Walmart® Credit Card: Is It A Good Deal?

Walmart® offers two credit card options to their customers: a store-only card and a MasterCard. Both give very little in terms of rewards, and have high APRs. If you can qualify for better credit card offers, we recommend looking elsewhere. The Walmart® credit cards don't have any perks that make them unique or especially rewarding for frequent shoppers at Walmart. These cards are, however, fairly easy to qualify for - meaning you do not need to have a good credit history to get approved. Therefore, if you do not have a FICO score above 630, and want to get savings on gas, these cards are worth considering.

  • Someone who buys gas from Walmart
  • Individuals with poor credit scores (below 630)
  • Consumers with a credit score above 630
  • Anyone who carries a balance month-to-month

Review: Are the Walmart Credit Cards A Good Value?

The Walmart® credit card options are best for people with low credit scores who can’t get better rewards credit cards elsewhere. They provide decent 0% financing options and some savings on gas purchases. The Walmart® MasterCard® will also get you a 1% savings on all purchases, regardless of where they are made. If your FICO score is below 630, there are probably few options that can provide you with discounts that are as good as this, and with no annual fee.

The best discount offered to Walmart credit card users is the 2.86% rewards rate on gas purchases with the store (based on gas prices as of publication). While this is a highly restricting benefit, it is among the best someone with bad credit can get. If you want better gas savings, see if you are eligible for cards that offer between 3% and 5% back on these purchases, such as the Sallie Mae Rewards Credit Card.

The 0% APR financing options are a nice perk, though we urge users to only use it on purchases that are absolutely necessary. Financing purchases can be a slippery slope that leads to buying things we don't really need - by breaking up the purchase into smaller incremenets we tend to forget about the total price. Ideally, you should be putting purchases onto your Walmart credit card that you can pay off completely at the end of each billing cycle.

Both Walmart credit cards come with 22.90% APR - which is higher than average, and means greater potential expenses. If you carry a credit card balance month-to-month, you should avoid getting a credit card with interest as high as this.

Bottom Line: If you already buy your gas at Walmart, and don't have the required credit history to get a top-of-the line gas credit card, we recommend the Walmart MasterCard®. You'll also get 1% back on all other shopping, which at no annual fee is a fair deal.

Walmart® MasterCard® and Walmart® Credit Card Benefits

When you use the Walmart® MasterCard® or the Walmart® Credit Card at the pump in Walmart gas stations, you will get a 5¢ discount on every gallon you buy. As of writing this article, the average national price per gallon is $2.66. At this price point, the gas rewards rate when using these cards comes out to 1.9% ($0.05 / $2.66).

The Walmart® Credit Card is a store card that can only be used to shop at Walmart stores. The other variant by MasterCard® can be used and accepted in different stores.

The Walmart® MasterCard® will also reward all your other spending – you get 1% cash back on all purchases you make. Therefore, when shopping for gas we estimate that your effective rewards at today's rates will be 2.86% (thanks to the previously mentioned discount).

walmart credit card app

How Can I Apply for Walmart Credit Card

Walmart offers a number of Payments methods to purchase your dream product online from the Walmart Store itself. Walmart Credit Card is one of the ways to make an online payment at Walmart Store. Walmart Credit Card offers many services when it comes to get a quick and instant deal on your product. You can instantly add a product to cart and make a payment using Walmart Credit Card in no time. Learn how to Apply for Walmart Credit Card from here.

Since you’re a new customer here, initially you have to apply for a new Walmart Credit Card so that you will be able to purchase anything easily from Walmart Store. Presently, Walmart offers $25 bonus for purchasing a product above $75 at the same day. You can avail this offer today itself.

Walmart credit card app

Apply for Walmart Credit Card

In order to apply for a new Walmart Credit Card, kindly follow the link given below.

Walmart Credit Card Application

Once you click the above link, you’ll be presented a Registrations page for Walmart Credit Card Login Page.

On this page, you have to enter proper details of yours. It’s easy and costs nothing with many benefits on the go.

Put your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and all the other required details along with the Postal Code. Enter a proper Password and confirm it and then hit the Continue button at last.

After that, you would be presented a Walmart Credit Card application page.

The page will ask you to enter many of your personal things just like a Bank’s credit Card or Password. Put all the required details asked on that page including your date of birth, monthly income, legal address, phone number and pretty much everything. You could see everything on that particular page.

At the last you have to accept the privacy and policy of Walmart for applying a new Credit Card. And then click on to Accept and Submit button given there.

Congratulations! You’ve just applied for a new Walmart Credit Card. Your application will be reviewed soon and you’ll get a confirmation email as well. You could see the details once you login to your Walmart account.

Application for your walmart credit card

Credit cards are getting a lot of attention in the market and many people are using the chance to make their goals captivating. It is nice to work with the best credit cards in the market if you are finding the best options in the market. Walmart credit card is one of the cards you can consider having with the many advantages that come with it. Since you want to make good use of your card and manage your transactions in a better way, you have to look at the available offers in the market. For a quick application process, you can consider using the different methods available online and fill your own Walmart credit card application.

How to fill Walmart credit card application?

Walmart credit card application online is easy as you will have to fill different information required and then you will complete the process is a nice way. It is great to work with the professional support process if you want to meet your goals easily. Many professionals are available in the market and they will give you surety of enjoying the best card that will make your financial times better. So if you apply online you will have a quick approval and manage your process in a better way. It is amazing to work with the right professionals in the market. To enjoy your financial times in e better way you have to look for the card, which gives you easy time.

One beauty of using the Walmart cards is that, you will pay low prices for the cards and this is one of the most effective ways of meeting your needs as well as making your goals captivating. It is paying to work with the professional company and you will have the right card that will offer an option of paying low fees. Consider these advantages when you will filling walmart credit card application.

Walmart is an established card provider in the market and you will have the surety that you are working with the right people who can give you a nice option of services. Since you are looking for a chance to make your goals attainable, you have to work with the right people who look promising in the process. You can meet your goals by looking at the available offers.

What else do you need to know about walmart credit card?

As you do online credit card applications, you have to be very keen to get the right picture. The steps should be followed clearly in order to avoid making mistakes in the process. If you are finding the best times that can manage your goals and meet your needs, you have a chance to make an attainable platform that will work towards meeting your goals. It is easy to work with top professional providers in the market who will give you the surety of making your goals captivating. Since you are in the process of finding the best offers in the market, you need to look at the available options in the market. Top support from the available professionals is amazing and they can boost your application process.

As you do Walmart credit card application, you need to read the available reviews to avoid confusion.

Application for Walmart Credit Card Online

Did you know that it is possible for you to apply for a Walmart credit card online? The said Walmart credit card gives you many benefits that you wouldn’t get with an ordinary credit card. For one, the Walmart credit card gives you considerable gas discounts (at $0.10 per gallon) whenever you pay for gas using it. The card comes with special financing offers, and fraud protection. As a Walmart credit card user, you get a free FICO credit score every month, and there are no annual fees associated with the said Walmart credit card. Furthermore, the moment you successfully open a Walmart credit card, and spend a given amount of money at Walmart, you are given a huge discount. Like, at the time of our writing, the offer was that if you open a Walmart credit card, and spend $75 within the day, you get to save $25 one-off. So, as you can see, there are many benefits associated with applying for a Walmart credit card online.

An overview of the Walmart credit card

The Walmart credit card is offered by Walmart (the retailer) in conjunction with MasterCard (the card issuer). It is a credit card with a difference: as it offers some benefits that you wouldn’t get with other credit cards. It is noteworthy, for instance, that on the day when you successfully open the Walmart credit card, if you spend $75, you get to save $25. So that is $25 that you get, just on account of having opened the Walmart credit card. With other credit cards, you would probably be incurring expenses at this stage: not winning free money! Furthermore, if you have a Walmart credit card, every time you pay for gas using it, you get to save $0.1 – which soon adds up to a considerable saving. The Walmart credit card, as noted earlier, comes with full fraud protection, and there are no annual fees associated with it. With a Walmart credit card, you get a free monthly FICO credit score report: something you’d otherwise probably have had to pay for. Thus, we see that applying for the Walmart credit card is worthwhile.

What you need, in order to apply for a Walmart credit card online

To apply for a Walmart credit card online, you need to have set up a Walmart account — something you can, in any event, do in a matter of minutes. You need to have, at your fingertips, the details that will be required in the application: pretty much the details that would be required in any credit card application. And, of course, you need a computer connected to the Internet, this being online application.

How to go about applying for a Walmart credit card online

Go the Walmart credit card page. The URL/web address to the Walmart credit card page is given as one of the resources in our ‘useful links’ section. On that page, towards the center, you will see a green-colored button labeled ‘apply now’ click on it. Provide the required details. If your application is successful, you will shortly start enjoying the benefits associated with a Walmart credit card.

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