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    Apply for a Wells Fargo Credit Card Online

    Wells fargo credit card sign inFor millions of Americans and many of their businesses, Wells Fargo has proven to be one of the most stable banking institutions in the world. With numerous services as well as highly competitive rates for loans, lines of credit and more, the company has become a top-tier bank since it was first created in the 1850s.

    Occasionally, Wells Fargo Bank sends its customers a mailer that invites them to apply for a credit card. Usually, this is included with a guarantee that the person will be approved for a specific amount, but sometimes that can change depending on what may have happened with that person’s credit rating between the time the mailer was sent and when the person applies.

    Complete Your New Credit Card Application Online

    If you received a letter from Wells Fargo inviting you to apply for a new credit card, you can do so by completing the steps listed here.

    If you did not receive an invitation but would still like to apply for a credit card from the bank, you can sign into your account at the bank’s sign in page and click the Products & Offers tab where you can view the various credit cards offered by Wells Fargo and apply for the one you would like.

    1. Using your preferred internet browser, go to Clicking this link will take you there in a new tab in your browser
    2. Type your reservation number into the four boxes provided. You can find your reservation number on the mail invitation you received from Wells Fargo, printed at the top of the letter

    1. Type the last four digits of your SSN into the field asking for it, then click the blue “Continue” button at the bottom of the page

    1. Continue filling out the forms and agree to the legal documents when presented. Finalize your application and submit it to Wells Fargo
    2. In some cases, the website will be able to inform you of the decision immediately. However, there is a chance you will have to wait to receive a call or letter from them

    If you would prefer to not have Wells Fargo contact you about your credit card application, you can apply over the phone by calling 1-800-932-6736. For security purposes, you will still have to give the bank all the same information, they just will not contact you as a follow up – instead you will be informed of the credit decision and either receive or not receive your new card in the mail.

    Access Your Wells Fargo Financial Credit Card for More Special Offers

    At present, finance has permeated into every aspect of your life such as electronics, healthcare, recreation, home furnishings and more. If you make purchases with the Wells Fargo Financial National Bank credit card, you can get savings in almost all fields at the participating retailers of Wells Fargo. Hence, don’t hesitate and take action now.

    Access Your Wells Fargo Financial National Bank Credit Card for More Special Offers Instructions

    Unlike the general-purpose credit card, Wells Fargo Financial National Bank Credit Card is a revolving line of credit, which enables you to defer your payments even the date is due. With the credit card, you can make payments online or at locations everywhere Visa credit card is accepted. If you make purchases at participating merchants of Wells Fargo, you can get exclusive special financing offers for nearly every aspect of your life including appliances, electronics, jewelry, flooring, outdoor improvement, healthcare, recreation, home furnishings, specialty, apparel, home improvement and more.

    If you would like to have a try, you can apply for one online or by phone. For example, you can get your Home Projects Visa credit card at Reference Link 2 and Carrier Visa credit card at Reference Link 3 below. Also, you can call 1-877-805-7744 to apply for them or other types of Financial National Bank credit cards. The card will be mailed to you within 7 days.

    If you open an online account for you card, it will be much easier for you to manage it. You can edit your account profile, view your transactions, check your balance, get paperless statements and more. For more details about the services provided, just refer to the statement and materials which come with your credit card. The registration process is simple and all you need to do is a few steps within two minutes.

    1. Enter and click “Sign Up Today” to get started.
    2. Provide your Social Security Number, card number as well as email address and press “Continue” to proceed.
    3. Follow the instructions to complete the registration and you will be accessible to all the services and special offers.

    If you have any questions or problems, view the FAQ at Reference Link 4 below or directly call 1-877-805-7744 to get answers.

    Wells Fargo, founded by Henry Wells and William G. Fargo in 1852, is a multinational banking and financial corporation in the United States. In 1923, Wells Fargo and Union Trust was formed through a merger between Wells Fargo Nevada and Union Trust Company. In 2012, it boasted over 9,000 retail branches, 270,000 employees, growing along with new job opportunities posted, and 70 million customers. Now, Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in America by assets and number one by market capitalization.

    Wells Fargo Credit Card Online Login

    Wells Fargo is an American international banking and financial company. They offer financial services for commercial, personal customers and small business. For personal customers, Wells Fargo offers a variety of credit cards, like Wells Fargo Wise Cash Visa, Rewards Visa, Platinum Visa and many others.

    Wells Fargo Bank always has their customers in mind. Now there is no need to spend hours in a line at the bank with all the features provided in their Online Account. Any card members can enroll and view online statements, track activity or set alerts for card balance. To learn how to enroll, renew password or login, follow the steps in this simple guide.

    Step 1– Open your preferred web browser and enter or click this link.

    Step 2– At the top of the page, click the Sign On link.Wells fargo credit card sign in

    Step 3- Enter your username and password and click Sign On.Wells fargo credit card sign in

    If you have entered the correct information, you will be directed to your online account dashboard.

