Pge collections

Pge collections

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Java Collections - Programming Examples

Learn how to play with collections in Java programming. Here are most commonly used examples −

pge collections

Collections allow you to group list objects together.

  • Pge collections Title

You can just add the class dismissable to enable each collection item to be swiped away. This is only for touch enabled devices.

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LIST OF COLLECTIONS - Creating custom page that display collections

By default, Shopify only allows to have one page to display your store collections (you cannot create different "collections of collection", as you can do with product).

This is definitely frustrating. To make it easier, our themes come with a simple way to create pages that display list of collections. If you have a lot of collections, you can therefore organize your navigation so that your main menu redirects to different "list of collections" page.

Here is how you can take advantage of this feature.

Create a new menu that will hold links to collections. To do that, you need to open the "Navigation" page in the Shopify admin, or simply click here if you are already logged.

Make sure that your links are only pointing to collections. If you have links that are pointing to products, they will be ignored.

Write down the handle (outlined in red below). In this example the handle is my-collections. We will need it later.

Create a new page in Shopify admin. In the "Content" part, write only the handle of the menu we have just created. In my previous example, the handle was my-collections, so I simply need to enter my-collections as the content of the page. In the bottom right box "Templates", choose the template "page.collections-grid" / "page.collections":

If you are using our theme Focal or Trademark, you will need to choose the " page.collections" template. If you are using our theme Kagami, you may be able to choose either "page.collections-grid" or "page.collections-collage", depending on wether you want the collections to display in grid or collage mode, respectively.

Save the page to create it and make sure to add this page to your navigation to make it accessible to your visitors.

pge collections

Pge collections

This time, topic of our article is “Collections”, a great key to data manipulation in Magento. All of the developers are able to use and operate this powerful instrument. Isn’t it cool to be able to grab all needed data from the database tables with no SQL? We can find many articles and tutorials in the WEB explaining collection features, but the main goal of our article is a discussion of the situations when the collections become a serious trouble for a developer.

You can face with most of the problems while dealing with the large collections. As you know, Magento uses EAV structure for entities, so, grabbing a product with all the attributes generates a lot of SQL. Imagine, that you are writing a custom indexer or some kind of the CSV export for a store with 200k products. Let’s suppose that we have created/updated the function of some indexer:

Everything is simple here: get collection, add attributes to collection, then, iterating through the collection items in the foreach loop. But, the problem is that running this code you will get the memory leak very quickly. Collection load() method is being called before looping, and attributes that have been specified in addAttributeToSelect are being loaded for every item in the collection. Of course, it is not a problem for the small collections, but such operation will eat all your memory in case you have a lot of items. Moreover, you will find the following message at the error log:

For this purpose, we would like to describe at least two possibly solutions of this problem.

Using core/resource_iterator model.

In simple words, the core/resource_iterator model allows you to get the collection item data one by one executing corresponding SQL query. The Walk function of Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Iterator is used here:

It takes the following parameters:

  • $query – is query string or select object to execute
  • $callbacks – callback function(s) to process an item data
  • $args – extra arguments that can be used in the callback function (optional)
  • $adapter – write/read the adapter (optional)

See the usage example below:

productCallback – is our callback function. All grabbed from the database data is available in $args[‘row’] here.

Then, the goal of the second method is to divide the collection into pages and load data by page. setPageSize sets size of the collection and setCurPage sets iterator to the page you want to load.

Check the example below:

We hope those techniques will help you to use Magento collection more effective. You are welcome to share your thoughts and methods in the comments.

When I tried to work with setPageSize() method, the 2nd option, it seems that it doesn’t load products that are out of stock in the collection, because I have not implemented any logic regarding that & out of stock products are automatically filtered out. Any idea, why it’s happening. I believe it’s somewhere default Magento functioning stopping those products as my configuration says no display to out of stock products.

For the Collection Page Size example, we could use a bit of a simpler for loop, and we don’t need the load call inside the loop. The iterator will do that for us. The clear() is then absolutely necessary, as it sets the protected property isLoaded, forcing the iterator to do the load.

for($currentPage = 1; $currentPage setCurPage($currentPage);

__ foreach ($productsCollection as $_product) <

____ // do things

If I give in load categories to receive their names still the error. any solution?

