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    Walmart Discover Credit Card Login and Payment Options

    Walmart/credit loginWalmart is the global leader in a number of categories, including company income and number of employees. Stores can be found around the across the globe with stores located on every continent except Antarctica. The company’s central location is Bentonville, Arkansas.

    Walmart currently offers a few credit cards, the Walmart Credit Card, Walmart MasterCard and Walmart Discover Credit Card. The Walmart MasterCard and Discover Card can be used anywhere these cards’ credit can be used while the Walmart Credit Card can only be used in Walmart stores and on the brand’s website. Cardholders have a number of options available to them to make payments toward their card balance.

    One of the easiest ways to pay toward a Walmart-issued credit card is to simply visit one of the many physical stores. To pay, you will need to present your card to any cashier or at the customer service desk and inform them that you would like to make a payment. They will slide the card and you can then pay with cash, check or debit card.

    To find the nearest Walmart location to make a payment, visit the company’s store locator page.

    The Walmart Credit Card and Walmart Discover Credit Card login are the same page. These instructions can be used for both types of cards.

    1. Using your browser, visit the Walmart Credit Card Account page
    2. Enter your user ID into the field and click “Sign in now”

    Walmart/credit login

    1. Navigate to the Make Payment page
    2. Choose whether you would like to pay with debit card or check and enter the information required. You can also choose a previous payment method.
    3. Enter the amount you want to pay and submit the payment. Options include minimum payment amount, statement balance, current balance or a custom amount. Once the confirmation page appears, you may leave the site.

    You will have to enroll in Walmart online services before being able to make payments online. To do so, visit the Walmart registration page and enter the pertinent information to gain access

    Walmart/credit login

    If you don’t want to go through the Walmart Discover Credit Card login process or visit one of the many Walmart stores, you can pay by phone or mail as well.

    By phone, dial (877) 294-7880 for Walmart Credit Card or (866) 611-1148 for Walmart MasterCard and follow the automated instructions to pay your invoice.

    Depending on which card you have, you will have to send your payment by mail to a specific address.

    Mailing address for Walmart Credit Card:

    Mailing address for Walmart MasterCard:

    For more information on making a payment to one of Walmart’s credit cards, visit their Help Center page on the topic.

    Walmart Credit Card Login and Steps to make a payment?

    Walmart credit card login : Today, most of the people hardly carry cash with them to purchase their products. Whether it is grocery shops, garments or any other house hold utility items, everything can be purchased through the credit card very easily. One among such well known cashless option is through the Walmart credit card. It is through this card account you will be able to manage all your accounts in a simple and easy way. Due to this reason it occupied the top position in the world now.

    All the purchase can be done from Walmart if you have this credit card. There are several benefits of this account. Just like a bank account you will get all the information related to bill pay, edit contact information, see monthly statement etc. You can also make the changes in your security settings with the help of Walmart credit card account. Let us find out the process or procedure to register and login to this account.

    Detailed Steps to Walmart credit card Login account

    Registering and activation process

    Just getting the Walmart credit card is not all. You need to activate that credit card before using it. Basically there are two simple options to activate the credit card and then only you can Walmart credit card Login. The steps to activate this card are given below. Read them carefully:

    • Call the customer care number or the number provided in the website and ask them to get your card activated. The representatives will help you to get your card activated through some simple instruction over the phone. The process will be completed with in a short time. It does not take much time.
    • You can now log in to the website of Walmart and activate your Walmart credit card

    You need to have a laptop or a computer system at home. This device will help you to login to your Walmart credit card account. Following is the procedure to follow:

    Walmart/credit loginwalmart credit card login

  • Here You will get the option of ‘Sign in to your Walmart credit card account’.
  • In the left hand side corner you will get a place to put your user id.
  • You also need to put your password just after that
  • You can click on forgot password if you have forgotten the password. So no need to worry about this
  • Then you will get the option through which it will be easier for you to see your user id and pw
  • You will again be redirected to the login page
  • Now you can enter your user id and the changed password
  • After clicking enter you will be taken to the page with number of options
  • You can enter your credit card number
  • Entering the last 4 digit will do
  • Now click the button next
  • You can easily do your all transaction such as paying bills, changing the profile, updating the security details etc
  • It is also possible for you to log in with the help of your mobile phone. We are going to state the procedure in this content. It is possible to make the transaction with the help of any android device, ipad as well as iPhone. Use this service in any type of phone as per your need. Following are the simple steps to follow:

    • Search for the Walmart credit card Login app in your play store when it is android or iPhone store if it is an apple device.
    • Once you get the option, just click to the download option beside the icon
    • The installation procedure will be done when you open the page and click install
    • In order to install Walmart credit card app in your device, it will take only few minutes
    • You need to have some patience and bear the time while installation process is going on
    • Once you can see the prompt, ‘ download 100% complete’ you are done
    • The icon of Walmart credit card will be shown in the home page of your smart phone
    • Just click to the icon and it will show you all details
    • You can now put your user id and password to enter to the account
    • It will be quite easier for you to go ahead with different type of transactions and the remaining things can be understood clearly.

