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About the World Financial Network Bank

World Financial Network Bank is a credit card banking based in Columbus, Ohio. The company issues normal credit cards and other theme credit cards like here with a total assets over 5 billion.

About the Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

Victoria's Secret Credit Card is a theme card specially for fans of Victoria's Secret issued by World Financial Network Bank. Anyone with a valid security number and with the age above 21 could apply online or in person at any store site of Victoria's Secret nearby. Besides the basic functions as a credit card, this angel card provides extra information and astonishing discounts.

Using this credit card as normal functions, you can complete online payments, check out all the transactions, consume under credit limit, pay the bills under minimum payment amount and due date, all of the previous are under strict protections of internet and financial transactions. More than that, as a member card of Victoria's Secret, anyone who owns this card will receive birthday surprises each year and special offers in new styles and items during the semi-annual sale.

How can you Apply for a Victoria's Secret Credit Card Online?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

  1. A computer with internet access and a valid social security number.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Go to to start your first of three steps in obtaining an exclusive credit card of Victoria's Secret.
  2. Fill in all your information as required, such as personal information, income information, mailing address information, e-mail information and phone information.
  3. You can also apply for an additional card for an authorized buyer from you. If not, go to the next step and check out whether some of the extra services are in your need. After you've inputted all the information and confirmed all the services you would like to share, you can submit your request and wait for the response. In less than one week you will find out the result and receive your credit card in one month if everything goes well.

The VS credit card is the identity of both the Victoria's Secret and World Financial Network Bank, whoever owns it could fulfill a maximal use of their money and enjoy the biggest profits from Victoria's Secret as a client.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login – How to Login at Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Account

As a subsidiary of the popular L Brands Inc., Victoria’s Secret has its own branded credit card called the Angel Card. This card is issued by the popular Comenity bank and can be used effectively at Victoria’s Secret retail location or for online purchases at There are mind blowing benefits with the card and it is simply the best choice for a shopaholic person.

Victoria secret activate credit card

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login

The rewards and benefits can be redeemed while paying bills at the store or for online purchases. These rewards and benefits are given to the consistent card holders and the value of the rewards depend on the amount spent on shopping.

Few benefits of the card include:

  • Every cardholder gets one point for each $1new purchase with the card.
  • On accumulating 250 points, a cardholder gets a 10 USD Angel reward. This counts for a $10 off on a future Victoria’s Secret purchase.
  • No interest is charged for timely balance payers.
  • No annual fee and late fee as low as $37.

Typically there are three types of the card. These are Angel, Angel VIP and Angel Forever. Each one of them has a specified reward tier associated, with Angel forever being the best.

How to Login at Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Account

If one is looking to be a Victoria’s secret cardholder, it is suggested that he goes through the important steps mentioned below.

Step 1. The first step is typically the process of application. One can apply for the card directly at the store outlets, where he will be helped by the assisting personnel. The best option is to apply online from the comfort of your home. On the home page, click on the tab ‘’Apply’’.

Step 2. This takes you to the application page. Here you can choose the design for your card and start filling out the desired information. The information typically include your details like name, address phone number etc. Also one has to enter his Social Security Number in the corresponding space. One can also add an authorized buyer against this card if he wants, but the responsibility of payment solely rests on the registered user.

Step 3. On the subsequent sections you just need to give your consent digitally by clicking the check boxes. These are basic credit card policies that all has to abide by.

Step 4. Before submitting, cross check and verify your credentials. Also, one must learn the basic things like interest rate, late fee etc. associated with the card.

After submitting it takes a few business days for the application to be processed and get the card physically delivered to your location. There is no specified credit score required to qualify for the card, but it is advisable that you keep a fair credit against your name. Comenity bank has its sole discretion in this matter and arrives at conclusion by preparing a credit report for an applicant.

As an alternative to cash, this credit card is very handy and also lets you have your favorite wears at discounted rates. Moreover Angel cardholders get a birthday gift each year if the card stays active. In addition to that all Angel cardholders earn triple points on all bra purchases and one triple point day of their choice.

To learn more about the exciting offers visit their website.

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Customer Care Number: +1-800-695-9478

Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

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Over the Past 60 Days!

  • APR 24.99%
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Signup Bonus Apply for an Angel Card and receive $15 off your next Angel Card purchase

  • Click "APPLY NOW" to apply online
  • $10 Angel Reward for every 250 points you earn
  • $10 Birthday Gift each year your account is active
  • Triple points on bras
  • Choose three days per year for triple points
  • Free shipping on all orders that include a bra
  • Early sale access
  • Earn 500 points to become an Angel VIP or 1,000 points to become an Angel Forever to get even more benefits

From the Editorial Team

The Victoria’s Secret credit card is an in-store charge card, so that means it can be used to make purchases at Victoria’s Secret. It offers special perks to cardholders that may appeal to loyal Victoria’s Secret customers.

Expert Reviews of the Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card

Usually it is always more affordable to use a full-fledged credit card versus an in-store charge card. But if you take advantage of all the customer benefits this card could be useful to fans of Victoria’s Secret – as long as you pay off your charges to avoid paying the high-interest APR.

The 24.99% APR is extremely high and the plastic is not for use all over the world at other merchants, only at Victoria’s Secret or its corporate affiliates.

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Apply For Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

by · September 30, 2016

Victoria’s Secret is an American company known to be providing the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of the women’s premium lingerie. The company also sells the Womenswear and many kinds of the beauty products as well. As per the report that came in the year 2012, the company had the total sales of $6.12 billion.

The company is ranked as the largest retailer company in America that is providing the Womenswear, women lingerie and all the other products as well. The company was founded on June 12, 1977, 39 years ago in the Stanford Shopping Center, San Francisco, California, U.S.

Benefits Offered By The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

Victoria’s Secret is providing many benefits to its customers based in all over the United States through its existing Credit Card service. These services can be achieved by making purchases or any particular object, and then get the rewards for it which can be redeemed anytime you want. Some of these services are mentioned here:

  • Whenever you earn 250 points by making purchases, you will get a $10 reward.
  • You will be getting free shipping and a birthday gift at your date as well.
  • Apart from this, you can get a lot of other benefits as well.

How To Apply For The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card:

  • Open the web browser and go to this link:
  • Click the black “Apply” button at the end of the page.
  • Scroll down, read the important instructions, select the design for your card.
  • First of all, provide your name, date of birth, SSN and the Annual Income as well.
  • Then provide your street address, email address, mobile number, zip code, state and the city along with all the other contact info.
  • Now select if you want to add an authorized buyer to your account or not.

Click the black “Submit” button now; that will take you to the next page, provide the other information that is demanded and in the end submit your total info to the company. The Company, after the verification, will send you a credit card.