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Pinnacle debt collectors

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Have you been called by Pinnacle Corporate Services, Inc.?

Regardless whether you owe a debt or not, or if they are calling for you or are dialing your number in error trying to reach someone else,

click the following link to STOP HARASSING CALLS and for important information about your rights. Do not ignore calls from Pinnacle Corporate Services, Inc.!

pinnacle debt collectors

Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC, ("Pinnacle") purchases portfolios of both domestic (U.S.) and international consumer debt owned by credit grantors including banks and finance companies, and by other debt buyers. As the new owner of any debt previously owned by another creditor, Pinnacle’s name may appear on a customer's credit report or in a letter from a collection agency.

The management of purchased assets is outsourced to a third-party specializing in the management of these types of consumer assets, Resurgent Capital Services LP (Resurgent). Resurgent is a manager and servicer of domestic and international consumer debt portfolios for credit grantors and debt buyers, including Pinnacle, and performs these services on their behalf. Resurgent, a licensed debt collector, may perform these activities directly, or in most cases, will outsource the recovery activities to other, independent, specialized, licensed collection agencies. If you are a customer, please direct your inquiries to the firm currently servicing your account.

If you would like to speak to a representative of Resurgent, please contact Resurgent Customer Service at: