Victoria's Secret Angel Credit Card Review

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For all of those who strive to be a Victoria Secret Angel, even if it is just in your own bedroom, the Victoria’s Secret credit card may provide the financial tool you need to make that dream happen. This credit card does provide some key advantages for those who shop at this premium, ladies retailer. If you would not ever think of buying under garments at discount department stores, and you pay your bill on time, this credit card is a good investment.

The company offers two credit offers, the Angel and the Angel VIP card. Here is the breakdown of the benefits of each.

  • Victorias secret credit card billThe Angel card offers $10 in rewards for every 250 points you earn while using your card. You also get six months of special offers equaling at least $100. You get a birthday special offer, too. You get early access to all of the semi-annual sales they run and new products.
  • For the Angel VIP card, things get a bit more lucrative. To get it, earn 250 points with your Angel card. You will then qualify for all of the previous benefits plus more, including earning double points on all bra purchases free samples and makeovers.

How to Get Points with a VS Angel Card

For every $1 that you spend at Victoria's Secret, you earn 1 point. This can be on any purchase – lingerie, sleepwear, fragrances, and the like. Once you earn 250 points (spend $250 on the card), you will move up to VIP status. Then you will get double points for all bra purchases (2 points per $1 spent on bras), along with special discount opportunities. The more you buy, the more you save.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Downsides

Before you invest in the Victoria’s Secret credit card, take a closer look at its details. Just like the frills and lace, there is something more detailed to see here and the primary pricing details on the Victoria’s Secret Angel card are as follows:

  • The APR for purchases is 24.99% for even the best customers.
  • You have a 25-day grace period to pay off your card prior to being charged interest charges.
  • There is no annual fee, but you will pay late fees or returned payment fees.
  • If you do not use your account for 12 months, you lose all of your accumulated points. When compared to other rewards credit cards … that’s a total bummer.

The key to using this card is to do so only if you plan to pay off your credit card balance in full within the grace period. That is the best way to keep it affordable. If you do not use it often, or the pushy salesperson at the front desk made you think you lost out by not applying, realize that other cards offer some exciting benefits, too. But if you adore everything pink, and could not go without this retailer, owning the Victoria’s Secret Angel or Angel VIP card may be an OK move. Just remember to always pay your balance in full, and don’t go too crazy with the lingerie.

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Victoria Secret Credit Card, 24 % interest?

Victoria Secret Credit Card, 24 % interest?

I am trying to figure some things out for my Victoria Secret credit card. I want to pay it off soon. My question though is, if it is not paid off within a year, they charge me interest! if My balance right now is 280, and lets say they charge me interest RIGHT NOW per month, how much would be added.

Victorias Secret - Victoria's Secret credit card. Beware!

This occurred last year.I made a purchase at the store for about 80 dollars.

went home. Then NEVER got a statement from them. when i finally get a statement from them,It told me that i owed them 120.00 dollars. i called and the indian woman took my infomation and said it was paid over the phone.

she didnt put the right info into the system and the company never got payment. once i settled with someone who did speak English the 80 dollars went to about 119.00! SOME SALE.

beware of credit card companies that sell out to india!!

Monetary Loss: $45.

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My husband got a card for me for Christmas and everything was fine for the first month.The second moth I received a letter telling me the limit had been dropped because I paid the bill an not my husband.

This has got to be the worse company ever. When my husband called to find out what was going on.

The person on the phone was unable to understand or tell us what went wrong since the payment came out of my account (on time) and then after the call it was credited back and then no one would give a clear answer to what was going on. Save your time don't mess up your credit with these people.

You're such an ***.Why would you wait on a statement anyway?

You can always check your account balance over the phone and internet. I have been a VS customer for YEARSSSS and I too have a credit card with them and I have NEVER had any issues with them. Your old enough to know better..assuming you are. Your complaint is bull****.

Keep track of your spending and you won't have these problems.

You sound so ***.Ugghhh..rookies.

My wife got a VS card and has been a customer for YEARS.She pays her bills on time, every time.

Still, they reported her delinquent to the credit agencies mistakenly. Even if she did pay late, no credible credit company reports customers for missing a single payment. This lowered her from a 780 to 700 and we cannot refinance our house.. costing us more than $400 per month.

They admitted fault and claim they will remove it, but that remains to be seen and it will delay our refinance by at least 2 months. By the way, adults with dozens of bills don't remember every bill we have to pay.

Login to My Victoria’s Secret Credit Card – Customer Service Number

Victorias secret credit card bill

Victoria secret credit card application online: Whenever we heard the word Angel, it sounds like happiness. As we say that angel always brings happiness in our life, like that angel cards also brings happiness with lots of offers and rewards. You can be an angel card holder and can earn points to win rewards. You can make your work of managing your account more easy by log in Victoria’s Secret Credit Card online access. Victoria Secret Credit Card sign in a guide and for more information call on customer service number 1-800-695-9478.

It is very easy to sign in Victoria’s Credit Card by following below steps. Once you log in successfully, you can do many of your work with this online access of your Victoria secret credit card account .

Login page snapshot

Above all steps are useful to log in for the cardholder who already has an account on Victoria’s secret credit card, but the first time user needs to enroll for the registration. By following below steps, one can easily enroll and register for an online account.

  • We can see in above image the link showing “First Time Here? Sign up”. This link will help to first time user to register Victoria’s Secret Credit Card.
  • Click on that link available in sign in Box.
  • It will be taken to you on a new page for Registration Formalities.
  • Where you will ask to enter your credit card account number. Somehow, it will be like,

So, you can see how easy to get register for the first time user. On company’s official website, everything is available at the touch of a button. It is very user-friendly.

Features of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

If you are Victoria’s Secret credit cardholder then all you need to do is to get register on Victoria’s Secret credit card and enjoy the wonderful features of them. Once you got registered, you can access online facilities of Victoria’s Secret. You can make payments online. You can able to view statements and transactions history. By Login once, you can manage your account online from anywhere anytime as per your convenient. Most important feature of Online service is that it is totally paperless; it means you don’t need to do any paperwork or anything to get register.

There are three types of cards. One is Angel credit card, Angel VIP, and Angel Forever. All three cards offer many rewards, you can earn them by choosing what type of cardholder you want to be.

If you face any problem for the registration process, or already registered cardholders get any difficulty to access login, customer care service of Victoria’s Secret is 24×7 available to help you out with that difficulty.

So, become Card holder and enjoy lots of offers and discounts. And make all this easier through Victoria’s Secret credit charge card online services. Don’t leave this opportunity, just grab it!