I have an issue with the foreach loop it ran only one time? I have 59700 items I want to change prices for all items and if I comment up //$products->clear(); it ran up to 95 pages of 595 after that the script stop running at all Any help?

50 Collections & Lists for your Bullet Journal

Ready to rock your journal with your favorite things? This list of bullet journal collections will have you filling the pages in no time.

|50 Collections & Lists for you Bullet Journal|

Starting your first bullet journal is a thrilling experience. From the first time you fan through your new notebook, the clean pages practically beg to be filled with rows of tidy inked words.

Now, for the hard part. What do you write?

If you are staying true to the original bullet journal system, you’ll begin with your future planning, monthly spreads, habit trackers, and dailies. At its very core, bullet journaling is a productivity system, so you simply fill it with tasks and ideas you don’t want to forget.

Too many to-do lists start to get me down. I use them daily, but I also like my journal to be a place for ideas and references. I’m a creative thinker. Collections (such as my lists to improve your writing) help me catalogue the rodeo of ideas and distractions constantly rattling around my brai—Squirrel! What was I saying?

So, you’re ready to take your bullet journal beyond the basics? I’ve rounded up 50 of my favorite collections by category. Some are exercises in self-discovery and gratitude, while others can be used to keep tabs on important names, titles, data, and ongoing projects.

A word of CAUTION: Please, DON’T try to take on this full list at once. Pick and choose a few that fit your goals and lifestyle.

50 Handy Collections & Lists for Your Bullet Journal

2. My Bucket List

3. Gratitude List

4. Places to Visit

5. Skills to learn

6. Savings Tracker

7. Spending Tracker

8. My 5-Year Plan & Goal Tracker

9. “Flaws” I am grateful for & why

10. Material objects I’m grateful for

11. People I’m grateful for

12. Trials I am grateful for

13. Everyday “nothings” I’m grateful for

14. Hobbies to try

15. Books to read

16. Authors to know

17. Movies to watch

18. Television shows worth following

20. Important Addresses/Phone Numbers

23. Gift-less List (kind gestures, share meal, share and experience, etc.)

24. Family Activities

25. Thing My Kids Say

26. Family Health Appt. Tracker

27. Cleaning Schedule

28. Home repair tracker

29. Vehicle maintenance & registration tracker

30. Go-To Meal Ideas

31. Healthy Snack Options

33. Cardio Options

34. Resistance training routines

36. Weight & BMI tracker

37. Methods for relaxation

38. My Observations About People

39. Self-care activities

40. Un-Do List (Things I’ll STOP Doing)

41. Quotes from Famous Figures

43. New Words to Use

44. Interesting Facts

45. Online purchase tracker

47. Favorite memories

48. Snail mail tracker

49. Websites/YouTube channels to follow

50. Future purchases

As your journal evolves, you’ll come up with your own collections to keep—ones that are unique to you. Happy journaling!

I want to hear from you! What collections have you developed to whip your life into shape?

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Fida Islaih says

I like the gratitude and mindfulness catagories! One collection I thought of and want to work on is confessions/secrets I deny about myself. Hopefully it will help me see where I am and how to improve to where I want/need to be.

Thanks, Fida! I love your idea for confessions. We sometimes lie to ourselves more than anyone else, and that’s a great way to start an honest self-assessment. Brilliant!

Jessica // Pretty Prints & Pap says

Love this list, MJ!!

Thanks, Jessica! You’re too sweet.

I enjoy this list.

Thanks, Savy John!

Holl Lippin says

I am amazed that people can do bullet journals so easily! I tried to do one once but I got bored. How do I start one without getting bored? Please reply!

Holl, thank you so much for the question! If you’re getting bored, you might be approaching bullet journaling from a perspective that isn’t suited to your personality. Are you creative? Logical/sequential? Some people need things simple; others need doodles, artwork, daily challenges. Don’t be afraid to journal differently from other people.

My journal is mostly a scheduling aide, with the occasional collection thrown in. Other people’s BuJos are more like art journals with the occasional to-do list. Which one do you see yourself using most consistently?

You said you tried it once, so let me ask: What did you enjoy about your journal? What part was boring/tedious to you? Take out the parts that didn’t do anything for you, add things that make you feel good. I think you’ll find your bullet journal groove once you’ve done that. Does that answer your question?

love it. always good to get inspiration!

Aw, thank you! It’s a joy to share my journaling with others.

