Victoria secret credit card account online

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To access Victorias Secret Credit Card login screen securely, you should use the official link. So, CLICK HERE.

With the Victorias Secret Credit Card customer service you can get help over issues with services or products. So, for this Click Here.

If you are trying to access your Victorias Secret Credit Card Login account and unable to open it, (find an error after entering your credentials) then you may need an assistance to recover your account. The very first step to get your account back is use the ‘forgot password’ link and reset your password by using any backup mean including email or phone number. The 2nd step is to recover your account by using the customer service phone number or live chat, and discuss the complete issue with them so that they can solve it for you.

One thing which should be observed is that move to second step only if you tried the step 1 and it didn’t work for you.

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victoria secret credit card account online

Victoria secret credit card account online

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login | Make a Payment

Owners of the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card can log into the customer portal via the Victoria’s Secret website and, once there, can update any personal information that has recently changed, manage their card, check balances, pay bills, and review the cardmember agreement.

In order to login you must first go to this webpage and, once there, find the fields on the left asking for User Name and Password respectively, fill them, and click ‘sign in.’

If you have forgotten either your user name or your password simply click ‘Forgot your user name or password?’ to be taken to the screen pictured below, in which, after providing the required information, Victoria’s Secret will reset the password and provide you with your username. The required information is as follows:

  • Username (if only the password has been lost) or Account Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Postal Code

After you have been approved for your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card and have the card in your possession you may activate it by calling 1-800-695-9478 or by following the following steps utilizing the provided user portal.

First, from the main webpage you must click ‘sign up’ on the left of the page.

This process will create an online account for you at the same time as activating your card. Once you have arrived at the next page, if you don’t have an account number already you will be prompted to input the following information:

Once that information has been entered you will complete three more phases of registrations: creating credentials, device registrations, and paperless enrolment. After this the card and account will both be up and operational. – A credit card from Victoria’s Secret!

If you are a fan of the classy lingerie that Victoria’s Secret sells, you might be interested in their credit card as well. That is correct. Victoria’s Secret has its own brand of credit cards. You can learn more about these cards at We have provided information on them as well, below.

What are the benefits of having The Angel Card?

People who own the Angel Card and have earned 250 points will be automatically upgraded to the Angel VIP card, along with a $10 reward. Angel VIP cardholders get access to exclusive deals, discount sales and special VIP or invitation only promotions that are not open to the general public. There are many great deals available through this program and women can purchase excellent products at a bargain price, before it is ever revealed to the public.

For every $1 spent on the Angel Card, one earns one reward point that can be redeemed at a later stage. When a customer uses the Angel card to buy bras, they earn two points for every dollar spent. Every 6 months, card holders will get a special offer where they can get $100 worth of merchandize for an essentially free price. The program also gives cardholders a surprise gift when their birthday rolls around.

How can one apply for the Angel card?

Application is very easy. One can simply use the link mentioned above, to access the official site of Victoria’s Secret, to then apply for the card online. The online application form will ask for name, contact information, social security number, annual income, address details and date of birth. Once all that information is entered, one will simply have to hit submit and wait for the system to tell them if they are approved or not. If they are approved, the card will generally be mailed to them in a few days.

Applications for the Angel card are checked for credit scores and credit history checks. If one has bad credit, there is a good chance of being denied.

What are the terms of the Victoria’s Secret Angel card?

The annual APR is 24.99%. Customers have 25 days to pay off their balances, without accruing interest charges. Late payment fees are $35 and the returned payment fee is $25.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Login

Answer: You can login to your Victoria’s Secret credit card by clicking on this link. Victoria’s Secret is one the largest clothing retailer in the US. Victoria’s Secret credit card is managed by Comenity Bank. Once you log in, you can manage your Victoria’s Secret credit card. You can make payments, change address, view transactions and much more.

Victoria secret credit card account online

You need to have a Victoria’s Secret login and password to access your online account. To register your Victoria’s Secret credit card, click here.

If you have trouble logging into your Victoria’s Secret account, please call Victoria’s Secret customer support telephone number at 1-800-695-9478.

If any information is incorrect, please contact us with the updated information.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Online Login

Offered through the Comenity bank, Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card provides a way through which customers can shop in any of the Victoria’s Secret stores at a discount. You can also earn redeemable points by shopping using this card which will later prove to be worthwhile.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Online allows you to shop online and accumulate points which can later be claimed in the form of gift cards for your shopping needs. With the online access, you can login, change your password or get your lost username and enroll the online service.

Most shoppers will have a huge shopping list to take care of. The use of a credit card will help you to achieve this with ease, and most of the times; you might be excited and buy what you did not plan for. Luckily, with an online account, you can access different transactions you made and manage your buying behavior accordingly. To log in, use the steps below:

Step 2: Enter username and password and then click sign in button.

Victoria secret credit card account online

How to get your password or username if forgotten

The need to retrieve your account username comes when you cannot remember it. It does not happen often but since it can happen, there is the need to know how to retrieve it. On the same case, your password can be forgotten and thus the need to get it. The steps to do this include:

Step 1: Click the phrase as shown below.

Victoria secret credit card account online

Step 2: Enter your credit card number, ZIP code and social security number as required and then click the Find my Account button.

Victoria secret credit card account online

With a busy schedule, you might not have the time to know how much you spent in a particular week on your credit card. However, if you have an online account, you can do this on your own by just logging in. To do this, you will need to enroll for the online service. The steps below will get you there:

Step 1: Click the Register for Online Access space.

Victoria secret credit card account online

Step 2: Enter the details as required and then click the Find My Account button. Move to the next section, enter your user details and click Create Account button.

Victoria secret credit card account online

How to manage your account online

You have to be on top of your shopping list and managing your expenses with ease. Once you have your online account for your credit card, you can achieve this objective. You will be able to know your spending limit, shop online, and how much you have used up in your credit card. It helps you to log in and view the history of your credit card in terms of transactions. This is not possible if you are not enrolled for the online service.