    The procedure of login through the desktop/ smartphone/ tablet is quite easy as mentioned above. It is just like the way you go ahead with the internet banking of the page. It is simple for even a layman if guided for once.

    Walmart Credit Card Login | How To Do Walmart Mastercard Login?

    Walmart Credit Card Login: Walmart credit card has a lot to offer to its customers. There are plenty of discounts on a wide range of products on the purchases made through this card. The first time card users also get 20% discount on the Walmart website (the amount shall not exceed $50).

    The card holders can also manage their account online. For this, they will need Walmart credit card login. In this article, we will cover the card application process and sign in information.

    Walmart/credit login

    We will talk about the sign in process in detail a little later. You need to have a Walmart Credit Card first in order to log in to your account and check the information. You must have heard about various benefits this card offers across the Walmart Stores.

    If you are a regular visitor at Walmart, it only makes sense to get a card. If you don’t have a card and want to apply for it, you have a few options.

    • You can visit the website and apply for a card here. Just locate the Apply Now button and click it. You can also gather a lot of information about the card on this site. You need to sign in with your Walmart account. If you don’t have one, you can create it on the site.
    • You can also visit the Walmart Jewelry kiosk to apply for the card. The approvals are usually instant and you receive the card within a few weeks
    • Walmart Store register also offers you to apply for the credit card. Again, it offers Walmart Credit card instant approval and it is sent to you in a few weeks. If the card is approved the store will also give you a temporary pass for shopping. You can use this pass within 24 hours at the store. Remember that this pass can be used only at the store where you applied for the card.

    If you are wondering what the Walmart credit card approval odds are, it all depends upon your credit score. But, it won’t do any harm checking if the card will be approved.

    If you have applied for the card online, you will not get the instant approval. So, you may want to check the Walmart Credit Card application status. That you can do by calling the toll free 800 number 1-877-969-3668 (Walmart credit card customer service number).

    Once the card is approved it takes about a couple of weeks to deliver. In case it has been longer and you haven’t received the card, contact the toll-free number.

    Walmart credit card activation will be required once you have received the card. We will talk about activation and login in the following text.

    Walmart Credit Card Login | Walmart Mastercard Login:

    Once you have received the card, you will need to activate it first before you can sign in. Visit the website and you will see various options pertaining to login and activation.

    Walmart/credit login

    You can see the login section on the left with a blue background. We will discuss the important aspects of this page step by step starting with activation.

    As already mentioned, the card needs to be activated in order to access the online account. You will also create the User ID during the registration process. If you have already registered and had the User ID with you, you can skip to the next section.

    On the left, click the link ‘Activate My Card’. You can also choose to click ‘Enrol Now’ on the left. Both these links eventually take you to the same activation page. But, when you click ‘Activate My Card’, you need to click ‘Register and Activate’ on the next page.

    Nevertheless, on the new page, you need to enter the account number and click ‘Next’ button. You can find the account number either on the front of the Walmart credit card or on your card statement.

    In order to register and qualify for Walmart CC login, you should be the primary account holder. You should also have the credit card in your possession during registration (you will need Walmart Credit Card number).

    On the following screen, Walmart will take you through the authentication process to verify you as the account holder. Here you will also create your login credentials (User ID and Password). Fill all the details and also choose an image, which will help you avoid phishing (more on it later).

    Follow the onscreen instructions and you will have the Walmart credit login details soon.

    Now that you have created Walmart Mastercard login, you will want to sign in to your account. The online account lets you check your Walmart credit card balance and gives you access to many other services.

    Here is how you can sign in:

    • Visit the website
    • Enter your User ID
    • Click ‘Sign in now’ button (check ‘Remember me’ if you want the browser to automatically sign in the next time. Do not choose this option when using a public computer)

    Walmart/credit login

    This only initiates the login process. You will need to enter the password on the next screen. On the password screen, you will also see the security image you chose at the time of registration. When you see the image, it means you are on the secure Walmart site and not on any phishing scam site.

    You can now complete the Walmart credit card sign in.

    The sign in process is not necessarily straightforward but it is for your own safety. It is simple though!

    I don’t remember my log in details | Forgot Walmart Credit Card Password?

    If you have forgotten your Walmart crediWalmart card login details, no need to worry. You can get it back for Walmart credit card payment login and other services.Visit the page

    Walmart/credit login

    If you have forgotten your User ID, click ‘Look up your User ID’. You will need to enter your credit card account number and last four digits of SSN to retrieve user ID.

    Walmart/credit login

    If you need to reset the password, enter the User ID on this page. On the next page, click the appropriate link to reset the password.

    Walmart Credit Card Login Walkthrough

    Walmart Credit Card login is one of the multiple online services that this store offers for its customers. The login page was created for those who have a reloadable debit card with Walmart. After they perform Walmart credit login, they can check their balance, load their card, check their payments and more. To go through Walmart Mastercard login, customers need to have a card, an online user ID and a password. In addition to this, login requires a registered card. Fortunately, the Wal Mart credit card login portal offers all of these opportunities, so you don’t have to access external sources.

