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When 25 military officers founded USAA in 1922, did they consider offering coverage discounts? If they did not offer them decades ago, they made up for it years later. This company offers a slew of discounts to its member policyholders.

The Army officers who started the company could not get insurance through any other means, so they decided to insure one another.

Today, USAA offers several lines of coverage and other financial services to military families who qualify.

USAA’s market capital exceeds 18 billion dollars.

They have an “A++” from insurance rating expert A.M. Best for their solid financial strength and industry standing. USAA also received accolades for their recognized customer service department. Their members do not hesitate to offer good feedback to these executives for the work they do.

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Since USAA members are mostly military personnel, they deserve special treatment for what they do for the country. When it comes to car insurance discounts, not only does the company offer the latest in incentives, but they also top that off with their own special discounts.

The following are basic driver discounts offered by many companies:

USAA adds to your basic list of discounts by also including:

They offer you a discount just for attending basic driving school, which is different from the defensive driver discount. If your vehicle is less than three years old, you are entitled to a discount.

You can also save money by becoming a second, third, or fourth generation member.

Furthermore, you can talk with your USAA agent about other savings, such as AAA or other club savings, prepayment discounts, and security features discounts. If you have a new car, you may be interested in what your agent has to say about USAA’s GAP coverage.

If that is not enough, this company is keeping up with the latest trends in discounts, such as accident forgiveness for one dollar.

Car Insurance Payment Options from USAA

Members of this organization receive flexible payment options to coincide with their pay dates. So if you are paid every two weeks, you can split up your payment for convenience. Your agent may be helpful in considering other possibilities so that you will not have to worry about a policy lapse.

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USAA Also Has Mobile Applications

As a USAA member, you can download the application needed to get tips, tools, resources, and conveniences right at your fingertips without making a single call. You can even apply for your car loan using your USAA mobile application.

Your member discount savings starts here with a 1.99 percent APR on new cars and trucks and less than four percent of used vehicles.

The company has devoted a whole web page to addressing your mobile USAA needs. USAA is so high-tech, you can make a check deposit using your iPad two device. However, there are certain restrictions on mobile transactions related to specific regions such as Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

What is the use of having all the USAA discounts without the protection you need for your vehicle? For $299, you can protect your new car against total losses. USAA offers a Debt Protection Program for hardships and also the USAA Extended Vehicle Protection Program.

While many insurance and finance companies would have a problem with having your car shipped overseas, USAA understands the PCS process.

Even with 100 percent financing, which USAA provides, you can ship your car or truck to your next military station without the usual hassles.

If you need to refinance your car through USAA so that you can receive all of these benefits, this outfit will take care of everything related to paying off and transferring your loan.

Not Just a Car Insurance Provider

USAA is not just a car insurance company for military personnel; they are also a full-service financial center. They offer other products such as:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Real Estate Support and Financing
  • Retirement Options
  • Securities
  • Shopping

There are several categories of savings and discounts that fall under these product headings offered by USAA. For a company to offer so many products and services and maintain an excellent reputation is extraordinary.

You can read company reviews and other aspects of the company on USAA’s comprehensive website.

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