    To retrieve your User ID or password, start the process as you would to Sign On:

    Step 1- In the Sign On page, click the link Username/Password Help.Wells fargo credit card sign in

    Step 2- Select action according to the information you wish to renew or retrieve. If you have forgotten your password, click Create New Password. If you wish to retrieve your username, click Find Username.Wells fargo credit card sign in

    Step 3- Once you click on the link for forgotten password, enter your username or your SSN to verify your identity.Wells fargo credit card sign in

    Follow any additional steps required by website to verify your information until you are allowed to renew your password or receive an email stating your username.

    If you are already a card member and wish to enroll, start as you would the Sign On process:

    Wells Fargo Visa Credit Card Customer Service

    Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational banking and financial services holding company which is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with “hubquarters” throughout the country. It is the fourth largest bank in the U.S. by assets and the largest bank by market capitalization. Wells Fargo is the second largest bank in deposits, home mortgage servicing, and debit cards. In 2011, Wells Fargo was the 23rd largest company in the United States.

    Wells Fargo History

    Wells Fargo and Company’s Express provided financial services by the fastest means available: overseas by sailing ship or steamer; and overland by stagecoach, Pony Express or railroad. Within a few years, business was transacted electronically by telegraph, which would later grow to include radio, telephone and the internet.

    From the first day of business, Wells Fargo came through for pioneer miners, merchants and ranchers in the West. And in a very short time, the company opened offices in mining camps, towns and cities—there were more than 10,000 Wells Fargo offices by 1918.

    Wells Fargo Propel World American Express® Card Review

    • APR: 13.99% to 21.99% based on your credit worthiness
    • Introductory APR: 0% for the first twelve months
    • Cash advance APR: 23.99%
    • Penalty APRs: sdsfdfs
      • Applies if you make a late payment
      • Can apply indefinitely
    • Grace period: 25 days
    • Minimum interest charge: $1

    Note all APRs may vary based on the prime market rate.

    • Annual fee: $175, first year fee waived
    • Balance transfer fee: $5 or 3% whichever is greater for the first twelve months, then 5% or $5 whichever is greater
    • Cash advance fee: $10 or 5%, whichever is greater for SUPERCHECK advance, ATM advance or advance through Wells Fargo Online. $20 or 5%, whichever is greater for all other cash advances
    • Foreign transaction fee: None
    • Late payment fee: Up to $35
    • Returned payment: Up To $35
    • No foreign currency conversion fees
    • Up to $100 per year in reimbursements toward incidental airline charges
    • 40,000 point sign up bonus after $3,000 in spend
    • 3x on all airline purchases, 2x on all hotel purchases
    • Complimentary room upgrades and more from the Luxury Hotel Program
    • High annual fee of $175 after first year

    This is a brand new card and as such there isn’t much (if any) information on it as of yet. We will update this section as more information comes to hand.

    We currently don’t have any precise credit score information for this card, it is a premium offering by Wells Fargo and as such we recommend having a credit score above 720 before applying. We’ll update this page as more information comes to hand.

    Common Reasons For Denial:

    • Too many recent applications
    • Income too low

    What Credit Bureau Does Wells Fargo Pull For The Propel Card?

    This will be dependent on which state you live in. We suggest using the credit boards credit pull application, entering “Wells Fargo” and then your state to get a rough idea of which credit bureau they will pull.

    This card earns

    This card earns Well Fargo points at the following rates:

    • 3X points per dollar spent on Airlines
    • 2X points per dollar spent on Hotels
    • 1X points per dollar spent on all other purchases

    You also earn an additional “relationship” bonus if you maintain an additional account with Wells Fargo, the bonus rates are as follows:

    • Checking or savings account: 10% relationship bonus
    • PMA package with a relationship balance of $250,000 or less: 25% relationship bonus
    • PMA package with a relationship balance of $250,000 or more: 50% relationship bonus
    • Wells Fargo Private Banking PMA Package client: 50% relationship bonus

    This bonus is paid out on the 13th month billing cycle after you first opened your account and then annually after that. You do not earn this bonus on sign up points or bonus points (e.g if you make an $100 purchase with an Airline you’d receive 300 points and then an additional 10 relationship bonus points if you hold an eligible checking or savings account). There is currently a $100 sign up bonus for Wells Fargo checking accounts.

    The most basic checking account has a monthly fee of $7 if you opt for paperless statements, which is waived if you receive direct deposits of $500 or more per month or have a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more. The most basic PMA package has a monthly fee of $30 unless you have deposits totalling $25,000 or more.

    Wells Fargo doesn’t offer great rates on their checking & savings products so we wouldn’t recommend signing up for these, especially since the relationship bonus doesn’t count towards sign up and bonus points.

    You can also earn additional points by shopping through the Wells Fargo mall portal. Unfortunately this doesn’t look like a great portal, we had a look at a few offers and were able to find much better offers through other cash back sites.

