usaa florida car insurance

Usaa florida car insurance

What to Look for in a Home Insurance Quote

If you are in the market for home insurance for a new house or one you have just bought, it is wise to shop around a little. Go online and get a few company names from there and a couple from the phone book, get in touch with them and get a home insurance quote from each. Each company has their own insurance policy so they will probably be all different.

First compare the annual payments you must make in each home insurance quote. Take a piece of paper and write the names down in ascending order from the cheapest to the most expensive. Now look at the benefits and coverage each company is offering on their home insurance quote. Write these down to in the same descending order on another piece of paper. Start with the one that offers the least and finish with the one offering the most coverage. On the first piece of paper write the company names in descending order, first the one that offers the least benefits and so on.

You will find that some of the names will repeat themselves side by side, and this repetition will happen with the more expensive companies with the ones offering the least benefits on their home insurance quotes. These companies that are on the top of both lists you must eliminate, they do not have the money or reassurance to cover you if you lose your home.

The remaining companies are still eligible. Read every home insurance quote slowly and deliberately, read the fine print, if there is something you do not understand write it down so you can ask them about it later. You are looking for one which is cheap and has a lot of coverage and benefits. You want a home insurance quote does not have too many small prints and incomprehensible attorney talk; one that is within your budget, but has enough coverage to solve your problems in case of an emergency.

Remember something important, you are looking at a home insurance quote, not the actual policy. Be careful once you pick a company, take the policy to your attorney before signing it, make sure you understand it completely and feel comfortable with it. If you would leave your zip code in the right spot in this website we will send you an easy to understand home insurance quote that will make you very happy.

8 Florida driving mistakes to avoid in your state

Usaa florida car insurance

Usaa florida car insurance

Usaa florida car insurance

Usaa florida car insurance

Usaa florida car insurance

Usaa florida car insurance

Usaa florida car insuranceFrom hanging chads in the 2000 presidential election to pythons invading the Everglades, Florida continually surprises with wacky and weird news.

Why should it be any different when it comes to Florida's roadways?

We've got a motorcyclist texting while fleeing police, a guy distracted by a selfie-stick crashing his pickup into a canoe and an assortment of other colorful stories.

Perhaps that's why we Floridians pay some of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation.

While the national average auto insurance premium is $1,311 in 2015, the average Floridian is paying about 33 percent more, or $1,742, according to

"Insurance pays for stupidity, not for intentional damage," says Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for

Pay attention when you're cruising Florida's roads, and heed the lessons from eight crazy scenarios no matter where you live.

Usaa florida car insurance1. Watch out for those 'gators

Many of us have been struck by deer crossing the highway, but imagine getting rammed by a gator. No, not a University of Florida football player. A real, live, reptile crawling across the interstate in the middle of the night.

A couple cruising along Interstate 275 near St. Petersburg at 70 mph were rammed by a 12-foot behemoth after it was clipped by a truck and ran into their Toyota Scion.

Concerned citizens should call for more "alligator crossing" signs along Florida's interstates.

Who pays? If a 'gator or other critter hits your car, your comprehensive auto insurance should cover the bill, minus your deductible. Obtaining a police report can help the insurer classify this correctly as a comprehensive claim. "Accidents with animals are usually considered 'not at fault'," so you shouldn't be penalized and receive a car insurance rate hike. But if another alligator crosses your path this year, having multiple accidents and claims could boost your rates.

Usaa florida car insurance2. Don't do doughnuts on the jail lawn

There's the old stereotype that cops love doughnuts, but they don't love them when you're using your car to do them on the jailhouse lawn.

That's what a Florida man found out after repeatedly being told by sheriff's deputies to move his SUV, which he'd parked on the sidewalk in front of the Hernando County jail.

He first backed up and rammed his car into a bench, then drove through the landscaped lawn before hitting a flagpole. When he finally got out of the car, he was tackled by deputies and charged with criminal mischief and resisting an officer.

