Is Unknown Credit Card Debt Included As Community Debt?

Once a couple marries, the parties are considered one party for purposes of debt. If one party assumes debt that the other party is unaware of, it is still considered community debt. Since it is community debt, both parties are responsible for such debt at the time of divorce.

Even if the credit card debt is in one party’s name alone, if the debt was acquired during marriage, both parties are responsible for the credit card debt. At the time of dissolution, when there is joint community credit card debt, the court can take a couple of approaches. The court can order one party to pay for the debt as part of their liabilities during marriage; the court can order each party to pay for half of the debt; or the court can order that each party be obligated for half of the credit card debt. When an attorney is involved, they will try to divide the debt in the easiest way, including each party being responsible for certain credit cards. Therefore, it is important to consult a knowledgeable family law attorney when credit card debt is involved.

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Unknown credit card charge on 28Degrees card - What to do?

Unknown credit cards

I have several unknown charges on my 28 degrees credit card last month,

Does anyone know the dispute process for 28 degrees?

The charges were from:


Call 28Degrees on 1300 552 079. Say &;DISPUTE' when prompted. After verifying your card details, you'll connect to an operator.

Tell him/her the issue, and they will log a fraud/dispute claim.

Takes around 4-6 weeks to resolve.

Call centre is open:

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Sat - Sun: 8:30am - 8:00pm

Usually if you google the name you'll find out who it is and you'll typically realize you did actually buy something there. Some businesses have strange merchant names.

Sometimes the call centre can also tell you what type of business that merchant is. Same thing happened to me once, saw a weird/unknown transaction on the statement, called the bank to &;complain', call centre told me 'school photos&;…ding ding ding…I singed my kids' school photos order form over 2 months ago!

Does that website ring a bell at all? Some sort of logo design consultant I think

Definitely porn and sex toys and now everyone knows…

It was actually which I tried the 99 cents trail offer for 24 hours.

The dodgy thing is after 24 hours, they start charging the full rate.

There is no way to stop the recurring payment.

28 degrees cannot block the recurring payment as well.

So I had to cancel the card and request for a new one…

That's so weird, there is no way to cancel at all?

nope, not if it is a dodgy vendor…

I just went to that website, and it looks like the page that you enter your CC details doesn't even have SSL? That's dodgy as hell, I would never trust a site that wants my CC details in plain text.

Well, seems like OP would need to cancel his credit card sooner or later anyway, may as well do it now, and cut the (very possible) future lost.

It's a good point breezo.

In the future I will need to check for at least SSL before putting in my CC details.

Card is cancelled, so all good.

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Suspicious credit card charge check

Unknown credit cards

Charge unknown was first reported as suspicious on 12/08/2012

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