are at a noisy place as it may distract your attention.

Always try to first get in touch with a live customer service officer so that you can grab adequate information on how to pay Old Navy credit card bill by following an automated call.

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    Tag Archives: Old Navy Credit Card

    Pay my old navy credit cardDespite a number of failed re-branding attempts back in 2005, Old Navy still continues to be one of America’s largest apparel brands. Today, the company continues to offer updated fashion styles that are inexpensive good for every member of the family. And despite going against huge retailer chains such as Target and Walmart, Old Navy, along with its mother company, Gap INC., remains to be one of the unbeatable apparel brands across the United States.

    The company’s strength, according to its executives, lies in its ability to draw an emotional connection with its broad clientele. Over the years, therefore, Old Navy has scrapped outrageous advertising strategies and headed an upfront marketing campaign to attract consumers worldwide, to which Old Navy owes its success. One of the strategies employed by the company is the introduction of its Visa Card Program, which has since been regarded as essential by Old Navy frequenters.

    One of the easiest ways to settling your Old Navy Bill is tby by calling their helpline no. 877 222-6868. The minute you are connected with a representative, make your request to pay your bill for old navy visa card payment. And to successfully complete your bill payment, you will be asked to answer some questions from the agent to confirm your account.

    Mail Payments are also accepted via Synchrony Bank, the official issuer of Old Navy Visa Cards. To make a payment through mail, send your money order or check to the following address:

    Online Old Navy Visa Card Payment

    Paperless payments are available through the Old Navy Visa Card Payment Portal. In fact, consumers earn around 500 Bonus Reward Points when they opt for a Paperless account for their Old Navy Card. If you have an online account or are planning to enroll one, read on for a complete bill payment guideline.

    1. You can pay bills online by;accountType=plcc

  • Simply enter your user ID and click the “login” button and the password as prompted by the system.

    Pay my old navy credit card

  • Passwords are required in the next stage of the Login process, after you click on the Login button.

    Pay my old navy credit card

  • In case you do not have user ID click the “register” button as shown below.

    Pay my old navy credit card

  • To start registering, you will begin by filling out your account registration followed by providing support for the information you will be giving. After which, a request will be made with regards your security information together with a security image. Wait for an account summary that signals your registration success.

    Once you have successfully registered you may now enjoy paying bills online, view your balances, track your rewards and view your account history and more.

    Reminders: Any payment made in person would not be approved. For any assistance about your Old Navy Visa Card contact 1-866-450-5294.

    Old Navy Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Information

    Pay my old navy credit cardThe Old Navy credit card is issued in partnership with Synchrony Bank, and it is Synchrony you will interact with in order to pay your bill online or by mail, or to reach customer service for help. Information on completing any of these tasks is below:

    If you want to send in your Old Navy credit card payment instead, the mailing address for the Old Navy Visa is:

    Orlando, FL 32896

    If you have the Old Navy credit card good for store use only, the mailing address is:

    Old Navy Credit Card

    Atlanta, GA 30353

    If you want to pay by phone, or if you need customer service help with your card, the telephone number to call for the Old Navy Visa is 866-450-5294 and the number for the Old Navy Store Card is 877-222-6868.

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    Credit Card Payment, Login & Customer Service Info

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    Pay my old navy credit card

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    Pay my old navy credit card Pay my old navy credit card Pay my old navy credit card Pay my old navy credit card Pay my old navy credit card

    What are the options to view and pay my Old Navy Credit Card bill?

    There are several options to pay your Old Navy Credit Card bills. You can either pay online at Old Navy Credit Card's website, or you can use Prism's mobile app to pay all your bills.

    Can I check my Old Navy Credit Card bill from my mobile phone?

    Yes, Old Navy Credit Card's website can be viewed from your phone. In addition to that, you can also use Prism to see not only your Old Navy Credit Card bill, but also all the rest of your monthly bills in one app.

    How do I pay my Old Navy Credit Card bill online?

    In order to pay online, you must create an account on the Old Navy Credit Card online website. Please visit Old Navy Credit Card's website for more details on how to register.

    What forms of payment does Old Navy Credit Card accept?

    Old Navy Credit Card accepts the following forms of payment:

    • Checking
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • MasterCard
    • Visa

    Let us know how your Old Navy Credit Card bill paying experiences have been!

    Old Navy Credit Card Login and Payment

    Old Navy credit card login and payment center

    Old Navy credit card payment online

    To make the purchase process easier Old Navy offers online e-service with lots of functions. Just login, get a CC and make first payment and you will see that having benefits for payment is real.

    Eservice Old Navy credit card payment

    Old Navy, as well as other large stores, has its own system of credit cards and special offers. The best access to the deals is provided by the Old Navy web-site. The main page will show you all benefits for sign in a credit card and the main features of using the visas.

    The web-site has a simple structure and is quite informative, so it is better to visit and read the text properly before you login and make payment. If you have any questions you can visit an F.A.Q. department for answers and questions. You can also ask for feedback and the Old Navy team will explain you everything you like.

    To order both a usual credit card or a Visa you have to pass the registration of the account. The process includes filling in the personal data, choosing the type of credit cards, giving some additional data.

    When you finish the process you receive first 500 bonus points on your account without any obligation of doing a purchase.

    The Visa card is supported by the Synchrony Bank in the USA, and be ready that it will be sent some days late, so plan your future payment correctly.

    The principle of bonus credit cards is quite familiar for experienced customers. When you make a purchase you can save some money in bonus or points equivalent, these points are stored on personal account and may be spent later. The main feature of the Navy cards is that they allow you to get the profit from the web of stores including GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta. There is also a difference between the ordinary card and the Visa, the last one can gain points faster outside of the group.

    If you are seeking for details you can find the Old Navy card center. There you can find the latest offers and get more information about the security, events and the latest news about the membership etc. According to the latest information, if you sign in now you can get the offer and receive 5 points for 1 dollar in group stores and get 5$ back from every 500 points. Each dollar paid outside will earn 1 point on the account.

    Old Navy account login and payment

    Now the Old Navy can give you 20% quarterly Reward points along with free shipping if you have ordered an item online from GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta by using a word NAVYIST. By login the account you can get also free basic alterations on Banana Republic purchases. For most offers, there is a Variable Purchase APR of 25,49% without annual fees. There is a little tip, after creating an account log in with the EBill and get additional 500 bonus points.