Who pays? Driving erratically and crashing into a pole may result in damage to your vehicle and the pole, Gusner estimates. Collision insurance pays for repairs to your car from colliding with objects (such as a pole) and liability insurance could cover the damaged pole, she explains. "However, if you're doing doughnuts and deliberately hit a pole in hopes it will fall on a police car - not covered." Plain and simple, deliberate damages are not covered by your car insurance policy.

Usaa florida car insurance3. Be more self(ie)-aware

That's the message a Florida man had for other motorists after he drove down a dirt road in Orange County on his way to an alligator hunt and became distracted by the selfie-stick he was using to video his journey.

He didn't notice that the pickup truck in front of him, with a canoe jutting out the back, had slowed down. It quickly got his attention when the canoe smashed his Jeep's windshield.

At least the Port Orange chiropractor took the lesson to heart - sharing video of his wreck on YouTube and posting on Facebook: "This is why you shouldn't text and drive or try to take a selfie and drive. This is a PSA!"

Who pays? If you get in a wreck while texting and driving (or taking a selfie and driving) your auto insurer should still cover the damages, but having the accident may raise your rates, Gusner cautions. Comprehensive coverage should take care of windshield damage in this type of incident. If the driver damaged the car in front of him, or the canoe, his liability coverage would be expected to pay. The accident would be considered at-fault and if you receive a distracted driving ticket, expect your rates to rise at your next renewal period.

Usaa florida car insurance4. Don't text while you're fleeing police on a motorcycle

Automakers tout hands-free communication when you're on the road, but it's probably not the smartest move when you're riding a motorcycle and fleeing the cops.

Martin County Sheriff's deputies tried to stop a motorcyclist driving erratically on I-95. Even a police helicopter got into the pursuit, filming the motorcyclist as he raced down the road using both hands to text and drive.

The chopper finally managed to force the driver onto the shoulder of the road.

Who pays? In this scenario, with no vehicle or property damage, the driver is on the hook for any fines and humiliation. A good thing too since most auto and motorcycle policies have an exclusion for criminal acts, such as fleeing or evading police. The moving offenses he racked up are likely to affect his future motorcycle insurance premiums - and car insurance rates as well since a person's driving record is considered in both policies. Risky operation of a motorcycle causes car insurance companies to be concerned that you may also be a risky auto driver.

Usaa florida car insurance5. Don't drive tip-sy

A beer truck driver cruising along I-75 in Hernando County lost control of his big rig, hit a guardrail and tipped over, spilling Bud Light cans across the interstate.

The highway was closed for hours as workers cleaned up the foamy mess.

And no, the driver hadn't been imbibing on his cargo. He said he was distracted by his dog, who was riding shotgun. He was cited for careless driving.

Who pays? Vehicle damage would be covered by the beer truck owner's commercial insurance policy. The guardrail would be covered by the liability insurance portion of the commercial policy, and likely the cleanup might be billed to that as well. The driver must pay a careless driving citation. A careless driving ticket is worth 4 points in Florida and considered by some insurers to be a major violation. A major violation raises rates more than a minor one; our "Uh-Oh" meter says the average rate increase is about 16 percent. Since the ticket is now on his driving record, this incident will probably affect his employer's commercial policy rates and the driver's personal auto insurance.

Usaa florida car insurance6. Don't drive like you're in an action film

The driver of an SUV crashed through the gate of a drawbridge as it was starting to rise and sent his vehicle airborne over the gap.

Palm Beach Police say the man was fiddling with his GPS and didn't see the bridge going up.

Neither the driver nor his passenger was hurt, but his SUV and the bridge didn't fare so well, and both needed repairs.

Who pays? If you drive over a drawbridge as it starts to rise, or accidentally crash your car into a building, and you have the proper insurance, the damage should be covered, Gusner says. The drawbridge damage would be covered by your liability insurance and your vehicle's damage by collision coverage, since you collided with an object.

Usaa florida car insurance7. Keep your cool

A man suspected in a road rage incident accidentally shot himself, according to Lee County sheriff's deputies.

The armed driver had brandished a gun at a woman driving with three teens in her car. The gun discharged, shooting its owner.