    Walmart/credit login

    If you’re interested in Walmart Money Card balance login, feel free to consult our Walmart Credit Card Login Guide. We’ve included tips and trips for login, recovering user IDs and passwords and setting up an online account for Walmart credit cards login. You’ll also learn more about registering your credit card for log in, as well as how you can get one in the first place. Enjoy our guide and good luck with your Walmart credit card login!

    Walmart/credit login

    The Walmart credit card login page should look like the screenshot above.

    Step by Step Guide for Walmart Credit Card Login

    If you have already bought a Walmart MoneyCard, registered it and created an online account, you can proceed with signing in for check balance. Prior to beginning, make sure that you have access to a safe mobile device with an internet connection you can rely on. When you’re prepared to go through Walmart credit card logon, you can go through these steps:

    • Go to You can do this by typing into the navigation bar of your browser or by copying and pasting the link there. However, the most reliable way is to directly click on our link.
    • You should now be on the Walmart MoneyCard home page. At the top right hand corner, you’ll see a small link that reads Login. Please click it to reach the specific login portal.
    • The page that you reach should look like the screenshot we have inserted in our Walmart Credit Card Login Guide. As you can see, you have to enter your Online User ID in the very first empty box.
    • In the second box, please provide the Password you chose for your Walmart CreditCard login.
    • Check Remember User ID if you want to be automatically signed in the next time you check your balance. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t check the box if you’re on a public computer, to prevent unauthorized access.
    • Press the orange Log In button at the bottom right corner of your page to finish up the process.

    If you entered your online user ID and password correctly, you should now be able to perform all of the actions we spoke about in the introduction of our guide. If you have any troubles, all you have to do is scroll down to the footer of the website and click the small Help link. It should be the last one in the list of links at the bottom of the Walmart credit card login portal.

    At one point or another, you might end up misplacing or forgetting your Walmart Credit Card login credentials. In this case, you will need to recover or reset your information, according to what you specifically lost. If you are experiencing any one of these situations, just go through these instructions and you’ll be back in your account in no time:

    • Visit the Walmart Credit Card login page. For instant access, click this link: You will be automatically directed to the right page.
    • If you can’t remember your online user ID, click the blue link entitled Forgot User ID.
    • To recover it, you need to provide your Walmart MoneyCard number. Enter all 16 digits in the first field.
    • Afterwards, enter your security code in the second field. It should be made of three digits and you can find it on the back of your card.
    • Press Continue and follow any additional instructions.
    • For lost passwords, click the Forgot Password
    • Provide your online user ID and the three digits of your security code.
    • Likewise, press Continue and follow remaining instructions to reset your password.

    As we previously mentioned, any other assistance can be gained by pressing the Help link at the bottom of the Walmart Credit Card login page. After you recover your online user ID or reset your password, you should be able to easily access your Walmart MoneyCard account again.

    Set Up an Online Account for Walmart Credit Card Log In

    Let’s say that you have purchased a Walmart MoneyCard and registered it and now you want to check your balance and make payments online. To do this, you will need an online account to accompany your Walmart money card. You can create it in a matter of minutes, provided you have your card nearby and access to the basic information related to it. Please note that you can’t create an online account without already having a card, as you will need to provide your card number and other similar details. If you don’t have a card yet, please consult the last section of our Walmart Credit Card Login Guide.

    To set up your online account, you just have to go to the Walmart Credit Card login page we talked about before and go through these instructions:

    • Under the Create an online account heading (the second one on the page), click the orange Create Online Account button in the bottom right corner.
    • Begin by entering basic information related to yourself and your card. Type in the 16 digits of your card number
    • Select the expiration month and expiration year from the two drop down menus provided.
    • Next, enter your birth date either by typing in the month, day and year or by using the arrows in the small menu.
    • Lastly, enter your ZIP code.
    • Click Continue and provide any other details you might need.

    After you have bought a Walmart MoneyCard, you need to register it on the Walmart Credit Card login page. Once it’s registered, you can work your way back up in our guide to setting up your online account and logging in. You won’t have to access the Walmart credit card login page specifically, but rather the Walmart MoneyCard home page. After you’re there, do this:

    • Press the second to last category in the main menu at the top of your screen: Register Card Purchased.
    • The first part of the process involves entering your card number and security code. Using the two interactive card images on your screen, copy the digits in their designated spaces, just like they appear on the front and back sides of your card.
    • Scroll down and fill out all of the information under the Sign up now You’ll need to write your full name, home address, email address, phone numbers, Social Security Number, date of birth and four digit Personal Identification Number.
    • Continue and follow instructions to finish.

    If you are interested in becoming a Walmart MoneyCard customer, you can find all the information on how to get a card on the website we have been talking about in this guide. Press the Get a Card button and fill out the Cardholder Agreement to receive one.