    • 40,000 Wells Fargo Points after you spend $3,000 within the first three months
    • Sign up bonus has always been the same

    Wells Fargo rewards points can be redeemed at Points have a value of 1¢ per point when redeeming for cash or cash equivalents. They have the following things that you can currently redeem for:

    • Cash, you can redeem for cash in denominations of $25 (1 point = 1¢). You can have this cash given to you in the following ways: statement credit on your card, check, Wells Fargo mortgage, Wells Fargo home equity loan, personal Wells Fargo loan, deposit into a Wells Fargo checking account or deposit into a Wells Fargo savings account
    • Gift cards (starting at 2,500 points for a $25 gift card). 59 different merchants currently available with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fandago and host of other big brands.
    • Travel. You can also redeem your points for airline tickets at a rate of 1 point = 1¢, although some people have found that when they actually go to book their tickets they end up getting closer to 1.5¢ per point.

    This card has a great sign up bonus, you can redeem the 40,000 points you’ll receive for $400 in the form of a check. You can also get $100 back for any airline incidental purchases, this brings the total sign up bonus to $500 which is one of the best currently available, the annual fee is also waived for the first year which means it’s pure profit and you don’t need to worry about redeeming for gift cards and then reselling those.

    As an everyday card it’s nothing that special, it basically earns 3% cash back on airlines, 2% on hotels and 1% on all other purchases. The American Express Fidelity is a flat 2% cash back card, so you’d only be better off with this card for airline purchases. The 10-50% bonus isn’t really worth worrying about because it doesn’t count on bonus or sign up points and it’s annoying to keep your checking or PMA accounts fee free.

    I’m personally going to sign up for this card just to get the sign up bonus. I’ll then call up to try and get the annual fee waived on the second year or get some type of retention bonus, if they don’t offer one I’ll just cancel it.

    We Recommend This Card For:

    • People looking for a high cash sign up bonus
    • People who will rack up $100 in incidental airline expenses

    • People looking for a credit card for their every day purchases

    Alternatives To This Card

    • American Express Fidelity. For those who are looking for an everyday card this will be a better option as it earns a flat 2% cash back on all purchases.

    What counts as an airline incident charge that will be reimbursed for up to $100?

    Can I apply for this card if I’m not a permanent resident?

    You can, but chances are you will not be approved. We’re not exactly sure why this is, but it looks like a rule Wells Fargo has.

    64 Responses to Wells Fargo Propel World American Express® Card Review

    Do you know if airline gift cards are eligible for the $100 credit?

    is the airline reimbursement per calendar year or per card member year?

    Card member year I believe.

    Just called and confirmed – the rep describes it as a ‘rolling 12 months’, meaning card year, not calendar year.

    Hope this helps someone out – love the blog, Doc!

    With these card member year resets on airline reimbursement, is it easy to just use it at a year, then cancel the card before 30 days?

    You missed an important info. To apply online, you need existing relationship with Wells Fargo,else you can only apply in person at a branch location.

    So, I just applied and did not get an instant approval. I got “We need to verify a few pieces of information before we can give you a credit decision.” Is that the kiss of death?

    I didn’t get instant approval either but still got the card.

    I was instantly approved for this card with a $15K limit…in my experience you MUST have some sort of relationship with the bank i.e. checking, savings, mortgage, etc

    United MPX $100 Amazon GC buy triggered the reimbursement.

    I searched United MPX GC in amazon but I couldn’t able to find it. All I see is just the Soutwest GC in there, will it trigger the reimbursement if I buy it from Amazon? Also, would greatly appreciate the steps for both United and Southwest GC buys.

    lmao he bought an amazon giftcard in the united mpx app. you dont search for a united card on amazon’s website. you have it backwards..

    Penalty APRs: sdsfdfs

    Did you forget to change that?

    I’ve never found a flight redemption for better than 1 cpp.

    Was a loophole closed? any reports of getting better than 1 cpp recently?

    Will – you may want to change the link to the $100 sign up bonus for the checking account and remove the note that it is no longer available, with your much appreciated post of on 1/1/16.

    – Instant approval CL $13,000

    – WF Free Savings acct w/ $300 balance opened one week earlier, no other relations

    – 828 (FICO Discover), 802 (TU + EXP CreditKarma)

    – three prior approved cards with different banks within last 6 months

    Caution on getting the 40,000 bonus points. I met my minimum spend in March 2016, stopped spending on this card, and got a message on my Go Far Rewards account that said, “Congratulations! You earned 40,000 bonus points!” with a pending status message: “Pending – Expected Redeemable Date” for the next month. Each month the pending status date would change to next month without ever giving me my points. I called after 3 months of this and the rep. said I wouldn’t get the 40K points unless there was spending on my account to trigger a statement, and that I should go buy a pack of gum. I’ll try this and see if it works.