The driver crashed after shooting himself, and deputies found both a rifle and a handgun in the car.

Who pays? Although insurance for acting like an idiot can't be purchased, collision coverage may cover damage to the driver's vehicle that crashed as a result of the accidental gunshot. His gunshot injury may be covered by personal injury protection (PIP) since it did occur while he was driving the vehicle. However, if the insurer finds the driver was committing a criminal act at the time of the incident, the claims could be denied.

Usaa florida car insurance8. Pay your auto insurance online or by mail

An elderly woman in Volusia County may be paying her car insurance bill online or by mail from now on.

As she was pulling up outside the Acceptance Auto Insurance office to pay her bill, she accidentally hit the gas, rather than the brake, and slammed into the building. Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash.

Who pays? Assuming the woman had up-to-date car insurance coverage at the time of the accident, her liability insurance would pay for damage to her insurance company's building. As for her vehicle, if she had collision as part of a valid auto policy, its damages would be covered, less the deductible amount.

Usaa florida car insuranceYou're probably covered, but your rates may rise

In most cases, your auto insurance kicks in to cover your mistakes. Liability insurance, required by state laws, covers others that you injure or their damaged property. For your vehicle to be covered, you must carry optional comprehensive and collision coverage. If you're viewed as "at fault" in a claim, it's likely that the premium will increase upon your policy's renewal.

Even in the most serious case, such as a drunken driving escapade, your insurance isn't typically voided if you get in a wreck. But having a DUI on your record could boost your auto insurance rates by 100 percent or more.

No matter which state you call home, drive smart, drive safe, and drive sober.

USAA Car Accident Settlements and Claims in Florida

My experience is that USAA is above average as compared to other Florida insurers when it comes to paying personal injury claims.

What is the Average Settlement with USAA in a Personal Injury Case?

In the past three years, my average personal injury settlement with USAA was $41,667. (Further below, I talk about my USAA car accident settlements.)

In my career, my average settlement with USAA has been for $63,981.

My average settlement with USAA is much higher than my average injury settlement with all other car insurers combined.

(When calculating my average settlement with USAA, I used the total settlement in cases where USAA was a bodily injury liability (BIL) auto insurance, and there was additional BIL insurance that I recovered from another insurer. For example, I settled a case with USAA for $100,000, but another insurer paid an additional $100,000. I used $200,000 as the settlement figure, even though USAA only paid $100,000.)

There are two reasons that my average injury settlement with USAA has been much higher than my average settlement with all other insurance companies combined.

The first reason is that USAA typically has larger bodily injury liability (BIL) auto insurance policies than many other car insurers. For example, none of my recent USAA settlements have involved a BIL policy with less than $25,000 per person in coverage.

The second reason is that USAA tends to pay better than other car insurance companies. USAA has a reputation for paying better than Progressive, State Farm and GEICO and Allstate. I’m referring to the personal injury part of a claim.

Is Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company the same as USAA?

Yes. Although they are different businesses, your claim is basically handled the same way, and by a USAA adjuster.

In Florida, USAA issues liability policies as:

  • USAA Casualty Insurance Company
  • USAA General Indemnity Company
  • Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company

You can go to Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Company Search to get USAA’s mailing address. You can go to A.M. BEST to get USAA’s main fax number.

However, sending a fax to the main corporate office may not speed up a claim. From my experience, USAA adjusters do not give out their email address.

As with larger insurers, USAA adjusters tend to me more educated than adjusters at smaller insurers.

The USAA Property and Casualty Insurance Group is the sixth largest private passenger auto insurer and fifth largest homeowners insurer based on 2011 direct written premiums.

Driver Gets $200,000 Settlement with USAA and Another InsurerUsaa florida car insurance

It happened in an intersection.

Tip: Jurors tend to award more for intersection accident cases than for rear end cases. This is because intersection crashes have more jury appeal (more “exciting”). Tell the adjuster that you know this.

USAA insured the at-fault driver and Old Dominion (Main Street America Group) insured the employer of the at-fault driver.