I am curious about the journal pictured at the top of the article. It looks hand made and very nice. A link to instructions or point of purchase would be great.

Phoenix Rector says

Great list. I look forward to adding a few of these as I recently found Bullet Journaling. Because I’m not using my calendar + notebook wisely AND losing information in the notebook, the Bullet Journal method is attractive. I’ve struggled with moving over to a completely new system …until today.

I’ve resolved the problem of combining calendar and notes/Collections by ordering both dot and lined pages for my 7hole 5.5×8 PlannerPad calendar.

Because much of my business is Professional Networking, I came up with two additional trackers:

1) Referrals – tracking the number I’ve given, received, revenue generated and the names

2) Who I want to meet and how I’m going to meet them – where I found them (social media, referral, article etc), and then the steps/people/events/time it took to meet them

Social Media posting calendars may be another great suggestion for those in business.

Hi, Phoenix! I’m glad you’ve been able to fine tune the system to meet your needs (flexibility at its best). I’m also adding your suggested trackers to my own tool box. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

great, because from now i want make my new journal .

Awesome, Kea! Enjoy your new journal.

This is the most helpful article about colections I have ever read! Thank you for sharing your ideas! =)

Kiriaki T. From

I’m so glad you liked it, Kiriaki! Collections are such a fun part of Bullet Journaling.

i would like to add “password keeper” list into the personal goals for a person like me , always forget the login id , username and password

I love all the collection and list u made . It’s superb useful for a newbie to start its bullet journal =D

Have a Nice Day !!

Great suggestion! Password keepers are super useful, and I keep mine separate from my BuJo (in case my journal ever gets lost). You don’t want to give someone the keys to your kingdom!

I keep my passwords on a Google Doc. That way, it’s much more likely to stay private. It’s also accessible by me wherever I am. I wouldn’t feel comfortable noting my passwords in my bullet journal. BTW, I call the document something completely boring like “Peach Cobbler Recipe” for added security. What thief cares about reading my peach cobbler recipe?

Oh, guys. Please please please don’t so this. Please don’t keep passwords and usernames in plain text anywhere, especially not on line. If you struggle with complex passwords (which, don’t we all?) download and use a password keeper program. LastPass is what I use, it’s great, will create complex random passwords for you if you wish, and you never have to remember them ever again. This was just a PSA from someone who works in Information Security.

Very sound advice! Thanks for keeping us vigilant, Emily.

Kamalani Hurley says

This list is a great jumping off point with really good ideas I’m definitely going to use. I’m trying to figure out how to note my work plans vs. life plans and then my collections, including permanent references (like Yong Qi’s password keeper idea). It’s a fun journey! Love your blog!

Hi, question here from someone who’s only been bullet journaling for a few months now–where’s the best place for collections? In the back of the journal? And how do I know where my yearly journaling will end so I know how many pages I can use? I’d appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks, love your site!

Hi, Lexi! Different people handle collections in different ways. I let my collections mix in with my journal, so they pop up organically as my life dictates. I always list them in my index & label the page edges according to category (family, health, blog, finance, etc.) to maintain order.

Some people put them at the back of their journal (so, they essentially work from both ends of their journal, meeting in the middle when they run out of pages). Other people use a traveler system so they have separate booklets for planning pages and collections. Use whatever method makes sense in your life.

It’s hard to judge where your journal will end. You may journal more or less as the year goes on. I journal more when I’m busy. Try not to worry about pages your first year. Use your journal as much or as little as you feel like it. If you run out of pages, just continue the year in a second (or third or fourth) journal. I would make the switch at the start of a new month. At the end of the year you’ll have a better idea of your journaling rate and you can either buy a journal that can accommodate your whole year, or plan out which months you’ll switch to a new one.

I hope that helps!

Sophie Hoy says

Hi, this question isn’t related to collections but where did you get your planner cover from??

Hi, Sophie! This is not actually one of my journal covers; it’s from a stock photo, but there are many similar journal covers on Etsy. Hope that helps. (incidentally, this is why I so rarely use stock photos)

Monica Nieckula says

I love all of these ideas! I wish I had found your blog sooner! Thank you for sharing. Feel free to check out my February spreads at Thank you!!

Thanks, Monica! I’m glad you found me. Your blog is beautiful; thanks for sharing it!

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