USAA Pays $100,000 to Bike Rider Who Was Hit By Car

Usaa florida car insurance

Pedestrian Hit By Car Gets $70,000 from USAAUsaa florida car insurance

USAA Pays $52,000 to Bike Rider Hit By a Car; Claimed Compression Fracture

A young bicycle rider was cut off by a car that he then crashed into. He was thrown of his bike and landed on his back.

The car failed to yield the right of way. It happened in Key Biscayne, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

He had a closed head injury but he did not lose consciousness. The bicyclist also suffered compression fractures from T3-T5.

He also had a small disc protrusion. USAA, the UM insurer, settled the claim for $42,500.

United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) insured the driver of the car that caused the accident. United Auto paid $10,000. I represented the injured bicyclist.

$30,000 Settlement for Meniscus Tear from Orlando Car CrashUsaa florida car insurance

Check out my $30,000 settlement after a driver was rear ended in Orlando, Florida. She claimed that the accident caused a meniscus tear in her knee. USAA insured the at fault driver.

USAA Pays Car Passenger $25,000 for Herniated Disc, Shoulder Tear and Other InjuriesUsaa florida car insurance

USAA Pays Driver $25,000 for 6 Bulging Discs and Annular Tear

USAA Pays $9,850 (of $19,850) to Driver Hit By Car; Claimed Herniated Disc

A driver failed to yield the right of way and crashed into a car, driven by a 29-year-old man.

Usaa florida car insuranceCrash diagram

State Farm insured the car that caused the crash.

The 29-year-old man claimed that the accident caused his herniated disc with impingement . The careless driver was driving a friend’s vehicle at the time of the accident. State Farm paid its policy limits of $10,000.

The car that the claimant was in (“host car”) had UM coverage with USAA. USAA paid $9,850.

USAA argued that my client was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the crash.

I’ve also had other settlements with USAA.

Wife’s Death Results in $10 Million Dollar Judgment Against USAA Insured

This is not my case. USAA issued an automobile insurance policy to Andrew Booth Buckman.

In November 2010, Buckman was involved in an automobile accident that resulted in the death of Dennis Lee Kemp’s wife. Kemp sued Buckman for wrongful death in a Florida state court. He got a $10 million dollar judgment against Buckman.

USAA Argues That PIP Doesn’t Have to Pay Off a Workers’ Compensation Lien

If you have PIP insurance with USAA, and were working at the time of a car accident, and workers’ compensation pays your bills and/or lost wages, you should still give all of your medical providers your USAA PIP information.

Otherwise, USAA is known to argue that USAA PIP doesn’t have to pay a workers compensation lien. If a court agrees with USAA, this would put less money in your pocket.

USAA May Not Be Able to Remove an Uninsured Motorist Insurance Cases To Federal Court

Many car insurers like to remove UM injury cases from state court to federal court. They believe that having a UM injury case in federal court means that they will owe less money than if the case was in state court.

Different rules of procedure apply in federal court. If you sue USAA for uninsured motorist insurance benefits, they may not be able to remove your case to federal court.

It will depend on which USAA entity you are dealing with. Look at the USAA declarations page to see if USAA is listed as United Services Automobile Association (“A Reciprocal Interinsurance Exchange”). If they are, they won’t be able to remove the case to federal court.

On the other hand, USAA Insurance Inc. can remove to federal court.

The USAA insurance claims adjusters whom I’ve dealt with have been nice. Below are just a few of them:

Southeast Regional Office

USAA General Indemnity Company

  • Many others
    • Kathy Gegan
    • Jodi Weaver
    • Shannon Luker

    What types of liability insurance does USAA offer?

    Usaa florida car insurance

    USAA also offers enters Insurance, Homeowner Insurance, Rental Property Insurance, Home and Property Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, Motorcycle, RV and Boat Insurance, and Small Business Insurance.

    Did someone’s carelessness cause your injury in a Florida car crash or other type of accident?

    No Fees or Costs if We Do Not Get You Money

    Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 2013 and has been completely revamped and updated.

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    Usaa florida car insurance

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